Anchor Saltborn

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Anchor Saltborn

- Former Boatswain of Ironsong -

Character Information
Full Name Judævyr Nĕjin
Nickname(s) Jude
Race Hyur
Subrace Midlander
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Nameday 7th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Age 27
Birthplace Thavnair
Occupation Pirate/Ironsong (status: Hiatus)

General Information

Anchor is a currently-tentative crew member of Ironsong, a vessel owned by a Confederate-affiliated band of pirates that take on jobs and contracts for the right price. When he isn't sailing the eastern seas with his Ironsong comrades, Anchor is usually taking up various jobs on the shores of Hingashi, particularly in the bustling city of Kugane.


A short crop of black hair and trimmed facial hair frames Anchor's gaunt features. Being just over six feet, his body's underweight state gives his form a lanky and wiry appearance. A thin lash-shaped scar runs across between Anchor's brows to his left cheek, cutting near the unique tattoo there with it's mirroring counterpart on the opposite side. Anchor's eyes are an unnatural red, though they may appear vivid brown from a distance in dimmer lighting. His skin is slightly off-hue from an otherwise deeply tanned olive tone, darker particularly under his eyes--though his fiery spirit staves away the weariness that would otherwise weigh his disposition.


Personality Traits

  • Aggressive
  • Cynical
  • Impatient
  • Tenacious
  • Stubborn
  • Loyal
  • Perceptive


Anchor is incredibly short-tempered and it doesn't take much to press his buttons, though he usually manages to stay professional and/or aloof unless otherwise provoked. Anchor tends to stick away from crowds and, if it can't be helped, tries to position himself ideally to where he can see the majority of individuals present. He makes no attempt to be or appear to be approachable, sending glares at anyone looking at him the wrong way or what he perceives as anyone looking at him the wrong way.

Philosophy & Ideals

A life for an eye. Anchor believes in harsh punishment for hard wrongs, regardless if he is the one dealing out or receiving said punishment. Don't expect any thanks or apologies either. The what's-done-is-done mentality outweighs any sort of thought to assume credit is due or forgivable.

Common Equipment / Possessions

  • Tribal Earring. For one who usually collects fineries and rarer objects, this ornamental, albeit cheaply made earring seems off from Anchor's usual eastern aesthetic. Mostly made up of copper and leather, the most distinctive part is the crude piece that resembles a moon at half-quarter. It appears to be a thin sliver of opal mounted on a chip of obsidian.
  • Katana. Anchor almost always has one at the ready on his person. He has a slew of them that he collects, so they usually differ slightly in appearance from day to day, depending on which he picks up on his way out.
  • Pan Flute. A recently refurbished pan flute. Someone may be able to catch him with it on the pier or in a quiet place, but goes curiously quiet if he notices someone draw near. 
Likes Dislikes
  • Collecting swords, antiques, and other fineries.
  • Opioids and Narcotics - self inflicted only. As long as he is control of the time and place, Anchor likes to quiet the pain his body ails from.
  • Freedom. Anchor wants to do what he wants, when he wants.
  • Slavery and/or if anyone is being held against their will. He won't always make it his business if he catches it, but sometimes he will.
  • Ignorant people. People that speak without knowing the details or the experience for themselves.
  • Feeling out of control. He doesn't mind authority, but he hates feeling like he didn't have a choice, or if he feels he isn't being heard and/or ignored.
Skills Education
  • Swordsmanship. Namely with eastern swords. He's no samurai, but he's more than a brute swinging a knife.
  • Steady hands. His mining days of excavating unstable material carefully over the years has earned him dexterity and precision when it calls for it.
  • Handyman. Basic carpentry. No intricate detail work, but he can build scaffolding and basic furniture. Ship repairs, etc.
  • Sailor. Alleged pirate as he is, Anchor knows his way around a ship.
  • Self-taught in almost all areas. Anchor has had no official education or schooling.
  • Mentored in eastern writing and language by Brick.
  • Mentored in swordsmanship by Brick.
Strengths Flaws
  • Tenacity and aggression in combat.
  • Perceptive. He tends to watch people closely, picking up on body language and cues.
  • Determination. He will keep going until he can't.
  • Cynicism and distrust. Can elicit poor morale in others or can escalate a situation into something it wouldn't have been otherwise.
  • Hot-headed. Anchor tends to get irritated quickly and can spoil a situation in the process.
  • Hypocrite. Just because Anchor tells someone not to do something doesn't mean he won't do it himself. Or vice versa.
Fears Favorites
  • Being restrained or bound; any sense of his freedom being taken.
  • Small enclosed spaces. Not quite claustrophobic, but gets incredibly uncomfortable and anxious.
  • Whips. PTSD inducing. The sharp cracking sound alone can make him freeze up, but it can also cause him to react with unforeseen aggression.
  • Nabi.
  • Nabi's everything.
  • Nabi, Nabi, Nabi. (I'll think of something else eventually).

