Giselle Marinnoux

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Ishgard.jpg Giselle Marinnoux
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“There are few things in this life worth fighting for; truth is one of them.”
Gender Female
Race Viera
Clan Veena
Citizenship Ishgard
Server Zalera
Occupation Mercenary, Crafter
Age 27 (ARR), 29 (ShB)
Grand Company The Immortal Flames
Rank Second Flame Lieutenant
Nameday 13th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
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Basic Info

An orphaned viera trained in the art of astrology from a young age, Giselle fled Ishgard after the death of her adoptive father and took up work as a travelling mercenary and craftswoman. She deals often in secrets and information, having gained a reputation as a trusted confidant in the underground sectors of Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa.


At the tender age of three Giselle was abandoned on the outskirts of the forest where her kind lived, left to succumb either to starvation or the elements; she was half-dead when a Highlander woman named Adala stumbled upon her during her travels, taking Giselle and nursing her back to health.

Adala was the only family she had ever known, and the Sharlayan woman raised her with love and affection. The stars had brought them together, and she quickly fell in love with the little viera, caring for her as though she were her own child. The two made it to Ishgard four months after meeting, and they quickly settled onto a small home near the markets, where Adala met a House Dzemael knight named Leodaire Marinnoux.

The two feel deeply and quickly in love, though Adala was hesitant to get close to him due to her heretical beliefs; however, the Elezen made it clear he didn’t care what she did or did not believe in, he simply wanted them to be together. After a year-long courtship and two-month engagement they were wed, the three of them living together as a small, happy family.

Giselle grew up learning skills that would help her later in life: everything from basic weaving to advanced alchemy, at which she excelled; nothing was off-limits to the young viera if she showed interest in it, and it was Adala who recognised the gift of magic in her and encouraged further study with the astrologians of Ishgard, supplemented with her own knowledge of the art.

Their happiness as a family was not meant to last, however; shortly after her seventeenth nameday a fellow knight accused Leodaire of consorting with dragons, an act so viscerally against everything the knights stood for that there was no trial; despite the pleas of his wife and child, and years of exceptional service to the people of Ishgard, he was sentenced to death as a heretic.

A Sharlayan scholar, Adala knew that she would be the next to be branded a heretic; in the middle of the night she fled, leaving nothing behind save a note of apology and instructions to leave Ishgard behind for her daughter.

Reeling from the death of her father and sudden disappearance of her mother shortly thereafter, Giselle did what her mother bid and left the city-state, putting as much distance between herself and her home as possible. The journey would prove difficult, however; mere weeks after crossing the border into Thanalan Giselle was kidnapped, held prisoner by an unknown organisation experimenting on people in an attempt to get the Echo to manifest in them.

For weeks she was tortured, imbued with vast amounts of aether, until finally an au’ra stumbled upon the place where she was being held, slaughtered her captors, and brought her back to the Waking Sands to be tended to. As she recovered there Giselle learned more about the mysterious man, and decided that she would follow in his footsteps, serving the people in any way she could—her own vengeance on the back burner.

She took up with the Immortal Flames in Ul'dah not long after, and has worked with them ever since, her skills serving them well and propelling her quickly up the ranks. She has grown close with Raubhan, looking up to him as a father-figure to replace the one she’d lost, and has taken to travelling with Tseren Somr whenever their paths cross.


Having spent her formative years being looked down upon for her race and birth status, Giselle has a deeply-rooted inferiority complex; she is willing and ready to do whatever it takes to earn the respect and care she was never given as a child, and holds power in very high esteem. What others have to say about her affects Giselle deeply, though she attempts to hide behind dry wit and an aloof exterior.

Despite being quick to anger she doesn't act on it immediately, preferring the slow and methodical approach to dealing with her problems, particularly when the problems are other people. She is a fierce protector of those she considers family, and holds them close, guarding their affection almost jealously; she has never been gifted with an abundance of charisma, and as such often finds it difficult to make friends. Once a person manages to get past her somewhat icy exterior Giselle proves to be a funny, passionate woman, and loyal to a fault.


Standing at 192 cm Giselle is tall for a viera, long-limbed and graceful as most of her race are. Her skin is fair and covered in a light dusting of freckles, and she sports a birthmark at the corner of her mouth. She wears her long blonde hair pulled back in varying styles; rarely can she be found with it left in loose waves that fall nearly to her waist. Her eyes are a striking pale silver-green, and perhaps her most notable feature, outlined in kohl to make them stand out. Her ears are on the shorter side, though it's difficult to tell as they don't stand up straight; instead they tilt downwards, blonde like the rest of her hair with lighter platinum-toned tips. If one looks close enough, they can make out long-faded scars where her ears bend.

When not in specialised gear she can be found in comfortable clothing of a dark hue, typically black but occasionally deep wine red, royal purples, or a dark blue. She favours high boots and tight-fitting pants, with flowing tops that accentuate her generous curves. Elle is fond of soft yet hardy fabrics, and makes most of her own clothing. Due to her bad eyesight Giselle very rarely ventures out without a pair of round-framed glasses perched on the bridge of her nose.

Affiliations & Relationships

  • Leodaire Marinnoux - adoptive father, a Duskwight elezen acting as a knight for House Dzemael; after taking her in Leodaire was in charge of her alchemy training as a child, and the two bonded over their many similarities. He was executed shortly after her seventeenth nameday.
  • Adala Marinnoux - adoptive mother, a Highlander woman from Sharlayan who took Giselle in and treated her as the daughter she never had. Skilled in botany and woodworking, she taught the young Giselle the finer points of both, and encouraged her to pursue training as an astrologian. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Other Notes

  • Giselle is exceedingly gifted at Doman mahjong
  • In her spare time she can be found sewing, reading, or occasionally singing