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==1st Doman Rebellion==
==1st Doman Rebellion==
[This section will go over my characters participation in both the first and 2nd rebellion and try for potential hooks for any amount of characters but mainly doman]
When the Emperor had passed a succession war had strangled the garleans effectiveness to maintain their authority. In this moment some territories tried to break free from their control but none was more pressing than the people of doma and their uprising. With what means they had left to them Garlemald recruited a large number of mercenaries to garrison the troops and disrupt the doman forces as much as possible until proper order was established again within the empire. This was seen as the most effective, they cared little if swathes of mercenaries were slain so long as the kept the domans from rooting out empire facilities and strongholds.
When the Emperor had passed a succession war had strangled the garleans effectiveness to maintain their authority. In this moment some territories tried to break free from their control but none was more pressing than the people of doma and their uprising. With what means they had left to them Garlemald recruited a large number of mercenaries to garrison the troops and disrupt the doman forces as much as possible until proper order was established again within the empire. This was seen as the most effective, they cared little if swathes of mercenaries were slain so long as the kept the domans from rooting out empire facilities and strongholds.

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Garlemald Flag.jpg Andras Astora
Hey, we just go wherever there's a mixture of money and trouble, and everyone in the world is a potential customer.
Gender Male
Race Au'Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Garlemald
Age 27
Height 6 Fulms, 7Ilms
Weight 200 Ponze
Profession Mercenary
Patron Deity None
Server Balmung


Andras is about the average size for most male Au'Ra. He also has the recognizable horns and scales but has no uniqueness to them. His hair is gruff and black but the most notable thing to him would be his pale white skin, it certainly would distinguish him from a crowd if one decided to look carefully enough. His skin color is also combo'd with his white iris's that sometimes have a gleam to them if viewed at the right angle.


His story is rather quite simple and direct. He was orphaned at age 7 and simply shifted from orphanage to orphanage in empire territory because of his appearance until he was old enough to be able to fend for himself. At age 13 he was no longer given asylum and since no family took him he was tossed out of the orphanage system he was in, but he held no grudges or disdain, he respected the fact that he was able to live so far due to those orphanages and simply moved on with his life. He soon came across a band of mercenaries who decided to take him in to do some labor and train him to eventually join the ranks, the skills he learned with those mercenaries were invaluable; Reading, writing, cooking, basic concepts of trading and bartering as well as maintaining ones gil so that you never run low. Among the teachings he was obviously taught the art of combat and tactics and was highly proficient in mastering combat techniques and remembering multiple tactics, he was trained on the use of the lance, CQC, and a gunblade but also used knives and kept some on his person always for less than desirable situations. He traveled and fought with these mercenaries for 7 years before he parted ways with them seeking to live out his own life and undertake jobs of his own desire. He also tends to be rather tricky and discreet with his words never giving anyone the full picture, this vague air around him helps when he gathers information and makes him a hard read. After building a name for himself he soon caught the eye of the Garlemald empire and was contracted by them to join in the suppression of the 1st doman rebellion. He carried out his contract perfectly and is said to have impressed some officers of the empire during his time fighting with them which subsequently involved him in other major conflicts such as the 2nd doman rebellion and the Ala Mhigo rebellion. Once his contract was complete he was paid appropriately and left the empire territories with many connections making his way towards Eorzea seeking out more work knowing that a land as volatile as Eorzea would provide him with no end of work yet while he may be doing work in Eorzea the empire may still yet call him into service.

1st Doman Rebellion

When the Emperor had passed a succession war had strangled the garleans effectiveness to maintain their authority. In this moment some territories tried to break free from their control but none was more pressing than the people of doma and their uprising. With what means they had left to them Garlemald recruited a large number of mercenaries to garrison the troops and disrupt the doman forces as much as possible until proper order was established again within the empire. This was seen as the most effective, they cared little if swathes of mercenaries were slain so long as the kept the domans from rooting out empire facilities and strongholds.

Many mercenaries answered the empires call, with the prospect of sizable pay upon completion as well as bonuses based on contribution it was a hard contract to pass up. Those who participated knew they were no more than disposable assets to the empire however they also knew that above anything else results was all that mattered in the end and so long as the produced the money would come. Once enough of the the mercenaries had been gathered they were transported and dispersed in and around doman territories, They were to then coordinate with the garlean forces already present to stop the momentum of the rebellion.

