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 Eiai Airi
Gender Bi-Gender, preference towards presenting Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 25
Namesday Unofficial Nameday: 11th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon (7/11) Actual Nameday: 15th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon (2/14)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral/Evil
Orientation Pansexual, preference towards males
Occupation Dragoon
Language(s) Common Tongue, (???)

Eiai Airi



Residence: A mansion hidden in the Black Shroud...


Eiai can present as either gender but presents mostly female.

Male Mode

Height 4 Fulm, 7 Ilm
Weight 84 ponze
Build Petite
Skin Tone Very fair / Pale
Tail Long and bluish black, fading into lavender coloration. Spiked tip.
Notable Features: She has six horns on her head.
Head / Facial Features
Hair Snowy white, very long.
Eyes Lavender, slitted pupils
Scales Bluish black, shades of lavender


Core Points:

  • Emotional (Unstable)
  • Social
  • Hyperactive
  • Affectionate
  • Playful

Childish and a huge jokester, Eiai has a notorious potty mouth and is VERY energetic. She can also be volatile and chaotic, easily caught up in the rage that's always burned strong within her.

History/Timeline (Spoilers!!)


Eiai Airi was born to two Sharlayan scholars; a Xaelan man who originally belonged to the Oronir tribe and a Raen woman who came from a small village in Yanxia. The scholars came to share an unnatural obsession with dragonkind- their long lives and destructive power alike. Seeking to replicate this power and longevity for themselves, the husband and wife would set out to conduct inhumane experiments on victims they had captured in secret, attempting to find a way to transform their bodies and minds into that of real dragons. They were eventually caught and imprisoned for a time, then exiled from the Old World. This did not stop them - they would go so far as to experiment on themselves.
After becoming pregnant with Eiai, the Raen was fed nothing but the raw flesh of young dragons and heretical elezen they had hunted, acting on their initial theory that the combination of cursed blood and dravanian blood would transform their unborn child into a dragon. Inside of a small hidden hut on the outskirts of the Dravanian Forelands, they were sorely disappointed to find that their child would not be the dragon they had planned for... But two normal halfling girls with snow white hair. Distraught and angry, they tried to dump the newborn twins into a nearby river, but something changed their minds. They decided they could be used to further the experiment. Sending the weaker of the twins back to the Oronir tribe to be used as a backup, the one with the more powerful aetherpool was kept with them-- raising her in their little hidden hut and feeding her knowledge and stories about the dragons. A past she never had, that was woven for her, like a fairtyle. She was taught that her real mother was a dragon; all to fool her and groom her into becoming the weapon they wanted to create and control. Treating her with a cold distance, they made sure she knew that they were not her family, never letting her leave the hut or see her own reflection in the waters, not wanting her to realize her appearance didn't align with their lies. Though when young Eiai finally came to question the fact that she didn't have wings like real dragons do, her parents were shattered by her blatant disrespect for their delusion and lashed out; surgically implanting a pair of wings they had sliced from a captured dragonet onto her back. She was left badly infected and terribly ill for many suns until they finally removed the rotting wings, but the child was effectively silenced. She endured other small experiments on her body from then on, all ending in failure. The girl lived in a metal cage, all alone. With nothing but a picture book to ease her neglected mind. Watching as her parents and their Garlean benefactor continued their gruesome experimentaton on innocents.
Desperate to make some kind of progress, the husband and wife dragged Eiai out when she was no more than six summers old, intent on sacrificing her to an elder dragon in an attempt to gain the curse of the dragons that once transformed Ishgardians. They arrogantly believed they could win against the more powerful creature, but their arrogance led to them being mercilessly slaughtered and eaten alive. While the dragon was busy with the bodies of her parents, Eiai escaped and ran for her life. For a few moons, the messy-haired girl lived in the wilds on her own, hunting whatever her small body could handle and stealing food from the Tailfeather settlement. She was soon discovered by a teenage Miqo'te hunter of Tailfeather who was alarmed by her unfamiliar appearance, thinking she oddly resembled a dragon, but... He knew she was a child and did not want to leave the odd creature alone in the wilderness. The Miqo'te, who's name was Yin'ir Miura, took in the little 'dragon', humoring whatever the odd child had to say... Even the idea that she was indeed a dragon, like she was raised to believe.


Her memories of her childhood were fragmented and blurry, but she remembered very clearly the stories she was told of her and the dragons, as if that is her true past. Burying the trauma and pain her real parents caused her somewhere within herself, she couldn't seem to recall their faces... Their names... The experiments they conducted on her... Or even how they died. Eiai lived in peaceful ignorance of what happened to her, being cared for by the teenaged hunter in a small camp near Tailfeather until she reached the age of eighteen. It was then that she begged Yin'ir to let her go to Gridania where she could learn more to improve her natural talent of conjury, making her way as a healer for hire until Eiai joined the Collective.


After becoming involved with the Collective, Eiai assisted in their endeavors to end the threat of the entity called Mogg. She at first remained just an outsider to them, Hizu's mate, and an odd ally-- but after a time, she seemed to slowly become considered a true member of the group. She had been undergoing training from their people and Kataani eventually presented her with a decision- resulting in Eiai joining the Collective officially. To her, the Collective was a means for her to gain the strength in a body she still couldn't quite accept, doing what she could to move forward in life and gain the ability to protect those she cared for.
A cycle passed, and the Collective over time became a place full of painful memories for Eiai. While it was true that she was able to become much stronger, it was at the great cost of her emotional and mental health. She suffered both emotionally and physically, at the hands of the people who claimed to care for her. Knowing that she was on a downward spiral, she attempted to leave several times, but felt chained there for many reasons. She endured for her husband at the time, but in the end, even he couldn't keep her caged there. Eiai came to remember the past and the true version of herself she had kept buried and finally snapped, leaving the Collective behind as a bitter memory. Eiai found work with the Reliquary and the Court, on a more destructive path brought on by the combination of the past and present. She had little regard for living under the law and wished to break free of all cages that life would try to keep her contained in. However, the Garlean who haunted her for her entire life managed to capture her and tamper with her body, turning her into the weapon he was cultivating her to be her entire life-- against her will. Everything changed then; the newly rebirthed Eiai was struggling with the madness brought on by the experiment, and she nearly forgot who she truly was before it all happened. Members of The Glass Network managed to pull her out of the worst of the dark storm and she regained herself a little... But her mind couldn't be fully saved.
Eiai returned to everyone, but her shattered mind had no time to heal. The world continued to be cruel and the rage from the stolen blood has only served to strengthen the pain she constantly carries-- urging her to find relief through destruction and violence. Her desire for vengeance has earned her the attention of people who opted to hunt her like a wild animal in need of being put down, and she nearly died as a result. Now in hiding out of fear for her own life, she has stopped her violent crusade... For now. Yet to break free of the rage that burns her from the inside.


