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! <div style="font-family:Georgia; font-size:14px; font-variant:small-caps;"><b>Birth and childhood <i>(0-10)</i></b></div>
! <div style="font-family:Georgia; font-size:14px; font-variant:small-caps;"><b>Birth and childhood <i>(0-10)</i></b></div>
| <div style="font-family:Georgia; font-size:13px;"> [[File:GridaniaArt.jpg|200px|thumb|left]]Fayne was the first born of three. Born in Gridania proper makes her a Gridanian citizen. Being born hyuran was nothing special. She was raised with a normal life, meeting other young hyur and elezen children to make friends with and often babysat by their parents while both her mother and father worked. Her brother and sister, twins, were born nearly three years after her, also Gridanian citizens, so she's had to share her parents almost her whole life. Sharing isn't anything new to her anymore. Shortly after the twins were born the entire family moved to Limsa Lominsa, her father having joined the Maelstrom. Fayne and her siblings were raised there in the city, getting schooling from their mother at home. They lived a fairly normal life, her father Alden, providing for the family. When Fayne turned ten winters old she was presented with her first bo staff from her father. The little hyuran girl couldn't believe it, she was insanely excited.</div>
| <div style="font-family:Georgia; font-size:13px;"> [[File:GridaniaArt.jpg|200px|thumb|left]]Fayne was the first born of three to a happy hyuran couple. She was born in the city of Gridania and was raised with a normal life, meeting other children to make friends with, and was often babysat by those children's parents while her own parents worked. Her brother and sister, twins, were born nearly three years after her, also Gridanian citizens, so she's had to share her parents almost her whole life. Sharing wasn't anything new to her after the twins were born. Shortly after the twins were born the entire family moved to Limsa Lominsa, her father having joined the Maelstrom. Fayne and her siblings were raised there in the city, getting schooling from their mother at home. They lived a fairly normal life while her father, Alden, provided for the family. As with any military, however, Alden was not home as often as any family oriented person would like to be. Because of this, Fayne did grow closer to her mother while growing, but also began showing signs of rebellion towards her but not her father. Perhaps this was because her mother, Mindred, was around just a little too often, or was more clingy than was intended. When Fayne turned ten winters old she was presented with her first bo staff from her father. The little hyuran girl couldn't believe it, she was incredible excited and ready to learn the same skills as her father.</div>

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Fayne Firestar
Fayne ID.png
"Just shut up and die already!"
Fayne Firestar
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Gridania
Guardian Llymlaen, The Navigator
Nameday 13th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Age 28 Cycles
Marital Status Married to Dante Redstone
Occupation Courier


Fayne Firestar was born hyuran, but even after an unfortunate turn of events to change her into an Au Ra not much has actually changed about her as a person. She just has horns now.

Fayne is a light hearted, usually friendly Auri Xaela girl. When first met she can seem a bit out going and maybe even rude. She always means well, sometimes she just doesn't know. Once she has befriended you is when she lets out her true, quirky, and often odd self and often admits just how uneducated she actually is. (This is of no fault of her parents. She just has a short attention span and memory.) She considers herself easy to get along with and open minded. Those who know her might consider her to be too kind hearted and easy to manipulate. Never cross this woman, however. She will come at you with a vengeance and often times not think about the consequence. If she didn't think while she was in a good mood then she has completely lost her mind after becoming enraged and will say/do things that she often regrets later.

The Au Ra was born a hyur in Gridania, but spent most of her life growing up in Limsa Lominsa. There, she was home schooled by her mother. She always looked up to her father, who was a military man for the Maelstrom. She was taught under her father how to wield a bow-staff, but never had any desire to join the ranks of any military. At a young age she left her sea home for her original roots to learn more about the pole-arm in Gridania and the Lancer's guild. She lived there alone for a time, until her younger brother joined the Maelstrom himself. She returned home to her mother and eventually began working for the grand companies as a freelancer and hunter. That was until she became a little too close with the Sahagin. The Coral Tridents took her and with the help of their primal, Drowned her into serving Leviathan. Though instead of killing her, Fayne's girlfriend at the time, Kailee Ivicus, took her captive of her own accord and kept her safe in her basement until they could figure out a way to save Fayne from her tempering. With some cautious help from some voidsent, Kailee found a solution in a fantasia potion, which changed Fayne's entire composition and saved her from her tempering. She has since moved to both work for and marry Dante Redstone, a man who saved the newly transformed woman from her sorrows after breaking up with her then girlfriend. Her dream of becoming a Dragoon has also fallen into place for the woman, after her work with the Centurio Clan was noticed and her deeds in saving a noble from House Dzemiel awarded her the honor.

The ship wreck of a person is now a mother, and a rather proud one at that. She's still rather rash and doesn't think too far ahead of time, but the experience of bearing a child has had a rather strong effect on her train of thought. She's now very protective of her children, and because of that she has become that much easier to piss off. Though around her children she's probably the softest woman you've ever met. At least until they grow up.


Fayne is a punky, 'do what I want' kind of girl. She dresses for herself and surrounds herself with people that either don't care, or agree with her style. She loves to dye and change her hair style often, and wears (what she considers) heavy eye make-up. She doesn't like heavy armor or dresses, and is usually found in a shirt and vest, a sash around her waist, long pants and boots. She likes to move around a lot so loose clothes are better, though she has been seen walking around in tighter clothes to show off her figure. She has a tan to her skin from spending a good amount of time in the sun. Fayne keeps herself fit so she doesn't loose the small, toned belly she has worked so hard for. She might have a small fascination with piercings. Without ears she takes to dressing up her horns, and has pierced her lip (snake bites).

Height: 5 Fulms 2 Ilms
Weight: 160 pnz
Complexion: Tan, like she's in the sun a lot. Ebony scales blot her skin, acting similar to smooth alligator scales.
Hair: Usually blue and mint green. Naturally black.
Eyes: Blue. Illuminatingly light blue limbal rings around the edges.
Particular Traits: Her canine teeth are sharper than average. Snakes bite piercings on her lips. Lightning scars on her left shoulder and right hip/thigh.
Voice: Mild and appealing, though not made for singing.
Clothing style: Whatever she's most comfortable in, usually something with a sash at her waist.


Open-minded. Dense. Lewd. One might think Fayne is nothing but an easy bang on a lonely Ul'dahn night, but Fayne has gradually bettered herself to sleeping with less people. Ever since she began seeking real companionship and has since gotten married, she's now actually fairly selective about who she sleeps with. If anything it seems she's become quite monogamous now-a-days. Though that doesn't stop her from flirting with everyone she meets. She considers herself an open-minded person, not one to judge another for what they like or don't like, and thinks of herself as a pretty easy-going, easy to get along with person. Though she knows she can be quick to anger, and can be far too dense to do anything about it once she reaches a point. (She doesn't have the highest faith in herself when it comes to her own smarts either).

Protective. Motherly. Soft. Ever since the birth of her daughter, Ruby, Fayne's personality has changed a bit. But only by a bit. Catch the girl on her own and she'll probably still try to flirt with you. But mention or come near her daughter or son, she becomes a completely different person. She might be a little hesitant to let you hold her baby, and she will risk her own life to make sure her children are safe. Alone in the bedroom she is never one to just tap and run. Instead she'll hang around until the next morning or longer, if allowed, and do her best to take care of her partner. Even if it's only for a night.


Dante Redstone
Ruby Redstone
Sapphire Redstone
Sparring/combat practice
Dying her hair, a lot Wigs
Playing dress up, including painting up her horns/scales
Make up
Earrings (Horn clasps) or piercings in general
The night sky


Being bound in anyway - she needs to be able to move.
Being Alone
Being Stagnant
Being caught dancing when she thought she was alone (That's just embarrassing!)


Color: Blue
Food: Meat
Drink: Rolanberry Lassi
Place: The waters of Costa Del Sol


Spending time with her children
Watching Dante be a dweeb
Dancing in secret
Spending time gambling and playing games at the Gold Saucer


Strong (Physically)
Touchy (Physically, loves to snuggle)
Mindful (tries to be)


She would tell you everything about her is a flaw
Hardheaded or stubborn
Touchy (Mentally - She doesn't know how to handle being called out)
Short attention span
Can hold a grudge


Being unable to protect those she loves
Losing everyone she loves because of her own foolishness
Being alone
Becoming dumber than her kids.