Andras was transported to the east othard coastline off the ruby sea, this area was facing fierce combat as it was serving as a bridgehead for many garlean forces to coordinate from and a means for them to get to Castrum Fulminis. Upon arrival he was given the task of getting past the doman forces and start sabotaging supply lines so that there can be a push into Yanxia to create a forward base at Castrum Fluminis. Due to constant doman surveillance it was difficult for him to get by the defensive perimeter so he decided to acquire some clothing that would at a glance identify him as a rebel and then insert himself into the next skirmish and feign injury to retreat into Yanxia. The plan worked, during the chaos of the fight and few exaggerated shouts he was taken away from the skirmish and placed with other injured fighters, before anyone would notice he slipped out and away from the main force and quickly hid himself within some rocky territory on the outskirts of the village of Namai. It was from this village he was able to observe the various comings and goings of rebel fighters as well as some upper echelon forces such as ninja and samurai. Eventually a supply convoy arrived, upon seeing this he quickly kept track of those who arrived with the convoy and as they left carefully began to shadow them. After quite a distance of travel the group arrived at a large facility with a decent but rather unnoticeable port in which multiple convoy's can be seen coming and going. He had found a supply depot but was know way stupid enough to try and take it on himself; instead he began to deduce timetables of certain convoy's and try figure out the rough routes they were traveling. Once he had gathered enough information he made his way to Castrum Fluminis that was under heavy guard to try and get some more proper gear before he began to raid supply convoy's. Getting into the Castrum was quite nerve wracking, all his observation made him keenly aware of the ninja that lurk within the lands and their knack for subtlety, he only managed mere glimpses of them at the supply base but it was enough to give him cause for more caution at least until he had some more equipment. After getting past the perimeter guards and deftly dodging the sentinels he made his way into what seemed to be an arms depot and eventually found equipment that was serviceable for the job at hand until he got his own gear back. Leaving the Castrum as carefully as he came in he began camp out routes where potential supplies would go through and prepare ambushes should the odds look in his favor.

Luckily for him while there was urgency many of the supply convoys were easy pickings due to how lightly they were guarded. This may have been a result of forces being to spread thin or a lack of foresight to enemy attack so close within their own territory, either way he managed to destroyed a number of supply shipments mainly those that were heading towards the cost. These successful strike eventually had effect and garlean forces eventually forced a slow retreat of doman forces allowing them to gain a foothold into yanxia, upon learning about the successful push he decided to regroup with the garlean forces to relay the information he had gathered as well as acquire his own armaments to be more effective. Unfortunately for him his success did not go unnoticed and a warlord with an adequate guard that would defeat him in no time if cornered were beginning to get on his trail and pursue him. Andras decided to lay a trap at a bridge towards the direction of the east othard coast, he had to leave just enough of a trail to convince them of someone trying to get back to the garleans; the warlord and his guards arrived at the bridge and began to cross, unknown to them andras had managed to place himself under the middle of the bridge with raging river waters below them. Once the warlord and his guards reached the middle he dexterously maneuvered his way to the top of the bridge placing him in the middle of the guards and in front of the lord; a tense momentary silence was had before the warlord was tackled and carried up and over the bridge, there a brief scream and shout was heard before the two were taken by the rivers waters. With a tight grip both of them were tossed about mercilessly in the river hitting various rock formations before slowing and washing up on a river bank. The warlord although battered quickly got up and drew his blade, locating a motionless andras a bit away he readied himself and closed in on him to deal an assured deathblow, right before the strike could be made andras swept his right arm out with a dagger in hand catching the warlords leg with the subsequent force causing him to topple over and lose momentary grasp of his blade. In sheer moments andras got up, grabbed the blade and drove it into the lords heart; a pained groan and a spurt of blood came out, the warlord locked eyes with him and with a cold gaze coarsely said with his last breath "Doma will be free."

Leaving the area quickly and discreetly before the guards could catch up andras managed to regroup with the garlean forces, after relaying the information to the commander he was given the new assignment to aid in the assault of the supply depot he located. After reacquiring his equipment and arensal and a few days rest due to strategic planning of the assault he was ready to head back into the field.

News of the warlords death and the subsequent garlean presence making its way into yanxia quickly traveled, soon other warlords were eager to find and kill andras to avenge their fallen comrade as well as force back out the garlean forces. Some ninja clans were to also ordered keep an eye out for him and eliminate him should the opportunity arise, they had a somewhat adequate description from the warlords guard that they can go on which was more than enough for them to pick him out.

