Ceshiene Moonsinger

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Ceshiene Moonsinger
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Allagan Creation
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ul'dah
Height 6 fulms 6.1 ilms
Weapon of Choice Claws
Alignment Neutral Good

Basic Info

Ceshiene is an escaped Allagan creation from the, now ancient, Allag Empire
She's in Eorzea trying her best to fit in, but admits often how she's 'behind the times'

She can speak nearly all languages, but many still yet go over her head. Her accent is light, although when angered or excited it tends to come out as a thick, seductive british-esque accent.


As one of the original Elezen's created by the Allagan's, Ceshiene (36 / Ay'na) was made to be hunted and to be the perfect hunter. Over time she was fitted with claws made of Allagan metal to make more of a sport in hunting her down. She witnessed the fall of the Triad and the binding of Tiamat, Bahamut's beloved, and realized eventually she and her Elezen brethren would be either sealed and forgotten or killed and.. Forgotten. This upset and angered Ceshiene, to which she and her 'twin' escaped with various other Elezens from Azys Lla and found their way to Eorzea. They settled and started a 'clan' there to hopefully help the survival of the Elezens.

Free from the Allagan influence, they traveled Eorzea and tried to find a way to settle. When the Allagan Empire fell, tension among the clan began to grow. No longer hunted and becoming the prime hunters of other beasts of the land, they did not know who to run from after so long of having such a threat. This in turn caused for some of the Elezen to begin turning on one another, warring out.

Amidst the conflict against each other, Ceshiene tried to bring them back to peace. Her sister, Saria, however fell to a more violent side. Saria began to make personal conflict with Ceshiene, dividing the two sisters more. An Elder of their clan claimed that because they were "twins" one of them should not exist. That one twin must consume the other one to be stronger, as there should only be one.

Saria believed herself to be the stronger of the two and looked to kill Ceshiene to gain her powers. This led to a Elder sponsored spar, claiming that the winner would be considered a 'God' due to the oddities and rarities of being "twins" despite coming from creation. This fed to Saria's power hungry motives and Ceshiene's desire for peace among the clan.

During the battle, Saria picked up a poisoned dagger and cut Ceshiene from under the right arm down to her hip. One of the local healers took care of it and left her a scar but the poison was removing the more peaceful wishes from Ceshiene and bringing about a form of madness to her. The battle continued on for about 5 bells, and Saria cut Ceshiene with the dagger again from the bottom of her scar on her hip down to her ankle, a healer not stopping the combat this time to heal it. The madness drove Ceshiene to attack anything and everything in front of her and when the healers tried to stop the fight, she struck them down.

Saria began to lead Ceshiene as the Madness over took her sister, taking her to the village and placing innocents in her way and having Ceshiene kill them all until there was nothing left but Saria and Ceshiene. The poison began to wear off as Ceshiene was slaying the last member of their clan so instead of her killing Saria like she was destined to do, Saria began to antagonize Ceshiene. Making Ceshiene feel the guilt of the massacre that occurred. While doing so, Saria asked 'What have you done?' To which Ceshiene said 'I don't know' and ran away with guilt of the blood of her clan on her hands.

As a way to try and hide from Saria as her sister began to hunt her down, she began to use glamours on herself to appear as other people and fake her own death with the end of each glamored appearance. She took on the lives of 1,457 different lives over her years of running from her sister, each life ending with a faked death when Saria nearly caught her.

Any time however that Ceshiene would try and track Saria instead, Ceshiene's body and aether freezes and another voice that calls Ceshiene "The Will" calls out 'This belongs to me' to anyone near by. Though the origins of what this is remains a mystery to present to Ceshiene. Every time this voice calls out, Ceshiene can't remember tracking or anything she was doing a bell or two prior to tracking.

In the end, with the help of some very wonderful friends, she finally killed Saria off in a last battle somewhere in the Dravanian Hinterlands.

Aside from this, Ceshiene places mental blocks in her mind to help fade and block her memories. However, because of her allagan creation and birth, when exposed to their technology, these blocks crumble and she has more clarity in her thoughts and memories of the past.

In her past glamors that held emotional significance that she would remember forever, she calls them to other people as 'Spirits' that reside within her body. With her great age, she has attuned herself to nature and her strength has given her the ability to call forth animals and control the elements. She uses animals as messengers, spies, help to alert her when Saria grows too close to her location, and to help keep her morals straight. With the animals that help her the most, she names them after the names she's taken in past glamors that she considers significant to her.

Though she does not take the names or battle style of a Shaman however and uses her claws in martial styles to fight. She refuses to use her abilities to call upon the nature for fight as she does not see nature as something violent but pure and seeks to keep it that way.



As Ceshiene had been captured by clones of her best friends, she woke up as an Au Ra in the Shroud around New Gridania. Her friend from a previous company found her, and they tried to catch up about what had happened. She admitted she was scared of him, due to what had happened.. But he didn't seem too worried about it.

Ceshiene then took on the name Yumiko, and went to work for a brothel as security in hopes to learn what all she had missed from how long she was gone. It was here she met Antheros, and began working instead as security and a courtesan for the Velvet Rose. At some point during this time, Saria returned as a void horror and Yumiko's body suffered extreme injuries, prompting a sudden shut-down and re-emergence of Ceshiene in the right proper flesh.