Family/Platonic Love    Romantic Interest      Friendly/Good Standing      Neutral Standing     Wary/Bad Standing



The Creators

Enx Oronir (NPC) (Deceased) "Your voice... Was always so empty. So cold. I'm glad I'll never hear it again."

A Sharlayan scholar born of the Steppes. Eiai's birth father. He was a runt born with a disease that effected his growth, remaining frail and never growing much larger than a female Au Ra. Constantly belittled for his small stature and fragile constitution, he made up for his lack of talent as a warrior by providing the tribe with various creative stratagems that led the Oronir to victory in their many territorial battles. With his tribe's blessings, Enx departed to sharpen his mind in Sharlayan. Through his research there, he came to grow an unhealthy obsession with the strength of dragons. It led him down a path where he toyed with others lives... Including his own daughters. Ironically, it was a dragon that ended his life. Eiai doesn't remember the man, but in her memories she saw his black horns and heard his deep, scary voice.

Akemi Airi (NPC) (Deceased) "You looked at me like I was nothing more than a bug. Maybe I was to you, but..."

Enx Oronir's wife and Eiai's mother, also a Sharlayan scholar who hailed from a village in Yanxia. She was a vain young woman who was quite popular in her small village, but could not be won by any man. Bearing a strong personality and quick wits, she grew bored of her life there and sought out something more. She left Doma before it was captured by The Empire, employed in Sharlayan and partnered with Enx Oronir. She fell for him and promised her life to him, adopting his obsession with dragonkind and following him into insanity and even death. Eiai doesn't currently remember much about her either, but remembers her surname that her father referred to her as.

True Family

Yin'ir Miura (NPC) (Deceased) "You are the realm's weirdest dad, but still... You're my dad anyways!"

Yin'ir was just seventeen summers old when he found Eiai at the age of six in the Foreland wilds. He had never seen an Auri child before, so he thought her to be some kind of strange dragon-like creature, but he was still too kind-hearted to leave a child to fend for herself in such dangerous territory. Hiding her from the rest of the Tailfeather settlement, Yin'ir set up his own camp nearby to keep her away from the others. Being a teenager without experience caring for a small child, Yin'ir was at a bit of a loss, but he did what he could to take care of her. He eventually decided to name her Eiai, and as some of her memories started to piece together, she took the surname of Airi, which she assumed belonged to the woman who was her mother. As Yin'ir raised her, he didn't have much disciplinary technique, but fortunately for him, she was a very withdrawn and well-behaved child. Eiai proved to be a very useful hunting partner as she grew up with him, and they slowly grew to be each other's best friends and family. Even so, Eiai never thought of him as her father, but more like an odd brother, since Yin'ir never really punished her and let her do as she wished. Yin'ir was very protective of her and didn't want her to leave for Gridania, but he knew that she needed to create her own life path... So he did his best to keep his distance and just protected her from the Garlean who would try to use her in his experiments. Aged thirty four, Yin'ir gained a reputation as the 'Iron Fang' with the Adders, in trouble for killing innocents with his elaborate traps. They were set up to keep the Garlean cronies out, since they were always after his life and things he had stolen from the Garlean. He felt he was always one step ahead of the man, but he was proved wrong when the Garlean sent Eiai's own friends to end his life and take back what he'd stolen. Her friends had no idea who he was, and Yin'ir failed to tell them in time. He lost his life that day, now buried under the tree with the twin brother of Eiai's husband.

Reid Sunstride "Do you remember me, wherever you go?"

Eiai and Reid were classmates who were just starting out in the conjurer's guild, though Eiai was already a decent disciple that would try helping other students who seemed to struggle with conjury. Reid, a total newbie at conjury, didn't have a knack for the healing arts at all. No matter what angle she tried to approach it, Eiai wasn't able to inspire any improvement in the older Miqo'te man. In the end, Reid eventually gave up that endeavor as he realized his talents lay in his job as a Bard rather than healing magicks. Eiai had no choice but to agree with that notion. Despite that, the two remained close ever since and think of each other as nothing less than siblings. Reid naturally tends to protect and look out for Eiai in any way he can, and Eiai... Well, she certainly fits the picture of an affectionate little sister towards Reid. Reid wanders a lot and Eiai never gets to see him, but she misses him sometimes.

Min Oronir "You were just a doppelganger, a mirror who didn't have feelings of her own... But you came such a long way. I wonder... Will we ever be close?"

Min was thought to be some sort of clone, an enemy out to destroy Eiai's life, but it became apparent after Min came to her that the girl was seeking a life of her own. Feelings of her own. It turned out that she was indeed Eiai's twin sister that she never knew had even existed... Eiai was instantly protective of her and hoped to help build a relationship with Min from the ground up, despite the weird territory they started off on. Eiai didn't blame her and grew to enjoy her sister's company, her bluntness, her... Weird gremlin tendancies. Min ended up in Raz's clutches again and Eiai wanted nothing more than to help free her. Now that it's all over, Eiai understands that Min will probably make her own way in life... She accepts this. As long as her twin is alive and happy, Eiai is content.

Mirai Airi "My little fuzzball!! You're gonna grow up to be SO FUCKING TALL! And live in a world without chains! Your mama promises you that!"

