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Garlemald Flag.jpg Felix Drake
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Garlean
Age Mid-Late 30's
Height 6'7"
Weight 250 lbs.
Eye Color Green/Blue
Alignment Neutral
Patron Deity None
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Felix Drake, as most come to know him, was not born in Eorzea as he claims. He is not the only son of an Ala Mhigan merchant family, forced to flee the fall of the city. He was raised on the road, and in the Far East with trading contacts of his family, before returning to Eorzea to fight the Garleans in their first invasion. He may have traveled to all these places, but, not quite with that story.

Felix was born in a minor noble family in the Garleans empire, the Scelanii. While not a family of the old blood, the lineage had earned their place in Garlean society through warfare, known to be a constant and stalwart defender of the people back when the Empire had been no more than a single, magic-less city forced to defend itself against their neighbors. Where most family would enjoy the fruits of their labors, however, the Scelanii constantly trained and prepared for war, each child raised with the expectation of doing great things for the empire in the legions.

From the moment he was old enough to grip a blade, Felix’s training began. His father, a stern man named Caius van Scelan, was a legate from the Empire’s early expansion, forced into retirement from a battlefield injury. His only son was quickly groomed to someday take his place--where most children spent their days learning their letters and playing with friends, Felix studied military treatises and was trained by centurions of his father’s old legion. What semblance of a childhood he had came from his mother, Lillia, and his twin sister Felicia.

Raised in a split between the family estates in the heart of the Empire, and in the East where the family had holdings within the lands of an Eastern lord Caius had befriended in his soldiering days, Felix was introduced to a more peaceful and disciplined way of life than the war warmachine he was being prepared for. The lord, taking Lillia’s cause, attempted to pass on to Felix that there was more to being a warrior than simply wielding a weapon and killing your foes. The lessons took root in the young boy, aided by the lord’s daughter, a girl Felix’s age, as the two children became nigh inseparable. Their time would be short, however, in his early teens, Felix was passed off to the legions by his father to hasten his learning, under the tutelage of Gaius van Baelsar, the Black Wolf, master of the XIVth Legion. The next phase of Garlean expansion was beginning, and there would be no better place to learn than on the lines itself.

While Felix had been meant to simple being a shadow, a young assistant to the legate, Baelsar had other ideas. The child was sent into the city, disguised as an orphan of the blossoming war, his pureblooded lineage hidden with prototype magitek, along with the rest of the legion’s spies and infiltrators. Tasked with gathering information and sending it back to the legion, it was in the city Felix killed his first man--an aging fist of Rhalgar, in hiding from the man king’s purges, trying to keep the hope of the people alive. It had been an accident, but the spilled blood of a kind, gentle man was blamed on the king, among many other deeds, and soon the city “fell” as the people all but welcomed the XIVth Legion in with open arms. Felix would return to Gaius’s side, and remain there for a few years more, before he was transferred. Conflict was brewing in the East, as honorable lords started to chafe under the poor, and corrupt, governorship installed by the Empire. The legions were not to waste resources, and as his family ties with the area came to light Felix was attached to the legion tasked with keeping the area peaceful and subdued.

His training continued in the East, and he gained the rank of centurion. While tensions were high and threatening to boil over, he was granted command of a cohort to try a more diplomatic approach. Working with the lord he knew from his childhood, and Takara, the lord’s daughter who had grown into a beautiful young woman, he tried to keep the peace as a rebel faction continued to grow. Nobles back in the seat of the empire wanted a war, however, and the governor needed an excuse to hide his own corruption from an imperial investigation. An plot was hatched...the lands and wealth of every ruling lord in the small province was to be collected for the empire. When the collectors came to Takara’s father residence, they were resisted, leading to the lord being horribly disfigured, yet not killed, as he was “made an example of” and his daughter given to the soldiers. By the time Felix heard of what happened, it was too late. While he saved her from the soldiers, he had done so by being forced to “buy” her, an act leading the woman to reject the love they had. All Felix could do was take her home, though his welcome there ended. The lord, rather than suffer the shame, rallied the outraged families to his banner, joining with the rebels.

