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| name = Aerik Levinstrike
| image = Aeriklevinstrike-rpc-portrait.png
| imagewidth =
| caption = Monster Hunter
| title = Basic Info
| gender = Male
| citizenship = Limsa Lominsa
| race = Hyur
| clan = Highlander
| stat_1 = Nameday
| stat_1_value = 27th Sun, 3th Astral Moon
| stat_2 = Age
| stat_2_value = 24 years old
| stat_3 = Guardian Deity
| stat_3_value = Althyk, the Keeper
| stat_4 = Height
| stat_4_value = 200cm / 6'6"
| stat_5 = Weight
| stat_5_value = 102kg / 225lbs
| stat_6 = World Server
| stat_6_value = Balmung
Aerik is a Hyur Highlander, part Thavnair and part Ala Mhigan. He is tall and muscular, with wide shoulders, strong arms, pillowy pecs, slim waist, firm bubble butt, thick thighs and long legs. His skin is sunkissed tan, his hair raven black (sometimes dyed), eyes emerald green, blocky nose, plump lips and a square jawline with a trimmed beard. He has a scar down his right eyebrow over his eye, another down his left cheek to the corner of his mouth, and a few other scars here and there on his body.
Up his right arm is a sleeve tattoo of tribal flames which forms into a pouncing behemoth from his right shoulder down his back, all done in black ink. He has another tattoo of tribal flames hugging his left thigh and up his hip.
===Face/Body Claim===
[[File:Aerik-bodyclaim-regangrimes01.jpg|300x300px| Regan Grimes]] [[File:Aerik-bodyclaim-regangrimes02.jpg|300x300px| Regan Grimes]]
==Character Traits==
*'''True Neutral:''' Aerik cares only about a few things in life other than his own self and his freedom. He wanders through life without worrying about the consequences of his actions, living in the present and not thinking about the past or the future all that much. Though he has a carefree demeanour doesn't mean that he is careless though. He has a heart of gold and once someone has broken through to him, he is a loyal and loving friend, and will do anything to protect those he cares about.
*'''Great Weapons Fighting:''' Aerik is well-trained in wielding two-handed great weapons such as war axes and great sword. He prefers the war axe as his primary weapon though.
*'''Monster Hunter:''' Aerik was trained by his mother in hunting monsters, tracking them down, looking for weak spots and slaying them.
*'''Treasure Hunter:''' Aerik has been hired several times to lead a team through forgotten ruins and secret caverns to seek out hidden treasures of old.
Before Aerik was born, his father was a pirate roaming the seas and his mother a monster hunter roaming the mountains of Gyr Abania. On a faithful day they met each other in Limsa Lominsa and fell in love, deciding to leave back their former lives and settled in La Noscea. They had two sons together, Ethanial and Aerik.
While growing up, Aerik became very interested in the ways of the Marauder while Ethanial joined the Arcanist Guild. Ashamed of his heritage, Ethanial cut the ties with his family and started working for a wealthy merchant family who quickly replaced his own. Because of this, Aerik felt a deep hatred for his brother, the sense of betrayal always lingering.
Aerik grew up following his mother's footsteps as a monster hunter, aiding the Maelstrom in hunting down beasts harassing the inhabitants of La Noscea, and later went to travel the world as an adventurer. He often found himself hired to protect a team of explorers through dungeons to uncover what treasures they might hold.
On a job where he was hired to stop a cult practising dark magic in an abandoned underground ruin, Aerik found his brother Ethanial amongst them. Realising that his brother was no more, but what was left was nothing but an empty husk possessed by a Voidsent, Aerik was forced to end his brother's life. He returned to his parents with a heavy heart, telling them of what had become of his brother.
Since then, Aerik has felt somewhat lost and without direction. To find his path, he wanders the world aimlessly...
*'''Aram Levinstrike:''' Aerik's father, a Hyur Highlander from the Near Eastern island of Thavnair.
*'''Lysanna Morrowboon:''' Aerik's mother, a Hyur Highlander from Gyr Abania.
*'''Ethanial Levinstrike:''' Aerik's older brother, recently deceased.
* Since he was a kid, Aerik has been fascinated with Behemoths.
** Hence why he sometimes dye his hair purple.
** And why his tattoo depicts one.
* One of his hobbies is to carve bones into beast figurines.
* Aerik struggles with both reading and writing, but doesn't care enough to get better.

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