Gharen Wolfsong

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Gharen Wolfsong
The Wolf
"There is no honor without sacrifice, no courage without discipline, no peace without war."
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Highlander
Citizenship Ala Mhigan Refugee
Height 6 fulms 5 ilms
Weight 250 ponz
Age 25
Patron Deity Halone, the fury
Namesday 8th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon,
Place of Birth Ala Mhigo

Gharen at first glance is a warrior who has seen more than his fair share of battles, he is a quiet and serious individual that smiles only very rarely, with a tall and powerful frame earned through years of hard labor and living off the land. He is prone to quiet isolation and as such is not very good at socializing with others, especially women. He is ever the consummate lone wolf, never quite fitting in and alone even when in the middle of a crowd. Those who get to know and understand him will find that he is in many ways a man who has been broken by the circumstances of his life prior to the cataclysm and is now a mess of contradicting actions and beliefs.


Aliases/Nicknames: During his time he's met many individuals a few even have even given him nicknames. None of which bother him as he has been called many things over the years, many significantly worse than the names he's received now.

"Wolfsong/'Wilfbroda'": A name used to refer to him by Siobhain Surtsthalwyn.

"Wolf": A name used to refer to him by Qaeli Varily.

"Lobo": A name used to refer to him by Sila Neve.


Face: His face is scarred, Most would assume that the scars are from combat, while true for one or two, they are due primarily to years of physical abuse at the hands of his guardian. His face is rough and rugged due to constant exposure to the elements. He bears the traditional dark blue facial tattoos of the Wolfsong clan given to him by his father at the age of five. He inherited his Dark Ginger hair from his Mother, which he keeps in what is known to his clan as the "Warrior's Wolf Knot". His face is regularly unshaven as he doesn't worry much about his looks living in the wilds.

Eyes: His eyes are a piercing hazel color; those with a high natural empathy will see a deep seated self hatred/sadness/Loneliness reflected in his eyes. Conversely, when angry or enraged which does not occur often they take on the feral look of his namesake animal and reflect a dark side lying within the young man that is kept under lock and key.

Body: Years of hard labor, living in the wilds, and training with any fighting style he can has earned him a well chiseled body of muscle and strength. Something that he makes sure to cover as much as possible, due to the fact that the majority of his back, chest, arms, legs, and abdomen are covered in deep scars and burns. Remnants of his abuse at the hands of his guardian Ortolf Frostheart, these are a source of intense shame and are one of the things that regularly fuel his bouts of depression. They are also something that few people, if any, have ever seen and one of the primary reasons he avoids living in towns or cities.



Voice: Gharen speaks with an accent of the highlander clans that inhabited the mountains north of Ala Mhigo,(I.e. Scottish) His voice is generally friendly and non threatening, unless something has been done to earn his ire, in extreme cases it can become vicious and dark.

Demeanor: Gharen is quiet and somber, and generally doesn't deal well with others whether it just be simple etiquette or conversation, it is extremely rare for him to smile, even more so is the individual that can regularly coax one out of him. His stance and motion belie someone versed in multiple forms of combat.

Personality: (Social setting) Gharen is prone to self isolation, and when in a group of socializing individuals tends to sit off the side and just listen hoping to be ignored simply trying to blend in the background and disappear.

(Combat) In combat Gharen finds some measure of respite, while still quiet, he becomes focused and his mind does not wander down the dark paths that plague him and lead to him brooding.

Flaws: Above all else he believes that his life is of little to no worth and that no one will mourn or notice it's passing, he also sees himself as horribly disfigured by the scars that adorn much his body, and as a result, will be alone for the remainder of his days. These two conditions lead him to be more willing than most to put others before himself to his own detriment, or in an extreme case, to throw his own life away, as death in the defense of others in his mind, might in some small way add value to a life that has none.

Intelligence: Gharen is not stupid by any means, unfortunately after the age of five he did not receive a formal education, most of what he knows was self taught. Reading, writing, basic fighting forms. Etc.