Some time passed after this incident and she disappeared again with only a mysterious 'Family' remaining behind consisting of Erebos Athanas, Mada Aizuria and Antheros Riesling as temporary head. While she was gone, she was studying and tracking a disease of the blood that turned the infected into zombie hosts for creatures of immense horror. It was during this time she took control of the Family once more to try and keep warriors of the Steppe from finding the disease in the cavern she sealed up.

One unnamed member of the Family wandered in and called for help, prompting Ceshiene to act with the full strength of the Family, save for those named. The creatures had grown stronger with the blood and hosts already captured, and overpowered the entire might of the Family, causing Ceshiene to flee. In fleeing, one creature managed to scrape her wrist, infecting her. Before it could properly flow through her veins, she used her sharpened claws to cut her arm off and flee, re-sealing the cave. Instead of regenerating the lost arm, she had Erebos make her a new one, and began the pained process of re-learning how to use her hands.

After re-learning how to use her hands and arm properly, she then paid a visit to a dear friend; Oni De'phor. She learned of his troubles and promised to help him with what little resources she had left from the Family.

Later, in Ul'dah, she wore a Lieutenant's garb through Pearl Lane and did not expect to be recognized, as her time as a Lieutenant was quite a bit in the past. She is suddenly re-learning all the rules and hierarchy of the Flames before she makes a fool of herself. Then again, she can always state she lost her memories!


Ceshiene is an oddball, but not exactly unapproachable. She always seems to have a calm, warm, and welcoming smile as she meets people, generally being very polite and careful with her words. Some of the things she might talk about may be off-putting for some, but this stems from the fact she was never truly allowed to 'mingle' with civilians.
She will often say 'Sorry' in some form or other, whether she has offended someone or not. She only truly wishes to be everyone's friend and to know she has disrespected anyone would surely crush her.


Free Company: Currently Unaffiliated.
Linkshells: Too many to count or list.
Tai Aubade - A lovely little Miqo'te she met in Ul'dah at random, offering to keep him company as it seemed he was down at the time. They speak on occasion and Ceshiene considers Tai a very good friend, admiring the fact he is a healer and does not seem to like harming others. She also offers aid to him whenever he should need it, whether he asks her directly or makes a pass that he needs something. After disappearance, she no longer keeps in contact with Tai.
Jeros Redd - Ceshiene and Jeros met back in the Radical Dreamers, and though their friendship was filled with Ceshiene near-constantly pranking him (including dyeing his hair as he slept), Ceshiene will occasionally go to Jeros for a bit of emotional support, and as a good friend should he desire anything of her. After her disappearance, she no longer keeps in contact with Jeros.
Konner Kinkaid - Despite the quirks, Ceshiene still remembers the first thing her and Konner ever spoke about, and tends to enjoy his company even if her quirks, to her, push him away. She finds speaking to Konner to come easily and occasionally tries to compliment him. After her disappearance, she no longer keeps in contact with Konner.
Oni De'phor - Ceshiene finds herself pulled towards this odd Hyur with a talking spear, probably because when she was glamoured as an Au Ra, she spoke with him and 'Raiden' about her lack of wanting to go shed blood as a Xaela. Her curiosity had kept her close to Oni, but now it's an odd friendship on her end.. His love of cakes also keeps Ceshiene on her toes with cooking. She is currently trying to find a way to out-sweet Oni and Raiden both. She recently met back up with Oni and is now very concerned about something to do with him and Raiden, and is working on helping them out in any way possible.
Farrson Odim - Ceshiene doesn't know what to think of Farrson. One moment she wants to poke his nose, the next they're attempting to out-sass each other. As far as she's concerned, he's her sassy, but knowledgeable, friend. Farrson found Cesh in the Shroud after her escape of her kidnappers, and tries to keep in touch with him, though she finds it increasingly difficult to do so.
Anne'ya Molkoh - Ceshiene really enjoys Anne'ya's company, and is rather glad they met and spoke at length about their pasts, their pains. They both worked with each other to help the other get over their fears and fell for each other. After Ceshiene's disappearance, Anne'ya stopped looking for her, only to find her again some time later. They were working at a relationship again before Cesh became busy.
Rhisi Kinkaid - Ceshiene respects Rhisi both as a mother and as the wife to Konner. She would never bear any ill will towards her, and secretly prays for luck in Rhisi's future with her son and husband. After Cesh's disappearance, she no longer keeps in contact with Rhisi.
Seamus O'toole - Ceshiene respects Seamus and his knowledge for all things "Shooty" and "Explode-y", and hopes in time she'll be able to actually learn how to properly pull a trigger, rather than flail about with a dangerous weapon without knowing how to use it whatsoever. After her disappearance, she no longer keeps in contact with Seamus.
♠Saria Moonsinger - Ceshiene's 'sister' and clone from the Allagan Empire. Saria is the only person who had actively sought to kill Ceshiene as far as she knows, though her end was met recently by Ceshiene and a whole assortment of her friends.
Umbriel Castus - Ceshiene's creator, she's trying her best to show him she has changed, that she was not created only to fight and die for the Allagan Empire. It will be a rather long road for this to even work, and Ceshiene is treading it carefully.
♥Antheros Riesling - Ceshiene met Antheros upon her return, under the name Yumiko Shizuka. She was not sure what to make of this butler, but ended up falling for him rather fast. He was the first she showed her secret to of being Allagan since her disappearance, as she believed he could be trusted. They are currently in a relationship.

Other Notes

Hidden Abilities: Ceshiene has a heightened form of Echo that prevents her from even partly being swayed by a primal, even one so strong as the Warring Triad. Other than this, there is nothing more about this Echo.
Ceshiene's Theme