The rebellion was over as quickly as it started. Despite initial success against an empire not expecting such a swift and violent reaction, the war the nobles had wanted cost many a Garlean son and daughter their lives. Felix would face his former friend, his mentor, on the battlefield...and Takara would throw herself between them to save her father’s life. Around them, the Garlean magitek weaponry was turning the tides of the conflict, and rather than be captured, and to join his daughter again, the lord ended his own life. It did not end the rebellion, and Felix would face more samurai in battle to the months to come, but the event left him deadened to the rest of the conflict. “Peace” was eventually restored, and a number of Garlean families claimed new residences...but the seeds were planted to ensure the area would forever be a troublesome zone for the Empire, as dissent spread to the lands of Doma, and the horse lords of the Far East.

Hearing of a new invasion planned for the lands of Eorzea, Felix petitioned for another transfer. Arriving in Nael van Darnus’s VIIth Legion, he was assigned a lesser tribune rank, and granted a specialized force for operating ahead of the invasion behind Eorzean lines. Task with reconnaissance and subterfuge, Felix’s unit carried out their duties spectacularly. It was also in this time that Felix was first introduced to the threat of the primals, seeing first hand the danger that the Empire feared, when witnessing a summoning of the primal Ifrit. One of his own was tempered by the beast, and Felix had his men work in unison with a force of adventurers tasked with putting Ifrit down.

As the invasion progressed, and Nael’s sanity started to come under question, Felix was contacted by Gaius van Baelsar once again. An outside to Nael’s legion, he lacked the rabid loyalty that the White Raven’s men gave their leader. Felix was informed of the true extent of Nael’s madness, and the fears that the legate no longer operated under his own authority, he was asked to do the worst. The legate had to be stopped. Intelligence had been gathered that the Eorzeans were planning an assault to assassinate Nael, led by their greatest warriors. To ensure they had the chance to do their job, Felix was asked to act behind the scenes, crippling the Garlean response. To avoid such wanton and senseless death and destruction as Project Meteor would cause, Felix agrees. As did his unit. Except for one man.

Crassus, a long-time friend and brother in arms to Felix, couldn’t accept the act of treason they would commit. While it was too late to stop the unit, he could nonetheless inform the rest of the VIIth that they had been betrayed. After Nael’s death, before the the Battle of Carteneau, Crassus revealed his betrayal. He killed the men and women he had fought beside as they made camp, awaiting word from van Baelsar about what would happen to them now. Felix was left for dead with them...Yet he didn’t die. Waking in the ruined camp, after his injuries, he pursued Crassus. He chased the man, mind set on revenge, all the way to Carteneau. Among the madmen of Nael’s legion, Crassus had been granted a senior command for his loyalty and destruction of the traitors, now known as Crassus tol Sintas.

In the middle of the battle, Felix found him. They fought, but weakened, Felix was defeated, and Crassus fled before the moon would crush them all. Caught up in a struggle with adventurers, Felix refused to just accept his fate and wait there for the moon, for Bahamut, to kill him...When the adventurer he grappled with started to glow blue, swept up in some kind of spell, Felix was caught and dragged along with it. All he knew was darkness…

When he awoke he found himself, bleeding and battered in the snowy mountains of Ishgard. He was found by a patrol of House Fortemps, and they took him back to their keep to recover and interrogate--his third eye masked even to him by the magics that had swept him off of Carteneau, reinforcing the procedures done to him by the legions to hide it. They quickly found the man's memory to be mostly lost, for all he could recall was being attacked by a massive dragon...That was enough for the Ishgardian to offer him aid, a place to rest and recover. He earned their trust when the keep was attacked by dragons, and despite holding no real reason to, he took up a spear and fought with the defenders instead of hiding and protecting himself. Such actions gained him a place in the House, and he served them to repay the debt he felt he them for saving him. His skill was such that eventually he was even able to train with the dragoon--never quite accepted into their order, as a foreigner, just he learned some of their ways nonetheless.

Things turned for the worse, however, when the Garleans returned to Eorzea, and some started to venture into Ishgard. Sheer fate and bad luck would have Felix encounter the man that betrayed him, the sight bringing back lost memories. A blizzard forced them to part before they could settle the score, but Crassus sought to end the conflict before it could begin. Using spies inside the Ishgardian houses, he attempted to have Felix assassinated--the efforts failed, despite being attacked and thrown down the Witch Drop, and the man lived. Rather than return to those he fought beside, however, he took his lance and headed south.

