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Adeline de Vayssière
Under Reconstruction, Wait to read
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For the honor and glory of Vayssière!

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Vital Information

RACE & CLAN... Midlander Hyur

Alignment... Lawful good

AGE... 22

NAMEDAY... 4th Sun, 3rd Umbral Moon

Sex... Male (Trap ♂)


Other Statistics

Birthplace... Coerthas Lowlands

FAMILY... Ishgardian parents

RESIDENCE... Formerly Ishgard, now nomadic

OCCUPATION... Adventuring Knight

PATRON DEITY... Halone, guardian deity of Ishgard and goddess of war

HEIGHT... 5 fulms, 7+ ilms.

General Information
Sophia del Vayssière is a romantic knight of adventure, forged by the icy cold of Coerthas and the careful tutelage of her Ishgardian master. After surviving the devastation brought by the Calamity and claiming her identity as Sophia, the time has finally come for her to follow her master's bold footsteps as an adventurer. Donned in gleaming white armor and heraldic crimson cloth, she picks up both sword and shield to venture beyond the frozen lands she calls home to partake in deeds that would see her beloved family name honored.
My full name is Ser Sophia del Vayssière. Ser Sophia when I'm working and just Sophia when I'm not, understand?
Cocoa-brown Black Fair/white Slender, slightly muscular Feminine but slightly boyish
Confident, assertive when armored but shy and more vulnerable when unarmored dextral none so far... Unknown Sternly Gallant
Physique & Markings
Sophia sports a slender body with some lean muscles and appears very androgynous in her armor. When Sophia feels safe to exit the confines of her suit, however, she is surprisingly feminine after all.
Hygiene & Attire
Sophia tries hard to bathe regularly and tends to be pretty clean. However, her workout routines and lugging around heavy armor make it more than necessary. On social occasions, Sophia's clothing tends to consist of the beautiful dresses she secretly hordes or the warm and cozy coats that have served her well for many past years. Her venerated armor covers her entire body and is a pure steel white, adorned with golden intricacies, chivalric cloth, and red (horse?) hair on the helmet.
Psychological Profile & Development
When exorcising her knightly responsibilities, Sophia wears a grim disposition like an additional layer of steel. She becomes keenly focused on the task at hand and has little tolerance for nonsense. During these times, some may find themselves hard pressed to penetrate the barrier her frigid and serious nature can create.
Despite this stoic attitude Sophia often tries to exhibit, underneath all that pride and expensive metal plating lies a truly frightened young boy.
For the later half of her life thus far, Sophia has dreamed and romanticized the life of an adventurer and all the freedoms that came with it. But now that her dreams have finally come true, she is terrified by the very real possibility she might find herself horrifically slain by a giant beast or burned alive by a mighty dragon. In times of doubt like these, Sophia triumphs over her fears and finds solace by remembering the tales her master had shared and draws courage in the face of adversity from her strong faith in Halone.
Sophia believes that donning a sturdy set of armor can help a man discover newfound courage and feel like they can take on anything this world could throw their way. She pyschologically uses her armour to help transition to the mindset of a heroic adventurer and as a result, feels far weaker without it.
Long before her ambitions of adventure and martial practices, Sophia's begginings were nothing like what one would expect from a one-day knight. Growing up she was but a humble and fragile village boy named Arthur at birth.
Arthur natually possessed feminine qualities and was frequently mistaken for a girl whenever he met new people. His peers in youth would never miss the chance to poke and tease him for his girlish behaviors he displayed. Being mistkaen for a girl and poked fun of however weren't the main issue for him, rather, it was having to embarassingly introduce himself as a boy named Arthur everytime. This problem only worsened with time as the child grew long and beautiful raven black hair and took to more feminine clothing.
When the events that would permanently set his life on a new course transpired, this issue played an important part in his eventual decision to take on the more fitting name he is known for today, Sophia. With a new name and adopting feminine pronouns to match, he could better shield himself from the brunt of confusion and controversy.
I'm not always so stubborn and hard headed. Sometimes its a relief to dress up and let the other side of me out!
In truth, Sophia is not ashamed to admit to being a boy and doesn't actually care much for pronouns in the company of trusted friends. She only seeks respect and understanding.
When fully armoured Sophia speaks in a deeper and more authoritative voice. Whilst living as a civilian, however, her voice softens and she speaks in a far more polite manner. If one studies her carefully for an extended amount of time, then characters with the right expertise may be able to discern her sex.
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Sophia sees the world as a wondrous place to explore and every conflict an opportunity to become greater. She tries very hard to abide by the laws of the land she is on but can never be entirely bound by them. Additionally, Sophia has a deep respect and admiration for Ul'dahn paladins, veterans of Carteneau, and veterans of the Dragonsong War who Ser Fluerent mentioned to her in heroic tales.
● Protecting others
● Properly cooked meat
● Training
● Faith in Halone
● Chirurgeons
● Books & spoken stories
● Heavy armor & blacksmiths
● Cold climates & snow
● Treasure
● Non-monstrous canines
● Dressing up
● Assassins & dishonorable combat
● Shadowy figures (i.e. DRKs at first sight)
● Intense heat
● Deception & Liars
● Insectoids
● Cowards
● Preying on others
● Doesn't like being interrupted
Favourite Pastimes
● Reading
● Exploring restaurants
● Training
● Watching performances
● Shopping for clothes
● Devout - Unyielding towards a cause
● Honorable - Virteous and true to their word
● Loyal - Would eat her own sword over forsaking a friend who has proven true
● Endearing - Tries to be sweet and caring to those in her inner circle
● Confrontational - Can sometimes be a bit assertive
● Hubris - Over confident and sees herself destined for greatness
● Shy - Still inching out of her shell, but she is more than halfway there
● Short-tempered - Often exhibits a no-nonsense attitude and can be easily annoyed/angered
● Bring a particular villain to justice
● Increase martial prowess
● Become a heroic figure
● Impress Lord Tristan
● Reunite with her dear friend, Lukas