Mirai was born on the 11th Sun of the Third Astral Moon (5/11). He was born with a full head of fluffy hair and mostly cat-like features like his father, Hizu. He has black scales growing in to indicate that he is half Au Ra. Eiai and Hizu gave him a name meaning 'the future' because to them, he is the future they wanted together. Mirai cried a lot and pooped all the time and didn't let his parents get any sleep, but Eiai was always fine with that. She loves to pester the little guy and doesn't like leaving his side. Her favorite part about him is his fluffy ears and tiny nub tail. He has an obsession with pickles and snack cakes, throwing tantrums if he doesn't get those things. He is now around 2 summers old-- loud and bites a lot. He runs really fast and is hard to catch when he's got the zoomies.

Zeru Airi "You look so much like your daddy..."

One of the twins, the dark chocolate-haired boy is

Kara Airi "They say you're a curse, but you're my beautiful little girl... I don't care!"


Wisteria "The only Chocobo I'll NEVER EVER eat!"

Wisteria is a pretty lavender Chocobo that Eiai raised from an egg. Given to her by Hizu on their first Starlight together, this is the only Chocobo that's totally off-limits in terms of emergency dinner rations, considering Chocobo meat is one of Eiai's favorite foods. Totally spoiled and always dressed up in cute ribbons and frills, Wisteria is VERY cheerful and VERY social, and really enjoys fruity snacks. She is also pretty skilled in cracking skulls open with her sharp beak...



The Lover

V'hizu Nunh "My forever and always... My pretty kitty! I love you SO MUCH!"

After being caught tailing a group of people who seemed up to something, Eiai found herself wrapped up in the affairs of The Collective-- but mostly because she was interested in Hizu, who saved her when the group caught her and were about to kill her. Learning that he was trapped under a master called Mogg that he couldn't escape from, Eiai held fast onto the idea that she could aid in freeing him. Though she was advised to stay away from him, Eiai felt strongly that there was more to him than the evil person everyone knew him to be, proven by his kindness and protectiveness towards her. Eventually her feelings for him grew, and she decided that she would do what she could to save him in return.

Though she was hurt by him repeatedly for some time, she remained patient with him through his personal changes, until he finally came to his senses and started to treat her much better. They had given each other a reason to look forward to the future... But that didn't last. Eiai couldn't remain happy by his side and, despite everything, she made a mistake that cost their bond. For a while, Hizu wouldn't speak to her and she was sure he hated her. But after they finally talked again, Eiai and Hizu realized that they could never feel that way about each other. After forgiving each other, they had a newfound strength in their bond and thought of each other as soulmates.

He fell back on his old ways and he was caught before he could carry them out. Eiai still stayed by his side and tried to take the fall in his place, but Hizu, in a last show of his love for Eiai, owned up to his mistakes and sacrificed himself to save her once more. The Collective seemingly took his life, but it turned out to be the last ditch effort to open a pathway for Hizu and Eiai to change. The Magister and Jebei saved his life, but forced him into a coma brought on by a poison that locked him in his own nightmares. He woke up after two weeks, but... He was not quite the same man he was before it all. Still, Eiai loved him and wanted a future with him.

After many mistakes between them kept piling up and leaving irreparable scars on Eiai, the two of them split on sudden bad terms when Eiai voiced that she was leaving the Collective to search for somewhere that would allow her time to heal. He threw his ring away first and slipped back into insanity. Eiai made attempts after that to make some kind of amends with him, wanting their son to have his father, but the two of them were unable to meet an understanding on her path and had relented to saying goodbye.

But as fate would have it, the two of them found their way to each other again after some time, and their relationship was renewed. Though they are damaged and still face problems ocassionally, they have made a lot of effort to build back up to something healthy-- a husband and wife with a child. To Eiai, Hizu and Mirai are the only true family she needs.

Close Ones

Mephorash Azmat "[WIP]"


X'kriss Tia "[WIP]"


C'hefei Tia "[WIP]"


Kataani Hawkeye "I used to hate this bitch, but... Now... Maybe she's not so bad."

Eiai at first feared Kataani and thought of her as an enemy she had to protect Hizu against, but as her relationship with the Collective progressed, Eiai came to realize who Kataani really was... And her intentions. After going through some rough times with the intimidating woman, Eiai answered her pleas to help her brother, Hizu, and she could finally see that underneath all of her power and her scary temper, there was a woman who seemed to genuinely care about her... And consider her family. Eiai liked to be a pest to Kataani sometimes, which often results in her getting into trouble for being disrespectful of her as a higher ranking official-- but at the end of the day, Eiai was willing to do anything for the cake-loving older sister of hers. Even hearing the rumors of bad things Kataani had done in the past, Eiai hadn't wavered from staying by her side. The two of them ended up not seeing eye to eye and their relationship slowly broke down as Eiai's time in the Collective broke her down to near insanity. Kataani asked Eiai to stay away, and Eiai believed that the woman did not care for her as she claimed to. After Eiai became a weapon and faced madness, Kataani ended up being the main one to aid her with Hizu and cover Eiai's tracks concerning things she did when caught in her rage. The dragon now feels differently, that this woman really does have a heart for her and her husband. She and Kataani are working together now.

Mikh'li Moshantu "[WIP]"


Oliver Valhan "[WIP]"


Emrie Sunstride "[WIP]"


Ranirus Crithalos "[WIP]"


Kaz Ashura "I couldn't... You were a storm I wanted to be a part of, but I..."

