Gaethan Charlemend

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Gaethan Charlemend
Gaethan Charlemend.png
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ul'dah
Nameday 18th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Age 27
Orientation Straight
Guardian Nymeia, The Spinner
Alias Gae (Guy)
Marital Status Single

Short Background




  • Reading, music, and theater.
  • A good adventure.


  • Cock and arrogant people.
  • Unyielding stubbornness.
  • Being touched without asking when he barely knows someone.


Foods: Most seafood and poultry dishes.
Drinks: Tea most types favorite is Green and Jasmine.
Colors: Any shade of Blue.


  • No surprise but seeking new and wondrous adventures.
  • Writing poetry.
  • Singing.


Hair/Fur: Dark Silver
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 190lbs
Build: Athletic



  • Alignment

    Chaotic to Lawful Good
  • Motivation

    Wishes to carry out his family legacy and make a name for himself.
  • Disposition

    A happy gentleman. He is courteous and kind to those whom he deems worthy of such. To his enemies and antagonizes that have upset him, he is cold and ruthless.
  • Outlook

    "Every good adventure starts with a step in a direction, bad or good."
  • Positive personality traits

    Adaptable, Direct, Exciting, Free thinking, Gentlemanly, Friendly, Heroic, Strong.
  • Negative personality traits

    Naive at times, .
  • Miscellaneous quirks

    Is very formal unless told to be otherwise.


Years 1-5:

Gaethan born into the family Charlemend as the first and only son he was expected to do great things. The earliest years of Gaethan’s life were him being taken care of by his parents but not waited on hand and foot like other nobles. His parents wanted to drive home the point that manners were important to their family. These years were peaceful for the young Elezen.

Years 6-10:

As a slightly older child Gaethan became a mischievous brat who didn’t know his place. While his parents did love him they still were right there to discipline him at every turn. He played pranks on the guards of his families, picked fights with those bigger than him and challenged the authority of those around him. His father, Gaerus noticed this behavior a bit more than his mother, Aurora. This often got him into vast troubles with his parents and the punishments were severe. Severe enough that over time Gaethan realized what was happening and began to calm himself and only went to fight when he knew he would win. Gaethan lead the busy life on an heir to his house everyday he would study and train. Each day he would study a new subject and train a different skill in the skills recognized by his family.

Gaethan would get chances to visit those less fortunate in The Brume with his mother and father as they traveled there to assist those in need of the assistance. They would pass out food and provisions to women and children. Their work was an attempt to quell the divide between the classes and show unity between all. The other nobles didn’t see it as such and with that also disproved of the future heir and his actions.

Gaethan’s training on the days he trained would be in three categories, steel, spell, and script. For his parents saw potential in the way he viewed the world in a poetic sense they set aside time for him to scribe his mind to parchment. His mother often found his works so beautiful that she would hide them and keep them hidden in a collection for when he knew what he really wanted to do with them. Gaethan’s lessons in the art of wielding steel came from his father as the two would match blades frequently as well as go over posture and strategy and surrounding. Gaerus would also teach him that the three things that held power but should be wisely weld were steel, spell and script for these things can alter the course of the realm if used appropriately.

Aurora taught her son in the use of spells both in conjuring and in thaumaturgy. She showed her son the ways to cure ones aliments as well as inflict the pain of the elements on those he could be deemed his foes. Training with her exhausted him mentally, whilst training with his father exhausted him physically. All of this was to raise his resilience and strength. Thought another art of fighting would catch Gaethan’s eyes as he grew older.

Years 12-17:

Gaethan’s teenager years were eventful in ways that one wouldn’t think. Gaethan had revolted against the stance of Ishgard and their stance of seeing the people of Eorzea as a whole. He didn’t agree with the beliefs of how they should be killing their own. This all lead him to get into many fights amongst peers and those above him. Most arguments remained verbal, but a few became trial by combat. It was during one of these trial by combats that Gaethan didn’t pick up steel, nor used a single spell. Instead Gaethan fought his accuser with his body showing off a new skill he had picked up. Many in the court watching deemed this action dishonorable to his family. Gaerus wasn’t pleased with Gaethan’s new stance, but took the time to hear his son out.