Once the necessary preparations were made A sizable garlean force was marched to the supply depot under the cover of night, Andras was wearing the equipment he used when taking on the most important of his contracts. It was a wyvern made black coat that was attached in tandem to a custom built magitek armor he had requested for gathering many of the materials off the black market, his pants were made of an extremely tough leather hide with some light metal plating interwoven for ease of movement and some aptly designed combat boots. His helmet was one of his favorite pieces though, it was designed with magitek in mind as well to help get aetheric readings to prepare for any unexpected magics, also due to the magitek his field of vision was not obscured despite it being a helmet that encompasses his whole head. Due to the technology the eye slits of his helmet give off an off putting glow that certainly throws off an opponent every now and then.

During the march at various intervals the troops were assaulted by the ninja of doma who thrived in a night assault. The attacks were pinpoint as well often only aiming to take out a single officer or breakdown the nerves of the soldiers. Upon arrival at the depot while battered and bruised the garlean force was ever committed to taking out the depot however due to the ninja assaults the defenses were significantly bolstered and may very well be able to fend off the assault, there were also some banners of noble houses taking part in the defense. Clearly they were ready for the night assault so the garlean forces were left with little choice other than to smash into the defenses and break the opponent before they could recover; The battle began when a line of garlean troops with ranged weaponry began to bombard both the troops and the depot with a sustained fire as the main force charged in and once the two forces clashed nothing but chaos would take hold until a victor was determined. As the battle was progressing the garlean side began to wane slightly, strategic strikes were still being placed upon officers and the such that were well camouflaged within the battle. There was a separate entity lurking within the doman forces that was operating on the field in a more covert matter, realizing this andras who not wanting to lose out on a chance to earn more pay decided to try and bait them. He found a banner with an interesting design and started to charge towards it with the intent of killing the lord of that banner, at this point he became a sturdy wall of death; his armor protected him from many blows and he utilized some explosive rounds that his gunblade had to create the occasional space. Seeing this some garlean commanders directed some troops into the path he was carving to reinforce him and split the enemy defenses. Soon he broke into the area where the lord and his main guard were, this time there was no pause, immediately a male and female samurai sprung forth and clashed with him. Knowing his time was extremely limited he primed his gunblade causing a strange hum, trying to stop him both samurai swung for a lethal strike but was too late as he pierced the ground with his gunblade causing a large explosion kicking up dirt and gravel obscuring vision. Both samurai had been blown back as well as other guards who closed in, in the midst of the cloud of dirt and debris the helmet he wore was able to pick out the warlords location; although damaged himself due to detonating his explosives point blank his armor was designed to compensate somewhat for such forces. Quickly piercing rounds were loaded into his gunblade and before anyone could act he fired his weapon which hit the lord straight in the heart and fell instantly. As angry shouts could be heard as a rebel soldier tried to strike andras from behind but was pierced by the gunblade in an instant, with that kill he wanted to melt back into the chaotic battle before visibility returned but was being held in place by the soldier who forcefully held the gunblade in him. As visibility returned the male samurai was already closing in on him to deal a lethal blow, acting quickly and with a feat of strength put the soldier between him and the samurai; a slight faltering moment was had with the samurai and that was all that needed. The remaining piercing rounds discharged from his gunblade going right through the soldier and hitting the shocked samurai who took one step forward and raised his blade before falling backwards dead. The soldier now dead was also removed from the gunblade with a kick, remaining alert andras saw the female samurai charging towards him with bloodshot eyes and a blood curdling scream but before she could get closer the garlean troops that were trailing behind him arrived and began to strike down other assailants who had closed in. Seeing this the female samurai angrily retreated with an injured ally further into the depot, some eager garleans tried to pursue but were cut down by other samurai who were covering the retreat. Catching a momentary breath in the chaos the covert force had still not taken the bait however a shift in the battlefield was occurring due to garlean forces breaking so deep into the enemy lines the doman forces formation was breaking and reforming to compensate. Seeing the fallen lords banner andras smirked a bit and told one of the garlean troops to set it ablaze, carrying the banner with one hand and his gunblade in the other he picked out another banner and began marching towards it; upon seeing this sight many domans who tried to stop him were shouting the word "Onryo" at him, he didn't know what it meant but he imagined it wasn't something flattering.