Eiai's first encounter with Kaz was a fight on a rooftop in Northern Thanalan, though strangely enough, the fight resulted in her finding a sort of kinship in the man despite him knocking her ass out with an odd power. His madness excited her in some weird way, but because she was made to protect someone of the Collective at the time, she wasn't given much of a chance to understand this. It wasn't until Kaz extended a secret invitation for them to meet at Haukke Manor that Eiai was able to see that the two of them shared something that not many in the world can share... Kaz was captured by the Collective and kept suppressed due to his insanity, but Eiai continued to try building a friendship with the man. He was there to support her when the two of them lost someone who was important to them, but they were once again torn apart by those who felt that Kaz would bring out the 'worst' in her. He was cast out from the Collective, and Eiai never saw or heard from him again for quite some time. Kaz managed to find Eiai again, and the strange pair were able to pick right back up from where they left off-- As great friends who understood each other better than most anyone. They made a pact together and vowed to stay together in their own way. Though Eiai was hesitant due to her broken heart, she still couldn't ignore that Kaz had a place in her heart... A place she couldn't understand well, or put into words. For a time, she decided to put faith in Kaz's assertion that he would see eternity with her, and was giving him the chance to prove that, but Eiai had a relapse of her own and wasn't able to see her promises with him through to the end. She had lost a lot and given up on love again, despite cherishing him. She hasn't seen him since leaving him behind in that dark house of his, and though she did go to see him again, she found that he had... Disappeared without a trace. Eiai worries about him and hopes he's still out there somewhere...

Nesrin Mimieux "...She's just... So pretty and... Soothing."

Despite the fact that they happened to both be working for the Reliquary to start, Eiai didn't end up meeting Nesrin until she was recruited to The Court. Eiai was a little intimidated by how beautiful she was, but was inevitably drawn to her for her very warm and understanding personality, making it easy for the dragon to want to rely on her and become closer. Nesrin is probably the first other female that Eiai has felt an odd measure of... Possessiveness for, getting somewhat jealous and overly protective when others touch her, and Eiai isn't sure what to do with this feeling.

Greer Wolf "MY BEST WOOFY!"

A half-Lupin, half-Xaela who Eiai randomly encountered out in the woods one day. Eiai was fascinated with her odd halfling appearance, but their relationship ended up starting off with a bang. Eiai kicked her ass in front of a bunch of people in the Quicksand over some petty insults, which resulted in Eiai just making fun of the girl endlessly for a while and holding it over her head. Greer continued their insult game, which eventually transformed their relationship into a real friendship. Eiai dragged Greer into The Court with her, going to her for comfort when she almost found herself thrown out of the organization for her own mistakes. Because Greer was there for her, Eiai actually cares for the halfling woman now, and would protect her if it became necessary.

Oswyn Carter "He's SUPER cool! Haha pun."

Eiai remembered Oswyn as someone Kataani used to kind of harrass, and ended up hanging out with him just for the hell of it. Which turned out to be a great idea, because they became fast friends. Eiai appreciates Oswyn's humor and ability to just fly with her jokes and fire even better ones right back, so she considers him very comfortable and easy to be around. She's used his tail as a scarf and regards him pretty affectionately, but after sending him into an unwilling rage during a spar, Eiai now feels she doesn't deserve his friendship.

Maksim Tumet "...Stupid pastey ass!"

Maksim and Eiai get along super well despite constantly jabbing at each other literally every single time they see each other. They'd met while Eiai was still trapped in the Collective, and Maksim helped support her and her son while she was going through her more turbulent moments. She even entrusted Maksim to care for her precious lavender Chocobo named Wisteria. Her temper often flares with him, especially when it concerns his girlfriend that she has complicated feelings towards. And she doesn't exactly know how to feel about the fact that he acts like he's Hizu's father when he bosses him around. Despite all of that, Eiai trusts him like family, though she'd rather not say that out loud and would prefer making fun of him...

Aoi Kurashiki "My troubled teenage son, who... Doesn't really like me, but oh well."

A thief that her ex-husband picked up off the streets after a failed stealing attempt, Aoi joined up with the Collective after being convinced by Hizu-- The Nunh believing that the younger Seeker would soon die if he continued down his criminal path. Aoi remained stubbornly belligerent, only occasionally listening to Hizu (when he felt like it). After learning of his fear, Eiai wanted to establish a connection between her and loner Miqo'te to help him, despite his obvious distrust. She had him come meet her in La Noscea to talk and work through things slowly, but she unfortunately overstepped boundaries and hurt him. It seemed like every time something was building between the two, it would easily break. The two of them often butt heads and end up just kind of... Yelling at each other.

Still, Eiai is equally stubborn and wanted to continue trying. Oddly, she cares about the young man a little too much despite everything he's done to try and hurt her with words he knows will cut her deeply. She would argue that he reminds her of her ex-husband back when she first met him; A troublemaker with nobody on his side, hated by everyone. Because of that similarity, Eiai doesn't wish to see him without a future and genuinely wants him to feel happier someday, knowing he has been through hells by himself.

However, Aoi had proved to be consistently troublesome through his time with them, despite Eiai and Hizu's attempts to help him. Others in the Collective had no faith that he would prove himself worthy of a place among them, but Eiai was still more than willing to do what she could to keep him-- refusing to allow him to be alone in a cruel realm, even if she gets hurt in the process. In her heart, she feels a growing affection for the man, jokingly referring to him as her 'troubled teenage son' (despite being in his 20's), but maybe that isn't so far off from the truth... Eiai likes to annoy him and take care of him as much as she can, at least happy that he's branched out and found more like-minded individuals that can help him through the world.

Karna Malaguld "What a terrifyingly adorable Raen~ Do people like him really still exist?!"

During a quiet evening in the Gold Court, Eiai encountered the young, strikingly pretty Raen man when he approached her. The two of them got to talking, and Eiai realized he was VERY fun to poke at and tease. She also realized he was pretty foreign and was happy to chum around and help make him feel less alone in a far away place. Though Karna unfortunately had to bear witness to many of her... Less than savory personal affairs coming to haunt her publically, she quickly came to understand that the Raen is exceedingly patient and endearing, making it easier for Eiai to open up to the man. She feels like he is someone she can rely on, and has tried her best to be honest about herself and her path. Though she can't tell him everything... She genuinely likes the man and hopes he will continue to be around her.

A'lek Lanza "My bird-faced bestie!"

Eiai met A'lek in the Pearl Lane, drawn in by his... Weird bird mask. They became quick friends along with a small group where they collectively roasted the poor man and dragged him along into their antics. Eiai fell fast for A'lek, who was there for her and eased her through a lot of her darkness. Through his humor and incredibly understanding nature, he made her feel able to open herself up to who she really was... And so A'lek holds great importance in her heart. Despite that, she ended up choosing Hizu over him and, even though it hurt, they agreed to remain besties.