Gaethan explained to his father that those who fight with their hands and some who fight with knives employ dirty tactics and fight dishonorably. He continued to say that having knowledge of the way ad knowing how exactly these people fight could save his life in the future. Gaerus upon hearing this accepted his son’s decision and allowed him to continue to hone these skills. There was a condition however, Gaethan was sworn to never use these skills in front of Ishgard’s court ever again. Though in that regard it was too late, Gaethan had caught the eyes of the other noble houses and any move he made would be a target on the back of him and his family. So what became of his rebellious behavior? Well Gaethan put himself into classes for etiquette on his own accord. He never wanted to get into fights with others to begin with over petty squabbles with things that could be talked over. During his time of taking etiquette classes Gaethan became more of a gentleman as time passed. It would take years though to remove his temper and that would only be removed once Gaethan’s eyes saw the world for what it truly was.

Years 17-27:

Upon reaching adulthood Gaethan believed that it was time to leave the nest of Ishgard. However to begin this journey Gaethan would have to sign something away while outside of Ishgard and Eorzea, his life. Gaethan would not permitted coin nor status. The other house instigated this in hopes that the young man would die for turning his back on Ishgard. Gaethan however saw this as a challenge and more than accepted. With this Gaethan set out from home and left to see Hydaelyn in its glory and atrocities.

He sought to learn more of the outside world and help understand the plight of the world as a whole. Gaethan’s travels would take him all over, one such place he did end up was outside of Limsa Lominsa where he was taken under the wings of the Dutiful Sisters of the Eldeweiss for a short time. His training with his knives progressed further than what he had learned on his own and while they were in a way underhanded he saw the honor in their group as a band of people stopping crimes in the seas surrounding them. From there Gaethan decided to leave Eorzea and caught a vessel setting out to the shores of Othard, specifically Doma. It was there that Gaethan’s true travels began.

Doma was the worst of his travels at the start. For the immediate moment he set foot in Doma he challenged the Garlean Empire and soon after made wanted for his crimes against them. He would've died to if not for the aid of a Doman ninja. This man saved him from an impossible situation. However Gaethan never learned the man’s name even on numerous attempts to. The Master as Gaethan referred to him, taught him mystic arts after seeing an affinity for it within. That was not all he taught Gaethan balance in his temper. The Master would work closely with him in the wilderness away from civilization teaching him inner peace and control over the raging flame within. Gaethan enjoyed his new skills in the ways that it helped him survive, but beyond that he longed for the chance to pick up his old blade and book. Gaethan during all of his travels had grown a bit homesick.

Gaethan under his assumed identity would spend time writing and selling his works of poetry to those who appreciated art. He also decided to learn the various styles of poetic form in Othard. His penname he sold under Shinpi. His poems while scarce were picked up by many. Years passed and he traveled more of Othard learning new things and his adventures would continue. For a small time Gaethan also travelled through Ilsabard wreaking more havoc in and out of the shadows against the Garlean Empire.

On the mark of his tenth year away from Ishgard Gaethan returned to Eorzea more specifically Thanalan where he was found passed out and dying in the desert by one Juno Iskandi. Juno took him and thus was the start of his time with the Free Company ‘The Eorzea Defense Force.’ With that Juno has been reintroducing Gaethan sort of to the land of Eorzea. That and using him as someone to grab things off high shelves.

The Now:

Since his return Gaethan has laid pretty low. He has met a few people here and there like Narani Kha, Katsu Toko, Deahfel Pharasma, and Synerva Devereux. The final one who recognized him from Ishgard. Gaethan has met her twice and despite her possibly being a murderer or someone who is wanted, Gaethan has chosen to stick it out thinking maybe they could be friends.


Romantic Interest, Sexual Interest, Platonic Love, Good Standing, Neutral Standing, Poor Standing

Romantic Interest

Platonic Love

Good Standing

Narani Kha
Deahfel Pharasma
Synerva Devereux

Neutral Standing

Poor Standing

None, yet.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC Rumors! Instructions on how: Show text

Commonly heard

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Occasionally heard

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Rarely heard

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PC Rumors (written by other players)

"That tall Elezen with silver hair? Yeah I have seen him around Ul'Dah before...Said he comes from one of the noble houses, but he didn't strike me as such. Quite driven that one...I wouldn't want to get in his way." - Deahfel Pharasma




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