With the aid of some garlean troops he made his way more easily to the next warlord and this time without the theatrics of an explosion was able to eliminate both the warlord and most of his personal guard. This time there was visible stir among the domans, formations started to break more easily and some were beginning to outright retreat; the covert units also changed priority as there was less disuprtion in the chain of command now. A few moments later a full on retreat was ordered, various smoke bombs begin to explode all over the battlefield, the garleans were unaccustomed to this tactic so many of the domans were able to make their way to the port where a number of transports were at the ready. The transports were equipped with an array of cannons making an approach with a large force difficult, andras decided to sift through the smoke to try and catch an officer or some person of relevance before they managed to retreat but he was cutoff by some doman ninja. Upon examination he saw that there were various insignia's adorned on them, he laughed a bit and taunted them saying he may as well start collecting the banners and insignia of those he killed to get a decent collection going. Suddenly one of the ninja broke away and engaged him, this however was not intended by the others and they shouted for the lone ninja to return but it was too late. Even though andras had not much experience facing the ninja, based on their tactics leading up to here he had a grasp on some generalities and most importantly noted they are not the most armored unit on the field making them a bit more vulnerable than the average unit but made up for it an excessive lethality. Knowing this he shouted to any garlean troops amidst the smoke nearby to fire upon his location, immediately various shots rang out and although the shots were wildly off it was enough of a threat for the lone ninja to slow his approach which allowed andras to fire a round at the ninjas feet kicking up more dirt obscuring his already limited vision. More depserate shouts could be heard from the other ninja who started to run towards him but as was the case he was faster, the gunblade ran through the ninja's armor and body quite easily. Andras grabbed the insignia off the ninja as he pushed him off the blade and stared at the other ninja mockingly saying "That is one to the collection"; the smoke was beginning to clear and the garlean troops were regrouping for another push to secure the rest of the facility. Seeing this the ninja in charged shouted what was probably orders of retreat to the others who seemed ready to attack andras, they begrudgingly disappeared into the smoke while the leader stared a cold gaze at him and said "Grudges will not be forgotten Onryo" to which he replied "Everyone has a grudge in war, get in line" with that the other ninja vanished as the smoke cleared.

After a few light skirmishes with those covering the retreat the supply depot was captured, a commander pulled andras aside and commended him for his actions saying he would get a good word for his efforts, soon word came in that reinforcements were coming from the empire to castrum fluminis. It seems the the succession war had ended and the full might of the empire was to come down upon doma to make an an example of it. Upon hearing this all the commanders ordered a contingent of troops to set the depot ablaze while the main force marched to the castrum to secure the landing force. The approach to the castrum had no resistance, apparently the forces stationed to guard the castrum were moved to the defense of the supply depot, due to this there was substantial time for everyone to rest once they arrived at the castrum and await the reinforcements for the coming offensive. If there is one thing andras realized its that when empire reinforcements arrive no expense is spared; numerous air cruisers are above the castrum while even more magitek golems and armaments begin to shuffle out of the transports along scores of fresh soldiers. There was also the arrival of the Zenos Yae Galvus which sent a chill down andras's spine, his instincts were screaming at him to stay wary of him. He kept a very low profile while in the castrum and eagerly took on assignments for rudimentary scouting or the removal of rebel pockets of resistance before the approach to doma castle was made. On the day of the assault andras was to be apart of the first wave that would rend as much damage as possible to clear the way for the second wave that Zenos was to be apart of. So long as adequate destruction was had there was no initial main objective for the first wave, they would eventually fold back behind the second wave who will drive into doma castle and take out Lord Kaien. This first wave while mostly garlean also consisted of sections of mercenaries who had been operating elsewhere in doman conducting their own assignments, the empire figured to try and get some more of them killed so they won't need to pay as many rewards. Cruel as it may seem all who had survived to this point were well aware of the risks but could not pass up the reward and potential become someone of renown which would result in a steady supply of work. Those who also survived to this point were as lethal as any regular empire soldier and more of a shocktroop force than anything else so survival was of no issue to them.

Even if he was part of the first wave andras and many of the mercenaries also deployed didn't have much to do, the empire commenced an extensive bombardment of doma castle and its city proper resulting in many of the defenses being destroyed and whatever defensive forces outside the castle also being scattered and broken across the city. As the first wave got near the city various parts of it began to break off to do sweeps of strategic locations now decimated to insure no survivors, from a glance andras could not see civilian bodies strewn about so he guessed an evacuation may have occurred once the garleans gained a foothold in yanxia. On his sweep of the city he came about a curious building, despite the bombardment it was still standing and among scorches various insignias could be seen. Perhaps a government building or military post of sorts he entered to investigate to see if he can find and some official to increase his pay more seeing as how there was not much to due in a broken city; after careful survey he discovered an underground tunnel with evidence of dozens if not hundreds footprints. He brings his hand to his helmet about to alert garlean troops but stops himself and goes to investigate alone, with a series of winding paths and a bit of time the tunnel opens up to an alcove with a small pier and large ship. On the pier numerous people are in a line slowly boarding the ship, one them see's and andras and begins to shout in alarm causing pandemonium among the people as well as guards revealing themselves with weapons drawn. The guards consisted of various ninja and samurai, after some thought and examination of some of the civilians he realized most of them were rather well dressed and a mix of women and children, youths and some seniors as well. He surmised these civilians must be the various family members of the warlords, goverment officals and other nobility; as to why they were still here he had no clue perhaps they thought there was a chance to stay by their loved ones and repulse the empire but that bombardment probably alerted them that the battle was a lost cause and insurances must be made. One samurai begins to dash towards him but andras raises his hands up showing no intent to fight, although suspicious the samurai slows a distance away as a ninja who was shadowing behind also stops. An exchange was then had