Early Life



- Jude gets taken and sold as a slave. Shipped to an island. Location unknown to him.

- Assigned duty of cleaning/washing minerals and corrupt aether fragments/crystals.


- Tasks change to moving debris from demolition sites and aiding in transport of small crates.

- Jude starts showing signs of aether sickness.

9 - Meets siblings Cseri'a and Seri, two miqo'te children. Eventually becomes friends.

10 - Jude and Cseri'a get assigned to the mines. Seri gets assigned to debris cleanup.


11 - Jude comes down with severe aether sickness. Survives and becomes stable.

12 - Cseri'a starts showing signs of aether sickness.


- Cseri'a succumbs to corrupted aether "poisoning". Seri falls into despair.

- Jude takes up mantle as Seri's brother. Starts wearing Cseri'a's earring. Aliases "Anchor" and "Buoy" are created shortly after.


- Escapes from the Island with Buoy. Picked up by pirates. Tattoos right cheek.

- Retaliation against the acts against the island. Pirates are attacked by another vessel. Anchor loses Buoy at sea.


18-19 - Picked up by a fishing vessel. Makes it to Kugane. Starts picking up work and searching for Buoy.

20 - Anchor meets Brick. Begins to learn combative techniques and eastern reading/writing.

21 - Recruited by Ironsong. Meets Captain Gilnares and First Mate Ember.


- Stops looking for Buoy. Starts hunting for "The Watchers." Second tattoo is carved on left cheek. Cseria's earring is moved to left ear.

- Promoted to Boatswain under Ironsong.

23 - Anchor meets Shael Stormchild.

Recent Times



- Accepted a job from Nabi Kharlu to attain an antennae from a beast in Yanxia. Did not end up going well. Anchor was tended to after by Nabi and then invited to the estate of an Onmyouji where he left her the following morning.

- Introduced to Elam Grave and recruited by him. Carries out several tasks including a job with Shael to deliver goods to the border of Yanxia (which got ruined by an ambush) and then later to pick up a crate north of Isari containing an embalmed body to deliver to Kugane.


- Elam Grave requires another delivery to the outskirts of Isari to a Doman Lord. This one seeming to contain another body, alive however. Turns out to be Nabi Kharlu, bound and gagged. Anchor loses it -triggers corruption- after Nabi makes eye contact with him and seems to cry out. Slaughters most of Elam's men at nearly the cost of his life, all but a man name Torrad, who Brick, Anchor's quartermaster spared in hopes of retaining some sort of relationship with Elam Grave. Brick aimed to make it appear as if their had been another ambush similar to their delivery with Shael.

- While they wait to see how their false story plays out, Brick tells Anchor to keep the girl (Nabi) hidden and out of sight. Anchor agrees and keeps Nabi under confinement at his residence in Shirogane.

- Anchor and Nabi attend the Shogatsu Festival, though under the pretense she must keep her face covered.

- Anchor attempts to cut a deal with Elam Grave, to both keep Ironsong in his good graces and to let Nabi return to her life in Kugane, trading her services for another alchemist he recently recruited to the services of Ironsong.

