Daevan Kaine

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 Daevan Kaine
Warlock of Suzaku
Basic Info
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Hingashi
Nameday 27th Sun, 3rd Astral Moon
Age 21 years old
Guardian Deity Menphina, the Lover
Height 173cm / 5'6"
Weight 62kg / 136lbs
World Server Balmung



Daevan is a young male Hyur Midlander, average of height, a skinny frame with pale skin covered in freckles, crimson red hair and bright blue eyes. He has sharp features, high cheekbones, a slim nose, full lips and a pointed chin. Though slender of build, Daevan has a toned body, a round bubble butt and long legs.


Daevan has both his earlobes pierced, has a stud in his tongue, a barbell stud in his left nipple and another in his bellybutton.


On his lower back towards his right hip is a small tattoo of a red feather engulfed in purple flames with golden streaks.


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Character Traits


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  • Arcane Knowledge: Daevan is a well-read man, having studied all sorts of magic, their sources and origins. This includes various magical and legendary creatures, all from Primals, Voidsent, Yokai, Kamui and Kami, which are his main topic of study.
  • Arcane Prowess: While under the tutelage of his parents, Daevan was taught to harness aether and turn it into arcane power. With the use of an arcane focus, Daevan is able to alter his personal aether, either to weaponize it as elemental attacks or mend flesh and bones with healing magic. He is also capable of summoning a Ruby Carbuncle to his assistance.
  • Skilled Onmyoji: After his mother's death, Daevan was given her soul stone which was that of an Onmyoji, a Spirit Caller which is much like the known Summoners of Eorzea. Through it he can call upon the aid of the fire elemental known as Enja and channel the power of Suzaku, the legendary firebird.


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  • Frederick Kaine: Daevan's father, a Gridanian Conjurer who fell in the war of Doma's freedom from the Garlemald Empire.
  • Miyako Tsubasa: Daevan's mother, a Doman Onmyoji who recently died due to a fatal illness.


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