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New to the RPC Library? Not sure how to get started? Terrified of wiki markup? No problem -- this is the help section, and all the information you need is here.

Guides and Samples

Information for advanced users

  • Category tutorial -- A short and sweet guide explaining how to attach a new wiki page to a particular category for advanced users making their own custom infobox.
  • Linkshell infobox -- Template for linkshell infobox (similar to character infobox). Created by Keir.
  • Templates guide -- A guide to all of the specialized templates on this wiki. This is an invaluable guide for those who want to make spiffy pages with custom infoboxes, redacted and spoiler text, and arrays of images.

Requesting help

You can request help by asking on the forums either publicly or via PM to an administrator/moderator on the forums. You can also use Template:Help-me to directly request help; to use it, just put {{Help-me}} at the top of your page, and someone should be by to offer assistance.

Policies and Guidelines

There's not a lot of rules on the RPC wiki; unlike certain other large wikis, we don't need a category for our rules, which amount to:

  • Don't make substantive edits to pages that represent others' characters, stories, or other lore without getting their permission first. This only applies to player-created content; canonical lore is fair game. Likewise, this only applies to substantive edits, not simple spelling or grammar corrections or "wiki-work" such as correcting categories, moving pages to proper locations, or adding appropriate templates. Be bold, but when in doubt, ask the user first.
  • Don't make major changes to the wiki's structure without bringing it up on the FFXIV Role-Playing Coalition forums first. This especially includes making changes to the category structure.
  • Follow the licensing rules of the wiki. We follow the Materials Use License offered by SQUARE ENIX, which means that the following content is prohibited on any page:
    • Pornography
    • Unlicensed derivative works (such as artistic designs involving any art assets in the fan site kit)
  • Don't be a jerk. Assume good faith and bring up any disputes on the forums.

Those who repeatedly break the rules, or who do so egregiously (by spamming, vandalizing, or the like), will be blocked.

Wiki help

The best place to go for wiki help is the MediaWiki help pages. The MediaWiki community has invested considerable effort in building documentation for the software, and their site should be your first stop for assistance on markup. You can also ask on the forums or put the Help me template on your page. To use it, just put {{Help-me}} at the top of your page. This will place the page in a category (Pages Requesting Help) that makes it easy to find by those who can help out.

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