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File:Greerhs.png|She can smile, sometimes...
File:Greerhs.png|She can smile, sometimes...

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The White Wolf of Yanxia

Wild and Wandering...
((Currently Under Construction - Updated 11.10.19))

Basic Information

NAME: Greer
ALIAS: The White Wolf of Yanxia
AGE: Mid-Twenties
GENDER: Female
RACE: Au Ra/Lupin
OCCUPATION(s): Hunter for Hire
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good

Height 5 fulms 01 ilms
Weight 122 ponze
Build Tomboyish, small chest and muscular shoulders. Exceptionally lithe with slender legs.
Skin Tone Leucistic
Tail Abnormally long and spiked tail
Head / Facial Features
Hair Messy, unkempt, cut short and irregular. Large streaks of black mixed with white.
Eyes Bright white - colorless and luminescent
Scales and Horns Pitch black. The previous natural color of her scales have since changed color due to aetheric corruption. Horns are smaller than the average female Xaela.
Ears Large fluffy white Lupin ears rest atop her head, the only hint at her being a halfbreed, aside from her fangs and claws.
"The crowds of Ul'dah annoy me, yet I still find myself wandering aimless down these alleyways - Just a reminder of the past...."


  • Solitude
  • Forests and greenery
  • Fog/Cold weather


  • Hot Weather
  • Authority and Politics
  • Her scales and horns


  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Frightened by male Au Ra (Especially Xaelan)
  • Addresses herself as a Lupin, dislikes the Au Ra side of herself

Core Personality Traits

  • Rude and standoff-ish towards strangers
  • Childish
  • Easy to embarrass
  • Quick to anger
  • Begrudgingly protective of those who cannot fend for themselves

Locations Most Frequented

  • Yanxia
  • Central Thanalan
  • Ul'dah
  • Kugane

(((Under construction)))
Trigger Warning: Sexual and physical abuse is mentioned in Greer's history. Proceed with caution if these subjects are sensitive to you!

Greer was born to a lupin mother in the outskirts of Namai – a small village community nestled within The Gensui Chain in Yanxia. Like most of the residents in Yanxia, her mother suffered though intense oppression during the Garlean rule and overtake of Doma. Despite having the help of her village, the weight of taxation and grueling physical labor had taken an immense tole on her. For the years – even prior to her birth - her mother had struggled to make quota by supplying the Garlean’s strictly enforced taxes by selling whatever she could to make ends meet.
Yuki, The Caring:
Yuki is Greer’s birthmother – a widowed lupin with a soft auburn and cream-colored coat and a heart of gold. Prior to Greer’s birth, she had worked as a lowly rice farmer on the outskirts of Namai. Though her burdens where great, she never failed to keep a smile on her face. And thus, her caring demeanor was known to all the residents of Namai. On an unfortunate summer’s eve, a monsoon had swept through the land of Yanxia – destroying rice plantations and houses in its wake. With a partially destroyed rice crop, Yuki could not pay for the heavy taxation quota requested once Garlean soldiers came to collect dues. Going door-to-door, these soldiers collected the fines from each individual farmer. A brutish, masked Xaelan soldier approached Yuki’s small, shanty cabin – knocking aggressively upon her door and demanding payment. With no rice, and no money, the Xealan had took matters into his own hands and forced himself upon Yuki as punishment. Lo and behold, she became pregnant with Greer. While burdened with pregnancy, thoughtful local villagers had assisted Yuki with future taxation dues and tending to her home and crop. As the months had passed, Yuki gave birth to Greer in solitude. Bearing a sickly, pale, halfbreed child into the world. With the help of fellow villagers, she kept the halfbreed a secret from others outside her village for fear of taboo or racist genocide. Greer has a skin disorder called leucism, where her entire body is exceptionally pale and lacks color or pigment – aside from her scales, which retained their Xaelic color. Her and her mother stayed in their cabin on the outskirts of Namai as small rice farmers – so hiding her was not a large issue at hand. When routine visits from outsiders had happened, Greer was told to hide her ears and portray herself as an abandoned Auri child orphaned due to the war itself.
Time passes, Greer turns into a teenager full of worry and lack of social skills. Fellow lupin, Hyur, and Au Ra her age tease her about her appearance and her fatherless upbringing – thus, making her develop an attitude of bitterness, jealousy, and loneliness. Despite her peers teasing and tormenting her, her mother became her best and only friend, to which Greer held her as the most important person in her life. She grew to help her mother as best she could, despite her halfbreed self being so frail and weak. She would tire easily but pushed herself to her limits, and would labor herself for hours on her mothers behalf. She strived to learn how to fix broken things, hunt small game, and become a proper arborist for their rice crop. Though she grew to hate others, she loved and appreciated her mother.
Despite the burdens of the war, Greer watched the landscape of Yanxia and its people change as she aged in her adolescence. The people had learned to adapt to the oppression, and most had become acquainted with the idea of war-torn lands, soldiers, rebellions, and bandits. Some days where horrid, but most where full of happiness as Greer grew alongside her mother.
The End / The Beginning:
On a quiet spring night, Greer had arrived to her and her mother’s home late from working in rice fields. Upon getting closer to the shanty cabin that she had called home - she came upon the sight of a broken front door, completely split off the hinges and splintered in half. With the sounds of snarls and fighting happening within, Greer rushed inside to the sight of her mother attempting to defend herself against a Garlean Xaelic soldier. The traumatized, wide-eyed teenage Greer stood still as she saw the once-kind face of her mother turn feral. Teeth and claws beared, Yuki tried her best to defend herself to the best of her ability. However, the Xaelan soldier brandished a large dagger, slicing her mother's throat brutally and ending her life. Blood splattered across the cabin, splashing against the emotionally paralyzed Greer. Upon seeing Greer, the Xaelan quickly marched over to her and pinned her down, restraining her arms behind her back with a binding Magitek device. The emotionally scarred child was then taken as a slave of war and forcefully lead by this soldier – this murderer – to the edge of Yanxia on foot. As days passed in her travels in chains to the edge of her homeland, the traumatized child was silent throughout their journey. Tired, malnourished, sleep-deprived, and emotionally drained – Greer grew hostile and mustered the confidence to speak violently towards the Xaelan once they had arrived at the southern end of The Glittering Basin. She questioned who he was, what he wanted, why he had killed her mother, where he was taking her and what he planned on doing to her; simultaneously. The Xaelan stopped in his tracks, turning around slowly to stare down Greer. The soldier brandished the same blade used to murder her mother onto Greer – unsheathing it and pointing it at her. He confessed to Greer about her, quote-on-quote, ‘disgusting’ origins and cause of her birth. He claimed that her mother had hid her very well, but “secrets where meant to be unraveled”. Rumors had spread amongst lowly, young Namai male workers who had sold themselves as soldiers for the Garlean war. Upon hearing about a crossbreed Xaelic child born to a lupin mother - the soldier had specifically marched himself alone to Namai to slaughter her mother for giving birth to such a “disgusting creature that would disgrace the lineage of the Dawn Father and the Dusk Mother”. This information alone was enough for Greer to realize the soldier was, indeed, her birthfather. Greer’s father also revealed his plans to sell her as an exotic slave in the lands of the far West – Overseas in the city-state of Ul’dah. She was lead to a boat on the southern end of the Glittering Basin, she traveled overseas in chains. Her “father” did not join her on her journey, and instead she was given to the slave traders as he remained in Yanxia. On her time overseas, Greer was fed meager amounts of food and cried herself to sleep every night. Upon her ultimate arrival in Ul’dah via the slave vessel, Greer’s bindings had become loose as the days had wore on. Uncertain of the cause, though she speculated the magitek’s innermost magics had become weak, she hastily escaped amongst the dense crowds and away from the slave-trader’s grasp – running as fast as she could, out of the city, and finding solitude in Thanalan...
Adulthood - present:
(((Currently under construction)))