Body Language
Long range melee combat


Kinesthetic (She learns physically, IE. touch and action).
Short-term memory
Grade school level of reading/writing
Mono-lingual (common)
Basic knowledge of leather working
Limited knowledge of aether
Weapon skills in polearms and bo-staffs
Weapon skills in chakrams


None specifically. She will pray to whatever god will listen.
Questioning the existence of gods at all.



Ffxiv 02272019 183557 627.png
String was a gift from Novv himself after all of her help with Sahagin's clutch and bringing them closer to working together with the Maelstrom against The Coral Tridents. String has become a very important love of Fayne's and wouldn't replace him for the world.


Ffxiv 02272019 184539 166.png
Nickname: Little Shit
Zero is a whiley little ferret that was gifted to Fayne by Dante, after he found that giving her a companion of her own would be highly beneficial. And it was. Now the little trouble maker fights with watches over the children.


Ffxiv 02272019 185201 366.png
Fayne was assined a chocobo when she began working for the Dragoons in Ishgard. Luckily for her it was a chocobo she already knew. Ghost was her chosen chocobo whenever she was hunting for the Centurio Clan. She was allowed to give a suggestion of what chocobo she wanted and Ghost was the only one she mentioned. The Order of Dragoons was kind enough to reward her with him.



Nicknames Fay, Faybe, Faybay, Faynie Fanicus, Faybaybay, Fabby
Current Residence The Skyforge Sirens free company house (Goblet Ward 2, Plot 12), Her own boat house in La Noscea (Apartment in Mist Ward 4, Appartment 053), and the family home in the Mist. (Dante's personal house. Mist Ward 13, Plot 11)




Fayne is skilled in many different forms of combat, though her favorite is with chakrams. She can go one on one with another in a fist fight, she has used axes, has been using a pole-arm for as long as she can remember, and is learning the art of dance. Despite some failures, Fayne does consider herself a well rounded combatant and able to easily adjust to new fighting styles. She is less of a thinker and this is what gets her in trouble, but she does her best to learn from her own mistakes.


Broadsword (Beginner)
Axe (Skilled)
Cane (Novice)
Fists (Expert)
Lance (Expert)
Bow and Arrow (Beginner)
Chakrams (Expert)


Conjury (Novice)
Thaumaturgy (Beginner)


Ffxiv 02272019 185723 595.png
Fayne has gone through many a different lances but none have ever been more of a custom fit than DragonSlayer. He was commissioned by Fayne from former leaders of The Celestial Forge who knew her well enough to make this weapon personally for her. DragonSlayer goes with her on all of her trials, Dragoon or otherwise. He has pierced and killed many dragons, including the one that earned Fayne the privilege of becoming a Dragoon.


Fayne Firestar 10 10 2019 21 40 24.jpg
Fayne is skilled in many different forms of combat, to include hand to hand combat. One has to know how to protect themselves when all other options are out of reach (or you don't really want to kill anybody). Being a very physical fighter, getting up close and personal is never a problem for Fayne.


Fayne Firestar 10 10 2019 21 43 57.jpg
Fayne received Heartgold and Soulsilver from her counterpart of The First, when Faye (her counterpart) came to the Source and taught Fayne how to become a proper dancer and become a deadly warrior with her natural skill. Fayne has always found a passion in dancing, and so has used this drive and her new found magickal abilities to her advantage.


Birth and childhood (0-10)
Fayne was the first born of three to a happy hyuran couple. She was born in the city of Gridania and was raised with a normal life, meeting other children to make friends with, and was often babysat by those children's parents while her own parents worked. Her brother and sister, twins, were born nearly three years after her, also Gridanian citizens, so she's had to share her parents almost her whole life. Sharing wasn't anything new to her after the twins were born. Shortly after the twins were born the entire family moved to Limsa Lominsa, her father having joined the Maelstrom. Fayne and her siblings were raised there in the city, getting schooling from their mother at home. They lived a fairly normal life while her father, Alden, provided for the family. As with any military, however, Alden was not home as often as any family oriented person would like to be. Because of this, Fayne did grow closer to her mother while growing, but also began showing signs of rebellion towards her but not her father. Perhaps this was because her mother, Mindred, was around just a little too often, or was more clingy than was intended. When Fayne turned ten winters old she was presented with her first bo staff from her father. The little hyuran girl couldn't believe it, she was incredible excited and ready to learn the same skills as her father.
Teen Years (10-16)
Image courtesy of Drakel on YouTube.
As Fayne grew older she learned how to use said bo staff from her father. Alden was a proclaimed expert, and under his training Fayne grew quite skilled with it, along side her brother once he turned ten winters old. However her brother took a higher interest in following his father's footsteps. He wanted to join the military and be just like his father. Fayne on the other hand wanted to live leisurely, and take her time deciding what she wanted to do. She was in no rush to decide who she was going to basically give her life to. She otherwise grew up healthily and happily. Her parents were kind, though strict on her. She fought with her siblings but who doesn't? However the time to live peacefully was short lived. When Fayne was sixteen her father was sent to war to the Battle of Carteneau. Aldwin, Fayne's younger brother, was more than willing to join in the fight. Surely the militia would have had him as well, seeing how large this war had become. But his father convinced him to stay. "You are going to be the man of the house. It is up to you to protect the family here at home." No one was happy about it, but at least Fayne got to keep her younger brother. Then the lesser moon, Dalamud, fell. She hadn't heard from her father since then.
Teen years (16-19)
Gridania 011.jpg
After the fall of Dalamud and no word from her father, Fayne decided she needed get up and live her own life. Her father wasn't coming back and she was the eldest in the family. With her mother working more than ever Fayne needed to do something to help. She had decided to put her skills with the bo staff to use. Though she was far from mastering the style. And with Aldyn gone there was no one to really teach her. So she decided to leave home and become a member of the lancers guild, where they could teach her more. Her mother, Mindred, was none too keen on the idea. She didn't want her little baby to leave. She was only 16. Though Fayne figured that was plenty old enough to get up and start living on her own. Besides she needed to do something and this was really the only thing she could do. She was no good at any craft.

Against her mother's wishes Fayne returned to her birthplace to learn the polearm, combining it with her skill of the bo staff, at the lancer's guild. This caused a strain between her and her mother, but Fayne knew in her heart she was doing something good. She was also doing something she loved.

Fayne quickly found that living alone in the barracks made her lonely and homesick, having grown up with two siblings close to her age and on the sea where just about everyone was pretty tight knit. She tried being social, though the relationships never lasted long. There was just something about the elezen in Gridania that Fayne could never quite get past. For three years the hyur kept in contact with her family, learning of her brother joining the Maelstrom once he became sixteen summers. This scared the woman to death, never knowing what became of her father. What would become of her younger brother? What if another war happened? After only three short years of training Fayne returned to Limsa Lominsa to stay with her family for a time before her brother left. She tried to get as much time as she could with him, as she might have never seen him again. She stayed home to keep her mother and sister company and taking on odd jobs and hunts to pay for a small boat house that she would dock there in Limsa Lominsa so she could be near her mother, should anything happen.
With the help of her mother she was able to put a down payment on a small boat house. This was good, in Fayne's opinion. She was back home in Limsa Lominsa, she would be living on the ocean that she loved so dearly, but she didn't have to stay home with her mother who she still had a slight strained relation with. Her mother wasn't too pleased with Fayne taking on these odd jobs, knowing most of them were dangerous. It was scary for mother to see not only her husband gone, but two of three of her children were putting themselves in harms way. However they were adults and Midred let them do as they pleased. What could she do? She did make sure Fayne promised to keep herself alive and well. Taking on hunting marks from the grand companies Fayne became something of an adventurer. The hyur was able to travel all around Eorzea. This led the woman to meeting some very interesting people. She made plenty of relationships, though none of them ever lasted very long. In fact, most of them one-nighters. Her friendships in general lasted this way for a short while, until she met a blond thaumaturge who needed a place to stay.
The Forge
Ffxiv 04182014 060758.png
At around twenty years of age Fayne met one Paradyme Capellago on the docks of Limsa Lominsa. A homeless thaumaturge who Fayne very generously took in until he was able to get back on his feet. While living with her Fayne found herself growing close to Para. They became deep, close friends, someone she thought she could never lose. She could only assume he felt the same way about her. Or maybe she hoped it more than anything. The two of them worked together on odd jobs, Fayne taught him how to hide his natural hair with hair dye, and Para taught her what it was like to have a lover. Though nothing was ever made official between the two of them. Perhaps they felt it was better for them to just stay friends. Unfortunately for them it meant hardship to come once the man was able support himself again. He left the boat house, leaving Fayne alone once again. But what was she supposed to do? He was his own man. She couldn't be angry or sad. This was their agreement.