Efforts to parley with the Garleans were fruitless--he was considered a rogue soldier, spending five years AWOL behind Eorzean lines in their opinion, and a traitor to top it off, according to Crassus. Determine to gain revenge against the man, Felix started to work with the Grand Companies, hiding his true identity. He used them to try and find Crassus, knowing the man would be up to his old tricks, running a brutal subterfuge and assassination campaign. Trapped in a foreign and hostile land, his home denied to him, all Felix could do was hope he could obtain his revenge before he died.

Yet time amongst the Eorzeans slowly started to change his outlook on the people. And when in need once, in Ul’dah, he was pointed towards a free company known as the Order of the Sword and Rose. Although he didn’t expect to, he joined their ranks, and even more unexpected found a group he was willing to call friends and a place to call home. He fought beside them, albeit hiding his past from most of them. It was also in this time that he encountered another Garlean agent, who promised him a chance to win his place in the Empire back.

His past would catch up with him, however, before anything could come to fruition. With Crassus directly attacking a number of Felix’s friends, he chose to leave, with little fanfare. Determine to face down Crassus once and for all, he failed, and ended up captured by the man. Taken into the bowels of the ruins of Dalamund that ran beneath Castrum Occidens, where Crassus was working towards an ultimate goal of finishing what Nael started, Felix only survived due to the previous, intervention of a Garlean scientist and technician he had encountered through his adventures with the Order (albeit, her methods of helping were quite questionable). What all happened in the ruins Felix refuses to speak about...It’s only known he emerged, and Crassus did not.

But the mad tribune’s death was the final condition of Felix’s tentative welcome back into the legions. Instead of being allowed to return home, however, he was kept in Eorzea. He adventure for a time, as a mask to hide his Garlean operations, even briefly aiding in the formation of a new free company. An enterprise doomed to failure, he was on his own again soon enough, floating around from position to position with the various Grand Companies, keeping a low presence. When Ishgard opened its gates in a dire need for help, he was sent north, to reestablish ties with House Fortemps. A Garlean agent sent to the city long ago had stopped reporting in, and his task was to find out why...It was a task he never managed to complete, before either conflicts with dragons or constant new tasks.

As tides shifted and changes, he was ultimately deactivated, mission cancelled and he became a sleeper agent once again. Occasional small tasks are sent his way, but for the most part, he's left to operate as he sees fit. On a recent return to Eorzea from the frozen wastes of Coerthas, he met up with old friend of the Order of the Sword and Rose again. Ultimately he ended up rejoining their ranks, come with it what may.


Felix is a military man that has suddenly, and unexpectedly, found himself thrust into the life of an adventurer. As a soldier he was a skilled leader and great tactician, valued by his commanders for his discipline and ability to get whatever task that was assigned to him done, and loved by his men for treating them as more than just pieces of a military machine. His style of fighting, and thus his style of warfare, is a cautious and planned one, designed to minimize risk to those under his command. Fast, precision strikes are preferred over prolonged engagements, to surprise and overcome the enemy before any resistance could be mounted.

As such, he’s a very analytic man, taking in everything around him, and always has a plan brewing in the back of his mind to deal with almost any situation.

But his warrior outlook on life is tempered by a code of honor that has always been upheld in his family. It is the duty of the powerful to protect the weak, to keep the wolves from the sheep. Abusing power only proves that one is undeserving of it, and where ever he has gone Felix has done what he can to help those that he can. He is slow to anger, but once there, he never forgets, and he does have a hard time forgetting grudges once his anger has been earned. For the most part he keeps to himself, though tries to be sociable when approached. But due to his own past, he is slow to trust, and even slower to reveal much about himself.

So, naturally, a man such as described has a bit of a hard time fitting into the typically more carefree life of an adventurer. No desire to explore and see the world seizes his soul, and there is no want for wealth or glory. It is simply a means to an end, to get around Eorzea as easily as possible, to settle a certain grudge and put past wrongs right.

Despite the war between Eorzea and the Garlean Empire, however, he feels no ill-will or hatred towards Eorzeans. The war was nothing personal, and he does regret the amount of blood spilled on both sides. While he once believed that the Eorzeans are foolish for opposing the empire, for they only wish to unify the land to put an end to conflict and erase the eidolon threat, he gives them credit for standing for what they believe in.