??? Missing Information ??? "..."

[A stolen memory, a gap in the mind]

Arthur D'ehcan "Someone who did so much to save me... I... Would never want him to hate me."

Eiai's first encounter with Arthur was when he was The Nightingale-- stumbling on him and her ex-husband fighting in the Lane. Naturally, Eiai sided with her husband, and tried to help bring the Ul'dahn hero down, but... It didn't really work out so well. He couldn't even be defeated by her ultimate shoe attack! Realizing he was a powerful foe, Eiai backed off with Hizu and she sort of just laughed it off. She came across him again a few times after that, each time growing more interested in what he was all about. She had a thing for poking at him and nosing into his business, giving her opportunities to tease him more about his heroics. As Eiai started to get more involved with a man she can no longer remember, she ended up becoming more involved with Arthur as well. Her relationship with him is super playful, pestering him, even when he tries to remain stoic. She thinks he's funny anyway! Unexpectedly, Arthur has shown Eiai a lot of care despite her inclinations towards crime, and helped her face difficult situations as well as finding solutions for her. She started to think that... Maybe some heroes aren't so bad afterall. Maybe. Eiai started to care for Arthur in return, wanting to be good friends, even though they didn't exactly line up in terms of morality and the paths they both chose. Arthur, along with Isuke, Fiona, and Haru, did everything they could to save Eiai from the madness she faced as a newly rebirthed weapon. Arthur brought her down and prevented her from causing more destruction, creating a serum with Isuke to aid in bringing her back. Eiai feels she owes Arthur and those friends a lot for what they've done for her... She came to really love Arthur, but that's also resulted in her feeling she had to lie to him in order to keep her image with him. Arthur is housing her son, Mirai, while Eiai struggles to get her life back on track-- offering her and her children protection while she goes through her issues.

Maiya Maiilah "How could I ever hate you? You're like... Like a sister I would totally meet again, no matter how many times we're reborn."

Knowing Maiya mostly as the Collective's star Doctor from the start, Eiai immediately grew to admire and respect Maiya for her endlessly useful medical knowledge and... Incredible mental prowess in general. Maiya has saved both her and many of the Collective's members many times, and Eiai feels that without her around, many of them would have died long ago. Eiai looks up to her and strives to be more like her in the medical field-- though she is aware that it wouldn't be quite the same, since their healing practices are very different. Eiai has sought Maiya's counsel on many different occasions, though Maiya tended to seek her out first during her roughest times at the beginning of her days in the Collective. Receiving her support through her many crises left a big impression on Eiai and she is very attached to the very loving and warm Keeper, feeling she is able to approach her about virtually anything. They agreed that if they could be reborn from the life stream like the Dotharls say, they would like to come back as Xaela sisters. Maiya betrayed Eiai's trust and broke her heart by doing something Eiai had a lot of trouble forgiving for a very long time. Eiai took her eye in revenge and the two of them remained broken for moons after, but Eiai eventually acknowledged that Maiya truly did care for her, finally coming to forgive her. Eiai has trusted Maiya to help her if things go horribly wrong down her path, and the two of them are able to consider each other sisters again.

U'shen Tia "A sickeningly kind and older brothery kinda dude... He saw my boobs before, though... That was awkward."

Eiai became good friends with the Drake tribe cat through her ex-husband, Hizu. Hizu had befriended him through some Quicksand escapades and became closer to Eiai that way, originally coming to the Collective to try and help her and Hizu out, but... Eiai had her own ideas and ended up ditching without saying much to the Drake or anyone, really. She still keeps the little carved Drake he made for her and is still pretty fond of him, even if she doesn't go out of her way to try and seek him out. She knows he cares about her a lot, and she hopes he's having a good life with his wife.

Yukio Tsukimi "So smol, so icy, and also really cute!"

When this cold, withdrawn, and incredibly small Raen boy came to the manse, Eiai was very interested in him and latched on pretty quickly. From his first day with them, she had a weird desire to get to know him and found that it was awfully fun to tease the shy 18-year-old. She grew closer to him as they did more together for the Collective, protecting each other naturally as siblings would. Despite his previously icy demeanor, he was able to provide Eiai with warmth when she desperately needed it, and they both mutually adopted each other in a way.

Kiyokage Mizuhiki "There was one time he almost chopped my head off, but hey! He's a cool bean!"

If anyone asked Eiai how she met Kiyo, she would probably laugh and fondly recall that his greatsword nearly decapitated her and ripped through her torso... As unsettling as that sounds, Eiai doesn't seem to hold it against him, as their first encounter was an unfortunate result of her being dragged along in Hizu's nefarious plans against the Collective. Despite the terribly violent first impression, Eiai and Kiyo were able to move past that as her presence in the Collective grew-- eventually becoming oddly mismatched friends who were very much opposite each other in every way. Kiyo was probably the only Xaela man that Eiai had a small spark of an interest in, but her feelings were with Hizu, and she didn't humor the idea for very long. Kiyo provided her with a lot of support through her issues, gaining her trust and allowing her to feel closer to him as time went on. Even when Eiai at some point blamed him for the death of her unborn child, she couldn't let herself hate Kiyo and came to forgive him. She sometimes can't help herself from remembering the incident when she sees him, but she still manages to regard him fondly and respects him, finding his snide remarks and sarcastic humor to be pretty endearing. She knows better than anyone that his words hold merit and he deserves to be listened to more than he is in the Collective.

Jean Lefavre "Absolutely fucking nuts! I'm super into that!!"

For a while, Eiai only thought of Jean as her very interesting coworker who pulled off makeup extraordinarily well, but could never really figure out how to talk with him on a personal level. They ended up working together to gather intel in the Lane and were finally able to bond somewhat over similar, unfortunate circumstances that they had both been through... And Eiai has a strange obsession with some of his... Less than safe for work fictional novels he had written on dragons and temple knights. She is a huge fan of his work and also really enjoys his morbid humor.

Ohvhu'a Jastice "Sometimes I think about asking him if he can fly away with those big ears of his, but it might be kinda rude..."