About a cycle later Fayne had docked her boat next to a lovely Miqo'te couple, named Nel and Isilme Turuphant, and their lovely young daughter named Ilyanna. The hyur learned that they were the founders of the Celestial Forge, a free company dedicated to helping the land of Eorzea and its people. The adventurer grew to know them well, visiting them often both at the Forge and their personal home. They offered her pay to help with jobs dealing with the Forge, and occasionally babysitting their daughter. Luckily for them Fayne loved children, and little Ilyanna was a perfect angel. She had been taught well. At the same time Fayne was a freelancer, taking on odd jobs around the Forge and still taking on hunt marks for the grand companies. While working for the Celestial Forge the freelancer-turnned-babysitter found work helping the Sahagins as well. Clutchfather Novv and his clutch specifically. She grew close to them, forming a friendship with the clutch eventually becoming a clutchmate herself, bringing the Sahagin beastmen and the Maelstrom to being closer allies. However, the Coral Tridents, a separate tribe of Sahagin, did not find Fayne so amusing.

Ffxiv 09102014 185041.png
It was through the Forge that she met Kailee Ivicus. They met on a mission to study voidsent, which came to a not so optimal end on account of Fayne herself, completely ruining the entire mission. Moons later they met again. Kailee was a free company leader herself, dedicated to teaching others of their own magickkal talents and researching things that some might have questioned as... immoral. The Forge had decided to help Kailee through a critical time, one that had nearly killed her. Fayne felt absolutely powerless and pointless for this "mission" as well. She could do nothing but watch as the Forge worked critically under pressure, saving Kailee before she could think to do anything. Mindless battle was more of her strong point, not thinking. With the mission over the red headed woman needed support still to help her get through the night. Fayne, feeling ever lonely and wanting to help somehow invited her to stay with her on her boat. This was something hard for Kailee to do, though Fayne at the time knew not why. Though Fayne did her best to comfort and sooth the other hyur in her time of need. Fayne quickly fell for the redhead, and decided not to let her go. She wouldn't let this one end up like all her other relationships. Fayne stayed close to her since then, visiting Kailee at her home in the Goblet quite often and taking her on dates. She knew the woman had a sort of fear of La Noscea, and worked to help her though that as well.

Moons later the lancer finally met the third founder of the Celestial Forge while visiting Nel and Isilme. Even though she never saw Nel or Isilme that day, she did get to know this new Miqo'te named Miya Sha. Miya had clearly been though some sort of fight and seemed to have lost her memory. All Fayne could gather was that she had been gone for a very long time and something dreadful happened, though it seemed not even Miya knew what. She was willing to show Fayne her broken spear, that needed more than just tinkering to fix. The blue Miqo'te mentioned how important the spear meant to her, even if she never said the words exactly, it was clear on her face. Through this interaction alone, her willingness to show something so sacred, Fayne found herself easily forming a bond with the Miqo'te. She took to calling her her lance-sister very quickly. This seemed to bring great joy to the seemingly broken woman. Fayne offered to let Kailee have a look at it, who agreed to see what could be done about it.

During this time Fayne's dear friend Paradyme had become very ill, having gone through a lot in their two years apart. Paradyme had found a few other lovers, recently settling with white haired Hyuran woman and having a child with her. Though Fayne was never formally introduced to the mother, Paradyme now needed a babysitter on occasion. Keeping in contact with Fayne, he knew he had done some babysitting for the Turuphants and decided she was perfect for the job. Fayne did not oppose the idea, she loved that she would be able to care for another darling child. Though this one was much younger, she found no trouble with the darling Dawn, Paradyme's new little girl. The only difficulty was learning how to care for a blind baby. Fayne quickly overcame the challenge, being sure to use lots of sound and touch to help the baby learn. Deciding to visit him on a whim one day, Fayne found Paradyme on the floor on the upper level of his house, something very wrong with him. There was black ooze everywhere. Fayne, again not a thinker, had no idea what to do and readied a call over the Forge linkpearl. Surely someone there could help her. A few short moments later Paradyme's girlfriend at the time and mother of Dawn arrived as well, a woman named Lilliana. Paradyme, with the help of the two women, was able to stabilize long enough that the girls might get to know each other better. Fayne learned that during their time apart Paradyme had grown quite attached to this woman. Unfortunately, it seems, that was the extent of her friendship with Lily.

Fayne never fully understood what was going on with her friend, other than something from the voidsent was what was causing the problems. Knowing nothing of magick or the Void, Fayne was powerless to help.
Leviathan’s Thrall
Ffxiv 12132014 123822.png
Drowned sketch.jpg
It was shortly after her interaction with this black ooze of Para's that Fayne fell. During an investigation of her own devices Fayne was captured by the Coral Tridents and was "drowned", becoming a thrall to their god, Leviathan. It was her birthday, having just turned twenty-three. She miss missing for weeks, working alongside the Coral Tridents in their attempts to do away with the Maelstrom. Paradyme was the first to find her while out on a mission of his own. Confused and concerned he was glad to have finally found his old friend! At first, he didn't realize what had become of his dear friend until a thorough questioning, and he was forced into a battle with her if only to defend his own life. The fight between two old, close friends was too one sided. Fayne easily overpowered the thaumaturge who, in this fight, held back far too much. Trying out his new-found skill in being a pugilist he refused to use any magick on her. This was his mistake. He lost, wounded to a point near death. With the help of the black ooze he had been cursed with he was able to return home where he received aid and, as soon as he could, warned the Celestial Forge about Fayne and what had become of her. Kailee caught word and arrived to her location first, knowing full well what would happen. That things would not end peacefully. Isilme, Paradyme, and Liliana arrived moments later, though it was already decided how the interaction would turn out. Another battle ensued between only Fayne and Kailee, the lovers. The battle was once again very one sided. Only this time Kailee had the upper hand, using her special way of twisting magicks to better benefit her. This time Fayne lost, being frozen by her own blood nearly to death. Fayne was brought back to Kailee's lab, where she sat while Kailee worked endlessly to find some way to break this tempering. The drowned looking hyur was locked down there for moons on end. Though she was never tortured, only starved if only to make her cooperate. She was not alone, either. A mission was set up to acquire another tempered soul, this time a man under Ifrit's persuasion. This man was not so lucky, he could only wish starvation was his only treatment. Fayne watched the man go through numerous experiments, some painful. A solution was finally found; a fantasia with the assumption that perhaps the tempering clung to Fayne's hyuran aspect and that maybe by changing her race she could return to normal. Though fantasias were scarce, and Kailee did not know the formula to make one. A few moons passed, and the scientist could not find a recipe that would work. Kailee went to obtaining the recipe through... undesirable means. She found that the ingredients needed were more complex and questionable, at best. Some needed to be so fresh, she waited until the last possible moment to begin brewing her first batch of the potion. It would about a week for the brew to finish. With only three days left, everything seemed lost when a gift was presented to Kailee. Miya had returned, offering a barb from the Whorl Eater himself. Both Fayne and Kailee were thrown into an uproar, one of rage and fear respectively. Fearing the brewed fantasia was now tampered with, Kailee was quickly rid of the barb and dismissed the Miqo'te, now needing to find some way to brew the potion faster, before things became worse for not only Fayne, but herself. Another solution was found in Kassandra Dawn, an alchemist with questionable means. She was able to brew the fantasia with the questionable ingredients in only two days.
An Experiment
Arui Fayne.png
With two vials of fantasia now in hand, Kailee returned to her own lab and fed the tempered man the first. He was taken down and captured by Kailee and a team she had gathered some moons before to work as a test subject before using anything on Fayne. Fayne was the only important factor to Kailee. The man, weary and beaten from Kailee's experiments, put up no fight and drank the first bottle willingly, hoping it was some kind of poison. Shortly there after he grew not only in inches, but horns and a tail, similar to that of the Auri that had recently taken refuge in Eorzea. When he opened his eyes again he recalled his life before his tempering, and even after, though he pledged no allegiance to Ifrit, his former god. He claimed to remember seeing Ifrit. He remembered Ifrit calling to him, but he had no gods to worship now. Especially after what he had been through, and that he was no longer the man he used to be. In an absolute rush Kailee took the second bottle and immediately tried to give Fayne drink. With the help of Dante, a member to the Forge, Kailee held down Fayne. The hyur did put up a fight, having nearly all of her energy having never been touched, just starved. Kailee had to force feed her own girlfriend the second potion. Something made Fayne drink it, though it's still not sure what. She went through the same transformation, growing horns on her head, scales in patches on her body, and even a tail from her spine. When she opened her eyes she had bright limbal rings around her usual blue eyes. The now Au Ra almost immediately broke down in tears, only beaten to it by Kailee herself.

