Aitsurugi "Dragon of the South" Kaizenryu

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 Rugi Cerberusira
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"Zanmato, and Rugi"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age Between 20-25
Grand Company Immortal Flames
Free Company None
Linkshell#1: None
Linkshell#2: None
Linkshell#3: None
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Basic Info


Build: Toned
Hair Color: Black with red ends
Hair Style: Unkempt
Eye Color: Lilac
Skintone: Tanned, light caramel
Distinguishing Features: Battle scars in various parts of his arms, and body. A few on his face. Carries a Bokuto, and a powerful relic katana usually held by his protective prosthetic arm.

Rugi is seen usually smiling. Carrying a very mysterious relic katana, a shorter blade, and, if one's eye was sharp enough, a lilac hued aura of sparks, and lightning among his knuckles. His clothes are very athletic, brightly colored, he wears comfortable clothes as much as he can, unless he must go to a rather formal gathering. Dawning a multi-colored coat for reasons that only he knows, and for his enemies to find out. One of his arms was missing for a long time, but replaced with a brilliant Alexandrian metal prosthetic developed by his prodigy engineering younger brother Grimja. After some time his arm was restored after being captured and experimented on in Azys-Ila. Black hair, and battle scars show on random parts of his body, and face.

Usually seen traveling around Eorzea with his chocobo partner Zanmato.


Mannerisms: A happy-go-lucky person who is easy to get along with, and lovable... Unless you're an enemy in the battlefield about to fight against him.

Voice: In times of peace his voice cracks when he's nervous, or blushing. He speaks with a happy excitement that could come from a very relaxed teenager, with not a care in the world. In war times he only speaks when he needs to. His voice turns much more strict, and demanding. As if coming from a high ranking officer of war.


During peace time he's a goofy, and fun loving Miqo'te who spends his time eating, training, and playing pranks on his dear friends. In the battle field, or struck by anything that forces him to bleed. He dons a personality that embodies his alias known as "The Burning Odin". A serious, and quiet tone to his expressions accompanied by a variety of deadly skills that are used to take down his foes. Even his voice changes from a cheerful tone, to one deep, and strict as if coming from a man who know's he's about to kill his enemy in the most gruesome way.


Helping others
Machinery/Learning about them


Over Protection


Devil May Care


Early Life

An orphan who was left in the refugee camps of Little Ala Mhigo. Raised by run away soldiers who taught him combat, cooking, and various functions of magitek devices along side his younger brother Grimja, who is of Lalafellin background. They were both found very talented in specific portions of their training. Aitsurugi picked up fighting easily as a pugilist, as he did cooking. Grimja picked up fighting as well in rogue styles, and picked up more on learning of magitek functions. They went their separate ways after Amet joined the Immortal Flames in their Frontlines Campaigns, and Grimja decided to join the Rogues in Limsa Lominsa.

During his time in the Frontlines. Amet created a name for himself among the soldiers. Earning the name "Amet" for his -Loveless- form of annihilating anyone who came across his path... But mostly for being rejected by a lot of the female soldiers in his troupe... As the days passed in his experiences slaying enemy after enemy. He became consumed in his bloodlust, killing each opponent faster, with more expertise in each of his strokes from his katana. Going by many names after a few years in battle, "The Mad Dragon", "Aitsurugi the Lilac", there were even those who thought Amet to use magic in his blades. Finding scorch marks on the corpses of his enemies that looked like they came from a burning saber. Earning him yet another title, "The Merciful Spellblade"... Non of these names would last, as Amet finally decided to leave the bloodshed to wander Eorzea to look for a greater purpose he knew he was destined to fulfill...

... Having learned, and fought in many battles in the competitions. Aitsurugi would decide to finally break from the intense life of a fighter, and settle down. Meeting the love of his life that would finally have Aitsurugi decide to retire. He spends months settling down until he is captured. Waking up in a containment unit he looks around to see his own family being drained of all their life aether, not knowing the experiments he was put through himself. A group of bio-scientists used products of various monstrous experimentation on Rugi's body as he was seen as a perfect specimen as someone of great skill, and endurance. Seeing his family being destroyed pushed Rugi passed his limits, and exploding with a lilac colored lightning that envelopes the floating laboratory, and soon turns it into a fiery meteor that crashes down in the mountains of Eorzea.

