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“Listen to me, Antares, there comes a time in a man’s life where he must choose what the path of Rhalgr means to him. Is it a path that leads to the destruction of all who would oppose him? Is a path of the destruction of the threats that would stand in the way of his and his own’s happiness? Nary a thought is shed by those who would walk the path for strength, but know in your chest beats the blood of Rhalgr. Don’t waste it, no matter what you make of yourself.”

-Iskander Steelfist, 1561 of the Sixth Astral Era before succumbing to Red Throat

Antares Armstrong is a mature character. The themes within his story are intended for a mature audience capable of handling extreme violence, questionable and realistic tropes, and graphic situations.

General Appearance

Carrying a dark complexion was something that set him apart from many other Hyur as prolonged exposure to the scalding sun of Thanalan often left him looking far more crisp than he would have otherwise appeared, making the broad and muscular man rather easy to spot in a crowd. Adding to this ease of noticeability, there is a level of classical Gyr Abanian handsomeness to his features that are broad, stern, and chiseled like the mountain tops that Ala Mhigo itself was built upon. Draping from the crown of the man’s head flows a healthy mass of disheveled brown and peppered locks that provide some layer of protection from the sun’s tyranny as the lack of tan lines around his face showcased a certain disdain for wearing a helmet. If his classical features were not enough to lend towards his pure Ala Mhigan heritage, his ritualistically shaved eyebrows only did more to add to it, not letting them grow bushy or painting them on as other Highlander men would do. Beneath a generous brow bone sat twin orbs of a dark brown, matching with his rather bland and typical hair color, carrying with it specks of gold to showcase that intelligence laying behind his boorish and brash facade. When the man was younger in his years, he felt his particularly pronounced nose was something to be embarrassed of, feeling it too large for his face but as his face caught up with his nose, everything seemed to fall into place leaving that centerpiece upon his features looking right at home.

Laying siege to the man’s expressionable features were a series of scars and thick facial hair that only enhanced the combatant’s tested mettle. Slashing across the expanse of his prominent nose is a straight slash caught by the tip of a blade, accompanied by another that appeared its brother having just barely slashed through his right eye, leaving a permanent off-set coloring within the sea of white. On the man’s left cheek, just above his thick beard was a thin stab wound that appeared to have come from something akin to a punch-dagger. Unlike his ritualistically shaved eyebrows, the man maintains a firm belief that his beard adds to his own masculinity and definition to his gruff features. The ever-fluctuating thickness of his beard remains tied to that of his travels, where long treks often accompany a thicker beard and extended periods of time in the bounty of Ul’dah offer something more tidy. Regardless of the shift of this beard, a day does not go by where the man does not shave his eyebrows in the morning when he first awakes.

In typical Highlander fashion, Antares earned his name by bouts of strength and proving himself in some way and while the story is surely to be saved for something akin to a tavern’s screaming braggarts, Antares’ physique tells quite the tale of how he earned the name Armstrong. Highlanders themselves are known for their incredibly powerful and strong builds, but Antares takes this a step further in the overall mountainous form of his grand arms. Where others might struggle to find their momentum with even some of the heftiest of axes, Antares’ considerable strength allows him to wield even some of the mightiest weapons with a single hand, turning what was once a greataxe into a handaxe.

Adorning the man’s robust physique, much like his face, are a swath of scars that cut and cleave their way throughout nearly every twist and turn of his figure. While the majority of the scarring lies upon the front of the man, there are more than enough puncture wounds upon his back be it from arrow or dagger. As well, there appears to be a discoloration of his skin near his left kidney, as if he were the target of a particularly nasty spell that he wasn’t quite fast enough to dodge out of the way for.

Tempered by the Fist of Rhalgr, the fervent religion burned out the impurities in the man’s mettle, leaving behind the steeled mind of unclouded judgment and walking a path paved by his own two feet. Where other Ala Mhigans would engage in pointless bouts of strength simply for showing off or for their wounded egos, Antares had a knack for picking and choosing his battles, showing off only when he stood to gain something from it and even then he proved a humble victor over his adversaries in the belief that any who would stand beside him as a combatant - weak or strong - was worth some glimmer of respect.

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A professional by all ways to sing the word, Antares is night and day by the time he claims a job for his own and when he is kicking back in a tavern. When working a particular job, he devotes everything to his work, capable of forgetting weeks at a time when all's said and done just for the sake of completing the task assigned to him for the pride of a job well done and bulging pockets of gil. However, when it comes time to kick off the boots and relax, Antares proves to be a rather boorish and crude drinking partner, able to sing with the saltiest of sailors and bring an unconventional smile to even the sternest of Ishgardian knights. The man is of pure courage and confidence, undaunted in the face of tomorrow’s threats and trials.

Nothing in the world is quicker to light the man’s fire than injustice and corruption within one’s position. Whether it be someone far above his own station or one of his peers, Antares struggles to remain silent in the face of those who would abuse their professional status to further their own ends rather than striving to further their ends through a job well done. This particularly resonates loudly with him when he views Sultansworn, Temple Knights, or other peacekeepers stamping upon refugees or the impoverished. While Antares is far from being that of a White Knight, he simply views it as an affront against all and the teachings of Rhalgr to pointlessly strike out against those who are so far beneath you. By that point, it is wanton destruction and ruthless, drunken abandon that drives a man rather than his own honor.

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Coming soon.

Some of the rumors herein are grossly over-exaggerated and could be outright false. Feel free to add your own in the PC Rumors.

Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

  • ”I remember him! He was one of them Sultansworn, nary a worry to be had when he would walk the Steps. Even off duty, he’d sooner put a coin in a pickpocket’s pocket than watch them run off with some folk’s bread.” - Dunesfolk Merchant
  • ”Aye, I bore him a couple rounds through La Noscea. Quicker by boat, don’t be trusting them Chocobo Keepers! The good lad broke up a fight ‘tween me mates. Next time, fare’s on me.” -La Noscean Ferryman

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

  • ”A ruffian! He walks around flexing his muscles behind that damned Kukupora! I won’t be intimidated again, I tell you! I won’t!” - Mor Dhonan Price Gouger
  • ”Ever seen a man crush rocks with a flex? Because I have!” - Ala Mhigan Boy

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

  • ”A shame corruption does things like that. The Sultansworn are worse off without the lad. I hope he finds what he’s looking for somewhere else.” - Sultansworn (Uncorrupted) Elite

PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)


  • Ala Mhigans
  • Hearty meals
  • Conversing with those of similar trade
  • Professionalism
  • Running
  • Fairness
  • Bouts of strength
  • Women


  • Injustice
  • Corruption
  • Garleans
  • Rhalgr-Wannabes
  • Lizards
  • Sweets
  • Talking about Carteneau


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Personal Timeline

Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral     Poor Standing
Sexual tension    Deceased

Pyrrha Iskander "If I only knew of her honoring my father with her chosen name, I would need to know nothing else."
While they are nearly half a decade apart in age, it is due to the kinship between their parents that Antares and Pyrrha were brought together within the Temple of Rhalgr. Regardless of this forced closeness, it has done nothing to sour the relationship between the two Ala Mhigans, fostering an unbreakable bond that has withstood the test of several horrific trials on both sides of their lives.

Roleplay Information

Antares Armstrong and I are completely different entities. I do my best to never blur the lines of RP and try to keep the people I RP and interact with held to that same standard.

Special Thanks

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