- Elam Grave drugs Anchor and takes him to and Underground fighting ring. Yanxia|Mountain. Loses Cseri'a's earring, all linkpearls, all other possessions on person at the time.

- Anchor meets Akuido Nagakane; Curator. Anchor meets Batu in fighting pit. -Corruption triggered-. Anchor's left arm receives an enhancement. Anchor meets Myuto. Anchor starts showing signs of aether sickness.

- After several moons, Nabi is brought in before his final fight. Anchor meets Ghoa Mankhad. Anchor meets Nei Uzuka and Ieharu Musa.

Enhancement upgraded.

-Corruption triggered-. Anchor wins final fight. Shael sets off explosions under sponsor's dais. Anchor surges corrupted aether into mountain from the cell corridors. Mountain starts collapsing.

- With the help of Shael, Tserende, and Ghoa--Anchor, Nabi and Myuto escape via sewage tunnel. Anchor nearly dies in the shed they sought shelter in. Nabi saves Anchor. Fragment created.

- Anchor invites Nabi to stay with him until her clinic is rebuilt. She tends to him over his very long recovery.


- Anchor continues to recover. Body heals but enhanced arm begins to cause increased physical pain.

- Meets Marius, Akhutai, and Ko'a--only known as "Rhe'ir". Make plans to remove enhancement.

- Black market event in Yanxia. Batuhan approached Anchor with a warning about those that would come for Nabi Kharlu and references past with Ghoa Mankhad. Anchor warns Nabi and Ghoa. Nabi reveals Kharlu heritage.


- Meets Arasen Kharlu, Nabi's cousin. Wants to take Nabi back to Kharlu tribe; claims there to be a prophecy. Says it would bring peace between the Kharlu and Jhungid.

- I.

- don't.

- know.

- so.

- much.

- has.

- happened.

- save me.

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "That surly looking fellow? He sometimes comes in from the docks for a meal or drink." -- Waitress at Shirokaze Hostelry
  • "He's not much for small talk, but he gets the job done." -- Kogane Dori Merchant
  • "Aye, he's with Ironsong. They're with the Confederacy, right?" -- Worn Sailor

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "Huh. He doesn't look so good. Is he ill? Could stand to gain some weight." -- Passing Chirurgeon
  • "Goes by Anchor, yeah? He comes around now and then to visit the apothecary, Nabi." -- Attendant at House of Sparrows.
  • "I don't know the man, but I felt uncomfortable being around him." -- Aether-sensitive Individual

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Rare Player Character
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "I've seen those tattoos before. In the sewers! S'like a beast, that one." -- Hysteric Scavenger
  • "Those scars on his back... well, at least they don't seem to bother him." -- Curious Crew Member of Ironsong
  • "He brushed by me when I noticed some sort of blackened growth on his arm! I hope it's not contagious." -- Worried Patron

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*
  • "Is he as mean as he looks? No, of course not! Or that is, he doesn't look mean. Well, alright maybe mad at times, but... but even if he can be mean, doesn't mean he is all the time." - Nabi Kharlu
  • "You ask me of the Champion? Has he no infamy? The title is undeserved, some may say. Only, I have seen him in the ring. It is deserved, whether he wants it or not. Especially now that he fights for someone else." - Batuhan Kharlu
  • "I thought it'd be easier. Shootin' him." - Highlander wtih her hat pulled low over her eyes
  • "Common Rumor" - Rumor Source
  • "Uncommon Rumor" - Rumor Source
  • "Rare Rumor" - Rumor Source
  • * Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

    Relationship Status Key

    • Loved One
    • In Love
    • Attraction
    • § Complicated
    • Friend

    • Good Standing
    • Poor Standing
    • Neutral
    • Uncertain
    • Deceased
    Most Trusted Aquaintances
    • Nabi Kharlu
      - - - §

      Nabi started as nothing more than an irritating reminder of something that had been lost to him. Her illogical optimism and what he perceived as blind naivety contrasted too greatly to his cynical view of a world rotting from the dark corners most people chose to ignore. Yet this didn't stop him from saving her from being sold to a Doman Lord by his then-associate Elam Grave, whom he subsequently betrayed to do so. In the time they spent together in events following, Anchor began to develop feelings for Nabi which gradually grew into something immeasurable. There are no lengths he wouldn't go to assure her safety and happiness.