Samurai: "You are the onryo no? what ploy is this? why is the one who has killed our warlords and a number of our bretheren not fighting."

Ninja: "Let us just quickly dispatch of him, if he wants to repent with his life I will gladly oblige."

Andras: "Don't set sail until the second assault begins, with the prince leading the attack there will be less focus on the immediate outskirts providing a better chance of escape."

Samurai: With narrowed eyes "What are you playing at, you have killed a great many and have been a servant to the empires whims why not continue ."

Andras: "I have my own ways, you can condemn me for the deaths of your allies but this is war after all. If you pick up arms you are ready for the chance of death no? They are clearly not combatants and while turning them in to the empire would be a good pay day it would leave a bad taste in my mouth."

Ninja: Stepping a bit closer while yelling "If it leaves a bad taste why help the empire up to this point anyway, my civilians have died up to this point because of the part you played in this!!!"

Andras: "I played my part just as doma did, if you didn't want all the death maybe rebelling was not the best route. Either way I have no intention of telling the empire of this, Ill leave you a pearl and once the assault begins ill send a signal through it."

Samurai: Walks up and places a hand on the ninjas should who was slowly walking towards andras "Doing this won't absolve you onryo,those lost will be avenged."

Andras: Laughs a bit " I wasn't seeking to be absolved, I am true to who I am and act accordingly to my own interests and whims." He tosses the pearl to the samurai turns around and begins to walk back into the tunnel He could distantly hear some muffled yelling but he felt no pursuit or hostile intents so quickly journeyed back through the tunnels and regrouped with the first wave who was all but preparing to charge in after the second wave.

An officer questioned his whereabouts upon return and he simply said he was looking for rebels but everything was so blasted to hell he ended up just walking to the edge of the city and back, although skeptical for a moment the officer let him go when word of the second waves approach was relayed to him. Once the second volley of gunship fire commenced and troop transports were flying over head andras took off his helmet and made the appearance of adjusting it or fixing something; he casually pressed to where he has a linkpearl embedded that gave off the signal to the hidden group of domans at the alcove. After doing this he places his helmet back on and readies himself for the final assault and the end of the first doman rebellion.

After the successful assault and subjugation of doman andras was rewarded handsomely for his service and was recommended to other empire military forces for potential work. At the end of this campaign Andras's record was as followed

  • Successful sabotage of enemy supply lines
  • Acquiring intel beneficial to the empire
  • 5 confirmed deaths of warlords
  • Confirmed deaths of samurai
  • Confirmed deaths of ninja
  • Excellent service during the final assault of doma castle.

2nd Doman Rebellion/Ala Mhigo

(May put more detail into 2nd doman rebellion)

After the conclusion of the 1st rebellion he was given numerous jobs around empire territories due to his service, this gave him a wealth of income along with a favorable reputation in the empire which only increased the amount of jobs requested to him. He was relaxing in kugane after completing a series of jobs when an empire officer had requested him to arrive at the embassy to receive new work, although slightly lamenting he could not relax more he set off to the embassy quickly to receive the new job. Upon arrival he was sent to a room where he was briefed that an Ala Mhigan insurrection was beginning to take form and they reasoned to believe this may incite the domans to once again take up arms of rebellion, his assignment was to join a territorial patrol unit and to combat any rebellion forces that may resurface. The empire unit was none too pleased a mercenary was part of their unit but he had experience given his record in doma and given the directives were from higher up they had little choice in the matter; Donning the same armor he wore during the 1st rebellion he and the rest of unit began their patrol starting on the edges of othard and slowly spiraling inward towards yanxia.

