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"And though the Land is riven and the Heavens torn asunder, it is from this Chaos that our bonds are given strength." - Scarlet Lancer Field Marshal Ealdic the Pious

For thousands of years, Eorzea has been victim to catastrophic cycle of destruction and rebirth that periodically envelops the realm and threatens all who live upon her soil; each time faced with a tragedy seemingly worse than the last, however, the peoples of Eorzea have found some way to persevere. One method, seemingly going back hundreds of generations, has been the establishment of comprehensive command centers which combine the military, economic, and technological resources of a city-state in order to better prepare it for the coming doom. These are the Grand Companies of Eorzea.

The Grand Companies of Eorzea are a military alliance of nations united in common cause to avert imminent catastrophe from engulfing the realm, each city-state charged with mustering its resources under the banner of an elite regiment. At their commanders' behest, the companies have been petitioning able men and women to join their ranks regardless of birth and standing.

The last recorded emergence of the Grand Companies was nearly 1,500 years ago, at the end of the Fifth Astral Era and the arrival of the great deluge which triggered the dark period known as the Sixth Umbral Era. It was through these companies that the then warring city-states were able to put aside their bitter differences and join together to form an alliance and ensure the realm survived.

The Grand Companies have recently made a return in light of the coming Seventh Umbral Era, their selfsame clarion call sounding out to those intrepid individuals known as adventurers. To be a part of the Grand Companies is to be part of history in the making. Grow strong through cooperation and rivalry, and earn yourself boundless glory and a place in history. Will you lend your stout sword arm to the cause?

Do Your Part for the Survival of Eorzea!

The first step to joining the Grand Companies involves enlisting in one of three regiments: the Maelstrom, helmed by Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn; the Order of the Twin Adder, led by Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna; or the Immortal Flames, commanded by Flame General Raubahn Aldynn. To ensure the optimal allocation of manpower, a trial enlistment system will be established whereby individuals can discover firsthand with which company's ethos they most closely identify—it matters not wherefrom one hails.

In time, you will find yourself prompted to formally enlist. To which company would you swear allegiance? For whom would you lay down life and limb? Only you will know the answer to these questions.

Upon induction, you will be awarded the initial rank given to all new recruits, and may count yourself among the elite. Company members will be assigned missions vital and diverse in nature, ranging from skirmishes with Garlean forces and savage beast tribes to supply replenishment and manufacturing. Whatever your strength and specialty, rest assured in the knowledge that your presence will make a difference.

Prove your worth by unfailingly completing the tasks assigned, and you will climb the ranks and be entrusted with missions of greater import and issued powerful equipment befitting your prowess. As a special provision exempts adventurers from bound service, you are free to take up the cause at your own pace and convenience. Yet know that disaster waits for no man, like a dark cloud overhead spreading its shadowy demesne ahead of the coming storm. And when the day of reckoning arrives, all adventurers will find their steel tested to the farthest limit.

Rich Rewards Await!

By completing the myriad tasks entrusted them, adventurers will earn a reward in Grand Company Seals. Each organization issues its own unique type of seal (see below), which serves as a currency of sorts and can be used to redeem divers useful items.

  • The Maelstrom: Storm Seals
  • The Order of the Twin Adder: Serpent Seals
  • The Immortal Flames: Flame Seals

Grand Company Seals are honored only by the organization of issuance.


The following is but a small sample of the exclusive gear on offer by each of the Grand Companies. Prove yourself worthy and climb the ranks of your organization, and you will become eligible for ever-more powerful equipment as well as military provisions granting unique effects.


The Maelstrom

Lominsan Bhuj (Marauder's Arm)
Inspired by the techniques used to forge the rustproof blades of Near Eastern make, Naldiq & Vymelli's foremost blacksmiths have come together to produce a mighty steel bhuj that boasts an edge as durable as it is keen. Attached to either end of the haft is a single jade, a gemstone held in the Far East to possess restorative powers.


The Order of the Twin Adder

Gridanian Jacket (War Garb)
A jacket that emphasizes ease of movement, wrought from the coveted hide of the great buffalo to the satisfaction of both the Gods' Quiver and the Wood Wailers—the two pillars of the Order of the Twin Adder. Besides offering superior dexterity, the garment is elaborately pigmented so as to allow its wearer to melt away into the forest.


The Immortal Flames

Ul’dahn Shield (Shield)
Large quantities of this enkindled shield have been commissioned by the Immortal Flames, that they might gain an upper hand in the conflict against the night-raiding Amalj'aa. The flame that burns furiously within is that of an alchemically birthed will-o'-the-wisp, a nigh-inexhaustible source of light.

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