Religious Views: Before the occupation of Ala Mhigo he belonged to a devout family that fervently believed in the twelve, and paid their respects Halone, the Fury and Azeyma, the Warden. Some time after, during his time in Little Ala Mhigo while in the hands of his abusive guardian he had lost his faith in the divine. Believing that any higher being that would not listen to the prayers of an abused child, or intervene in some way was not worth worshiping. After eight cycles of traveling Eorzea, he returned to Ul'Dah and met Siobhain Surtsthalwyn, her devout belief seems to be slowly rekindling his as he has openly admitted to her that perhaps Halone put him on his path, and Azeyma may have led him back to the one that had given him hope.

Romance: Years of physical and mental abuse coupled with isolation have left Gharen with a deeply held belief that he is horribly disfigured and unworthy of any woman's interest, any romantic feelings he may have for someone will be locked away and not be openly expressed due to this. Things like physical touch have become psychologically associated with pain, doing so will cause him to jump slightly and become visibly uncomfortable, more intimate contact will only exacerbate this. When talking to a woman he will be Polite, professional and courteous but become uncomfortable should topics shift to him and his past, when hard pressed with intimate questions he will become extremely ashamed and embarrassed of himself.


Gharen aims to become a weapon master, an individual who can pick up any weapon and use it to great effect. When asked why Gharen will become evasive and give a generalized answer "Te prove a point te someone." While not a lie he intends to prove it to two people. First, To himself that it can be done, and second, to a dead man, Ortolf Frostheart, the Guardian that abused him for 13 years, or more to the point, the memory of a dead man.


Style: Gharen's preferred weapon is the Lance, which he can use both offensively and defensively to great effect. Keeping his enemies at bay, allowing him to control the flow of battle, and keeping his opponents guessing. He will from time to time employ techniques he has learned from studying other various forms of combat as a weapon master. He is also extremely proficient with a sword and shield having trained as a free paladin.

Strengths: Believing that the each known martial style of combat form a wheel, and every style is but a single spoke in that wheel, obtaining even a fundamental understanding of these various methods of combat offer insight and adaptability to whatever weapon focus is used and or faced. The weapon master is able given a wider range of options in order to think outside of the box in the heat of battle and enhancing overall survivability potential for victory by using unconventional tactics in order to keep opponents guessing, and off balance.

Weaknesses: The path of becoming a weapon master runs the danger being a Jack of all trades and master of none, leaving oneself open to defeat at the hands of a more specialized opponent. Garnering the fundamentals, then specific specialization, builds a stronger foundation that can be built upon as time goes by.

Pain Tolerance: Due to the years of physical abuse at the hands of his guardian Gharen has learned how to control pain he may feel. This is not to say he does not feel pain, he simply knows how to not acknowledge it, and fight through it.



  • The sound, smell, and feel of rain falling.
  • The heat of battle.
  • Training


  • Himself
  • Those that would push others around for their own benefit.

The Wolf

Wolf header.jpg

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." -Mark Twain

"The Wolf" is the psychological representation of Gharen's Id, it is also the darkness within him that characters with a high empathy will feel. This aspect of his psyche lies closer to the surface than it does for most due to years of physical and psychological trauma. It represents all of the locked away anger, hatred, and pain he has experienced in his life, it also represents his will to survive, It does not make its presence known often, but when it does it is savage and feral, it's only goal is to destroy potential threats that cause it harm, it originally appeared eight cycles ago to viciously kill Ortolf Frostheart.

This aspect of Gharen's personality when under control will influence his actions often in ways he does not even notice, a growl when angry or annoyed. When he is pushed to the brink physically and or mentally further influence is exerted, a dark uncharacteristic smile while issuing a threat of bodily harm or a willingness to bite when bound. When the Wolf takes control it perceives individuals on the basis of whether or not they pose a threat.

When Threats are perceived there is an attempt to dispatch them as quickly as possible going straight for the throat in an attempt to crush or tear it out. The Wolf has been known to use bladed and blunt objects to hamstring and bludgeon opponents but it does not have access to the martial prowess that Gharen's conscious self has attained, but it can remember and shares a dislike or hatred of individuals that have caused them harm.

Recent events have left Gharen with a severely diminished capability to keep the wolf in check due to severe physical and mental torture.


Gregor Wolfsong: A blacksmith by trade, Gregor originated from one of the outlying villages in the mountainous northern regions of Ala Mhigan territory there was a warrior and hunter, On one of his trips into Ala Mhigo he met Aline, courted her, and eventually the two married. It was after this he took up blacksmithing in order to provide for his beginning family. He never lost his pride in his heritage though, and would tell the stories of the Wolfsong clan that he grew up with to his son. Gregor was killed when the Garlean empire took control Ala Mhigo 20 years ago. Gharen currently believes she was killed by his own hand due to memory manipulation.

