Altani Borlaaq

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 Altani Borlaaq
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"Come any closer and I’ll shorten your third leg."
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Undeclared
Age 26
Occupation Sellsword, Works odd jobs between hires
Server Balmung



Given Name: Altani Borlaaq '[All-Tahn-E Boar-Lack]': Her first name holds no special meaning that she is aware of and would have no issue with changing it should a situation that requires it arise. She never states which clan she is from, and will dodge the question if asked, though her behavior should make it clear enough. So far, she's found that associating herself with the Borlaaqs tends to make others immediately disregard her words without further thought or reason.
Aliases/Nicknames: None.
Current Residence: None.
Marital Status: Single and stabby. Proposition at your own risk.
Sexuality: Undeclared.
Religion: Relatively non-religious.


Body: Altani is slightly underweight for those around her height and weight bracket, something she attributes to being strapped for gil and therefore unable to afford food when in the city. She appears toned, especially her arms and legs, indicating that she adheres to a strict exercise or training regimen. She lacks the small waist typically seen in females and as a result looks more masculine than she'd like despite having moderately sized breasts.
Complexion: Altani sports a deep tan, a trait that seems highly unusual among the citizens of Eorzea, though it's not of the even variety. Patches of skin show that she used to be as pale as the natives of Coerthas and that her tendency to be outside has attributed to her odd complexion. In addition to this, it would appear that she has a freckled face, though it's extremely hard to tell even when standing at arm's length.
Face: Every feature of her face almost seems as though it were made to be permanently unwelcoming. Her eyes, slightly angled inward, are often narrowed in suspicion at those unlucky enough to have drawn her attention. Despite having fairly rounded cheeks her chin is still sharp, and her nose - while small - is upturned. Her face is framed by glossy black scales and some even trail down the bridge of her nose, almost encroaching on the tip. A pair of horns protrude from the sides of her head and curl in front of her cheeks, acting as a protective barrier from 'undeserved' slaps or punches. Were she not a victim of 'chronic bitch face' she would have potential to be pretty.
Hair: Her sandy blonde hair is cut short, the back of which barely brushes the nape of her neck. It's noticeably longer in the front, strands often hanging from or tangled with the horns that curve in front of her face. Altani keeps her bangs cut, though still long enough to cover a majority of the scales on her forehead. All in all, her haircut serves to prevent her opponent from grabbing a fistful of free-flowing hair and gaining an advantage.
Fashion: Altani prefers function over form when it comes to townclothes. She's often dons a pair of pants, thigh-high leather boots and some form of shirt or tunic. Were she not restricted by money, she'd likely wear higher quality clothing that still adheres to her fairly lax self-imposed dress code or a nice set of leathers for travel. She's not terribly fond of traditional jewelry and instead prefers horn ornaments; she is always seen wearing silver rings near the tips of her own. That being said, she can occasionally be seen wearing short dresses, stockings with garters, and gaudy adornments as a result of losing bets.



Contracts and verbal agreements.
Sunbathing. On the rare days that she finds herself in Costa Del Sol or otherwise sunny areas, and is able to detach from her traveling partner, she finds herself laying out in the hot sun with only a bit of cloth to remain modest. It's not an activity she can do often, but it's extremely relaxing when she can and prefers that those she knows don't interrupt.
Fishing. It started as work back when she picked up an odd job for the Fisherman's Guild in Limsa Lominsa, but has since evolved into both a hobby and a means to live. This activity can often be coupled with sunbathing due to the fact that she prefers using nets over a rod as it generally results in a more generous quantity for the time spent.


Contracts and verbal agreements when they do not work in her favor.
Submissive women. She sees them as weak-willed and assumes they accept the idea that a man is necessary in order to do things, values their pleasure over her own, or generally sees males as the 'stronger' or 'superior' sex.
Being told that she is a hypocrite for keeping a male knight as company.



Use of a lance.


Melee combat.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors. Rumors that are proven true or debunked by Altani, and she does confirm or deny the validity when asked, will appear in the last section.
True    Untrue
◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Her dislike for males is well-known, but she's just as rude to women who submit to them. Slaves, whores, married women, you name it. She hates them all. "

◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She keeps walking in here and shoving her weight around. One of these days she's going to pick a fight with the wrong person and I'll have to clean her blood off the floor."

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"For all that talk of being independent from male influence, she sure does spend a lot of time around that large red meat-loving knight. "

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Add your own." -- Someone, anyone, whatever as Hammer puts it

◢ From The Chocobo's Mouth (Rumors confirmed by Altani herself)
"Are you standing this close because you wish to be the superior sex?" - Yes, she castrates or otherwise maims men with 'due cause'.

Current Relations

Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love     Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

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