At first all seemed calm but as they approached towards yanxia there were signs of rebel forces reactivating, using some information brokers and further investigation the empire had located some small bases that seemed to house rebels; Following this intel the patrol unit began to systematically investigate these locations and and sure enough were met with resistance, some of the rebels upon seeing Andras in his armor began to shout the word Onryo again which he now knows means "Wrathful Spirit" he didn't know how they concluded he wasn't of the living and he probably will never know but he supposed the wrathful part worked to an extent, he personally had no wrath but they probably figured he was channeling the empires wrath. Well equipped and ready for combat him and the patrol unit began to quickly dispatch the resistance and destroy the base however intel coming in was saying that while for a moment the Ala mhigan resistance was quelled it seemed possible that the alliance forces champion the warrior of light was sighted in othard indicating that the alliance will likely be putting its wait behind doma to free it thus putting them in better position to retake ala mhigo. With this information at hand the territorial patrol force was directed to continue to stomp out rebel pockets but to also if encountered take out the warrior of light. Andras was not to keen on this objective he had heard many stories about the champion combat record and had no desire to sort out what real and what was myth, the other members of the unit were excited at the prospect of taking him down but luckily they never came across him; Instead despite the best efforts made the rebel forces were picking up momentum and soon beginning to overwhelm empire forces, due to the threat of Ala Mhigo simultaneously reactivating its own rebellion the empire needed to keep its forces split.

This ultimately lead the empire to lose its grasp in doma. During the final days of empire rule the territorial force which morphed more into a kill squadron as the conflict grew kept moving from base to base to clear out rebels was eventually ordered to reinforce doma castle as they had information it was to soon be besieged by a sizable force lead by Lord Hien. Occupying a section of the castle he along with the unit maintained a defensive position and awaited for the assault to begin, after some days of anticipation the sounds of battle exploded all around the castle suddenly, various battle shouts and screams echoed all around, almost too quickly the he and the territorial unit were assaulted by the ever lethal ninja, they had largely been missing from the battlefield coming up to this encounter no doubt strengthening their own ranks and operating around the empire rather than being more visibly confronting them. Some of the members of the unit were caught too unaware and slayed on the spot but most of the unit managed to avoid complete destruction and engage the ninja however rather than fight to kill it seemed the intentions of the ninja were to keep them occupied while the main assault took place, both Andras and the unit realized this and tried to breakthrough but the ninja were well trained and cutdown anyone who extended to far. Soon the comms begin to sound off of multiple casualties being faced on the empire side and that the warrior of light and his forces were barreling through defenses like they were nothing; Frustrated the the captain of the unit foolishly over extended and was about to be cutdown but Andras wasn't going to allow that, he fired off explosive rounds he had at the ready around the captain kicking up debris and a bit of smokescreen, he then quickly moved up and dragged the captain back with the others in the unit covering the retreat. The captain was none to pleased and berated him however it was soon interrupted when it was noticed that when the smoke cleared from the explosions the ninja also disappeared, then suddenly an explosion could be heard followed by loud crashing waters; An immediate sound of retreat was sent to all forces, they quickly managed to get to an evac location and was picked up by a troop transport. As they flew off he could see the castle being flooded and the main building overseeing the whole castle collapsing in on itself, he also caught glimpse of some flying creatures before moving out of sight of them. With the job all but failed he was thinking what work he can do to make up the loss but to his surprise the transport unit was heading directly to Ala Mhigo, it seemed the empire did not want to waste time bolstering forces to combat the encroaching alliance threat. Although overall his contract was a failed one based on the earlier routing of preliminary rebel forces and the subsequent use he was to the unit the empire shifted his contract assignment over to protecting and escorting empire VIP's out of Ala Mhigo.

The people he was escorting varied, some were barons or lords to various provinces others were wealthy merchants and a handful of notable arms dealers the empire didn't want the alliance to have access too. While for the most part he managed to get the Vip's from one location to another without incident some skirmishes did occur, in one such skirmish while escorting a baron some freedom fighter ambushed him and the small retinue that was with andras. They were shouting how it was time for the baron to pay, he didn't pay too much mind to the shouting and slowly approached the fighters; they spit on the ground before charging forward. Whether it was due to inexperience of the enemies or he had become just so proficient in combat he killed two opponents with one swing each; this feat immediately halted the remaining fighters and a cold sweat began to form on their foreheads. After a bit more hesitation the fighters turned around and flee'd while shouting vengeance or something, the other empire soldiers were going to pursue but he reminded them that if the baron died they would all quickly follow him, this made the soldiers stop and quickly reform their defensive formation around him. After that nothing too eventful occurred and he was quickly directed to escort a empire officers family out of a particular hot zone, resources were being allocated exclusively to prince Zenos as the conflict was reaching its apex and multiple areas were facing fierce ala mhigan and alliance pressure forcing high risk extractions. Upon making his way towards where the family was residing he noticed just how fierce the fighting was, destroyed magitek armaments littered the area as well as various craters from the no doubt destructive force of said armaments. Apparently the area in question was supposed to be a neutral zone where trade and commerce could be conducted but since it was historically speaking at least ala mhigan land originally they wanted to gain full control of the area and its assets while rooting out empire influence.

