Charging Thunder

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Charging Thunder
Muscle for Hire
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OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Warrior
Main Tradeskill: Every all of it (ARM/GSM/ALC specialist)
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Lawful Good
Reputation: Known
Occupation: Mercenary, Bodyguard, Hunter
Education: Self-taught
Marital Status: Married (Kyojin Borlaaq)
Sexuality: Massive Lesbian
Guardian: Byregot
Free Company
Items Carried
Race: Roegadyn
Clan: Hellsguard
Age: 32
Height: 7 fulms, 10 ilms
Weight: 249 ponze
Eyes: Flame Orange
Hair: Black-brown
Complexion: Brown
Physical Build: Bulky, swole
Notable Features: Scarred, tattooed, pierced
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity


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Height: 7 fulms, 10 ilms

Weight: 249 ponze (ish? idfk man she's huge)

Body Features: Muscular, some definition- tends to focus more on building strength than physical aesthetic. Large, prominent bestial claw scars over left breast, black inked tribal tattoo on right shoulder and upper arm. Large scar cutting down diagonally across abdomen.

Facial Features: Intense eyes, thick brows (one with a scar cutting it in half vertically), long proud aquiline nose with typical hellsguard black on the underside. Square, defined jaw. Earlobes pierced and stretched, usually holding bearclaw earrings.

Hair & Style: Black, thick and straight, usually cut short and then let to grow into a mullet hawk depending on the season and/or Thunder's fucks given re: appearance.

Complexion: Lighter brown, tans slightly in the summer.

Attire & Fashion: Tends to gravitate toward armour that features fur, leather, and feathers. Her casual style is simpler, featuring muscle shirts, tank tops, crop tops, and bikini tops depending on the heat. Styles that show off her arms and musculature in general are preferred, both out of comfort and necessity, as it is difficult to find female-cut clothing that fits her bodytype. Rarely seen without some form of loose-fitting sandal during downtime.


Backstory: Charging Thunder was not raised in a violent household, nor did she experience any world-shattering trauma in her developmental years. She was raised, for the most part, by kind and caring parents that wished to see her flourish and furnished her with the wisdom and skills needed to go far in Hellsguard society. Still, she was a rambunctious child, always pushing the limits of the rules and the patience of her teachers and parents. In her mind, however, the young roegadyn yearned for adventure and excitement. She did her best in attending the lessons taught by her grandmother in general, worldly things like history and geography, and especially for the thaumaturgy lessons taught by her father. But try as she might, fledgling Charging could not sit through them. She could not sit still for long as a childThis negative reaction to her 'fun' bothered her, and her parents sought an outlet for their daughter. <<WIP>>

General Demeanour: / / /


Currently versed in the arts of:


The axe is the weapon that Thunder fell in love with. Axes are slow, heavy, and often unwieldy to use for the unskilled, but for those with the massive amount of strength needed to use one effectively, they can be devastating weapons. Thunder witnessed a childhood hero use one in battle when she was young, and the raw power he demonstrated was unlike anything she had ever seen. It was a power to right wrongs, to make her own way, to protect her and her loved ones, and to do so with enough force to make sure the ones who threatened would never come back. This is the only job Thunder possesses a soulstone for, and it was passed down to her by her grandfather.

  • (PUGILIST) - Expert

Thunder often uses hand to hand combat as a way to meditate and center her thoughts, and as a result, it’s her most favoured discipline aside from warrior. She has no monk soulstone, however, though she’s been keeping an eye open for one for years. There is doubt in the back of her mind that even if she did get a soulstone, she’s not sure she’d be able to perform many of the monk’s famed aether-based techniques, as her control over her aether is practically nonexistant at best.

  • (GLADIATOR) - Expert

While admitting sword and shield is a highly effective weapon, it lacks the sort of offensive firepower she craves, so while she trains with a sword and board frequently for the sake of versatility, Thunder lacks a soulstone to become a full-fledged paladin.