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

This is a sample
Basic Statistics
High: Toughness
Above Average: Speed, willpower
Average: Perception, Intelligence, Strength, Stamina, Concentration
Low: Luck,
Aetheric Abilities

?????Has the power to heal but her technique is inefficient, often times not working and hindering her capacity to fight.

Future potential / Needs researching: Aetherial Augmentation and the ability to set her sword on fire

Weapon Training
Expert: Sword & Shield
Fighting Style
In the midst of battle, Sophia wields the storied sword, Sieglinde, with prideful determination. While she sometimes wishes to recklessly charge into the fray and lose herself in melee with the enemy, she will usually focus on protecting her friends; If any of them were to die, she would feel great remorse. She attempts to block or parry most conventional blows thrown at her before retaliating with the assurance that Halone's wrath will guide her blade to the fatal killing blow. For many years Sophia was trained in the art of Ishgardian swordsmanship, essentially becoming akin to an apprentice. In the isolation of snowy wilderness her master disciplined her, forcing the young Hyur to quickly develop a tolerance for cold weather and undergo routine sparring sessions. In addition to training, Sophia is equipped in heavy and expensive armor. Her protection is such that she can easily grab the often dull blades of lesser opponents such as brigands and yank the crude weapons from their grasp. This should make Sophia a worthy opponent for a myriad of heretics and other villains but she is still inexperienced. She may find herself bested by more experienced veterans, man handled by larger and more powerful entities, or worse if she is not careful.
Weapon of Choice
Sword: Sieglinde, A holy blade forged from exotic materials and passed down for generations through a knightly Ishgardian bloodline.
Shield: A shield bearing righteous markings and the heraldry of House Gisoreux.
Dagger: A sharp knife only used in dire circumstance.
OOC Note
W.I.P. Still rewriting, I am open to dice rolls and the like but always within reason. I don't really feel comfortable rolling dice on equal footing with an untrained Lalafell peasant with a broomstick)) This information is supposed to help give you an idea on how I RP combat. While I am open to talk about any of these points and am willing to compromise if good reasons are given, they can be considered a general guideline on how I will deal with any given RP combat situation.
Narrative > Combat: I am a firm believer in the idea that in RPing combat, the most narratively and dramatically appropriate outcome of a battle should take place. That means communicating upfront about a battle that is about to happen, determining who under the given conditions will win the battle, and then in agreement over the result RPing the fight itself.
Injuries: This kind of overlaps with the above: In my opinion and in agreement with the power level mentioned above, injuries should be incurred when dramatically appropriate and should, again, be decided in agreement between the combatants. Injuries should also scale with tone: In a comedic or less serious fight, I am completely fine with anime-esque injuries that'll heal in a few scenes, while obviously in a serious context injuries might be more permanent.
Disagreements: If we can't agree on how combat will go despite communicating, it is probably best to just leave it at that. Otherwise I reserve the right to ignore the combatants who don't play by the rules.

Work in Progress Under Construction, Please check back later. This section should be complete by the end of August.

Chapter 1. Emergence

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Chapter 2. Silence on the Ice
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Chapter 3. The Pilgrimage
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Chapter 4: Welcome Refuge
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Chapter 5: Fealty
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Chapter 6: Submission
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Chapter 7: Before the Eyes of Gods and Men
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Chapter 8: Childhood Bonds
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Chapter 9: Catalyst
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Chapter 10: Resolve
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Chapter 11: Reckoning
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Chapter 12: Daybreak
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Chapter 13: Fluerent's Secret Affair
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Chapter 14: No justice
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Chapter 15: Fractured
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Chapter 16: Deliverance
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Relationship Status Legend
Romantic Interest
Sexual Interest
Best Friend

A lot of these are placeholders and will be filled out in more detail over time.