Ohv is a simple man that Eiai enjoys for that reason. He's mostly happy-go-lucky, and it rubs off on her sometimes if she's in a terrible mood. She is somewhat protective of him, noted by her actions when someone burned him and blinded him in one eye. Eiai went on a rampage to try and end that person's life, regardless of Ohv begging her not to, but she was stopped before she could do anything. It was an upsetting experience for poor Ohv, but Eiai has done her best to make up for it since then. They've helped each other a few times since then, and their friendship is still going strong!

Sanzi Valhan "I hated you for like, five seconds! But now you're my favorite Bunnybitch! My sister from another blister!"

Sanzi and Eiai started off wanting to kill each other when they met during a high-tension situation involving Hizu and a guy named Shiroi. The bunny-eared Xaela continued to threaten and make fun of Hizu, and that pissed Eiai off, which then turned into a pissing contest between her and Sanzi. After a while of that, they ended up just kind of laughing it off and realized that they were actually great friends in the making! Eiai was always excited to see the girl again after that, and eventually, their messed up little bond strengthened to the point of becoming kinda like sisters. They even LARP'd together like some kind of boys love novel. Great memories!


Duroxas Qeliv "[WIP]"


Isuke Ijinn "[WIP]"


Haru Hisoki "[WIP]"


Fiona Delaine "[WIP]"


Dastev Enoch "[WIP]"


Xaila Saialdhe "[WIP]"


D'ata Tia "[WIP]"


Ruke Duskbringer "[WIP]"


Ramani Hamymani "[WIP]"


Galodar Ai'daigo "[WIP]"


J'bahlo Tia "Does this dude ever stop smiling?"

Bahlo is a Tia with a seemingly endless amount of tolerance and compassion for Eiai and her problems with getting into trouble. He was there for Eiai through some of her toughest times- even composing a song for her that she still remembers the lyrics to. She knows him as one of the very few who support her going down her own path- regardless of how dangerous and painful it may be... Always welcoming her with open arms and that goofy, contagious smile of his.

Kiryie Kaohka "She's fucking dastardly!"

Eiai met Kiryie through her ex boyfriend, Halo'a, during their outing at the Grindstone, where a series of questionable events between the three had come to pass. Despite the rather strange first meeting, Eiai often found herself unable to resist tagteaming with Kiryie to tease Halo'a (much to his dismay), and she easily got caught up in the girl's michievous nature. They were building an earnest relationship as two females who were clumsy with other females themselves- Eiai being especially enthusiastic about doing her best to keep Kiryie as a friend. Though Eiai hasn't seen or spoken to the woman in a long time, she still cherishes the keepsake that Kiryie had given her as a token of their budding friendship- having crafting it into a necklace that she could keep with her.

Kage Grimm "He fucking annoys me sometimes, but hey, we're bros~"

Eiai met Grimm while she was still a resident of Koh's mansion, having taken the lost teenager in alongside Koh. She found him really odd and didn't really understand him and his weird way of displaying 'emotion', unaware of how his old Shinobi clan had worked... But she eventually warmed up to him, caring for him and trying to teach him what she could about Eorzea. As their familial bonds with Koh fell apart, Grimm followed Eiai to the Collective and ended up fighting him many times over petty things, but they always find a way to make up somehow.

Koke Harrigan "Ah... I miss the way he would clean and stuff."

Koke was one of the people in the Collective who made her feel she belonged in the family, caring for her and offering her his comfort and home-cooked meals whenever she was down. Even without really knowing what a father should be like, Eiai was sure that if she had a real one, she would prefer if he was something like Koke. He was with her through a lot of her pain and mended her emotional wounds many times-- even sacrificing his own emotions to be there for Hizu through his worst stages as well. Though Koke has gone off to Thavnair to be with his sick wife, Eiai hasn't forgotten about him and tries to write to him when she can.

Vilexes Black "Stop touching my ass. I beg you."

Eiai found Vilexes to be obnoxious and hard to tolerate, seeing as how one of the first things she did was touch her ass and weirdly flirt with her and whoever else, but Eiai came to warm up to her after hanging out and drinking with her among another group of Lane-going friends. Eiai decided to stay by her side as her past came back to haunt her, even when Vilexes' evil deeds were revealed. Vilexes helped talk Eiai through some of her problems with Hizu, encouraging her to find her happiness, no matter what she had to do in order to get it.

I'mhati Tia "Like Narudo, but edgier!"

I'mhati was the terrifying man who threatened to kill Eiai at the very beginning, when she was caught tailing the Collective. His continuous threats against Hizu created tension between Eiai and Mhati, and all she wanted was to go against him and convince him to let go of his grudges against her mate. As she became a part of the family, she was finally able to see the man's gentler side, her apprehensiveness regarding him eventually fading into nothing. When he had decided to try giving Hizu another chance, Eiai in turn came to see Mhati in a better light. He was there for her and offered to help both her and Hizu when the threat of losing him was very real. She learned that Mhati was also one of the first to take action when she was kidnapped by a group of ninja- saving her and even going so far as to torture the man who had done her wrong. Eiai came to hold him in very high esteem and greatly appreciated him as a leader. She is unsure of how he feels about her after leaving, and noted that he seemed wary of her. She doesn't seem to particularly care about that, however.

Cocono Cono "A bite-sized mom friend!"

The cake lady of the Collective. Eiai always somehow finds cake in her hands whenever Coco comes into the room... Mysteriously. Though Eiai isn't against it at all, of course. Eiai found the small woman to be weirdly motherly and felt a certain, familiar warmth about her. Eiai can see that she does her best for the family and is incredibly handy in terms of her unique skillsets. Even if her sushi was seen crawling on the floor at some point...

T'leyeh Tia "Totally purrs when given scritches~"

Formerly in the Collective, Eiai saw that Leyeh was very kind and he always tried to defend people if he felt what was happening to them was wrong. She finds that kind of strong will admirable and, even though she hasn't spoken to him in some time, she still remembers him quite fondly.

A'vraiya Tia "He's too cool for me, honestly..."