Things began slowly returning to normal after that. Fayne reintroduced herself to old friends, showing what had become of her after six moons of being gone. Few were able to believe it was her at first. She was even able to catch up on what had been going on with their lives, both good and bad. The Celestial Forge was growing, though Paradyme... Paradyme had seen better times indeed.

Still growing used to her new attributes Fayne began to build her strength back up with lots of practice with an old bowstaff and the striking dummy in Kailee's yard. She even visited Ishgard along side Kailee while the scientist learned of a new magick. This was where Fayne learned of the Order of Dragoons. She found a minor interest in the Order, and told herself that as soon as she was strong again, she might look into joining their ranks. For the time being she was found by Aytienne and was introduced to Clan Centurio. Finding it was similar to her job before of picking up hunt marks for the grand companies she began taking up hunt marks for the Clan. This was perfect, as she was too afraid to return to the grand companies being someone completely different from who they knew in practically everything. She also feared they would never believe how she became the way she was now. However as moons went by Fayne found herself digging a monotonous trench between hunting for the Clan and returning home to Kailee, who staid at home in her lab most of the time. Fayne, for a time, thought she was okay with this. She fell more and more in love with Kailee each time she saw her. Even more so after Fayne had to be treated for an electrical wound, which Kailee promptly took care of.

Fayne's scar sheet 1.jpg
One day while Fayne was out hunting, daring to take on a mark out in the Churning Mist, the Au Ra was ambushed by a large, black dragon. It was her first time out so far away, and she knew the dangers, but she wasn't prepared to fight a full fledged dragon. She was tired after taking down a mark already stronger than what she was used to. She was no match for the dragon, and it pinned her down on the ground, nearly crushing her leg to bits. She called to the Blades of Light for help. This was a free company created by the very same Dante that helped Kailee when Fayne refused to take her fantasia. Dante was the one to answer, and came immediately to her side. He took down the dragon by surprise, though not before it let out a terrible lightning attack, electrocuting Fayne. She survived well enough, but she was burned and half crushed. Dante took her back to Kailee, who calmly handled the matter, and Fayne was left with beautiful lightning shaped scars, forever reminding the Au Ra of the encounter.

At this point it seemed like Fayne was knocked back a few steps every time she tried something. Though there was one thing she knew she couldn't mess up. Lunch with Dante, to thank him for saving her life. She thought she couldn't mess up something so simple, but she was wrong. During their conversation some feelings from Dante came to light, and Fayne came to a few realizations of her own. She couldn't return his feelings, but she began to question her own relationship with Kailee. She realized her time with the scientist was far too long in between, and even when she was at home, Kailee was always dealing with some sort of experiment or study. They almost never saw each other. Sure the time they did spend together was good, but was it worth it? Was their relationship actually going anywhere? Was Fayne going to be happy with Kailee, and was Kailee going to be happy with her? The more she thought about it, the more Fayne came to realize that maybe her and Kailee were not the best match.

She was hurt. She loved Kailee, she honestly did, and she owed the woman her life. Though now she owed Dante as well. This dumb-ass of an Au Ra was a mess up at every turn. Letting herself become tempered; relying on everyone else to save her because she was too stupid to prepare herself properly. She was too dumb to protect herself even after preparing herself, she thought. She wasn't strong enough. Kailee was such a smart woman and could do so much better than someone who constantly messed up, or couldn't even help out in the lab. Fayne was just too stupid. Even Cailin, a brilliant young Miqo'te who excelled in magick, would have been a better match for the scientist. It was a shame the kitten was already taken.

With a heavy heart, Fayne told Kailee how she felt. How she wanted to leave, to try and help the both of them. She thought it would be better for Kailee's productivity. Fayne had her own needs, as Kailee did, and she just didn't feel they could help each other anymore. Kailee did not feel the same way, and promptly rid herself of the Au Ra who caused her far too much grief. Fayne agreed, and spent the next moon trying to drown her emotions at the Quicksand.
Fayne just couldn't take the loneliness any more. Wasting her money on booze and not working to make up for it, she made a desperate call to Dante Redstone. Gods was she in a state when he got to her. He took her back to the Blades of Light Free Company house, where he gave her proper food and a proper bed, where she finally got a proper bath and a good night's rest after pouring her heart out. She missed Kailee so much, but it was her own decision and she had to live with it. She couldn't go back, now convinced that Kailee hated her. They no longer saw each other, they never once tried to get in contact with each other, and Fayne tried her best to avoid the scientist in order to keep from hurting either of them any further than she already had.

Dante was a good rock on which Fayne could find her footing again. Her life slowly came back together. She started hunting again, bringing gil back and using it to help pay back Dante and the Blades for taking her in when she needed somewhere to stay. After living with Dante for a few moons a question was brought up. "What are we?" Dante had every right to be curious. They had been intimate before, and she knew he had feelings for her, she just wasn't sure how to process her own feelings just yet. She wasn't ready to love again, but perhaps dating could help clear her mind a little better. Dante was kind enough to her already. She trusted him. She needed him.

However that trust was put to the test almost immediately. One night after a particularly bad nightmare involving Leviathan, Fayne woke up startled half to death, clinging to Dante as if he was the only shield that could protect her. He was, in a sense, as he was the one to wake her and save her from a dream she failed to wake herself up from. Worried Leviathan might have a stronger hold on Fayne than anticipated, Dante proposed an idea: Similar to Kailee's own experiment to rid the void sent in her mind cycles ago, why could they not do the same with Fayne and rid the Primal's taint from her for good? It was an impossible thought, and a seemingly impossible task, though Dante set his plans in motion regardless. He desperately wanted to help.

Dante called up an old friend, knowing full well Kailee would reject the proposal out right (due to past experience, not bitterness), Alia offered a way to do just as Dante thought. The lalafell knew of a way to project, in a sense, someone into another's mind. If she could pull it off they could essentially fight the primal and ban him from the Au Ra's mind for good. This was, of course, dangerous and not to be reproduced to the public. If anything went wrong, more than just the persons involved would not return from the fight. Dante of course volunteered to fight the Primal, no questions asked. Fayne was not comfortable with him going alone, and suggested that the Kitten, Cailin, join him in the fray. She was practically a master at white magick (in Fayne's eyes) and would be there at the very least to make sure Dante returned back uninjured.

Understanding what it meant if they failed the two agreed to go in anyway. They were given a week to prepare, including saying goodbye to family and friends.

Cailin and Dante entered into Fayne's mind to find themselves in a dream like world. Perfectly normal at first, but something was always off. A Hyuran Fayne there to greet them, which made sense. Fayne was born hyuran, and probably still saw herself as one. Though things quickly turned into a nightmare when Leviathan (or his projected hold on her mind) showed up and tried to drown the rescue team. Luckily, being only a projection, Dante's and Cailin's minds were too strong. Though they were not without a struggle. For a full day in Fayne's mind, though it only felt like hours, were the two pitted against a fight with Leviathan to free Fayne from his grasp. Upon waking up again they did not argue going right back to sleep to rest from their endeavor.

Fayne Firestar 10 30 2016 11 02 25.jpg

Moons later, after living with Dante and working a little bit for him, Fayne had begun to properly date Dante. After saving her life twice now and becoming a very close friend she grew to trust him with her entire being. She allowed herself to become close to him. Her feelings began to match those she had felt for Kailee or Paradyme. Maybe even more so. She did not doubt her love for them, though Dante's was... stronger, some how. So much so that she decided she would not let this one go. She couldn't. Not again. After moons of living together and falling in love, Fayne proposed to Dante. They were wed on the fifth sun of the Sixth Astral Moon. (11/5/16)

Fayne is not afraid to say it was the best day of her life. Surrounded by friends she loved, old and new, even some faces she was surprised to see. The Au Ra was so glad to have them all there to share the most important day of her life. The day she gave her life to Dante.