Aline Wolfsong: Aline grew up to a middle class family within the walls of Ala Mhigo, at the time she met Gregor she was weaver in her fathers shop in merchants alley. Aline was killed when the Garlean empire took control Ala Mhigo 20 years ago. Gharen currently believes she was killed by his own hand due to memory manipulation.

Kayle Wolfsong: Gharen's sister, slightly older than one year of age when the Garlean empire came to power in Ala Mhigo, She is presumed dead.

Silent Glacier: The local smith in a small village that lied on the border between Mor Dhona and Thanalan. A stubborn old Roe who refused to speak common, It was from him that Gharen learned smithing, mining, and to understand and speak some of the Hellsguard tongue, Glacier was the closest thing to a father figure Gharen had since his family was killed. It is unknown if Silent Glacier and his family still live as the village was razed during the calamity.

Player Character Standings

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Friends and loved ones

A'khenna Khai - A young Miqo'te that has taken apprenticeship in the grindstone. He respects her abilities in combat and feels the need to teach her what he can so that she is prepared for the harsh realities of the world. It has been several moons since Gharen has seen the young Seeker.

A’nzil Oenomaus - A young Miqo'te that has taken apprenticeship under Gharen. In many ways A'nzil reminds Gharen of himself when he was a child, a scared kid that doesn't see a way out. Gharen aims to help A'nzil find the "Heart of a Coeurl" that beats within his chest and turn a scared kid into a young man that fights for what he believes in despite the fear inside of him.

Brynhilde Wulf - Gharen finds "Miss Brynhilde" to be one of the more enigmatic individuals he has met while on his travels. The two have spoken often in the past and during their conversations she very offers up little about herself willingly. In truth, Gharen does not attempt to pry, as he understands more than most keeping things about ones self private. Regardless, he finds the woman to be trustworthy and enjoys her company greatly. Gharen currently believes she was killed by his own hand due to memory manipulation.

Delial Grimsong - Charming, brilliant, manipulative, and insistent, Gharen hadn't spoken with this woman more than a handful of times before he suspected her of foul play, and soon after her intentions came to light. She knows precisely which buttons to push to anger him, and revealed to him the possibility that Roen Deneith was his sister. Recent events have changed his views regarding the woman, while he is certain that they will never be friends and that he will not forgive her for transgressions of the past. She assisted in locating and retrieving his sister and dealt with one of the individuals responsible personally, these actions have earned her a reprieve as far as he is concerned and no longer wishes harm upon her.

Fleeting Dawn - Never knowing quite what to expect from this woman, every encounter keeps Gharen guessing a little more than the last time. He has found that the best policy is to expect the unexpected and to try and not be surprised when she does something in order to get a reaction out of him.

Jajara Jara - One of the kindest and most giving individuals Gharen has met since his return to Thanalan, he considers himself lucky to count her among his friends. Gharen carries with him the vivid memory of killing his friend, despite seeing her recently and knowing that it did not actually occur does little to remove the pain of an act he never committed.

Kage Kiryuu - ((Update Pending))

Kiht Jakkya - ((Update Pending))

Obsidian Hornet - The woman known as Obsidian Hornet has earned no small measure of respect, and trust in the brief time since they've met. She has a tendency to throw Gharen off balance with her forward nature and the fact that she does little if anything to mask her intentions. In the short time they spent together they both revealed things about themselves that they normally wouldn't have to others, Gharen came to love her during that time, seeing a warrior who was good and true despite what she believed about herself. Hornet has since left to places unknown to help people in need in an attempt to offset the darkness of her past and find balance, when she told Gharen about her choice he did not attempt to stop her, he understood her desire to go where she was needed most. Gharen carries with him the vivid memory of killing the woman he loves, despite seeing her recently and knowing that it did not actually occur does little to remove the pain of an act he never committed.

