Flora Valerian

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AlaMhigo.png Flora Valerian
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigan
Full Name: Florihilda Valerian
Age: 19
Relationship Status: married to Ghalleon Helseth
Occupation: Tea sourcer (supposedly), security at Rendezvous Host Club
Height/Weight: 6'3"/165 ponze
Orientation: Asexual
Rendezvous of Stars
Hosting stars.jpg
Server: Balmung
Role-Play Style: Family Friendly w/ some Mature Themes
Contacts: D'ranmaia Shenn
Website: Rendezvous of Stars
Language: English
Time-Zone: Primarily CST but EU friendly
RP Element: The Naivete Star
Headquarters: Ward 8, the Goblet

Basic Info

Florihilda Valerian (or Flora, for short), was born in Little Ala Mhigo, to a pair of Ala Mhigan refugees. When she became more and more curious about the world outside the settlement's walls, she stowed away on a merchant carriage to Ul'Dah-- and left at the age of 16 to fend for herself in the city.
She took up work as a caravan guard, once arriving in Ul'Dah, serving under a Lalafellin merchant, Tanpopo. She was kept for a good while by he and his wife, in their home. It seems, though, that she no longer works for these folk, as kindly as they were. They seem perplexed, still, that she came and left so abruptly.
She now lives in The Goblet, after somehow being hired on as a hostess at Rendezvous Host Club. This does not explain her habit of travelling for days and days at a time, of course, and so there must be something else she's doing. She's unerringly cryptic about it, whatever it is.


The results of hard work
Being asked for her opinions on matters
Curling up with blankets and tea
Falling asleep in front of fireplaces
People who are passionate about their beliefs (so long as they're similar to hers)
Insects-- especially moths
Quiet, peaceful places
People with a gentle demeanor


Wastefulness, especially of food or money
Lewd behaviour, being touched suddenly
Sweets and other decadent foods
Needlessly contrary, negative people
Cold weather
Any of the completely arbitrary things she deems "cowardice"


Nameday: 2/18 (Aquarius/Pisces cusp)
Vice(s): Pride
Virtue(s): Diligence
Favorite Food: various soft breads, but especially Bacon Bread
Favorite Drink: black coffee, aldgoat's milk
Favorite Color: Wine Red
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFP
Talents: Tracking, plant and insect identification, some fundamental knowledge of Ala Mhigan traditional medicine
Headcanon Voice: Togawa Jun

Appearance, Personality, etc.

  • A staunch idealist with a strong sense of duty, she is hardly ever away from her "work," whatever that may be at the given time. The only time she is known to visit taverns is when she is "scouting," a term she is reluctant to define.
  • Flora is of a quiet, sensitive sort of bearing, and rarely seems especially talkative, though she can be an earnest and empathetic listener. She is friendly, once approached, but often seems a bit guarded about her personal life unless she is particularly comfortable. She's very much a wallflower, at social gatherings.
  • She has a habit of speaking of most things as if they're warfare-- but she is sensitive to the idea of violence as a means to establish dominance or authority. Her respect is not won by those who coerce it. She has not had an especially good record with Miqo'te men, and tends to assume they all act in this way.
  • She is wary of flirtatious men and women, and dislikes any sort of lewd speech or behaviour. She's known to react with exceptionally vicious words, if she feels her pride is being insulted by such advances. She doesn't like being treated like a piece of meat, period.
  • Flora is not especially vain, and often looks quite dirty and disheveled, particularly if she's been on the road for a few days. Her hair is quite coarse and dry in texture, and it often seems wild and unmanageable. Though she's often tried to grow her hair out, in the past, she quickly becomes discouraged at how hard it becomes to take care of.
  • Her sight is not especially sharp-- she will often squint when examining things, as if she has an awful time seeing. She carries a pair of glasses, but these are rarely if ever put to use.
  • Flora's capable of justifying some idiotic, reckless actions in the name of honour and duty, and it's very hard to talk her out of anything she's decided to throw herself at. She has trouble stopping to rest, once she's motivated herself to do something, and has recently developed awful insomnia as a result. It's not uncommon to see her wandering around alone at bizarre hours of the night.
  • She often gets quite irate, if her honesty is called into question, and has very little patience for needlessly cynical people. Cynicism equals weakness, to her, and she's quick to belittle people for "harming morale."
  • She is rarely spotted in anything but a set of weathered peisteskin armour. Formerly, she hardly ever left home in anything else, though recently she's cared less and less about what she's clad in.
  • Her family is incredibly important to her, and she often feels homesick for them. However, she often feels a fear or dread of returning to them.
  • Her guilty pleasure is collecting perfumes, which she never actually feels justified wearing.