Spoiler notice: The following contains spoiler information. Proceed at your own risk.
Ser Fluerent de Vayssière,  Redacted } ( ■✝✔ ) - Ishgardian Knight & Adventurer
Character's Thoughts: " He was more than just my master and father, he was my hero...and I miss him very much."
Sophia reveres Fluerent and is holding on to everything she has learned from him.
Emma  Redacted }, Mother ( ■✔ ) - Ishgardian retainer & Chirurgeon
Character's Thoughts: " My mother makes the best grilled dodo!"
Sophia is very protective of her mother and the two are very close. Sophia may also offer food her mother has made to close friends.
Lord Tristan de Gisoreux, ( ★� ) - Head of House Gisoreux
Character's Thoughts: "Lord Tristan is a fearsome man. I hope one day I can prove my worth to him."
Sophia is thankful to Tristan and hopes to earn his respect.
???, Biological Father ( ■✖� ) - Wandering Womanizer
Character's Thoughts: " How could leaving your own child before even giving them a name be considered normal?"
Sophia has contempt and little respect for her birth father.
Lukas ???, (♦�) - ????
Character's Thoughts: "I wonder if Lukas is out there somewhere..."
Sophia still remembers playing in the snow when her and Lukas were young, she would like to do so again someday if he survived the Calamity.
Spoilers end here.

NPC Rumours

Here are just some of the things you might hear about her...

◢ Common Rumours - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Ey, why don't ye look at that, the shiny, condescending Ishgardian whoreson is back! 'As his ugly mug came 'ere again to lecture me and my boys some more on- Wait a minute, how in Thal's Balls did he become so short!?" — Brass Blade City Guard.
"Saw a new lady in town today, what a sweet little thing in that cute dress. Heh heh, she would do well to hire a strong and capable protector." — Oblivious Highlander Sellsword .
◢ Uncommon Rumours - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"I would be dead if that adventurer hadn't saved me and me carriage of goods from the Amalj'aa savages! Didn't even realize it was a young lass until she opened her visor and helped me back to my feet!" — Grateful Ul'dahn Trader to Authorities.
"Sophia? Well she is an enthusiastic one, I'll give her that. Would you mind keepin' an eye on her for me? I can't help but feel she is in over her head again." — Momodi Modi to a Veteran Adventurer.
◢ Rare Rumours - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"If you have discovered the whereabouts of Ser Fluerent's murderer or of the stolen armaments, pray do tell. " — Knight of House Gisoreux.
PC Rumours

If you want to spread your own rumours about Sophia, feel free to leave them here.

◢ Player Character Rumours - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumour" — Rumourmonger.
"Rumour" — Rumourmonger.

RP Info

Ishgard gates1.1.jpg
Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Coerthas: Very High
Ishgard: High
Gridania/Black Shroud: Medium
Ul'dah/Thanalan: Medium/Low
Elsewhere: ??? (highly dependant on her spontaneous travels)
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
XXX Free Company: Her primary source of companionship.
Immortal Flames: An occasion ally, as Fluerent was before her.
House Gisoreux: Hopes for acceptance and a position in the house one day.
RP Limits
I will play Comedic and serious plots, violent content and fights,Rivalries and enemies, deep platonic friendships
Ask about Epic, large scale & long term plots: these take a lot of commitment and time so I like a little time to consider what I'll be committing to. Sexual and romantic content: I am on the fence here...Also ask about Severe injuries, I'm not open to serious ones without my full consent.
I won't play Poorly written plots, obnoxiously lore-breaking characters and plots, interaction with blatant aggressive Mary Sues, pure ERP plots. God-moding, meta-gaming, Severe Injury without consent, let alone death or something equally extreme.
RP Hooks
Here are some ideas and suggestions for spontaneous RPing. Please always send a tell first or contact me otherwise to make sure I got time.
■ You happen across a heavily armored adventurer mysteriously patrolling the roads of a common trade route.
■ You recognize Sophia's armor, maybe you have encountered Ser Fluerent in the past?
■ You stumble across a lady reading a book and either the lady, her clothes, or the book interest you.
■ Sophia admires your heavy armor, especially if you happen to be a Paladin or Ishgardian.
■ If you are a Dark Knight, dark assassin, or some other dark brooding figure, you take notice of the distrustful gaze beating down upon you from afar. An uneasy knight watches your every move, her hand hovering over her hilt.
■ You are a blacksmith of reasonable renown simply going about your day until suddenly a lady rushes into you, asking for your assistance.
■ You are reading a book and a curious lass wants to learn all about it.
■ You can clearly distinguish the Ishgardian aesthetic of her armaments.
■ You've recognized Sophia from somewhere, perhaps you have seen her in Coerthas?

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
It is important to mention that I am a relatively new writer and I hope to become better with some more experience. To this end I shall endeavor to hone my RPing skills as Sophia, hopefully improving with every new adventure she embarks upon throughout Eorzea and beyond. Just please understand if I struggle to quickly and consistently write paragraphs at any given moment.
Character Lore Adherence
I have done extensive research with the objective of making my character as lore friendly as possible. If there are still any mistakes and lore breaches I will try to fix them.
Character Tidbits
Here are some tropes that kind of fit my character for fun.



Ffxiv 08212019 171436 577.png
Songs to set the mood and reflect Adeline! The following links will take you to Youtube. Please mind your speakers.

Fódlan Winds (Rain)
Artist: Nintendo ? Will post names soon
Context: Adeline's adventuring theme

This is a sample

Twilight Over Thanalan
Artist: ?
Context: Theme for when Adeline returns home and visits her mother

This is a sample


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