Osric Melkire - ((Update Pending))

Qaeli Varily - A silver haired Hyur woman whom Gharen met via The Grindstone tournaments, he respects and trusts the woman with his life. The two having spent almost a month together in the frigid lands of Coerthas, tracked down Qaeli's sister and attempted to find a cure for a friend's aetheric illness. He regards her as the closest thing he has had to family in a long time, but would never say so openly. Gharen carries with him the vivid memory of killing a loved one, despite seeing her recently and knowing that it did not actually occur does little to remove the pain of an act he never committed.

Roen Deneith - Gharen met Roen in the Markets of Ul'dah and after a short conversation invited the young woman to attend the grindstone tournaments. For a time he instructed her in combat with the sword and shield, he supports her decision to join the Sultansworn as he believes she would make a fine paladin. Recent revelations revealed that Roen is his sister Kayle who was presumed dead when Ala Mhigo fell.

Sila Neve - Gharen met "Miss Sila" while he was Overseer with the Grindstone. He finds her and her mannerisms intriguing and enjoys their conversations however brief they may be. Gharen currently believes she was killed by his own hand due to memory manipulation.

Siobhain Surtsthalwyn - Gharen and Siobhain have a shared history that spans into their childhood. As a child he'd caught glimpses of a shy Roegadyn girl with white hair that he found beautiful, never knowing her name, her image eventually came to symbolize something in the mind of the tortured young man, Hope. Never officially meeting and discovering this history until only recently.


Askier Mergrey - Gharen knows little about the Miqo'te other than he stood in defense of Delial Grimsong when they first met, and then later kidnapped his sister, both actions earning Gharen's ire. A promise to Osric, The torture endured at the hands of Itar, and the fact that the Miqo'te attempted to defend, and rescue Roen from Itar when the kidnapping fell apart have kept Gharen from making his "displeasure" known. At this point, Gharen isn't sure what he would do if he were to come face to face with the man yet, and meditates upon that question daily.

Itarliht Syhrkoensyn - AKA Crimson Mountain, The first time Gharen met the large Roegadyn he was standing in defense of Delial Grimsong. During their meeting, Itar's constant self-righteousness in defense of the woman who was responsible for the deaths of Gharen's parents, and aided in his own capture and subsequent torture did not win him any favor. In fact, the two almost came to blows with Gharen threatening to "peel" the heavily armored Roe out of his armor and end him his bare hands. Itar, later further earned Gharen's hatred when he assisted Askier Mergrey in kidnapping his sister Roen Deneith an act that eventually led to him torturing both her, and Askier. Employing the assistance of Osric Melkire and Delial Grimsong Gharen eventually was able to confront the Roe and was ready to make good on his previous threat. Cooler heads prevailed, and against his better judgment Gharen let him go, in exchange for Itar and Delial sailing away, he would let Roen and Askier go. Later, alone on the boat, Delial ended Itar's life with a knife to the throat.

Natalie Mcbeef - ((Update Pending))

Raelisanne Banurein - Gharen knows nothing about this masked white haired hyur woman except that she is the facilitator of a series of torture sessions and that she is working along with Delial Grimsong. With his id influencing his current state of mind due to her efforts he wants nothing more than to kill her, violently.


Common Rumors:

  • "Yeah tha' Highlander fellow comes here inte th' smitty' an helps out fer a days wage. Good solid worker. Swings a mean hammer I tells ya!"
  • "Boy blew into town a few days ago and left just as sudden, Never stayed at the Inn far as I'm aware. Think he'd be dumb enough to make camp in the wilds outside of town?"
  • "He'd come in here and order something to eat. Never bought a drop of ale though, he treated the stuff like it was tainted."

Moderate Rumors:

  • He comes in here from time to time for supplies, I'd swear those eyes of his look right through you, so much sadness in them...
  • I watched him put himself between a bunch of syndicate thugs and their mark. He can take a hit for sure, he walked away from the fight but I don't think he ever bothered to see a healer.

Rare rumors:

  • "I was outside of town and heard a commotion, when I went to see what it was that man training with a lance. Thank the twelve he didn't see me! I'd swear he'd been tortured in the dungeon with the amount of scars I could see."
  • "Yeah I remember tha' one. ol' Frostheart beat th' boy almost te death, more'n once I tell ye'."
  • "Ortolf Frostheart? Mean drunken bastard he was, tortured th' poor boy put inte his care. He was killed... oh.. some eight cycles ago now. Looked like a wolf got te 'im and ripped 'im te shreds it did, thinkin' it was tha' boy I tell ye. He disappeared tha same night."