The two sons began to protest the plan while the daughter just gave him an icy cold glare but was quickly silenced by their mother who reiterated that andras was there on behalf of the empire and their father and to spurn his aid would be to spurn the good wishes of both the empire and their father. After hearing this they quieted down and assented to the plan preparing for the trek, as family went to rest he stayed to patrol around the city to keep watch for sudden enemy attacks and other routes to quickly get out of the city. Luckily no attack took place but also left him increasingly worried that something was to soon flare up and decided to begin the extraction ahead of time just an hour before first light. Although irritable being awoken abruptly the family quickly gathered themselves and followed him to where the two other soldiers where waiting; once they had gone over the route they all set out taking a slow yet measured pace, andras had placed himself closest to the family while leaving the 2 soldiers as sentries for the front and the rear. With a few close calls they had gotten out of the more dangerous areas of the neutral zone and picked up the pace heading towards a remote location where a transport would arriving but not everything would go according to plan as is the usual he thought. Suddenly his group was surrounded by a mix of alliance and resistance fighters, despite avoiding detection it seemed this enemy force was waiting for this group or more importantly this family to arrive; what threw him for a bit of a loop was that both the soldiers in fact became turncoats and was feeding information regarding this families extraction plan to enemy forces who wanted to use them as a bargaining chip to secure the city. Angered by this the 2 sons made movements as if they were to charge the traitors but was stopped by the mother with an icy glare and even icier tone, she simply asked if the 2 soldiers were truly ready to die in which they nervously replied that they would not be dying and that they should just surrender.The daughter who had remained quiet mockingly laughed at them and and with a glint in her eyes drew her gun at a surprising speed that even he had a hard time tracking and before another action could be took two shots echoed resulting in both soldiers getting shot right through the heart with pinpoint accuracy, thinking the daughter was crazy he drew his gunblade and readied himself for this unfavorable fight, they were still surrounded but before he can commence his own attack the sons pulled him back closer to the mother, confused and annoyed he tried to break free but the mother simply smiled while brandishing her own gun which she fire a flare straight into the air. Thinking it incredibly stupid to alert every enemy force he soon heard a chorus of blasts from a distance coming from the trade city, the sons quickly tossed down to metal devices that created a defensive barrier around himself as well as the family. Now understanding he could only shrug to the surrounding enemy forces who no doubt understood what was happening too but before they could do anything was assailed by artillery fire coming from the trade city. After some seconds the explosions stopped and the barrier receded, still on guard andras carefully moved forward but quickly observed it was a complete killzone outside the barrier, the mother laughed and praised empire efficiency simply gestured to her children to gather themselves and to continue to follow him; He sighed and then asked the mother something

Andras: "You all seem fairly capable of escaping without my help so why was I sent to extract you?"

Mother: "The empire needed to be sure your services could still be utilized, we have been suffering a number of mercenaries defecting to the enemy recently and decided to weed out those with traitorous intentions, we knew of those 2 soldiers communications and the planned ambush. In your case we decided to use this to see if you would turn on the empire to join the more favorable side and when you began to approach the enemy with weapon drawn it was enough for us to determine your legitimacy to continue to service the empire."

Andras: "That is quite a few resources you used for a mercenary, I won't ever compromise a job i am given but given my line of work I won't always be an ally you should know this."

Mother: With a devious smile she replies "Which is why due to your continual service the empire is ready to extend your contract with some added directives but on a more unofficial note. The job entails infiltrating alliance territories and offering support to the assets we have in place that have been cutoff. We have given this assignment to others in your profession as well who we deemed serviceable so you will not be completely alone in the matter. You are also free to continue your trade so long as you do not take on work for the alliance. Should we find this out our firepower will find its way to your head."

Andras Holds his head for a moment as they approach the clearing to where the transport will arrive "Since you have me going there should I assume you have assessed ala mhigo a lost cause? I can see the merit then in strengthening pockets of empire influence behind enemy lines, I am curious though no doubt the empire and alliance will come to serious blows after this. If the empire happens to lose I will have been effectively working for you for free."

