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Alyx Quintessence is a Soulkin in an Au Ra shell, Helping any and all she can with her vast knowledge and archive of books. Created as 'doll #401' under the witch named Xyla Quintessence, Alyx was the result of reviving the witch's dead daughter. Now freed from the crazed witch, Alyx lives her life with her sibilings Igni, Forta, Gaia and Wait, her future husband Keiichi and Rollo the kitten.

 Alyx Quintessence
Doll #401
"I am Alyx Quintessence, daughter of Xyla Quintessence...and despite my mother's Actions...I am thankful for her love. "
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): None
Main Tradeskill: Unknown
Preferred Role: Support
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Neutral Good
Reputation: Shy, timid girl.
Occupation: Helpful Soulkin
Education: From creation
Marital Status: Unknown
Sexuality: Bi
Guardian: Unknown
Free Company
Items Carried
Six Elemental Crystals and books
Race: Au Ra (Originally Elezen)
Clan: Xaela (Originally Duskwight)
Age: Appears 24 (Half a year made)
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Void Black with Purple Umbral Rings
Hair: Black
Complexion: Unknown
Physical Build: Frail
Notable Features: Unknown
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Basic Info

As the 401st doll among those made for Xyla to command, this one was considered weak and as such was fused with Au Ra DNA to keep her intact. To Xyla, this doll IS her daughter named Alyx, reborn.
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Xyla Prime
What she is
Not feeling Mortal enough


Solving Puzzles

Appearance & Personality

Alyx wears glasses on her face to help her read better. Her attire and outfits range but the signature red and black dress is the most common. A special Necklace hangs around her neck that contains a simple blue Materia gem that holds something more to it...
While she may come off as neutral and Monotone, Xyla has slowly developed a personality akin to a curious and very careful type. Wanting to make sure nothing goes wrong and wishes to belong. But at times she overthinks and due to a lack of some emotions she might miss a few things.


After reading a journal, the history of this character is now exposed...

Before Creation

As recent information came to light, it was Quint's creator that started the mess. She lost Varthamith from those who were hunting them down and some time after...she had a child bore out of love.

Named Alyx.

As she was born, Alyx was far too weak and frail. She didn't take nutrients in and despite Xyla's best attempts, She ended up succumbing to death. Yet in her last hour, Xyla preserved her soul in a dormant Sprite Core. Vowing to create and give Alyx her second chance..

Even if she had to outsource through other means.

After Creation

Created as the four hundred and first Doll, This Xyla was suppose to be an Eelzen but a complication arose with her weak spirit. Forcing the real Xyla to make an Au Ra shell instead since the scales and structure was more durable. Xyla only changed Quint's memories to give her a better chance at life when the void was taking hold of her. Yet it was Varthamith who abused the memory alteration to his own choices. Thus making him and Xyla look like the bad guys.

Months would pass and her first ever job was contracted by another Xyla under Varthamith's order. Poison some wine meant for a group close to Arala Makeo. She was reluctant as she hardly knew the woman despite sharing some memories like the rest. She eventually caved and did the deed...only failing since they found out before they could drink it.

After some time, Xyla slowly started to rebel after talking with a few people. As Lilith promised to help Xyla, she followed the word of Robert Colt and decided to finally join him. Her ties with Varthamith have been cut off since then and is now on her own. Living at the company house and promised to use her abilities when needed.

Now with the Augmentations attuned and the key to his tower figured out, she waits for Arala's word to assault. For when this all ends, she sees no other reason to keep living.

Sure enough their first encounter with her creator was just an example as her augmentations were taken and used to fuel her new dolls that she called 'Artificial Primals" when in turn they were just Elemental Constructs. After the Water Construct was defeated, the Water Augmentation was retrieved but it was depleted. Xyla desperately seeks a way to refuel and use this in time to open the gate to Varthamith's tower.