Fayne Firestar 11 05 2016 23 24 17.jpg

"I know no one saw me gettin' hitched like this. I guess I just don't seem like the kind of person. But I'm here now because I chose ye, Dante.

Dante Redstone. Ye've done nothin' but love me ever since, well, before ye ever took me into yer home. When I was washed up on the shore of loneliness with nothin', ye were there. Ye helped me through the darkest storms of my life, and saved me from drownin'.

...Yer now the best friend I could never hope fer. More than that really. I hope to stand with ye both in battle and in fun. I want to be yer's through thick and thin. No matter what. Today I hope to stand by yer side as yer wife, forever and fer always."

Fayne couldn't have been any happier. Finally she had found someone she could spend the rest of her life with. She wouldn't be lonely anymore. She had found someone who loved her for her. No matter how many times she messed up. No matter how stupid she may have been. No matter what she looked like. Dante was the home she had been searching for for such a long time. Even when she didn't know it.
Fayne Firestar 11 05 2016 23 35 53.jpg

As for the honeymoon, plans had been in the works for some time even before the wedding. Fayne had been working vigorously with the Centurio Clan to earn enough coin that they might travel safely and comfortably. Her tiny little boat house was not going to do it. So, placing it in the hands of Alia once more she set out to find a much more suitable boat for the job. She failed. Though only in that her new husband was able to find a ride much quicker than her. An old friend of his who had happened to have been docked for some time was readying to set sail once more to far off lands. Only one thing could have been more convenient, that being if his parents had miraculously docked once more after having visited so recently. Alas, no such luck, but the captain and the crew of the ship they did find was more than enough.

They were not, of course, expected to stow away with them for free. Fayne's gil was only good enough to grant them passage onto the boat. She would of course need the rest of it for activities and entertainment off of the boat wherever and whenever they decided to hit land. Dante and Fayne were both given jobs on the boat. They were to become part of the crew, as it were, to help motivate and keep spirits high. Fayne was given the job of "keeping the crew happy." Something her husband, and her reputation, said she was good at.

Their travels took them all over the Jade Sea, though the bulk of their journey was held in Othard. At the time, Doma had only recently been overtaken by the Garleans. As a result they were very cautious to enter the capital. They instead opted to explore the other parts of the country. They met some of the Xaela tribes, where Fayne was able to learn more about her new race. They explored the land for what it was worth, learned the culture, tried new things, discovered themselves and were somehow met with an old Ishgardian soldier. A retired dragoon, to be precise.

Not much is known about his character, however Fayne became very interested with him when she was offered special training. She had always been curious as to how a man could jump so high into the sky, and now she had probably the only opportunity she would to learn how to do it herself.*

*[I have to reiterate what is said below, a lot of Fayne's story is left intentionally blank for one reason or another. In this case, it is that she was sent off for me to have a hiatus from RPing with her to reduce stress in my life. She was originally going to come back as a dancer once the new expansion 4.0 was released with the assumption that Dancer was going to be released. With dancer never being announced, her fall back story of becoming a dragoon was set in motion. This part of her life will be left very vague until further development.]

After moons away from her home, Dante and Fayne finally returned to the realm of Eorzea. They took some time to readjust to their home life again, being greeted and welcomed home with a very warm, welcoming family of friends from Dante's free company. After a time however, it seemed The Blades of Light needed a little more help and man power. It seemed at the same time Kailee's potion shop was a little low on funds. Dante and Kailee had decided it would be best for the two of them to join forces and combine their efforts. They created a new free company, calling themselves Blade and Tonic. Together their free company was able to work past their differences and learn to help each other. Dante worked and handled manual labor, continuing his ideal of a free company to help Eorzea where he could. Small job and leves for the adventurous type was his forte. While at the same time Kailee found the much needed funds and location for her growing potion shop. Things were looking up for the new free company. Though maybe not the same for Fayne.

Of course there was a strain between Kailee and Fayne. Though they seemed to silently agree not to interact much unless necessary. It may have not been the healthiest of ways to deal with their discourse, but it seemed to be working well enough for things to not blow up and fall apart. The two women agreed it was best if they only worked as business partners. Kailee was not above using old relationships to further her research.
A New Dragoon
Fayne didn't think much on it, and instead threw herself into working with the Centurio Clan once again. She hunted for weeks at a time, sometimes months. The less she was around Kailee the better, she kept telling herself. Of course this began to put a strain between her and her now husband Dante. What was more stressful was Fayne's interest picking up in the Order of Dragoons once again. And at good timing too, at least for the opportunity presented to her.

While out hunting the Au Ra came across a group of knights and a noble traveling from Ishgard to the Anyx Trine on business with the dragons. Unfortunately for them, a sort of ambush was planned from a left-over member of The Hoard. A mid-sized black dragon attacked them. Fayne happened to be nearby and decided it was really time to test out her new dragoon skills as she learned them in Othard. Now was the time to prove herself, to show herself that she could be something better. To show that she could rise up above herself, and finally make up for being such a failure.

Jumping from a nearby cliff she demonstrated her new learned skills, fighting the dragon one on one without much of a thought for her own safety. The battle was short lived, though intense none-the-less. It took a few jumps to get the beast down. Though when it finally fell Fayne found herself confronted by the noble of House Dzemael. He requested her company for dinner the night he returned from his meeting with the dragons. Fayne obliged, and quite to her surprise was offered the opportunity of a life time. The opportunity to become a real Dragoon knight. She almost couldn't believe it. Though within a few short weeks she was in the hall with the rest of the Order, receiving orders and beginning her training.
Fayne Firestar 04 01 2017 00 05 38.jpg
Weeks later she received her very own Dragoon mail, the signature armor of the Dragoons. As much as she hated uniforms and armor, Fayne didn't mind this one so much.

Her only complaints were it was a little heavy, and Twelve was it fucking cold. It provided no protection from the snow, showing off her belly and thighs. Training, she found, helped with that. She had no time to stop to shiver and shake, having to constantly keep up with her jumps and exercise. The Order kept her warm enough. At least while she was working. Down time was always cold, though not because of the snow. Of the other Dragoons, a majority (if not all) of them were Ishgardian born and raised and were originally not so welcoming of the Au Ra into the realm. So naturally they were not the kindest to Fayne. Of course they didn't outright reject her, though she found no friends with them.

Things began to pile up on Fayne, stressing her out more than was necessary. She loved her new job as a dragoon, but she felt so alone at the same time. She was home when she could be, spending a month or so at a time with Dante and then spending a month or two in Ishgard or hunting for the Order of the Dragoons, which sometimes meant dragons. Time with her husband never seemed like enough, and so Dante decided it was time for a break. He took her on a nice date to help her relax, at least a little. He took her to the beach of the Mist housing area, somewhere she had missed going to. Twelve was that small date needed. Some time with her husband, dinner and drinks on the beach, a bit of swimming under the night sky. And a little extra surprise to take home.
The New Recruit
Ruby Redstone 02 18 2018 20 47 38.jpg
Shortly after their much needed vacation Dante met with a young female Au Ra named Ruby. She looked strikingly similar to Fayne, and that seemed to only jar Fayne slightly. Dante appeared completely unphased. Though Fayne had come to expect nothing bothered Dante anymore. The only real differences Fayne could spot off the bat was Ruby's green eyes and naturally brown hair. Which was strikingly similar to Dante. Hmm.

Dante had met her in Limsa Lominsa wearing... not the best clothing for adventuring or otherwise. A white t-shirt and a skirt. She approached him and asked if she could join his FC. Dante offered a position after seeing her out on the field to see what she could do, but not before taking her shopping for some better clothes. She was a pugilist; a skirt was not gear to be doing kicks and flips in. After equipping her with some proper clothes they went off on a leve together, though the shopping seemed to have had quite the effect on Ruby. There was just something about her that Dante just couldn't figure out.

Ruby was a very lovely person to be around despite how similar she looked to Fayne. She was outgoing, strong, independent, and rather mature for her age. She claimed having been raised in Limsa Lominsa though she had no obvious accent. She was also quite intelligent, seeming to know quite a bit about both magickal and physical styles of battle. Even combining the two in her own combat! She punched with explosive fire to back up her fists. Dante liked hanging out with her, and after recruiting her into Blade and Tonic began taking her out on missions with him.

