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Alaister de Vaillant is the bastard- and only- child of Baron Alain de Vaillant. Born of a private love between the Baron and his assistant, Alaister received a noble upbringing and a knight’s training; tempered by the discrimination he faced from the more traditionalist and purist noble houses. Fortunately, House Vaillant are mid-tier nobility bound in service to House Haillenarte, and thusly no strangers to the foul rumours and conspiratorial whispers that plague the Pillars.

He joined the knightly Order of the Silverwing during the Dragonsong War, where he also earned his knighthood for exemplary service. Sadly, near a decade later Alaister finds himself the order’s sole surviving member; its knights having waned over time due to losses incurred from their active role in the war. Unknown to most however is how he came upon the soul of the paladin, which he had in his possession upon his return to Ishgard once the truce with Hraesvelgr’s brood came into effect.

A couple of months after his return to Ishgard, something happened involving a collision between House Vaillant and their long time allies, House Vieron that saw Alaister exiled from Ishgard. The exact events are unknown and rumours are surely abound, but what is known is that a year later the exile was lifted after Alaister returned with proof that the Baron de Vieron has his hand in several conspiracies. As a result, Alaister challenged the Baron to a trial by combat, where he would either die a traitor or slay the Baron and see his exile lifted.

Despite his victory in the bout and death of the Baron, rumours and whispers still follow Alaister everywhere. But for now, he’s taken to making himself a stalwart supporter of the new parliament, the corruption of the Holy See being seen by him as a contributing factor in his exile. In the process, he’s begun considering the prospect of rebuilding the Silverwing Knights.


Alaister cuts a rather striking figure with his storm blue eyes and snow white hair, traits inherited from his mother and father respectively alongside the fair skin shared by both. His sharp jaw, high cheekbones and slightly pointed chin could only possibly come from his elezen heritage and works to create a handsome visage marred only by the scar across his cheek.

Being a tall- particularly for a midlander- with a slim, athletic build, Alaister certainly looks the part of a knight. The definition in his muscle could only come from years of combat, as could the many pale, long healed scars that dot his body. Typically Alaister wears formal or militaristic attire in his house colours of blue and white, and normally carries his longsword even with more casual clothes. Often the crest of the Silverwing Knights can also be seen on his person, displaying a rearing silver pegasus on a black and white chequered shield.

His hair is kept at roughly the same neck length, combed and groomed to stay out of his face. Meanwhile, his facial hair is kept shaved except for a small scruff at the end of his chin. Cleanliness and presentation are clearly both things he considers important, which can be noted in the fact he routinely has a faint scent of fresh berries about him.
Aspects That Stand Out:
Pointed ears - He tries to hide them with his hair, but his mixed heritage is easy to see.
Cheek scar - A prominent scar on his right cheek that displays the toils of war.
Kind eyes - Alaister's eyes carry a deep warmth and kindness behind their hardness.


Alaister has always been known by others for his unwavering kindness and valour. During the Dragonsong War he proved himself to be a dependable and intelligent man, whose loyalty to his allies and home was clearly beyond reproach. Sadly, these same positive traits were also the catalyst that led to his unjust exile, on account of his refusal to follow an order he considered morally objectionable- though this is a detail not known publicly. Though still generally trusting and wanting to see the best in others, certain experiences in exile have driven him to become more reserved and less quick to offer his respect or friendship.

Despite this, Alaister still finds himself unable to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, championing the cause of protecting the innocent and defenseless. Due to his time serving among soldiers he often has a wicked sense of humour, though displays the good sense to know when such things are and aren't appropriate. Some would claim him to be charming, though Alaister would disagree with them, more out of modesty than self-deprication.He is known for being diligent and meticulous in conducting his duties, and will be the first to speak up if he believes a comrade is shirking their fair share- though he approaches the matter with tact rather than hostility.

Alaister is also known for his rather poorly contained sweet tooth.


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Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Alain de Vaillant, father. ( ) - Baron de Vaillant.
Character's Thoughts: "My father has never treated me as anything less than his son."
Alaister loves and respects the man who gave him his upbringing, having tried to emulate in life as much as possible.

It was a desire to earn his father's respect that drove him to join the war the moment he came of age, though his father would have insisted that he didn't need to ear his respect in the first place.

With old age now catching up with the Baron, he's begun the process of legitimising Alaister to make him his heir, something that Alaister appreciates but can't help feeling a great deal of pressure over.
Isabela Ashford, mother. ( ) - The Diligent Worker.
Character's Thoughts: "I loved my mother. She was warm and kind, I miss her every day."
Alaister's mother was a diligent and hardworking woman, with a kindness to her that shone through the eyes- a trait inherited by her son.

Though she was a commoner and the Baron's assistant, she was always treated privately as the wife he could never wed, even going as far as to share daily meals with the Alaister and the Baron.

Growing up seeing the love shared by his parents was a comfort to Alaister, and her warmth made the derision of the nobility he grew up around easy to stomach.

Isabela passed from a wasting sickness in Alaister's early teens, her death had a profound effect on him, the ripples of which can still be seen to this day.
Alderoth Falkiri. ( ) - The Loyal Dragoon
Character's Thoughts: "Alderoth is the brother I never had, my closest and most trusted friend."
The pair first met when Alderoth tried to rob Alaister in an alleyway while he was making his way from Foundation up to the Pillars.

Alaister fought him off, but didn't find the task as easy as he might have expected, which was his first indication that there may be more to Alderoth than just a poor street rat.

Capturing the younger boy he hauled him to his father's estate, something that likely terrified Alderoth at the time. As it transpired however, Alaister took him there and petitioned his father to sponsor the youth.