Once the augment of water was finally empowered, she created two new Augmentations to fill the missing elements. Ice and Lightning. While the Lightning Augmentation was helped by Leih'a, there came a moment when the Fire Augmentation Doll was spotted. Despite their best efforts to slay and end it before it got worse, the Augmentation didn't back down and instead sought to burn them. Without any choice, Xyla and the others had to shove the doll into the waterway in order to stop it for a time. The search sadly had to be put on halt after Cobalon, her odd carbuncle became frozen in fright after entering the water. For the time, the Fire Augmentation was left to roam...but it soon returned and after a successful group took it down, it gained it's second wind and nearly took Quint had it not been for one extra man and his Chocobo.

Cobalon believed there were more behind this than just Xyla and Varthamith...

From there, she headed to Limsa to find the Wind Augmentation that P'rita had been tracking for weeks, only to have it chained down and weakened upon combat. Before the last blow was made, the Elemental form of the Wind Augmented Doll spoke to them. Prompting Quint to feel an emotion she never felt...

A painful one.

She conversed with a few friends and made the choice to talk to the Earth Augmentation Doll before Arala can fight it. To try and convince it to join her. In the end they had to fight it but managed to save something inside.

With all Augmentations in hand she is ready to open the way... Many of Xyla and Varthamith's minions slowed their progress but soon enough they would find themselves just about to face him. Yet something does not sit right with Quint.

Why have they ignored harming her and Arala? Hopefully answers will come soon before it's too late. And yet it slowly came to her...Xyla needed them. It was more evidence during their last battle as Arala was the Augmentation letting her be immune to damage while she was taken into the Void form. Thankfully because of her artificial nature, Quint couldn't be fully consumed. With one shred of hope, she would alter and force Xyla's body from within to not respond to allow the others to strike her down. Freeing them. In Xyla's last moment, she told Quint and the others about the Blue Tomestone that Quint had. As if suggesting it was something she needed...and that was it.

Quint on that day cried her non-existent heart out for the first time. Crying for the mother she wished had not indulged on Void energy.

Conflicted with the outcome of this fight and the questions unanswered, she asked to be left alone for a while... ---


Quint spent time in Azys with her new Zu companion, Piyo. she thought about the conflict and her choices. What she could do and why. The words Arala mentioned about how Xyla wanted Quint to forget her stung her.

"Mother made me I could be happy?" she thought.

She pondered and remembered the journal that Xyla had. How she was devastated that Varthamtih was killed before her but her sanity was slowly descending. It was clear now to her more than ever. Xyla wanted her to be happy out of all the dolls. For that, all the good Xyla had left was given to Quint so that she would be her true child.

As time continued on, Quint would find a student named Xanadu who would be her 'heir' to her spellwork and understanding the Aetherial arts. She has much hope for her.

She had much to think about but many times the topic of marriage popped in her mind. She decided after the Grindstone, she would ask Keiichi to marry her and perform the ceremony...but when her chance came, she couldn't do it and instead left the silver proposal ring she made herself in his hands and ran off. Only after Keiichi caught up to Quint did she explain herself. Keiichi was not one to ignore and happily said yes. This was the first time Quint felt true joy.

Finding the Truth

With much aid from her friends and companions, Quint had much to experience...but still she had unanswered questions. The word 'Soulkin' shed more light on it. Yet her apprentice named Xanadu noticed the odd aetherial shape of Xyla around Quint lately.

For answers, they returned to the tower of Varthamith, now named Quintessence Tower for answers. And nothing. Even searching Xyla's personal quarters give nothing. But there was one name she remembered...


She stayed in the tower for weeks until Quint had a lead. The old home in the Shroud. A small cave hidden in the bends of Snakemolt that use to be her home.

All that was left was a journal...protected by deals of various magic. She had to contact Stein in order to aid her...

And all of it became clear.

She was originally a Duskwight, hence the dark coloration unlike the other or dolls. The daughter of Xyla and named Alyx. Quint on that day felt so much.