Going out on missions with Ruby, while Fayne was out in Ishgard tending to her Dragoon duties, was how it was learned that Ruby was quite protective of Dante. Very much so after learning he was planning on going into Alexander for an expedition. She tried again and again to tell him not to go. Fayne was never really into the idea either, given her past experiences with primals. Though neither never really gave a good enough reason as to why not to go in. Ruby especially had no reason to offer other than "it's dangerous!" Which, of course Dante already knew. That's why it was a reconnaissance mission more than anything else. He wanted to see how Alexander worked, and maybe even find some loot to take back. He wanted to implement his findings into his own smithing at home. As far as Dante was concerned, Alexander was passive and asleep. There was no reason to fear it.
A Time with Alexander
It had been planned for a while, so Dante's idea to go into the supposedly asleep primal Alexander to search for parts and bits for the free company's air ship was a go no matter what anyone told him. Gathering up a crew of his most trusted companions (his wife Fayne, his sister Dyna, Arik, Tuli and most recently added member of the free company Ruby) he set off to Idyllshire to start the trek to Alexander. Only really Ruby and Fayne were oppose to the endeavor but went along with it anyway. There was no talking him out of it once he put his mind to something. At the very least they would have to keep themselves on high alert at all times. On top of that, Fayne didn't feel good. She had felt nauseous the entire morning. The entire week if she were honest with herself. But she had to be there for Dante's sake, so she said nothing and pretended everything was okay.

Once inside Alexander the crew did find a few good pieces to take back home. Fayne was able to keep her upset stomach under control. There was hardly any security to deter them from their mission. At least that was until Fayne accidentally dragged her hand across the wall and a button that set off all alarms. Great. Good job Fayne, messing up again. With alarms now blaring and lights going bonkers a small group of defense bots fell from the ceiling to begin extermination of whatever had trespassed. They didn't care who or what it was. It needed to be dealt with. At the same time, the door behind the crew was beginning to close. With a mad dash one by one the team headed through the closing door, Dante being sure he was the last to escape and keeping everyone else safe. The only one with a problem about it was Ruby, which did not go unnoticed by Fayne. But there was no time to argue. Seeming to be safe for the moment in the hallways of Alexander Dyna began berating whoever it was that flipped the switch. She didn't really care who it was, it was their fault and they needed to be punished for it. Now they needed to find some way out without getting killed. Fayne tried to argue but really had no strength for it. She still felt ill, and Dante was beginning to notice. So instead of arguing Dante suggested they focus their energy on finding a way out. That's what Arik was there for, as the navigator of the insides of Alexander. So looking at the map he had acquired from some gobbies and led them down a path he thought would take them out. With everyone out of the room and now on a detour down a slide of some kind they all ended up in a rather large room with nothing but the platform they had all landed-on and... a giant crystal? Unfortunately for them this was no safe space. This was in fact the heart of Alexander and battle grounds to one of the strongest defense mechanisms he had. Cruise Chaser had descended upon them, and there was no room to escape. They had no choice but to fight. And fight they did, almost to their life's expense. Ruby was the only one noticed that was truly panicking, however. During the fight Dante had become distracted, probably to help Fayne, and in his oversight missed the tell of Cruise Chaser coming down on him for a slash to the head. The only thing saving his life was Ruby calling for him with the word "Daddy!"

IMG 20170626 125206.jpg
It caught everyone off guard, but it was enough to stop Dante in his tracks and instead of becoming beheaded, was just slashed across the face. This was still enough to piss off Fayne enough to enrage her. Ignoring everything her body was telling her she charged the damn robot. If you asked her now, she would tell you she was sure everyone else helped, but all she can remember is attacking the thing with all her might and finally finishing it off with a number of jumps to the face, spine and all around the mechanical monster.

With it finally dead Fayne rushed to help her husband. Dyna rushed to him as well with the med-kit in hand. Though Dante was having no part of it as he looked to Ruby, who was still a distance off with obviously something to hide. He was angry and demanded answers. Though just as Ruby began to explain the entire crew was surrounded by a blinding light. When they could see again, they found themselves on the same platform, but surrounded by sky. It wasn't hard to notice the spirit of Alexander directly in front of them. They had been teleported to the soul of Alexander and in their shock the Primal told Ruby it was time for her to go.

With a heavy heart Ruby explained everything. How she was from the future, how she was from a future without Dante, and how it affected Fayne so badly that she had been taken over by a voidsent and everything was dark. She explained that she was their daughter and was sent back in time to try and save at least Fayne and Dante's future, though she understood it was a time parallel and her own future may not exist anymore. She was willing to do that if it meant saving her father. Before any other questions could be asked, Alexander whisked her away back to her own time, and returned everyone else back to the outside. Their mission was now complete, weather they wanted it to be or not, and Dante and Fayne were returning home with the knowledge that they were going to be parents.
Little Rubles
Week 14.png
So now Fayne was pregnant, which explained a lot of why she had been feeling sick for a while. The next nine months were going to be a trip considering Fayne had never even planned to become pregnant. But now that she was she was pretty happy about it. At least at the start. She struggled a bit along the way with the side effects of being pregnant; tired all the time, always craving food, and her hormones were running off the charts. Everything made her sad and she wanted to fuck all the time. Luckily, she had a husband to help with at least that part. Cailin was also a big part of Fayne's pregnant life. Cailin was a healer, and while she was using Fayne's opportunity to learn about pregnancies, she was also there to be a friend. She was probably the most understanding about a lot of Fayne's situation. About what happened between her and Kailee, and having a baby now. Cailin was never the judgy type, and that was what made her such a perfect midwife and friend during Fayne's hardest times.
When the Au Ra found out it wasn't a good idea for her to dye her hair though, Fayne nearly had a panic attack. She loved dying her hair. It wasn't that she didn't like her natural hair color, she just like the flamboyant colors better. But she went without, tying up her hair in buns and pony tails to keep it out of her face, letting the color fall out, not even trying to style it for... all of the nine months it seemed. She did still do her makeup, when she felt like it. Though it seemed the whole of the nine months was uneventful besides her tummy growing.

She was even blessed one day to a day of being treated like a princess. She was catered to her every need, including getting dressed that morning and being fed. Dyna and Cailin were the ones to tend to her in the beginning, until she was finally led to her husband, who had been waiting hours just to see her that day. Twelve could she be any luckier? How could Fayne, she thought, have had it so good after all she had done? At some point that love evolved into Dante getting Fayne a present. She was gifted with a new friend and companion. A ferret who she lovingly named Zero. He was dubbed the new brother of Precious Cargo, Dante's red panda. Fayne loved Zero to death and the two of them grew close rather quickly. Zero even grew quite fond of the growing baby and began growing defensive of both Fayne and Ruby. He would try to battle dance at anyone who he didn't recognize and came to close to his charge. Though he was ultimately harmless. Probably feeding off of Fayne's feelings of anyone she met. While the Au Ra was quite fat with child she was bound to her home shared with Dante. While she was bored out of her mind her husband came to bring her company. Though it was with a heavy heart that he told her he had been having nightmares about Cruse Chaser and how he had almost died. What if Ruby wasn't there to save him? Well, they already knew what would have happened. And it wasn't pretty. Dante was filled with guilt and his new face scar began to hurt, as if the thought alone was enough to remind the wound it even existed. Fayne reached up without thinking, gently gliding her thumb over the scar as if she could just touch it better. Amazingly that is exactly what happened. Dante looked at her in slight shock, telling her the pain was gone. The scar was still fresh enough, but it no longer hurt. If anything, he felt a warmth flow from her fingers, as if she had used a cure. Fayne couldn't believe him. She had never been able to use magick, or really aether at all. Even when she was hyur! She was always disoriented just porting out to a different location. How could she be using any healing magick? They went to Kailee and Cailin for some answers. Kailee could only imagine it had something to do with the baby, but seeing as how she was not allowed to run any tests or experiments, she couldn't say for sure. Though Cailin had to agree. Perhaps there was something about the baby, who had to feed off of Fayne in the first place, maybe she was feeding something back? That was all they could think was going on.