His body was carried over to a village by a mysterious man who knew that Rugi would be in the location of the chaotic landing. Once Rugi came to his senses he questioned how he was alive. The villagers only told Rugi a description that he would recognize as his father. They tell Rugi of the location his father left to, and the weak samurai rushed out of the village in an attempt to find him.

Aitsurugi arrives to his father's location just to find a katana left behind in his sted. Unsheathing the blade he could feel his stamina being drained from him, and quickly places it back in it's scabbard. Now equipped with two very strange weapons, he wanders Eorzea to find answers of his family's locations, and finds himself working for a group of raiders who decide to attack a laboratory in Azys Lla for loot. He finds a stack of what looks like very valuable documents only to see pictures of himself, and Grimja as children in containment units within the laboratory. The raiding squadron were found dead as he returned to them, and he was knocked out by one of the soldiers who took down the raiding team. He wakes up in a containment unit, being rescued by his younger brother Grimja. He becomes very weak in his escape, and was caught off guard by an explosion that takes down the floating laboratory in Azys Lla causing him to completely lose his left arm, and passes out once again.

Waking up in Grimja's laboratory with a prosthetic arm. Amet spends his time recovering and getting used to his new magitek piece. Grimja introduces various grapple functions, and tools that Aitsurugi can use during combat, but is warned that the arm is just a prototype, and has a tendency to make errors... He spends a lot of time tinkering with his prosthetic arm, knowing that the metal blocked off a lot of his lilac aether he would use to enhance himself. One of his missions takes him to a healer that would grant him a request, as long as he was willing to surrender something of great importance. The powerful healer asked Rugi to trade the memory of his loved ones, for the restoration of his arm. The choice was not easy, a man who wanted to protect his loved ones, by deciding to forget his loved ones?... Rugi knew that his family was gone, and there was nothing he could do to bring them back. The only thought on his mind was to protect the ones alive, so that they could live and have a more full life than his family ever had. His memories evaporated from his mind, his arm was restored after a long, extremely painful spell. After days of rest, he felt his lilac aether return to him, and the healer vanished without any kind of trace.

After all the action in his life. He decides to return to civilization to open up "Ominous Deliveries" as a delivery service for items not legal to be carried through mogmail, and promises to be faster than any mogmail service or the service is free! Grimja creates a magitek motorcycle for his new job, allowing him to be just as fast, or faster than mogmail. His most recent delivery brought him to a mysterious Tavern, where he now lives as a guardian who watches over it's members, and helps around with clean up. Living a hidden, quiet, and comfortable life fishing for his food...

After some time serving in the Tavern. Aitsurugi now travels the world to look for martial artists, and mages to join in opening The Dragon-Kai Dojo. A place where people can travel to, to learn to defend themselves, and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Current Life

After his ventures, and tortures. Aitsurugi leads his life finding strong fighters to join his Dragon-Kai Dojo to help the people of Eorzea better defend themselves. His mantra is to help the helpless, and to spread good spirit among people without it. With a smile on his face through his past pains, and sins. Rugi is always in a great mood to help if you need it!... Just don't mess with his wine, or his Chocobo.


Dark magics including seduction, and mind control.
Very skimpy clothes on curvy women.
Not having food for more than 3 hours.

Family (Positions/RP opportunities open! Feel free to ask!)

[NPC]Grimja: A lalafell prodigy in Magitek technology, and ninja skill sets. Younger brother of Aitsurugi.

[NPC]Ravid: Aitsurugi's father, and the man who gave Aitsurugi his powerful relic katana. Dark haired Miqo'te with a long list of military achievements, and extremely skilled in close combat, and gun fire.

[NPC]Dorvera, and Rabriel: Mother of Aitsurugi, unknown history. Elder brother of Aitsurugi, unknown history.


◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"His left arm doesn't look like it's just armor... I see machine where flesh should be..." --Common NPC civilians with eyes, or RPers
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"There's that traveler again with the black chocobo... What kind of blade is that..." --City folk, businessmen and women
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Th-that's him... Aitsurugi, The Burning Odin." --Any IC PVPers, or NPCs related to the Frontlines Competitions.
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