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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Garza Redwing
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Gender Male
Race Born Hyurian
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 21
Marital Status Dating
Occupation Arcanist
Height/Weight 5'11 / 175 Lbs
Orientation Heterosexual
  • Garza Landfall (Father)
  • Meridith Landfall (Mother)

"So it would seem..." - Garza Redwing

Garza Redwing is a Gridanian Arcanist who does work all over the continent of Eorzea. He works out of Gridania, but rarely spends time in Gridania at all. He travels from location to location, generally sleeping in inns and houses of friendly people., finding people he can hire to do archaeological work for him. Typically involving dungeons and all sorts of dangerous work.

Basic Info






Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Sloth and Greed.
Favorite Food: Baked Sole with a side of Cheese Risotto.
Favorite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Favorite Color: Purple

Appearance & Personality



Born as Garza Landfall II, the child was born to a fairly well-off family of Thavnairian merchants who had taken to moving into Eorzea in search of a fortune. His family moved to the Shroud long before the Calamity, making Garza native to Eorzea unlike his parents. As a result, Garza knows next to nothing of Thanvnair or it's traditions aside from what little traditions his parents were able to bring along with them such as a few garbs. Growing up, Garza did a decent job in school as opposed to others in his classes. He was proficient at scientific pursuits and language, but lacking in other classes due to a lack of interest in the studies. He cared very little for books about history and mathematics.


Into his teenage years, his family began to grow old, poor, and sickly. With the merchant life not paying off, his family fell into poverty. With the money he had left, Garza took a chance, traveling to Limsa Lominsa to become a powerful arcanist with hopes of earning money for his family. Before even arriving in Limsa Lominsa, Garza's ship was attacked by pirates, forcing him to take up a spear in attempt to defend both his life and the lives of those with him. Though his ship was ultimately lost along with several onboard, the attacking crew offered him a chance to survive by working with them as a pirate. Much of what comes after is unknown, however, the name Redwing stems from his skill with a spear.


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Romantic Interest Platonic Love Good Standing Poor Standing
Keai Meerclar : His ex-girlfriend. After she ran off with his kid, he wants nothing to do with her.
Sehn Vherka : A friendly Co-Worker that Garza would flirt with at times, mostly because he enjoyed the rejections. Though they're pretty good friends, Garza probably isn't all that interested in her past having someone to throw banter at. Besides, she works as a pretty decent wing-girl.


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