"...It was as if I was in a dream, and I awoke bathed in their blood."
Offensive Abilities
Beastmaster An ability that Greer, herself, is not quite unable to understand how and why she can do such a thing. She has the will to connect with beasts and animals on an Aetheric level - which can be used to calm rabid, feral creatures or manipulate domestic animals through a mental connection.
Melee Abilities
Dark Arts The atrocities she experienced in her youth have tempered Greer’s aetheric control, turning her hatred into an unrelenting force that emanates in the form of a wild, aetheric red aura. Triggered by bloodshed and battle, this darkness that consumes her very body has the protentional to evolve into a berserker-like rage of uncontrolled aether. As a battle (or her own personal rage) progresses, she can feel herself as a forewarning being consumed by darkness as the red aetheric aura steadily consumes her body and mind. However, because she cannot fully control this power, she can easily lose herself and go into a blind rage filled with pure rage to shed blood.
Fangs and Claws Standard melee abilities. Greer has two upper and two lower fangs, making her bite potentially worse than her bark. These teeth form into a perfect scissor bite, making shredding flesh effortless - if given the chance. In regards to her claws, they are naturally long and black, as well as kept sharpened.
Music Themes



Artwork (NSFW!) WARNING: Contains sensitive themes
OOC/RP Hooks/IC Residence

■ ICly Greer lives on the outskirts of Namai in a shanty cabin previously owned by her mother, but IG she lives in Shirogane ward 17, plot 25.
RP Hooks
Dark or morbid themes/plots The darker, the better. Small-talk RP does not interest me. I enjoy my RP with deep and emotional characters that are not afraid to act as they should.
Lore-abiding I enjoy RP that is correspondant to the lore of FFXIV, itself. Though, I am willing to RP characters with a creative twist (as Greer is one, herself) so long as it is within limits and makes somewhat sense and can correlate with FFXIV lore. I do, in fact, enjoy seeing people's creative twists on their own characters. But again, so long as it relates to FFXIV in some way, shape, or form.
Literacy I tend to write very descriptively, especially in singular-person RP. In groups I will accomodate with hastened diaglogue.
Personal RP limits
I will play dark content and themes or temporary injury.
Ask about sexual encounters.
I won't play long-term and/or permanent injury or disfigurement, captivity, or imprisonment. Permanent death of my character.
■ If an aspect of RP makes you uncomfortable in a scene we're playing, please send me a /tell, letting me know.
Time Zone/Server
■ Balmung
■ This theme originally belongs to Keloch Buduga, with some changes made by KHMarie. Thanks for such a sleek layout!

■ All art, unless otherwise specified, are drawn by me; Greer Wolf.