Elaine Ellesmere

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Eyes the color of a stormy ocean, Elaine's stares are intense and soul-stripping. Often straight-faced, tight lipped frowns and furrowed brows on occasion cloud her fair complexion while the corners of her mouth turn down in dissatisfaction and questioning. Well-built if not dainty in stature, she prefers practicality over frivolous pieces of clothing, giving her an unapproachable look. Passing her in the small confines of taverns, she is unlikely to acknowledge other people. 

Height: 5 fm 4 im
Weight: 120 pz
Hair Color: Rich blue with scarlet ombre
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Fair
Scale Color: (Etc)


An unsealed envelope rests upon her desk, its contents strewn about in disarray. One deliberately crumpled missive reads as follows:

Iliana Rem Athelmear, former commander of the XIIth legion's ninth cohort; whereabouts unknown. Though native to a territory subjugated by the Empire, Commander Athelmaer was the undisputed and highly regarded leader of the ninth division cohort. After a widely successful career as a senior military officer, Iliana was heinously betrayed by the Empire, refusing to pay for her brother's treatment for a terminal illness, claiming it to be too inconsequential for them to pay heed to. When the young man, Marcus, died, the Commander fell into a downward spiral. She dismissed all 100 of the troops in her unit, and soon found herself plagued by ptsd induced alcoholism and insomnia, until the day she simply vanished. Investigations are ongoing, though it is speculated that she may have died in a squirmish in a disputed territory. Recently however, a report obtained from a foreign emissary has described a woman fitting the Commander's description freelancing as a guard in Uldah under the moniker, "Elaine of Ellesmere". Further scrutiny will be given the matter forthwith. The act of betraying the Empire gives only one reward: death.

The name signed to the letter appears to have been furiously scribbled out.


- Stoic: A veritable fortress of callous repose, few have had the pleasure of seeing her smile--or expressing any reaction other than dutiful compliance.

- Contemplative: She chooses her words carefully and after some thought. When she isn't speaking, she's taking in her surroundings.

- Nurturing: Elaine does not care for company, be they man or beast. However, those that have found themselves under her care find her to be doting to a fault and unduly protective of her charges.

- Confidential: Elaine's business is her own business. Don't ask, she won't tell. Ask, and she still won't tell. But if you give up your business, it stays with her.

- Mellow: Only under dire circumstances will she raise her voice.

- Empathetic: Deeply does she feel the pain of those who are suffering. When it is within her power, she readily offers her aide.

- Unfiltered: Rarely and with those that have gained her trust, she will speak impulsively, uttering the first thought that crosses her mind.

- Naive/Awkward: Despite her outwardly rigid nature, she is unskilled at dealing with the delicate emotions of others. Not only is she unable to accurately discern between a joke and a serious statement, she readily grows flustered when it becomes evident she has been fooled.

- Disturbed: As a result of her time spent in the Imperial army, she very rarely suffers from severe paranoic episodes triggered by her PTSD. It is possible however, that if she focuses on her breathing, she can ignore the hallucinations and the voices of innocents, reaching from beyond their graves to drag her to the depths of hell. All she has to do is breathe. Just breathe.


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Ul'dah-transparent.png Elaine Ellesmere
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Uldah
Server Diabolos
Alignment Lawful Good
Age 32
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames The toothless dog