Anger, pain, happiness, not, sorrow and despair. All at once.

Whether or not Xyla was a monster...she did what she could to give Alyx a second chance at life.

Perhaps someday...Quint will be able to have her heart working again.


Combat is the last thing Alyx wishes to do, but in her situation she uses her crystals to further her skills and even fuses elements to make whole new spells
She has six Augmentation Crystals intended to be her source of spell casting. Each one powered by their element.While she can cast most spells, the Aura Spells are a unique trait. With the recent introduction of a modified Star Globe, Alyx is now more flexible in her spellcasting.
Fire Augmentation - Defensive Aura Spell: Fire Barrier. - Offensive Aura Spell: Ignit Weapon.
Water Augmemtation - Defensive Aura Spell: Water Shell. - Offensive Aura Spell: Reflective lens.
Earth Augmentation - Defensive Aura Spell: Earthen Scales. - Offensive Aura Spell: Earthen Strength.
Wind Augmentation - Defensive Aura Spell: Reflective Winds. - Offensive Aura Spell: Backdraft.
Lightning Augmentation - Defensive Aura Spell: Arcing Lightning. - Offensive Aura Spell: Aftershock.
Ice Augmentation - Defensive Aura Spell: Crystalized Ice. - Offensive Aura Spell: Chilling Mists


Future Sight: Using four of her Augmentation stones, Quint is capable of opening a portal to see into the future for others to see. However the most she can open it is up to five minutes and it cannot predict incidents past six months in advance, Nor is it possible to see into the past for other choices. These visions are purely speculative and never one hundred percent right. They are more what if's to the choices. She is unable to see these visions as she must maintain the portal instead. Only those who stick their body part inside can see into the future for themselves and not others.

Another quirk deals with other people. In some cases, the people are black silhouettes while rarely will a real person show up in them. The conditions to meet such a feat have to rely on the person's relation and how well known they are to one another.

Medicinal Food: Quint is a horrible cook. She can't really cook meals to save her life...except for food that are remedies for illness and other ailments people suffer from. The odd quirk of her to make wonderful medicinal food over normal food is put into question with her sense of taste. One of her main goals is to make a fabled curry that Cobalon spoke of. Said to cure many and if any illnesses within a host while tasting heavenly to boot.

Siphoning and Transferring Aether: A process taught by Cobalon. The ability to transfer Aether from one source to another requires a lot of concentration and one wrong move can be fatal to the person attempting or the host in question. Especially if done on living organisms. The Siphoning process is about extracting a certain attuned aether to an element of it's type. From the six elements, Aether can be individually plucked and gathered in one's hand. This usually requires a 'totem' for living organisms since there is no good method to take aether away without harming the subject.

The two acts can be compared to how a weaver mends and makes robes.

Aether Repair: Like a real doll, Quint's body can be damage and severed anywhere below the head and still live...however in the event she does lose a limb or take heavy damage, an abundance of Aether is required to mend what is lost. Her body is of a normal flesh consistency but her interior work is akin to the system of blood veins on mortal. In place of that, it's aether. From there, absorbing aether from where her wound is will slowly repair that spot. The bigger and more potent the damage, the more she may need. If her body was destroyed completely but her head remained, it would take upwards of three days to make a new body out of just Aether alone. Thus it's best to have all her parts together to hasten her recovery if possible.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Alyx excels in magic much like her creator to an unthinkable level. With many spell combinations, she has the means to cast magic of all schools...
Because of this, Her body is weak and frail and at times can show signs of use and tear from casting too many spells. While she is powerful, she can eventually break or kill herself from using the augmentations for too long or too often.
With the introduction of a heavily modified Star Globe, Alyx's limitation of spellcasting has decreased. She no longer needs to replenish herself through Aether infused in her horns. Her new source of spellcasting is the weapon and though it has it's own limits, it no longer taps into Alyx's already dim Aether presence.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"She is a witch!"
"Those crystals do no look safe."
"What kind of Au Ra eats stale bread without flinching?"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Quint is her name? Seems cute. Could learn to smile."
"That girl is so weird...She acts like a newborn at times."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Did you not see her just mend a man's open wound in a few seconds?! Witchcraft!"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)
"She's just misunderstood, I think. Odd. But deep inside, I think she could be really sweet." ~Rihxo Matoi
"Big sister is brave and strong! I couldn't ask for a better sister!" ~Gaia Quintessence
"Quint? Yeah she is cool though I want her to smile." ~Igni Quintessence
"If it wasn't for her...We would never be here. I owe my Big Sister my life." ~Forta Quintessence
"I do adore Quint. A wonderful sister. It is weird she looks at my breasts from time to time but she is beautiful in her own way." ~Wati Quintessence
"A tad soft spoken at times, however I can tell she has a good heart in her. She makes for enjoyable company." ~Kukuna Kuna