    • Brick

      Quartermaster of the Ironsong. Brick was the one to approach Anchor about joining the crew, impressed with his tenacity and spirit. He became a mentor to Anchor, broadening his ability in not only language and writing, but martial skills as well. Respect comes easy for this Xaela, and Anchor rarely out-rightly questions Brick's decisions or rulings on any matters, believing them to usually be fair for the situation. Usually.

    • Shael Stormchild

      A smuggler who Anchor originally met when Shael attempted to forgo paying the Ruby Tithe within Confederate waters. Ironsong's Captain decided to employ her services as reimbursement and, since then, she has otherwise proved herself to be a useful contact. Anchor immediately butted heads with this equally hot-tempered Highlander and easily gets riled by her cutting words and stubborn personality. Despite that, Anchor and Shael tend to work well together--as long as they don't realize they're working well together. As of now, he isn't sure he trusts her fully, but he trusts she cares for Nabi, and that's enough for him. For now. He also trusts that her aim with a rifle is spectacular.

    • Ghoa Mankhad
      - § -

      Being once someone who worked closely alongside Elam Grave, Anchor originally found it very difficult to trust this Xaela Nabi calls "friend". It was only that latter fact alone that stayed his hand upon originally meeting her face to face after his escape from the underground fighting pits he was forced to fight in, blaming Ghoa for getting Nabi mixed up in it all with him after his lengths to keep her out of Elam's hands. He found some measure of empathy after hearing a bit about her past, but even that burned away after her alleged allegiance with Arasen Kharlu.

    • Batuhan Kharlu

      Batuhan was one of the fighters Anchor was pitted against in the underground fighting ring he was brought to by Elam Grave. He only briefly contended with him in the six-man free-for-all initial trial match and then didn't cross paths until after his escape when Batu brought warning about those coming for Nabi. Anchor unwittingly felt a sort of camaraderie between him and Batu, both having experienced the cruelty of the Underground Pit and fighting alongside him during their excursion to the ruins. He finds Batu's unwavering trust in Arasen Kharlu admirable and infuriating.

    • Marius Aventine

      Marius was, for a while, merely a name Nabi spouted around during her ramblings. Anchor was first properly introduced after his escape from the Underground, Marius being the one that might be able and eventually was able to remove the metal enhancement encasing his left arm. Marius' eager intrigue only reminds Anchor of the Curator from the Pits who was responsible for said attachment in the first place. Anchor finds the man's presence uncomfortable at best; anxiety-inducing at worst.

    • Myuto
      - -

      During captivity in the Pits, Myuto was a young, mute, slave boy brought to Anchor's cell to be used as the experiment on his arm's enhancement's aether-drainage capabilities. Anchor, out of curiosity, did follow through with using the child as a proverbial battery, but refrained from killing him--only just barely though. Anchor helped replenish the boy's strength and then sought to use him as another aid in helping him and Nabi escape. Anchor was impressed by the Myuto's will to live, and he saw something of himself in the boy. Myuto escaped with Anchor and Nabi, but Anchor hasn't seen him since they left Yanxia. Every now and then he wonders how that child fared...

    Burn List Family
    • The Warden

      There are many names to be put down for what's become of Cseri'a and Buoy, but if he had to pick one to aim to, it would be the one that had oversaw it all. Anchor has no names. Just a face, a symbol, and countless memories of torment to fuel his outrage. He swore on their graves and his own that he would do whatever it took to pay retribution to this elusive prey.

    • Elam Grave
      - § - - ✞?