  • Flying
  • Training
  • Studying and learning history--in particular, battles of times past and the generals that fought them, and how
  • Nights of sleep, as rare as they are, when he isn't daunted by memories of past sins and actions


  • Killing for no reason, or sport.
  • Sand. It just get everywhere, and especially in places it has no right to be
  • People who break their word, oaths, and/or vows
  • Buzzards. The damn birds are too aggressive and annoying for their own good


  • A decent enough player of the harp and piano. Nothing that could challenge a bard, but good enough to not make a bard cringe either.
  • Discussing history, or military tactics, or both with those that can give a good conversation on the matter.
  • Is skilled in various fighting forms and weapons, notably gunblade and sword, spear, and daggers.


  • He can dance, and surprisingly well. Good luck getting him to, though.
  • He can hold his alcohol pretty damned well, and enjoys a good drink. While not picky, he does absolutely refuse to drink anything that comes from the Far East.
  • Despite making friends among Eorzeans, he's hesitant to reveal much about himself. Few know his true past.
  • A mission that exposed him to high concentrations of aetherical radiation and voidal energies has left him almost completely unable to have children. Odds are his family line ends with him, a fact that does weigh heavily on his mind at times.



  • Father - Caius van Scelan: A fiercly loyal servant of the emperor, Caius leads the small noble house his family has been granted ever in the emperor's service. Making a name for himself in various conflicts and putting down rebellions throughout the empire, he retired from service before the conflict with Eorzea. His current status is unknown.
  • Mother - Lillia Scelan: Not a native Garlean, but from one of their provinces. She won Caius's heart while he was stationed in her homeland, breaking through his rough, soldier exterior. He married her, thus giving her citizenship, and she took to following him around on his deployments. He took her back to Garlmald when he retired. She was Felix's sole source of comfort in his early life, trying to grant him what bits of childhood she could, while his father pushed for him to master the arts of war. Her current status is unknown.


  • Crassus tol Sintas - Once Felix's closest friend, now his greatest foe. A great admirer of Nael Van Darnus, he couldn't accept the treason Felix committed by siding secretly with Gaius and aiding the Eorzeans. While he could not make claims against an officer such as Gaius, he turned on his former friend, leading them into an ambush of Nael's soldiers. Felix alone survived, though was left for dead. The two have sworn to end the other, and their quest for revenge will likely end with neither alive.

Felix claims he's finally killed the man, though won't share the details of the story.

Everyone Else

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, and I slowly get to do more IC. It's nothing personal if you don't see your character here--as Felix forms opinions on others, it'll end up here. Of course, if you think you should be here, just send me a message so I get my lazy butt in here and add your character.

NOTE: These are all what Felix himself THINKS about characters, from his impressions IC or events IC. They do not, in any way, pass real judgment, insist upon canon facts, or enact on canonical in any way, shape, or form. They are purely impressions and personal opinions.

  • Konner Kincaid - The leader of the Order of the Sword and Rose. While the samurai's philosophies occasionally leave Felix scratching his head, he respects the man. ((Rest is WIP))
  • C'rhisi Tohbei - Felix's Marshall when he first joined the Order, he's ever since referred to her as 'Commander.' ((Rest is WIP))
  • Zasha Hope - A young woman that is a little sister to him in all but blood. ((Rest is WIP))
  • Ciel Wulfe - He's had little interaction with the elezen bard. While some passing conversation and reactions he's witnessed from her has him curious as to her history and affiliations, she strikes him as a loyal ally and a someone he's grateful to have at his back, and someone that could offer good counsel on matters he might not take to others...And the type of woman to take great pains not to get on the bad side of.
  • Deirdre Ta'ea - Another beautiful elezen he met through the Order, brought around one day by Quarimar. An interesting woman to be sure, her brusque and occasionally rude attitude hardly bothered him the way it bothered others. Their occasional talks showed that they might not be too different from one another, and after an incident in Mist, she's the only one in Eorzea that knows almost everything about him. They've not seen one another for many moons.


Common Rumors

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

PC Rumors

  • "Felix is a good man. I trust him." - C'rhisi Tohbei
  • "For some, 'tis never enough to bear pain and overcome it, it becomes as armor. Would that we all could learn how it may shield us from further harm, and yet keep others away." - Ciel Wulfe
  • "You are asking of Felix? Why? What do you want? Go away, there is nothing you need to know." - Deirdre Ta'ea
  • "Look, don't mistake my curiosity for disagreement, but who is he really? He appears at Occidens one day and no one so much as blinks, but for someone claiming such a rank he sure seemed relaxed. Most in his position would use every opportunity to flaunt it." - Glace Silencieuse


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