After an impassioned plea, the Baron agreed and Alderoth was taken into House Vaillant as its ward. Through their patronage, he rose from street rat to the lofty heights of the Dragoon where the potential Alaister had spotted was realised.

Through it all, Alaister and Alderoth became the closest of friends- brothers in arms. So much so, that when Alaister was exiled from Ishgard, Alderoth left Coerthas with him.
Lana Sommer. ( ) - The Nervous Librarian
Character's Thoughts: "Lana was there for me when I was at my lowest. She is a true friend, and a kind soul."
Alaister and Lana met a few years after he met Alderoth, on a visit to the library where she promptly shushed him.

Finding it amusing, Alaister intentionally began to make noise that seemed wholly unintentional, just to see how the very prim and proper librarian would react. Badly, was the answer.

The two became close friends with time, and even found a mutual attraction forming between the two. On account of the war however, those feelings of attraction were never given the chance to truly blossom.

For a time after the truce was called, the pair had an opportunity to spark their friendship again. Unfortunately, Alaister's exile put a quick and abrupt stopper in that once again.

After Alaister's divorce, he returned to Coerthas where he was avoiding returning to his father's estate in shame. Lana found him purely by chance at Monument Tower, there she insisted he come back to Ishgard and put a roof over his head while he got his barings and worked up the courage to face his father again.
Damaris Meryss. ( ) - The Talented Healer
Character's Thoughts: "I have no comment on her, I'd rather just forget."
The two met by chance in Ul'dah and things were a bit of a whirlwind from there. After a visit to the Golden Saucer, their mutual attraction became clear.

They didn't rush into anything however, instead taking the time to spend time together- including a trip to La Noscea where they had an unfortunate run in with a monster in a cave. In time it became obvious the two had fallen hard for one another, and Alaister found Damaris to be a great source of comfort and warmth in his exile.

The two were eventually wed, surrounded by friends. The night of their wedding, Damaris took Alaister to Fallgourd Float where she'd arranged to have his father waiting, reuniting the two for the first time in roughly a year since his exile.

For a while the couple were happy, but whether it was Alaister's absence as he tried to raise his standing as an Adventurer to begin the process of rebuilding his order, or something else beyond his control it became apparent that Damaris was no longer happy. Though Alaister didn't want the divorce, he agreed to the annulment, he wasn't the type to trap someone in a one-sided marriage.

Alaister hasn't seen Damaris since, though heard she remarried.
Ashta Sinclair. ( ) - A Fellow Ishgardian
Character's Thoughts: "I only met her briefly, but she seemed to have a keen mind. She was enlisting my aid when we met."
The two only met briefly in Ishgard when Ashta approached him, desiring his aid in liberating the fiancé of another of Alaister's acquaintances from Garlean captivity.

Owing a great debt to the man in question, Alaister readily agreed to offer his aid and arranged a contingent of knights from his house to join the rescue efforts.

During the fighting, Alaister saw her stood alongside others in battle which earned his respect as a knight at the very least.

Since then, she and Alaister have met several times and kicked up a rapport of banter and friendship.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"That's Alain de Vaillant's bastard! I hear his mother was the Baron's assistant."
"I heard he's got quite the head for strategy, and the swordsmanship to match."
"Ser Alaister? Isn't he that knight from House Vaillant that was exiled?"
"They call him Silverbane on account of his hair, I think?"
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"My friend's cousin, who's a servant in the Vieron household, says Ser Alaister slew their Baron in a trial by combat."
"Word is that Baron Alain intends to legitimise Ser Alaister as his heir."
"There's been talk among the nobility that Ser Alaister carries the Soul of the Palain."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"A friend of mine who served with Ser Alaister in the war claims he might be considering rebuilding the Order of the Silverwing."
"I have a friend in the House of Lords who tells me Ser Alaister left for Doma for a week with a whole contingent of knights."


Feel free to add your own rumours to this section. Just don't edit any of the others!

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
Hey! Thanks for visiting my page, I'm always open to RPing with anyone really and am actively looking to expand the number of friends and acquaintances Alaister has. Walks ups and whispers are always welcome, so drop me a message if you'd like to do something with our characters. I'm especially looking for fellow Ishgardians for Alaister to have a history with, or just to encounter and get to know! Hope to see you in-game.
Personal RP Limits
I'm really not shy about anything when it comes to roleplay, so there's really no point putting an 'I will play'! Instead I'll just list a few things that I won't do without a good plot to go with it! Though character death will always be a no go unless I decide I'd like to retire the character.
I won't play: ERP, permanent maiming, death.
Little Tidbits.
I like trains? I actually have no idea what to put here.


Potential Plot Hooks
A few things that would be a draw when playing Alaister!
Any roleplay in Ishgard.
Roleplay with fellow knights or nobility.
War or military roleplay.
Combat training.
Character Lore Adherence
I try to keep to the lore where possible, but I'm perfectly happy to bend it considerably. After all, the world created for the game is a fairly crazy one which leaves room for a lot of equally crazy things to happen. That said, I'll always stick to what is considered solid fact. For example; House Vaillant will always be mid-tier nobility subservient to House Haillenarte because the position of the four high houses is set in stone.
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Name - Alaister de Vaillant
Race - Hyur/Elezen
Age - 33
Name Day - 1st Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon, 1547
Deity - Halone

Alias: Silverbane
Citizenship: Ishgardian
Occupation: Anointed Knight, Free Paladin
Marital: Divorced
Hair color: Snow White
Eye color: Storm Blue
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: Ears (Occasionally)
Marks or tattoos: Right Cheek Scar
Alignment: Neutral Good
Key Items: Longsword & Signet Ring
Favorite Food: Rolanberry Sundae
Favorite Drink: Iced Tea
Favorite Color: Woad Blue