      Elam Grave hired the Ironsong to carry out certain tasks, one being in particular to deliver a crate outside of Isari to a Doman Lord that contained Nabi Kharlu. Suffice to say, upon discovery, it did not go according to plan, Anchor slaughtering most of Elam's associates. Elam sought punishment for Anchor's acts, drugging him and giving him two choices: to die then and there, or to fight for Elam in an underground fighting ring. To which he accepted the latter. Anchor both respected and despised the man for his cruelty and ambitions; eager to prove himself to the Highlander, but also spit in the face of his superiority. However, once Nabi came back into the picture and Elam continued to threaten her well-being, Anchor knew he would go to whatever lengths to bring him down. Lengths which, during his and Nabi's escape, seemed to end with Elam being buried under a crumpling mountain along with many others.

    • Torrad
      - ✞?

      One of the few survivors of Anchor's massacre outside of Isari. Anchor was hardly fond of the man, but he respected his tenacity and the fact he did not take provocation sitting down, even if it meant punishment from his superior. He does regret not being able to put the man down himself. Torrad carved into Anchor's right shoulder down to his collar, where he had driven his blade during Anchor's killing spree in attempts to stop him. It was reopened after being on the mend in his captivity and now has a permanent place on Anchor's body.

    • Nagakane Akuido
      - ✞?

      Aka: The Curator. This man was in charge of tending to the fighters in the Underground fighting arena. He was also responsible for being the one to implement Anchor's enhancement. The first augmentation, though the memory is hazy, still haunts Anchor's psyche, only adding to the existing anxiety of restraints. Despite his part in it all, Anchor tried not to incite the wrath of the one that was, more or less, keeping him alive after intense matches. He will not be missed.

    • Nei Uzuka
      - ✞?

      One of the many sponsors in the Underground fighting pits. Something about this woman terrified Anchor to his core. Whether it was the whip she bore that reminded him of past punishments or something of her calculating nature that easily wrought sweat to his brow in her presence. Still, that didn't stop him from trying to use her in any way he could to assure his victory, attempting to put himself in her graces and assure he'd replace her fighter with him as her own. With her witnessing an act of cruelty against Nabi, Nei granted permission for Anchor to use the remnants of her previous fighter's body as an upgrade to his own.

    • Ieharu Musa
      - - ✞?

      A sponsor in the Underground fighting pit. Anchor could only assume by his presence and the way other sponsors reacted to him that he carried some authority and influence. Ieharu broke a deal with Anchor: if he threw the final fight (albeit, believably) he would assure Nabi's safety and Anchor would then become his fighter, privy to the courtesies Elam Grave denied him. Anchor accepted, hoping to use this information to his advantage. To say Anchor didn't trust Ieharu is an understatement. His constant calm and confidence unsettled Anchor wholeheartedly.

    • Arasen Kharlu

      Cousin of Nabi Kharlu. This Xaela sought audience with Nabi in hopes to convince her to return with him to the Kharlu tribe, claiming it be for the sake of peace between them and the Jhungid. He never provided enough information to settle Anchor's doubts, and those doubts quickly turned to distrust, the man's attempts at charm and courtesy only inciting Anchor's impatience further. Anchor has already been betrayed once by Arasen but does not remember due to the influence of his pact with the entity Otsuyu, who fractured Anchor's mind in The Ruins and jumbled many important memories, including his knowing of Cseri'a and Buoy. Even without it, however, Anchor is certain Arasen is far from the ally he makes himself out to be with his cousin.

    • Cseri'a
      - - -

      Cseri'a was a mysterious miqo'te boy that Anchor befriended during his days as a slave on The Island. He ended up succumbing to the effects of the corrupted aether they had been mining for years, but before that he had been an emotional anchor of sorts. Cseri'a was a comforting source of humor, wisdom--skewed though it may seem on occasion--, and a light in some of the darkest times. The older brother of Seri, he was protective yet adventurous, encouraging Anchor to not let shackles hold him down. Since his loss, Anchor has always referred to him as a brother, being the closest thing akin to family he ever had.

    • Seri, aka Buoy
      - - - ✞?

