Dieuvont Pelletier

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Ishgard.jpg Dieuvont Pelletier
Dieuvont Frame 2.jpg
"Silence is the most powerful scream."
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgard
Nameday II Sun - VI Umbral Moon - MDLIII
Height VI'XI"
Guardian Althyk - The Keeper
Server Balmung

"Perhaps the most unquestionable truth is that every individual has the potential to have a purpose. It is merely a matter of conviction, effort, and patience. Nevertheless, it proves to be a difficult, if not the most perplexing truth to grasp and bring to fruition."

Dieuvont Pelletier (Dyuu-vont Pel-et-eeyer) is a player character in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A Duskwight Elezen of Ishgardian citizenship, he is known to be quite solitary and business focused. He was alive during The Calamity in 1572, five years prior to the events of the game, but did not take any part in The Battle of Carteneau.


"Many debate on the topic of actions and self, playing the familiar game of chicken or egg precedence. The truth of the matter is, both are interchangeably inseparable with an infinite interaction of supplementation and reception. Thus, I will place tremendous weight on both and make no excuses of my cognisant shortcomings."

Dieuvont is an individual of ever so enigmatic and serious demeanour that evidently permeates through all he does and endeavours in. Cold and distant, he quite rarely to never promotes himself in ways of social interaction and instead remains a mind focused on diligent work ethic and organised living. Neither boastfully arrogant nor falsely modest, he is well aware of what he is capable and incapable of at a given time and circumstance. As a hard worker and objective observer of not only others but his own well being, he continuously places effort into further developing himself in various ways, be it mind, body, or anything he has created and accomplished. Nevertheless, despite his solid confidence in action and knowledge, his solitary approach to problem solving and perpetual disregard for those around him leave a form of vulnerability that only displays itself upon the appearance of a predicament that surely requires an emotionally based form of teamwork. The lack of desire to socialise and maintain open, friendly forms of communication often allow for a portrayal of arrogance, apathy, and negative reception especially from the more emotionally sensitive individuals.


"History has the peculiarly convenient ability to reveal something and nothing in a flawlessly simultaneous manner."

Hailing from the snowy lands of Coerthas, Dieuvont is a proud and devout citizen of Ishgard due to the more secluded lifestyle it accommodates. As of recent occurrence, he has taken a temporary leave to La Noscea for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, little to no information surrounds the man or much of his past thus creating a rather large expanse of inquiries that occasionally brims with rumours of colourful variety. When matters might begin to remotely sway in regards to the past or personal information, he evidently shows little interest in expressing such tales or divulging anything of familiar air. Due to never openly expressing his citizenship or allegiance regarding any of the city-states, his origins and political priorities remain a mystery amongst the sea of missing knowledge that surrounds him.


"I deny not the importance of social parameters and necessities, however, what ought to be a versatile concoction of society, instead limits itself quite unproductively." 

With unsurprising similarity and mysterious coherence, his social standing in regards to possible rankings or connections remain entirely an unknown factor. While he does hail from a seemingly wealthy family, the perception and attitude that permeates throughout Ishgard society does not lend to any substantial exchange or channel of information regarding the Pelletiers. It is once more a mere subject that leaves itself vulnerable to the uncontrolled concoctions of the imagination.

The Grape Vine

"The tongue is a double edged sword. Lest you not cut thyself."

  • "He is probably just some traveler. I would pay no mind to him and by the gods stop looking for gossip..."
  • "That tall one? He looks like a Duskwight...you know...I hear they do bad things...I would not be surprised..."
  • "I have seen him around Limsa Lominsa by some occasion, mind you, as of recently, I mean I usually keep myself informed but he must be new to the area." "Umm...girl, he appears like any other Elezen roaming about, stop assuming..."
  • "I overheard him purchasing one of the more expensive quarters when he visited an inn...outside of that he also does not seem to bat an eye at the amount of money he spends..."
  • "He is just some stranger to be quite honest...although when I do see him, he is always busy writting something or making observations. He is definitely not floating around just for the pleasure of it... just ignore him...he does not give me a good vibe."




  • Accounting
  • Organisation
  • Strategic Planning


  • Long Reach
  • Fast Sprinter
  • Hightened Hearing




  • Snow
  • Cats
  • Wine
  • Silence
  • Diligence


  • Heat
  • Disorganisation
  • Roudiness
  • Immaturity
  • Physical Contact


  • Writting
  • Swordsmanship
  • Reading
  • Violin & Piano
  • Analysing People


  • Never Smiles
  • Low Humour
  • Excessive Organising
  • Spacing Out
  • Blunt Honesty

Out Of Character

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