Regardless, Dante and Fayne fell more in love by the ilm of her tummy. With both the baby and each other, which they thought was impossible already. They announced it to anyone who cared, and received lots of help from Cailin and Dyna, who basically became midwives to Fayne. They became very important when baby Ruby finally arrived on the 6th Sun of the First Umbral Moon. (2/6/18)

After the birth and Fayne had had some time to recover, before returning to the Dragoons proper it was suggested that Fayne learn how to handle her new magickal ability a little better. Aurora, Dante's mother who had taught him how to use conjury, was more than willing to return to Eorzea and see her first grand-baby. Oh and to help Fayne too, of course. They worked out an agreement with Fayne that she would continue to do her Dragoon duties and while she was home, she would take classes with Aurora. In the mean time Aurora became a nanny of sorts, taking care of the baby when the two parents just needed a nights break. It was unfortunate then that not even a year after the little one's birth that war broke out between the Eorzean Aliance and Garlamald. Fayne was fortunate enough to not be called to arms of that war specifically, but her time in Ishgard was tenfold. With so many Ishgardian troops now defending Eorzea as a whole, the Dragoons were counted on as the soul defenders of Ishgard from any dragons that still harbored a hatred for Ishgard. Because of this, Fayne had been called to spend all of her time in Western Coerthas to help defend against the Dragon Hoard. Now out with her fellow Dragoons her life was put on hold. She couldn't see her husband or her baby, missing Ruby's first birthday. She had to put a pause on her white magick lessons. All she could do was practice with what she did know out in the cold, unforgiving snow of Coerthas, between fighting off any few dragons who dared tried to attack.


A Whole New Love
With the war coming to a head and the news of Zenos Yae Galvus seeming returning from the dead, the priorities of the Eorzean Alliance had changed. Fayne was sent home under the orders of resting and revitalizing herself for possible coming moons of war. Though neither the Order of Dragoons or Fayne knew what was going to come of her finally being home with her family again. Fayne spent the first night home, and many nights there after, with her husband. They were practically inseparable for weeks. Even during the day her daughter Ruby was on one hip while Dante was practically attached to the other. Of course after the initial "tension" had finally been released, Fayne took to Limsa Lominsa to have a good ol' time at her favorite watering hole The Drowning Wench.
It was during her times at The Drowning Wench that Fayne came across a very special individual that piqued her interest from the moment she laid eyes on them. This person, named Romeda, was half Lalafell and half Miqo'te. Romeda had a very hard bubble surrounding her. But Fayne was able to pierce her way through and the two had a very good night together in Fayne's inn room. It was during their time together that the two found out they had a common person of interest. Dante. Dante already knew Romeda, and somehow this made things a little easier for the three of them to get along. Over the following weeks the three of them grew closer together. Romeda gradually let her guard down around both Fayne and Dante. Though both women were pretty rough around the edges, they learned a mutual respect and care for each other. Even after they found out that Fayne had become pregnant with her second child. Even more so when they found out Romeda had become pregnant shortly after by the same man.

*Some of Fayne's background may intentionally be left undeveloped or even not there to leave room for growth. Should new ideas arise, or anyone wish to be a part of Fayne's past, the openings are there to fill.


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Nel Turuphant, Ex-Forge leader.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "A cute lass, fun and determined. A bit too little of a backbone though..."

An ex-neighbor and good friend who provided Fayne with jobs when she needed them. Mother of Ilyanna, a beautiful young Miqo'te whom Fayne occasionally babysat. While Fayne was never actually part of the Celestial Forge FC (ICly), Fayne did work for them often, Nel assigning her most of her jobs. They were also, for a small time, occasional fuck buddies.

Isilme Turuphant, "Izzy"; Ex-Forge leader.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "A good fuck... And a good fighter. Though a bit too absent to be a leader."

Lover and partner to Nel, "papa-mama" to Ilyanna, and a strong and close friend to Fayne. An excellent fighter with sword and shield, a very passionate woman, and extremely smart. She was constantly looking into Magitek engineering and other sciences. Izzy was also the occasional fuck, constantly surprising Fayne with new... toys.

Miya Sha, Ex-Forge leader.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "Hmm. A lance-sister to be sure, a strong fighter, but I think a bit too... critical of herself."

A short couple of meetings as Miya was absent from the Forge for a little while, but Fayne grew a strong bond with Miya due to a shared interest in the polearm. She has a strong hope to become a close lance sister. Though she only wishes Miya could be a little more confident in herself.

Paradyme Capellago, "Para, Para-pants".
Fayne’s Thoughts: "The boy needs to pay more attention..."

An extremely close friend and father to Dawn Capellago, an adorable baby girl she took on babysitting for a time. When Fayne first met Para he was homeless, and invited him to live with her until he could get back on his feet. When he was finally able to however, Fayne somehow regretted letting him go. Now they've both seemed to have moved on with their lives. They see each other occasionally, but otherwise keep to their own families.

Alia Bloodmoon, "Shady Bitch". (🔃$
Fayne’s Thoughts: "She's always up to somethin' and I feel like she's holdin' something over me... BUT WHAT?"

A Lalafell she met some cycles ago just after meeting Paradyme that made quite the first impression. They've kept in touch whenever their time allowed, though they have a habit of not speaking to each other for moons at a time, even though they're now working in the same free company! Perhaps Fayne is avoiding her?

Fayne’s Thoughts: "I love her! She's so happy all of the Gods damn time, and always knows how to put a smile on someone's face."

Fayne met Tuli after meeting Dante. Tuli became part of Dante's free company The Blades of Light before the company merged with Kailee's. Tuli has always been light hearted, happy, care free and some how always has cake. But Fayne knows how deadly the girl is too.

Liliana Nazareth, "Lily, Lil, Sis"; Paradyme's ex.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "Kinda like Kailee, because she likes to fuck with things she shouldn't... why do I like crazy people?"

Fayne met Lily during a very hard time in Paradyme's life while the two of them were still together. Though Fayne wishes to know Liliana a little better. What she does know of her is she is a mother to a couple of little ones, and that she is the sciencey type as well as the motherly, caring type. Lily was also there for Fayne as a midwife while Fayne was pregnant. They have since, however, fallen out of touch with each other.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "I've only really just met the lass. She seems nice though, a little quiet but not shy. I like her!"

Fayne met Jayla officially shortly after having Ruby. She had known about Jayla soley before just because she was introduced into the FC. She knew she existed, but had never formally met her. Fayne had used Jayla's library a time or two while pregnant, but after actually meeting the woman Fayne quite likes her. She is quiet, but not a shy person. And Fayne likes that.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "A bit of an odd one that lass. But she was so nice, and treated my daughter with such kindness when we met. She was a little too interested though. The staring at my baby was... well... weird."

The two of them met at a magick fair that Fayne new Para's new place of work was hosting. She decided to visit, mostly for Paradyme, but also to see if she could learn a little about magick. She met Esperia on a whim while she was staring at her baby. But she seemed nice enough, and put on a spectacular performance at the fair.

Cailin Rhaksal, "Kitten".
Fayne’s Thoughts: "Quiet, sweet, innocent lass..."

A graduate student of Kailee's. She's a nice girl, though a bit too shy for Fayne's tastes. Fayne doesn't interact with her too often with their interests just being too different. She will occasionally dye the little girl's hair. Watching her grow up has been very interesting for Fayne, though. She wasn't like most teenagers, and they had become closer friends while Fayne was pregnant as Cailin was one of her midwives. Now she's Ruby's babysitter from time to time. Such a sweet girl.

Romeda Androm, "Meda, Love, Good Girl, Pretty Girl". ( 💑 )
Fayne’s Thoughts: "Well she's a good bang, clearly. But despite acting tough she has a good heart. Don't let her know that though."

The two met in The Drowning Wench when Fayne decided she wanted some company and she saw a cute half-breed minding her own business. Fayne, having no sense of personal space, went to introduce herself and hasn't really left Romeda alone since.

Tessa Jalloh, "Tess"; Ex-Forge leader.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "Fun and spunky... different. I think she's from the same place as Dante?"

Went on a couple of jobs with her with the Forge. Otherwise Fayne didn't really interact with them.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "I... dunno this person."

Isilme introduced them, though that was all she met of Melodia.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "Tough and unforgiving. A Roegadyn in a Lalafell body."

Though they met under...unpleasant circumstances, Fayne knows Hrodrich as a kind of body guard for Kailee's old free company. He's now off being a mercenary for a different free company, so Fayne hardly sees him anymore.

Kassandra Dawn, "Kass"; Dante's ex.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "We got along okay. Didn't talk to her much."

A fellow worker while under Kailee's house, Kass was almost second in command at Aether Labs. As Fayne understands it she used to date Dante. Fayne knew her briefly, and now has no idea where she is.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "I don't remember her too well... Though she seemed like a nice lass."