      Sister to Cseri'a. As with her brother, Anchor befriended this spirited girl when he was a boy. Her quick wit and sharp words were something Anchor grew something of a fondness for. After Cseri'a's death, Seri broke, unable to cope. To rectify this, Anchor took up the mantle and title as her brother, her even seeming to block out the fact that it was her blood-related brother that had perished. It was shortly after this they took on their aliases as Anchor and Buoy. During the destruction of The Island, they managed to escape, but he lost her months later to the sea after a revengeful attack on the vessel that had rescued them.



    Likely Locations Affiliations
    • Kugane: Highly Likely; Anchor looks for work in Kugane often, whether it be grunt work on the docks (loading or unloading), deliveries (mundane or shady, doesn't matter), or other odds and ends. It's very likely you can run into him as he makes his way through the markets and city streets. Quite often he peruses the central Hostelry.
    • Shirogane: Likely; Anchor resides in Shirogane and he also takes up mediocre jobs if they come up. It's pretty likely you could come across him in the central market area or along the piers and beaches. If anyone frequents Nabi's clinic, they've probably seen him hanging about.
    • Onokoro: Low Likelihood; Being affiliated with the Confederates, Anchor can occasionally be found around the settlement when he is visiting to reaffirm contacts and ties to other pirates and organizations. However, he hasn't been sailing out as often as of late due to certain circumstances.
    • Eastern Seas: Low Likelihood. Prior, it might have been more likely, but recently Anchor has been grounded dealing with other matters so he hasn't been sailing as often with his pirate crew.
    • Ironsong: Anchor is part of the crew of Ironsong. They'll take just about any job if the price is right, no questions asked.
    • Confederacy: Ironsong is affiliated with the confederates; they will often patrol their waters for portion pay and take advantage of possible jobs and contracts through Confederate ties.

    RP Hooks

    • Mercenary for Hire

      Anchor is usually always in need of work, especially with his slowly declining presence aboard the Ironsong. Bodyguard work, deliveries, basic construction, anything really. Anchor's a surly brute, but he's not too proud to not take on a simple job for coin. And the more difficult ones just means it pays more, right?

    • Ruby Tithe

      Being affiliated with the Confederates, Anchor can run a pretty good deal to get people across the Eastern seas otherwise taxed by fellow pirates. He knows some people.

    • An Extra Pair of Eyes and Ears.

      All information comes at the right price! Anchor has been on and about the Eastern landmasses for some time now and would be happy to give any pointers to clueless foreigners. Well, he'll be happy with the coin you shine his direction at least. He may even be nice about it if he's paid enough! Nice for Anchor, at least.

    Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
    • Mature and dark themes within plots (18+ players only).
    • One-shot rp tasks, jobs, and missions.
    • Slice of life roleplay. Event rp, establishment rp, etc.
    • Pretty much open-minded to anything really. If something particularly bothers me, I will let you know.
    • Blatant meme rp. Jokes are fine, but repetitive shit-posting IC doesn't appeal to me.
    • God-modding. i.e. Being THE WoL IC (I'm not saying don't do it, just not personally looking for that sort of interaction.)
    • Flippant dismemberment or plotless aim to kill player character. This isn't something I consider/discuss with non-long-term rp partners.

    Player Info

    Thank you for your interest in this jerk-face!

    My Policies

    • Self Care

      I don't have many "policies", or whatever you want to call them, but taking care of yourself is one of them. Anchor can be an aggressive character, depending on the circumstances, and if you personally get ooc-triggered or upset by scenarios involving verbal abuse, insults, or physical altercations, please do not feel obligated to interact with this character. Likewise, if we are already in the middle of rp and, at any time, you as the player get anxious or otherwise, please send me a /tell and I can either end it immediately where it stands, or through rp itself (i.e. He gets called over by someone or something or just peaces out because reasons).

      Behind my screen I am not trying to make someone else behind theirs feel personally attacked or upset. Communicate is always open.

    OOC Player Info Links
    • Player Age: 29
    • Timezone: CST
    • Availability: 6p-10p CST Mon-Thurs, 6p-w/e Fri, w/e Sat, w/e-10p Sun.
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