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Boasting the largest population in Eorzea, the Hyur came from neighboring continents and islands in three great migratory waves over the course of some one thousand years. With them they brought a sophisticated technology and complex ethos tempered by the breadth of the outside world. They rapidly became a driving force behind cultural progress, and are now widely attributed with spearheading advances in Eorzean civilization.

Compared to the others, theirs is an average physique, both in terms of height and build. The Hyur champion personal freedom and liberty, and their espousal of an eclectic variety of languages and traditions is a legacy of their diverse heritage―as is their resulting lack of a unified cultural identity. Two distinct groups now exist among the Hyur –- the Highlanders, denizens of the mountainous areas, and Midlanders who reside in lower elevations.

The Midlander clan comprises over half of Eorzea's total Hyur population. The name derives from the clan's long tradition of settling in low-lying regions, though in truth Midlander lines hail from a wide variety of ancestral homelands. They have established themselves in every city throughout the realm, and can be observed leading lives as diverse as their heritage.

The Highlander name comes from the clan's history of dominion over the mountains of Gyr Abania. Compared to their Midlander brethren, the Highlanders are noticeably larger in build and musculature. Following the fall of their ancestral homeland of Ala Mhigo, many have sought refuge in the bustling mercantile nation of Ul'dah.

Other Physical Traits and Stats


Minimum (0%)



Average (50%)



Maximum (100%)



Midlander: STR21 DEX19 VIT20 INT21 MND18 PIE21
Highlander: STR23 DEX20 VIT22 INT18 MND20 PIE17

Naming Conventions

Hyur – Midlanders

Hyuran first names are remarkably similar to Anglo Saxon, Celtic, and Briton names that appeared in medieval (pre-17thth century) Europe.
Last names are usually based off of professions, or locations of where they or their families lived. They may also represent a person’s outward features (i.e. brown hair leading to the surname ‘browne’)


Eddard Baker
Petyr Stone
Belmont Miller


Isolde Stark
Hester Skinner
Joyse Browne

Hyur – Highlanders

Highlander first names are remarkably similar to medieval European names that have Germanic or Normandic roots.
As the Highlanders are a warring race, their last names tend to sound more...violent, as they will often adopt the colorful nicknames they have earned during battle.


Aethlwold Hunter
Hunfrid Longblade
Lewenhart Boarsblood


Sigberta Strong
Orieldis Blacke
Bergard Thorne

Fun Fact: Some Midlanders like to joke that because Highlander names have a very Roegadyn feel to them (in addition to highlanders being very large and muscular), that the clan is somehow “less Hyuran.” Many an alehouse brawl has broken out as a result of a Midlander in his cups uttering such quips as ‘Your mother was a Sea Wolf ’ in the presence of a Highlander. Needless to say, most of these quarrels do not end well for the instigator.


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