: Some things your character might know if they're from Little Ala Mhigo:

  • Flora's mother, Anneliese Valerian (nee Bonesetter), was a medic in the Ala Mhigan Resistance, and was well-regarded for her clarity of mind and stout heart-- unfortunately, she also had a reputation for questioning and disregarding orders. It is unknown if she left the resistance on her own accord, or if she was made to leave. She remains closed-mouthed about the matter, even years later, and has never even provided a straight answer to her daughter, who certainly assumes her mother's actions were justifiable, whatever they were. Anneliese currently resides in a tent in Little Ala Mhigo, where she furnishes the settlement's shamans with medicine for rituals, and has a reputation for being a particularly prickly neighbor.
  • Flora's father, Klaus Valerian, is a poet and playwright-- Far better known for his writings and prose than any of his martial contributions. During the fall of Ala Mhigo, the vast majority of his life's work was destroyed, having been deemed "Rhalgrist propaganda." He fled Gyr Abania prior to the siege, after learning there were orders for his execution, and did not hear from his betrothed, Anneliese, until they met again in Thanalan years afterward. Klaus can still recite dozens upon dozens of the lost compositions from memory, a fact that he prides himself on, and he is much of the reason for his daughter's fervent faith in Rhalgr. He resides in Litlle Ala Mhigo, currently, and is often tasked with foraging for medicinal herbs by his demanding, disagreeable wife. He's rumoured to be working on a new book of poetry.
  • Flora herself was an exceptionally quiet and obedient child, never out of a few fulms' reach from her parents unless she'd snuck away to sleep at the foot of the stone of Rhalgr. She was especially timid, and never interacted much with other children, though she was often seen running errands for her mother.




Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"None of us are any of your concern. Got it? Bugger off." -- A haughty young man in Little Ala Mhigo, swaggering about with a sword on his hip
"I don't care if you've got business with her or not-- we protect our own, around here. Ask me again and I'll run you through, do you hear me?!" -- An eleven-year-old girl, brandishing a skinning knife, in Little Ala Mhigo
"There's some Hyur girl in peisteskin who rides through here fortnightly, on a brown chocobo. Probably Ala Mhigan, but I've not seen her cause any trouble, with mine own eyes-- so I've let her be." -- a Wood Wailer stationed in South Shroud
"That's the Highlander girl I saw camped out in the forest a few moons ago. I offered her food and a place to rest, but she spat on me and called me a 'patronizing whoreson.' So, yes, there's that." -- Elezen man, Alder Springs
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"That's one of Rendezvous' hostesses-- Eden's what she goes by there. Doesn't seem polished, compared to what you'd think a hostess would be, but she's still young, yet. Still, a very nice girl! If you get the chance, you should go and see her." -- Resident of The Goblet's 8th Ward
"Flora? Tall, blonde, looks more like a boy? That's one of the 'Mhigans Tanpopo used to have as a caravan guard. We see her around here sometimes, but she won't talk much about work, or what she's up to. Typical, though, with those folk-- likely involved with the Ala Mhigan Resistance, I'd wager. That's how it generally goes." -- Merchant at Highbridge
"If that's what Ul'Dah makes you into, I'm happy enough to sit here in the settlement and starve to death! At least, then, I would die with my pride intact! To leave one's own parents behind in a shiteheap like this, while she eats well and regularly, within the city walls-- Unforgivable! I hope Rhalgr strikes her down!" -- An angry youth in Little Ala Mhigo
"Yeah-- Florihilda? I know her; why do you care? She's not gone and gotten herself killed, has she? She's not the brightest girl. I imagine she's up to all kinds of nonsense there in the city. You see her stroll in here sometimes, well-fed and made-up-- I'll bet you an aldgoat's leg she's working for one of those bawdy houses. Now, her mother says that's not what happened, but that Anneliese is so full of shite, I'm surprised she can breathe. But, I suppose it's hard to face up to your daughter doing shameful work." -- A middle-aged woman in Little Ala Mhigo
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I tell you this-- that girl came in, stared down one of our customers for nearly ten minutes, and then cornered them and started rambling about 'stars,' and 'marks,' and 'destiny.' It was perfectly terrifying to watch-- she's certainly mad, I think, or involved in some cult. Next I see her, I'll-- ah, if she spots me calling the Wailers, she'll attack, won't she?!" -- Barmaid, Buscarron's Druthers
"She is a good, sweet girl, I tell you. She is a good, loyal soul. You give her a reason to care, and she'll break her back trying to prove her worth to you. And, I say, I've heard word she's found a fellow at the Ossuary-- a shame! I'd found her a nice, young gladiator, precisely her age and height, who makes quite a nice living, now... Ah, what were we talking about? Florihilda? Oh, yes, yes, a good girl. Keeps her head down." -- Ayumu Yumu, wife of an Ul'Dahn merchant, tatting lace in the shade.
"Ever since that mark appeared on her ankle, she's been acting stranger and stranger by the day. I saw her recently-- all dirty, and tired, wandering about in the desert. She hardly looks like the girl I hired two cycles ago. There is something going on-- I know not what, exactly, but I fear something terrible has gotten a hold on her. My wife says she is fine-- that she is likely just some Resistance pawn, now-- but I know her, I know Florihilda. There is something very wrong, indeed. She looked ill, or worse." -- Tanpopo Zanpopo, an Ul'Dahn merchant
"That's Anneliese and Klaus' little one-- but, I suppose she's not so little, anymore. She gets more bizarre each time she comes home. A few suns ago, I saw her sit herself down at the Stone of Rhalgr-- and, she must have stayed there and prayed all day-- because when I came back to check for her that night, she was sprawled out asleep at the foot of the stone. When I woke her, she refused to move. She won't speak to anyone about anything-- but clearly, she must need His strength for something... I just hope she's well, is all." -- Concerned young man, Little Ala Mhigo