Family     Romantic Interest     Neutral Standing     Good Standing     Poor Standing
Keiichi Jejeichi- An Au Ra looking man with a Lalafell Name. He seems kind of awkward at times but means well and is apparently from a Caravan.
Gaia Quintessence - A mortal Au Ra saved by Stein and given new life away from Xyla's touches. One of the younger sisters of Quint, Gaia is a cheery and optimistic girl with lot of hope and a strong will. Her old doll number was 405. Has a fond attachment to Stein as a father.
Forta Quintessence - A sister of Alyx saved by Stein. (Doll 404)
Igni Quintessence - A sister of Alyx saved by Stein. (Doll 403)
Wati Quintessence - A sister of Alyx saved by Stein. (Doll 402)
Stein Vespyn- An Elezen who seemed to take an interest in Quint and what she is. Recently she had been trying to call him 'Father'
The Real Xyla- with new information, Xyla indeed loved her daughter enough to give her a second chance at life. Even if she became Xyla Prime. For that, Alyx only keeps the good of Xyla inside her as who she truly was. Also apparently...Xyla was at first a Duskwright.
Kukuna Kuna - A lalafel Mage whom over the time of the incident has gotten Alyx's interest. While to say that she may or may not learn anything is up for the future, but Quint almost sees a little of herself in Kuna.
Edward Lazipu- A summoned Carbuncle that can speak thanks to her involvement. It is revealed that he was once called Edward and was not always a Carbuncle. A witch cursed his body before the Green Death could claim him. He currently seeks a way to return to his normal form. While he speaks with a proper and nature dialect, he is known to be quite the pervert at times. Xyla does keep him in line though.
Arala Makeo- A woman her creator eagerly seeks on her side, but after much struggle, she has accepted Alyx as an ally. She is thankful for the chance to prove herself.
P'rita Kali- A Doman ninja who has kept watch over Alyx to make sure she did nothing to be a threat.
Chiyo Hoshi- A Miqo'te who got wrapped up into the mess. Shows signs of actual care towards her.
Varthamith Von Netowa- An Elezen lich who was nothing more than a pawn to Xyla Prime.
Xyla Prime- The creator of Doll 401. She was the reason all the trouble started but when it came to her and Quint, Xyla left all she use to be with Quint and hopefully have her carry on her good legacy and forget the past. She is dead now, but even her past actions still echo within Quint. For Quint knows that without Xyla, she would never of had life...that she was her true child in the end and one she was happy to realize even when it all ended.8


"The future before us is never set in stone. What choices we make can and will alter the path we head on. There are an infinite amount of possible outcomes, and yet even the simplest actions can completely alter your world. And while I can see into the future briefly...I cannot confirm nor deny if and when that vision is and can be true. For the future CAN be changed, WILL be changed and MUST be changed." - Quint

All credit goes to Bancroft Gairn for the templete!

Xyla with Cobalon