Fayne met Selene while working for Kailee. Selene came looking for work, but left only moons after as she followed her lover. She was odd, the short time Fayne knew her, but didn't consider her a bad person.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "Rawr..."

Though Fayne only knows him though Cailin - him being the girl's husband and all - Fayne can't help but find herself physically attracted to him. Aside from that, she knows he's a great fighter and he doesn't brush his hair. That's about all.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "She was... very helpful. It's a shame I don't see her anymore."

An Au Ra new to the Forge, met in unfortunate circumstances. Though after a talk and sharing sensitive information with each other, she seems like a good girl.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "She's a very pretty lass. Short, and short tempered too."

A very blunt Au Ra Fayne suddenly met in the Quicksand. Iasmin is small and cute, though a bit rough around the edges. Dante seems to have issues with her though. No matter what he does he can never seem to get on Iasmin's good side, and this doesn't sit entirely well with Fayne.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "By the Twelve the boy needs a back bone... Let loose lad."

Fayne loves to mess with this large Au Ra. For his size he's quite the teddy bear, and flusters easily. But he's a good lad and Fayne thinks she would like him as a brother-in-law.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "Hmm. There isn't much to say yet. He sounds like a good da. Passionate. I hope things go better fer him."

They met during a march from Ul'dah to Little Ala Mhigo, striking up small conversation between the event's speeches and fights. Fayne rather likes him, and after hearing of his bad luck and his home land, she hopes the coming work to liberate Ala Mhigo goes well.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "Ehhh... dinae like him."

While she was held away for her own safety, Jigumundo decided to conduct an experiment of his own, a slight painful one that Fayne did not approve of.

Kailee Ivicus, Blade and Tonic leader. ($
Fayne's Thoughts:"I wish there was a way I could make it up to her. I don't want her to hate me..."

Fayne's ex-lover whom she first met on a job associated with the Forge, which ended in failure thanks to her. She met her again moons later, saving Kailee from her own nightmare, literally. It was that night she took her back to her boat, and they dated for a time, before Fayne screwed up everything. Fayne still loves her as a friend, but is just too scared to work things out with Kailee, afraid she is just holding onto a grudge.


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

Dante Redstone, "Dork, Love, Dingus, Beautiful, Dampe"; Fayne's Husband, Blade and Tonic leader. ( 💑
Fayne’s Thoughts: "Hmmm... There's nothin' I can say that would do him justice..." -Said with a dumb smile on her face.

Dante took her in when Fayne hit rock bottom after her break up with Kailee. He's turned into a very loyal, trusted friend and husband, and the father of her child. She loves the man to death and would never leave him for anything. In fact she has started to follow him around like a lost puppy, always right behind him (or beside him) during battle. Even if that battle was picked unnecessarily and she didn't agree with it in the first place. She would protect him with her life. Fayne loves the man hard, and wouldn't have him change for anything.

Ruby Redstone, "Rubles"; Daughter.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "My precious darlin' daughter... Prob'ly the best surprise I've ever had."

Ruby was both a surprise in her belly, and when it was revealed who the mysterious Ruby from the future was. Poor Fayne found out at the same time that Ruby was from the future to save Dante's life and keep him from dying. At the same time, she found out she was pregnant with the little time traveler. Now future Ruby is gone, but her precious child is here to stay and Fayne wouldn't have it any other way. And now she has Dante there to help her. She has to be the luckiest woman on this entire star.

Fayne’s Thoughts: "My precious baby boy. I would hold him forever if I could."

Sapphire was the second, and probably last, surprise baby Fayne had. Though he wont be here canonically for another two years, he is still a precious child being fleshed out for future RP.

Mindred Firestar, Mother.
Fayne’s Thoughts:"My Ma. We don't get along the greatest, but she is still my Ma, and I love her."

Fayne doesn't talk to her mother much, and growing up they never seemed to be able to get on the same page. Fayne knows that the way she lives her life now is far different than what her mother wanted, and that puts a little bit of strain between them, but not so much that they hate each other.

Alden Firestar, Father.
Fayne's Thoughts:"Twelve... I miss him..."

Fayne grew up not really seeing her father much as he was a soldier in the Maelstrom, and thus gone a lot. Though she has fond memories of him teaching her how to use the polearm. She misses him ever since he's been presumed dead at Carteneau.

Aeschild Firestar, Younger Sister.
Fayne’s Thoughts:”I think she's trying to copy me. Eh.”

Same deal as Fayne's mother, Fayne doesn't really talk to her sister much. Though this is more because Fayne is just bad at keeping up with folks. Being only three years apart Fayne sometimes feels like her sister is mimicking her in style and life choices, but this could also just be because they're siblings. It's not necessarily a bad thing, she just hopes it's what her sister actually wants in life.

Aldwyn Firestar, Younger Brother.
Fayne’s Thoughts: "I really hope he knows what he's doing."

Watching her little brother follow in her father's footsteps she became very concerned about her younger brother. He joined the Maelstrom in hopes of glory, and becoming "awesome" like his father. Nothing has happened yet, but Eorzea is never without conflict.


These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to Fayne. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "I heard she owned a boat in Limsa before coming to Ul'dah... Apparently some blonde kid used to live with her. Caused quite the noise, if you know what I mean..." -- Ul'dahn Trader.

  • "She's quite the flirt. I hear she used to get around quite a bit, maybe she still does." -- Just about anyone.

  • "Did ye ever stop to think that she hate's the color red? And she's married to some guy named Redstone. How does that work out?" -- Gold Saucer Patron

  • "She only got snakebites so she could look more scary. It didn't work." -- Random patron of The Cat's Meow.

  • "She's not actually bi or pan or whatever the hells she wants to call herself. She likes men too damn much to actually look into that shite." -- An onlooking woman in the Quicksand.

  • "The poor girl is actually afraid of thunder, you know. Too many bad experiences with it..." -- Momodi from the Quicksand.

  • "She doesn't actually like the ocean. She just likes how blue it is." -- Maidservant at The Drowning Wench.

  • With a click of his teeth, "There ain't no way she can read because she's too stubborn to wear some damn glasses." -- Ul'dahn trader.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "Ain't she actually allergic to copper? Or... is Copper the name of her chocobo..?" -- Chocobo Breeder in Bentbranch Meadows.

  • "I heard she spent the night with a tribe of hunters. You know. 'Spent the night.' With all of them." -- Tailfeather Hunter.

  • "I bet she only comes to the Gold Saucer to find easy points." -- Gold Saucer Patron.

  • "She is terrified of being a mother because she can barely take care of herself. I mean. Have you seen her?" -- Momodi from the Quicksand.

  • "I'll bet she fucked the lord what gave her a spot in the Order of Dragoons.How else could an Au Ra make it in?" -- A Dragoon Knight.

  • "You know she used to be Hyur once? There has to be some kind of voidsent shite goin' on with her..." -- Ul'dahn Resident.

  • "I heard she has a scale fetish. Can you have one of those if you have scales?" -- Quicksand Patron.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "I heard she stabbed a little girl once..." -- Gridanian Resident.

  • "There's no way that girl is normal. I've heard her screech once. Like a dragon." -- Ishgardian Resident.

  • "She fucked a damn Sahagan before. I swear on my life she did. Just ask her!" -- A Low Ranking Yellow Jacket.

  • "Don't listen to that 'fucking a Sahagin' shite. She was drowned by Leviathan though. Prolly still is... I wouldn't trust her fer nuthin'. -- Maelstrom Soldier.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • "She changes her hair daily. I never understood it. I'm fairly sure she's trying to keep from becoming boring, which doesn't make sense but, to each their own, I guess." -- Kailee Ivicus

  • "She is the richest person in the gold saucer but it doesn't matter cause its fake money." -- Dante Redstone

  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

  • (If you add a player rumor, please first copy and paste the above line of code to leave behind for the next person! Thanks!)


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OOC does not equal IC I have had enough drama in my role-playing life to know I don't want to confuse anything IC with OOC. Feelings, strain, conflict, anything that happens ICly with my characters does not equate to how I feel about you as a real person. This is why communication is so important.
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  • She once got a burn on the left side of her face after a battle with a B-rank hunt mark issued by the Centurio Clan. Nothing serious and no permanent damage, just a couple weeks with a less than perfect face.
  • When she found out her best friend Paradyme was a piercing artists she had to get him to pierce her. Without ears she was worried. Then realized she had lips he could easily get to. Then snake bites happened.
  • She proposed to Dante. She then married him on 5 November 2016.

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