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"There ain't many Mhigans that'd even give me the time these days, but Valerian's done right by me fer nothin' in return. Damn naive of her. I ain't got any good reason fer it, but anybody that messes with her'll rue the day." -- Barengar Armsbreaker
"Miss Valerian is smart, kind, and devoted. Anyone would do well to look up to her." -- Lucky Mewrilah
"Flora... she is a young woman, true, but she has the strongest virtues of her people. Have you any idea how hard she works? And in what conditions? How she prays? She is very close to my heart. She means very much to me. For whatever it's worth, whoever would treat her with disrespect or dishonor should know they've made an enemy of me. ...Yes, she often wears that. So what? Be dignified." -- Ghalleon Helseth
"Fine. FINE! You want to talk about Flora? She has ratty hair and has put a few too many malms on whatever you'd call what she wears out. That's the worst anyone can say of her while speaking truly. She's tougher and smarter than most people give her credit for, and I'll hit you right now if you mean to disagree." -- Marcado Benedatto
"Flora has the heart and soul of a true hero, you see... And a history to match." Xehn'a sighs, placing a glass of wine to his lips. There is a mischievous glint in his eye, "Now if only I could find a way to let the rest of the world see what I do..." -- Xehn'a Hmyr
"Miss Flora is an amazing person, and a very hard worker...! She's someone I admire a lot. I mean, she's very admirable, and I really think we would be lost without her. A-ah, at the Host Club. She does a good job of, um, recruiting... employees!" -- D'ranmaia Shenn
“She is quite kind and tolerant of those who dismiss her wisdom with her youth. She holds a lot of heritage within her from faith and learning; not so much intimate experience. I was quite lucky to attend her bonding.” -- Jancis Milburga
“I respect her a lot. I don’t always follow a lot of what she says, but I know she’s a good person. Inspiring, even.” -- N'taeyl Yhash
“In a time where people seek power without piety, Flora's a breath o'fresh air. Devout, respectful, prayerful. She hasn't forgotten our God, an' that brings me joy. Young as she is, we can all learn a lot from her.” -- Berrod Armstrong


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Acquaintance      Poor Standing
Ghalleon Helseth - "Yes-- If it's truly so important for you to know, he and I have been seeing each other for quite some time. I-I like him a lot... He treats me very well, and he's never once been disrespectful to me."
Lucky Mewrilah - "I've never met someone so patient and gentle-- But he has a strength to him; you can see it in his eyes."
Barengar Armsbreaker - "That's my uncle. What, you can't see the resemblance...? Stop looking at him like that!"
D'ranmaia Shenn - "I work for Miss Maia, at her host club. I would gladly lay down my life for her if ever she were ever in need-- N-not that that sort of thing would happen, or anything!"
K'yhia Mewrilah
Yuki Kusakki
Clalaris Sil Laris - "A mystery to me, but she is kind enough that I dare not pry. I always fear I'll offend her if I ask too much."
Xehn'a Hmyr -
Momone Mone - "If I could be even half the woman Momone Mone is...! Momone speaks so well, and when she gives, she gives with her whole heart. She bakes quite nice pretzels, as well, they are salted just right..."
Zaphir Zurlac - "I have never met a more persistent, argumentative man. As tedious as he is to be around, though, I must admit that he has a kind heart, at the center of him. I wish he'd shut his damned mouth about getting me spectacles, though."



OOC Inspirations:
  • Appearance: Sun Shangxiang and Zhurong from Dynasty Warriors, Cecropia moths, kogal fashion, 80's Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia.
  • Personality: 80's avant-pop singer Jun Togawa, vocalist Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Maria from Final Fantasy II, Shinobu from No More Heroes, Mukuro Ikusaba from Dangan Ronpa, various Romance of The Three Kingdoms characters (particularly both Zhao Zilong and Lady Sun), various Beijing opera heroines (specifically huadan-- "martial maidens"), and... Morrissey
Theme Music:
  • I've made a whole damn playlist for when I'm writing Flora, you can give it a listen here! (There's no Beijing opera, I promise.)
RP Availability, Preferences, etc:
  • Evenings, EST, but generally by appointment! So, if you see me online (either as Flora Valerian, or one of her parents, Anneliese or Klaus) and would like to RP, please do hit me up and we can schedule something! Don't be shy, I don't bite!
  • I would love, especially: more RP with other Ala Mhigans, and other religious characters. I'd like to meet some native Gridanians and Ul'Dahns, too! I love slice-of-life RP more than anything, as well-- that's my JAM, and if it's your jam, we should be friends and RP lots!
  • I play a character that wants nothing to do with sex, really-- so if you come to me looking for ERP, you're going to leave empty-handed. :(
  • Both paragraph RP and quick exchanges are great fun to me, but am a slow typist.
  • My username on Skype is Baroquehyena.