PC rumors:

((Characters I've interacted with free to add))

  • "That wayward 'brother' of mine bears a heavy burden...But as I have told him before: Rivers and seas, Gharen. Rivers and seas." - Siobhain Surtsthalwyn
  • "Like a stone, that one. He's been kind enough an' he's put up with me prattlin' on without so much as a complaint, but I get the feelin'... Well, what matters is that he seems like a good man." - Jajara Jara
  • "He is a good man, and a patient teacher. Aye, his formidable skills with various weapons are remarkable, but I find the strength and will of the man behind the armor even more admirable."- Roen Deneith
  • "He forges the most amazing weapons without wasting materials. He's a merchant's dream, and if I could get away with chaining him to the forge, I would." -Erisande Marchand
  • "I see now that we are both victims of unsound judgement. It is too late for me to correct his fate. It is out of my hands now. It is no longer my place. Do not ask me of Gharen Wolfsong. He is not mine to kill." - Delial Grimsong
  • "If he were but ten cycles older..." - Brynhilde Wulf
  • "Gharen is one of those people for whom life just has it out for them. He's a good man, through and through, no matter what he thinks of himself or his anger. There is light at the core of him, I see it in his eyes when he smiles. I'm a lucky woman to have his favor." - Obsidian Hornet
  • "Wolfsong is a whirlwind. If he's comin' your way, get out o' his or else bolt y'self down, 'cause there's no stoppin' him." - Osric Melkire
  • "Met him once with Delail, scared me, promised myself I would never meet him again. Now I can't get rid of this feeling I need to apologize to him face-to-face for my part in his and Roen's suffering. Hells, do I really have a death wish?" - Askier Mergrey


1552-1557 Ala Mhigo

Born in Ala Mhigo, 1552, amidst the politcal upheaval of Ala Mhigo and the reign of King Theodorac, Gharen was raised by his working class family who despite the king’s decree continued to secretly worship Halone, and Azeyma. The family managed to survive this tumultuous time only to be torn apart when the Garlean Empire occupied the city. Though casualties of the occupation were few Gharen's father and mother were among them, his sister, at only a year and a half old at the time is also believed to have been killed.

Taken from the scene of his family’s death and escaping with refugees, it was during this time in the trek to Ul'dah that Gharen was put into the care of Ortolf Frostheart. Gharen's new guardian turned out to be both a drunk and viciously abusive.

1557-1569 Little Ala Mhigo

For twelve cycles Gharen lived a tortured existence under the "care" of his guardian. The scars he bears both physically and mentally are due to this period of time, broken bones due to vicious beatings, Burns from hot irons and lit torches, it was during this time that Gharen had forsaken the faith in the twelve instilled to him by his parents. It was also during this time Gharen had several brief encounters with a young Siobhain Surtsthalwyn though the two did not formally meet until years later. At the age of 17 Gharen had reached his low point, he was prepared to die, Siobhain and several Sultansworn witnessed openly the physical abuse, and while Siobhain was prepared to stop it the others opted to ignore it. It was that night that Gharen's Id awakened for the first time and he brutally killed Ortolf Frostheart.

1569-1572 The Wilds

After leaving Little Ala Mhigo, Gharen fled north, his distrust of people was so inherent he avoided villages and outposts all together. He had made camp on the outskirts of a small village on the Ishgardian border, living off the land as best as he could, he was barely surviving his first three months in the wilds and winter was nearing. Desperation eventually drove the young man to enter the village and find some way to get the supplies he would need to last the winter. It was during this time he met the local Blacksmith, an old Roegadyn Hellsguard by the name of Silent Mountain and his family, though it took some convincing, he had managed a job. He spent the next year learning the trades of smithing and mining under the gruff old Roegadyn and his sons, though he continued to live in several areas outside of town, never staying in the same camp for more than a couple of days at a time.

((work in progress))


((work in progress))

OOC notes

  • Individuals that live(d) in Little Ala Mhigo during the timeline listed above may remember Gharen and his Guardian. Gharen will likely be hard to recognize as he covers what scars he can and he has put on significant muscle mass due to training and labor after having left the settlement eight cycles (years) prior.
  • Gharen's fighting skills and style is based on Geralt of Rivia


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