Eiai had a tense relationship with Vraiya for the longest time, regarding him as a good friend, but she was met with doubt on his end due to his feelings towards the Collective and Kataani. She didn't like the fact that he started to treat her with suspicion and even tugged her along on a bit of a wild goose chase for a time. Things changed for the better after some time, when Vraiya was able to let go of things and start seeing the Collective in a new light. The tension Eiai felt towards him has practically vanished and she doesn't feel she needs to be on guard with him anymore.

Vahsrin'a Saialdhe "He appears outta nowhere sometimes! Makes me wanna pee my pants! He's always been nothing but helpful to me, though!"

An odd man with a somewhat eerie vibe about him, Eiai learned a lot about him pretty early on. She realized that he was pretty warm despite the initial ominous aura-- though her inexperience with tribal Keepers made it difficult for her to process his way of being. He is also an odd ally to the Collective, even though he has had to exercise his power against them a couple of times. Despite that, he has treated Eiai well and has even offered her a place to stay, along with Conjury lessons should she ever wish for it.

Yur Teuslow "Oh yeah. He likes it when girls are mean to him!"

The sarcastic guy who always stood faithfully at his spot in the Lane. Eiai went to him for information for a while and he proved to be a very useful person, putting a lot of effort into making sure things would turn out fine for her and the Collective. She went with him and a few of their other friends to bars and parties sometimes, which allowed them to get a little closer. She misses those times a little bit, but knows that Yur is still always around and doesn't hesitate to make fun of her and her 'bad choice in men' every time he spots her.

M'vaius Tia "Rumble rumble rumble~"

A rumbly Miqo'te known as 'M' who always hid his face and was a bit scary to Eiai for quite a while. She noticed that he was abnormally large and only made a lot of growly noises rather than words she could understand-- but then the day came where he would spook her for fun and even casually used her as an arm rest. It was then she realized that he was actually not so bad and started to feel more comfortable with him. She doesn't get to see him too often, but whenever she does, she finds herself worried about his well-being and hoping that he's happy. She was glad that he was able talk to her using words, but wonders if she should learn how to sign so he doesn't have to force it...

Zahri Davigoh "I'm pretty sure I have some kinda outstanding debt with him somewhere... But I'm not even gonna think about it..."

Eiai has called him by the name Purple Freak ever since Hizu gave him that nickname towards the beginning of her arrival. Eiai truly respects the man, even though she and Zahri end up making fun of each other most of the time. (It's totally out of love) Zahri helped save Hizu and, even though he saddled her and Hizu with a very large debt (that she kind of doesn't believe is a real thing), Eiai admires his mental prowess and really enjoys the Mammet gift he gave to her to help her cope with the grief she was dealing with. After a very long discussion, Eiai decided to name the little automaton 'Booby'. Zahri also offered her son a Golden Chocobo Rocker and she... Kind of doesn't know what to do with this kind of thing... But she was happy knowing that he was there to make sure Mirai has the best... In his own special Zahri way. She no longer speaks to him after leaving the Collective, but she doesn't hold any grudges towards him.

Leith Emrys "Don't... Don't ever steal his carrots. You'll die a horrible, agonizing death!"

Eiai was vaguely intimidated by the Magister for a while, knowing him to be the Archmagister's husband and a man who she should exercise caution with. She always knew the Magister was around when a loud crunch would echo through the manse. Unsure of how to interact with him for a long time, she just kind of observed, finding his quirks to be really kind of funny. The little prim sniff, his love for good alcohol, and all the... Carrots. She got brave (or maybe just hungry) and stole one of his fresh carrots right from under his nose. She thought she was probably gonna die, but she ended up pleasantly surprised that he was actually pretty playful and pleasant. Leith had a hand in saving Hizu's life and that earned Leith a place in her heart as well.


The Past

Halo'a Sahn "There was nothing left for us. I don't even think about you anymore..."

A masked Halo'a caught Eiai's eye while she was people-watching in The Quicksand, approaching him with a terrible joke. She was instantly charmed by the man and thought the nickname he had given her, "Blossom", was quite endearing. As they spent time together, they bonded quickly and came to trust each other greatly as the days went by. Eiai somehow felt she could open up completely to him, despite having not known him for very long. They could often be at odds, being quite opposite to each other in many ways, but Eiai obviously cared very deeply for the Miqo'te. She eventually gained strong feelings of affection for him, despite her best efforts to stay away from such feelings. She even become somewhat possessive of him, and often chased after the Keeper when he attempted to distance himself from her. Battling with herself inwardly for far too long, Eiai eventually succumbed to the temptations of her own experiments and has since abandoned Halo'a, her new appearance masking who she used to be. Feeling as though her former self is not her true self anymore, Eiai has complicated feelings in regards to the Keeper. Already having crossed a line she promised to never cross, she doesn't currently plan to see him again.

The Hated

Razalude Zehrotua (Deceased) "Ever since I was small, I couldn't wait until the day I could finally claw that stupid smile off your fucking face. I'll burn you into nothing!"

A Garlean prodigy who worked alongside her parents before she was even born, Razalude held no remorse for any of the sick experiments he had conducted on Eiai and on others, always smiling. That smile is burned into her mind, and it truly makes her feel a rage boil inside. Eiai wished for nothing more than to destroy him with her own claws, but she bided her time, waiting until he made his move.

The Garlean became reckless, caught in his arrogance and confidence. He'd completed the project and turned Eiai into a dragon, but it ultimately cost him his life. Many of Eiai's friends came to retrieve her and save the girls he'd captured for his experiments, set on fire by Nesrin and left to be devoured by Keloch. Nothing of him remains, aside from the research he'd left behind...

V'myka Nunh / The Vulture Tribe "[WIP]"



Vindi Raysa "[WIP]"


Seiun Uyagir "She betrayed me... I just... I..."