Daughter cuts in laughing "Do you think just because the empire loses that means there will be no faction quick to take up the power vacuum---" she was going to say more receiving a cold look from her mother

Mother Sighs a bit turning back to andras "Many pieces are at play, lets just say win or lose we will be a piece that always remains."

Andras Sighs aloud "I really hate political games so ill keep myself ignorantly bliss of the matters and help out the forces in alliance territory to my best degree and earn my pay as usual." Sees the transport coming into view before asking "A bit of rude question but are you all even a family?"

Mother she laughs softly "We are in fact a family, we all just happen to like to stick to the same area of profession excluding my husband who likes more of the frontline work. We are quite the effective family unit in the empire."

Andras: Shakes his head as the transport ship lands and he gets on with the family "Looks like I won't be having a decent vacation anytime soon."

Due to the efforts of the warrior of light in the 2nd doman rebellion and the Ala Mhigo rebellion things occurred more rapidly and swiftly than before leaving Andras with a rather thin record of service during this campaign, while he did rack up a few notable kills when with the territorial patrol squadron during the rebellion the ultimate downfall of empire control made it a moot point. When sent to Ala Mhigo aside from the few skirmishes his record only showed of successful bodyguard duties assigned to him. As such his record for these 2 campaigns is as follows:

  • Multiple confirmed Doman resistance fighters killed
  • Destruction of various Doman resistance bases
  • One confirmed Warlord death
  • Successful protection of valued empire assets
  • Confirmed Ala mhigo resistance fighters killed
  • Confirmed Alliance fighters killed

The Ghimlyt Dark

(In progress)


In order to find work he is no stranger to social banter and the such and is quite considerate with his words but at the same time never truly reveals his full hand nor complete intent. He often talks a bit of a causal tone while also being able to speak respectably or tactfully should it be required. People who often talk of pride or honor or tradition tempt him to sometimes ridicule the person or persons in question, he often finds people like those are more prone to betray an ally more than a street rat. At last with the street rat you never lose the mind to keep an eye on them.

Affiliations and Known Associates

As mercenary he is associated with a wide assortment of people and organizations, he has strong ties to the Empire due to his service in doman but it does not make him abide to them unconditionally.


  • Nicknames: N/A
  • Age: 27
    • Nameday: 13th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
  • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Marital Status: Single
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 200 Ponze
  • Body: Athletic
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: White
  • Skin:Pale white
  • Clothing: Wears various attire when not on the jobs but always makes sure its attire that will not interfere to heavily with his movements should he need to fight in them.


  • Optimism
  • Intrigue
  • Resolve
  • Craftiness
  • Reading


  • Hubris
  • Ignorance
  • Arrogance
  • Honor
  • Pride

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Well versed in combat, Has a tendency towards Lance, CQC and Gunblade
  • Crafting: Only proficient enough to maintain his own gear
  • Other:


  • Combat
  • Strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Determined
  • Unyielding


  • Grey moral compass
  • Self preservation
  • Committed to jobs once contracted
  • No loyalty
  • Adverse to politicians/nobility (But will take and complete a job if given by such types)

Other Notes


None-He believes in a higher force but will simply wait and see for himself where death takes him rather than revere deities and follow fractured followings.


Tends to make light of numerous situations despite what the overall atmosphere may be like.


His battle and or field gear is a wide assortment of equipment for various situations, some for surveillance and to blend in while others are used for general combat and or tasks. However when conducting his most prioritized contract he tends to equip some variations of magitek weaponry and armor due to his connections he is able to provision some for himself.


They are not in any centralized location and can be caught wind of in many areas since he travels often as a mercenary.

Common rumours

  • "He has the sort of experience one well versed in war can only attain."
  • "I heard there is a mercenary hailing from the empire that worth his weight in gil ."
  • "Rather than taking money from a noble who tried cheating him he simply allied himself with the nobles enemy so he could be contracted to deal with him"

Uncommon rumours

  • Sometimes the alliance and companies mention a rogue wanderer in magitek gear who engages them.
  • Someone managed to acquire himself some magitek arsenals off the black market... the things bought are rumored to have been in use during the doman rebellion.
  • I think I saw that mercenary at a tournament or two, and seem more interested in those fighting than fighting himself

Rare rumours

  • "The domans are still looking for some of the more serious offenders during the rebellion, These offenders racked up a particular kill count that contained warlords and notable warriors of doma."

What PCs are saying


The music in that is associated with andras:

OOC Inspirations

  • Boba Fett
  • Spike Spiegel
  • Geralt Of Rivia