  • (DARK KNIGHT) - Expert

Thunder finds the broadsword to be halfway between the axe and a sword- more versatile than the axe, but lacking the same destructive power. She is adept with the use of such weapons, but lacks the soulstone to truly be a dark knight.

  • (ARCHER) - Apprentice

As previously stated. Thunder’s first weapon was a bow, so she has been training with them since childhood and is a good shot. Her ability to perform some of the more advanced techniques or trick shots, however, is dubious. In an actual skirmish, especially.

  • (SAMURAI) - Novice

Thunder is unfamiliar with katanas but has been getting lessons from her wife, Kyojin. She appreciates the skill and dedication it takes to wield one, but is easily frustrated by the decorum of doman-style training, so her progress is slow-going. Thunder does not possess a job stone for samurai.


Marital Status: Married/Bonded
Kyojin Borlaaq and Charging Thunder met in Dravania during a hunting trip where they found the other stalking the same prey. It quickly turned to a competition of skill and wit, and the two became friendly rivals soonafter. Thunder met a kindred spirit in Kyojin, and found the xaela woman's chaotic tendencies exciting, if not slightly exhausting. They became inseperable. Friendship blossomed quickly into love, and after scant years of knowing each other, became engaged and quickly wed.
Thunder often finds herself being Kyojin's voice of reason and the guiding hand that keeps her grounded, while Kyojin often urges/drags Thunder out of her routine and comfort zone to new experiences and viewpoints she may not otherwise have considered.


  • Golden Fern (Mother - Living): A hard woman with a no-nonsense approach, Golden Fern nevertheless cares for her brood with a warm, matriarchal touch and is always on hand with an herbal remedy of some kind to cure any aches and pains.
  • Thundering Rain (Father - Living): Thundering Rain has dedicated his life to the study of all things dark and occult, and as such is a renowned expert on the void, it's denizens, black magic, and all things in between. As an elder of the hellsguard, it is his duty to ensure the mountain stays forever sealed, and he has done his best to impress upon his children the power of the dark and the respect it demands.
  • Crimson Levin (Elder Brother - Living): A studious and intelligent man, Crimson dutifully took up the mantle of black mage in his father's wake, and trains to protect the mountain as his father's apprentice.
  • Dancing Storm (Younger Brother - Living): Feeling the pull of the outside world, Dancing left home at a young age to become a performer in Ul'dah. He maintains a reputation as a talented dancer and a skilled rapper, much to his older sister's pride (and embarrassment).
  • Quiet Gale (Youngest Sister - Living): Though her command of black magic is powerful and her intellect and knowledge of the occult respectable, Quiet found her home stifling in it's tradition, and left a short while ago to study abroad. She hopes to work as a voidsent hunter while she studies all she can.
  • Glittering Wind (Grandmother - Living):
  • Rumbling Horizon (Grandfather - Deceased):


  • Nugget (Shaggy Shoat): A runt boar piglet Thunder and Kyojin found while hunting in the Shroud one day, and decided to take it back home to nurse it back to health. Fully intending to release it back into the wild once it was old enough to fend for itself, they found they quickly grew attached, and for some reason, though it has been over a year since Nugget joined the family, he doesn't seem to be shedding his piglet stripes or gaining any of the features of an adult boar. Nugget loves to cuddle and is always on the lookout for a snack or treat, and can often be found in one of his mom's laps during mealtimes, begging for scraps (which he nearly always gets). Nugget won second place in a pet contest, and the silver trophy can be found on the bottom floor of the couple's house in the Goblet. He has what Thunder proudly describes a 'a warrior's spirit' and she hopes to add many more trophy's to her 'son's' collection.
  • Pickles (Red Draft Chocobo): Bought as a young steed from a breeder, Thunder found the bird had been named by the stablekeep's toddler daughter and didn't have the heart to rename him. Possessed of an even temper and gentle disposition, he's served well, both in combat and hauling groceries from the Ul'dahn markets every week, and is often rewarded with a big fat krakka root or two for jobs well done.








Food : ///
Drink : ///
Weather : ///
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Color : ///
Place : ///
Scent : ///


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