Eiai wasn't sure how to feel about the other Xaela at first, mainly because Seiun seemed so... Proper and posh, in a way. But she quickly realized that Seiun wasn't the snobby type or anything, so it was easy for them to get along. She maintained a pretty favorable relationship with her, though that had been tested throughout their joined experience with the Garlean doctor. She had no intention of hurting her-- In fact, Eiai wanted to protect her, feeling guilt when Seiun lost the ability to use her legs... This changed recently when Seiun and her boyfriend drugged her and left her to be taken by the doctor. She believes Seiun betrayed her and lured her out to attack her. Eiai fully intended to murder her... But she was stopped before she could.

Keloch Buduga "[WIP]"


Raphael Delarue "[WIP]"


Lior Emrys "..."

Eiai has encountered the Archmagister more than a few times, but every time she does, she finds herself incredibly intimidated and mildly terrified. (He seems to have that effect on a lot of people anyway.) She had trouble fully accepting his ideals and often doubted his true intentions, but after finally getting a chance to speak with him on a personal level, she was edging closer to understanding. But still, he did not earn her loyalty in any way. The fact that he had some control over her ex-husband was always a source of hatred towards him, as well as the fact that he expected her to sacrifice her son if necessary for the cause.

Sa'ran Kha "Eh."

Sa'ran was Eiai's assigned mentor when she finally joined the Collective. Eiai considered her to be pretty solid guidance for her, impressed by her alchemic compounds that seemed to be useful for quite a number of things. Sa'ran took Eiai under her wing as requested, teaching her the basics of alchemy and-- despite Eiai messing up a few times and destroying her very expensive machine-- was a very gentle and understanding teacher. Eiai thought of her as an incredibly strong woman, especially after witnessing her walk off some terrible injuries way too many times to count. Their relationship seems strained to Eiai now after she left the Collective.

Jebei Dotharl "You won't to save me anymore if the world ends, huh? Funny. I don't think I asked to be saved!"

Eiai hated Jebei for a very long time since coming to the Collective-- childishly finding him to be Hizu's main persecutor and a person that she had no chance of defeating, even if she really wanted to. It was frustrating for her, being unable to protect Hizu from the Dotharl, especially when he plucked Hizu's eye out and ate it right in front of her. She continuously hoped for the worst for him and it came to a head when she was convinced that he had killed Hizu. She planned to take revenge on him through his wife and constantly antagonized them. But then it was revealed that Jebei had actually saved Hizu... And everything was different from then on. Eiai finally gained an appreciation for the man... And respect. She was grateful to him, but she hasn't forgotten the grim last words he gave to her as she parted ways from the Collective.

Tahni'sae Farreihm "He's out there... I guess?

Finding the large Miqo'te to be somewhat unapproachable, Eiai was always aware of him but had difficulties figuring out how to talk to him as well. She only knew of his 'rage' and that he had an incredible strength that she wasn't about to mess with. There were a few occasions where Sae had approached her with concern for her well-being, which was a pleasant surprise for her, seeing as how she had a hard time reading him and didn't think he would care... But on the day she tried to jump from a high place in the Forelands, Sae's attempt to save her showed her that he did care for her. After everything, Sae made an effort to speak to her more and she eventually learned about Rae- his other self within him. Eiai was fond of both Sae and Rae, but Eiai hasn't spoken to either of them in a long time. The last thing she remembers of him was him lashing out at her in frustration, so Eiai is no longer particularly fond of the man.



Miqo'te men
Lavenders, Mist Lilies, plants
Interior decorating
Adult toys
Her husband
Her children


Being alone
Having to wear a lot of clothes... ESPECIALLY PANTS.
Law and Order


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Swinging between Neutral and Evil)
Vice(s): Easy to read, emotional, liar
Favorite Food: Fried Chocobo
Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk
Favorite Color: Ink Blue, White, Lavender


Common Rumors

"Ugh, she must be a slut or something, always showing so much skin and never wearing any pants. Even if it's cold out! No wonder she has so many Tias following her around. She must spread her legs for all of 'em."
"I heard she went around askin' random people for drugs! Is she insane or what?"
"She never shuts up about dragons! Dragon this, dragon that! What a dragon nerd!"

Moderate Rumors

"She dragged a poor little blonde Raen girl by the hair through Thal once. Wonder what she did to make her so mad...?"
"There was one time she went on a rampage, screaming about how she'd kill this one guy for burning one of her catteboys... She's an obsessive one, isn't she..."
"I saw her dressing up as a guy sometimes. Even using glamours and something to make her voice deeper!"

Rare Rumors

"Doesn't she have a weird halfbreed child with a Nunh?"
"Heard whispers about how she brought dead men back to life out there in Thanalan. I'd stay away, if I were you."

PC Rumors'

"She owns pants. I've -seen- them, with my own two eyes! Don't let her convince you otherwise. They're real, she just stubbornly chooses to avoid them." - Kiyokage Mizuhiki
"I must... painstakingly admit I do enjoy her company. She is a good person... I think." - Karna Malaguld

Abilities and Skills


Conjurer (Twisted): Eiai was naturally talented at healing magicks, probably due to her birth parents personal experimental work on her. She began training as a conjurer in the Conjurer's Guild from a young age and has a lot of experience healing people aetherically. She had gained a major boost in her skill thanks to the experiments the Garlean conducted on her.

Currently, her strange aether has made her healing attempts... Result in the opposite. Trying to channel her aether into healing doesn't work the same as it used to and can be very painful to any she attempts to heal. She's not sure why it's like this now and finds it to be inconvenient, but hasn't had much time to work on fixing it.

Aethersight: Due to the experiment, her aether is now centered in her eyes and she can see... A little too much. She can see people's aether, illnesses, flaws, scars... It took her a long time to gain control of it and has learned how to switch it off and on. However, using it too much can still overwhelm her and wear her down aetherically and mentally. She wears a magicked mask to help her focus it most of the time.


Claws/Close Combat: She relies on brute strength and her very sharp claws usually do the trick when it comes to fighting.
Dragoon/Lance: If her claws and fangs don't do the trick, Eiai will employ the use of her scythe and Dragoon skills. Very small and VERY evasive, also able to jump very high and her piercing dives usually end in firey explosions.


(Note: Many of the pictures in this gallery depict Eiai's previous Raen appearance which has been retconned. All art is by me unless stated otherwise!)


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