Haru Qwey

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Haru Qwey
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keepers of the Moon
Citizenship Uldah
Age 24
Tribal Status Left Tribe/Lone Survivor
Skills Proficient in exotic weaponry
Height/Weight 5'7" / 156 lbs
Orientation Pansexual
Free Company Affiliations The Grim Echo (Member) Night Blades (ally)

All credit for page template goes to Sigyn Sheildbreaker and Bancroft Gairn, with Bancroft being the OC.

Haru Qwey 'is a female keeper of above average height for her race. She is of dark skin and hair, though its run through with lighter colors. She is tribal by nature, but the loss of her family and thrusting into Uldahn politics has left her with a slow tendency to attach to others. Though once you get through her faux exterior she is very loyal to those she considers friends. Raised as a huntress and possible successor to her tribes matron left her with a well developed balance of combat and social skills. In the years since her move to Uldah she has turned to artifact hunting. Though initially squeezed out by the syndicate she eventually developed assets to run her own very small team of archeologists. She currently works with members of The Grim Echo and the Night Blades.


Aliases/Names: Haru Qwey[HaRU-QWAY]: Haru took her name, like all females of her tribe, from her mother. Though her first name is not her birth name, she took her sisters name of Haru after the death of her entire family.
Current Residence: Ul'dah, the shop owned by Stanzie Rhyhees and Siben Farnsworth.

Relationship Status: Dateing

Sexuality: Pansexual

Prefferd Combat: While most skilled with a lance, she has branched out to the use of more exotic weapons to make up for her lack of magical ability.


Height: 5 fulms, 7 ilms, being unusually tall for a Miqo

Weight: 156 ponz, the entirety of her build being lean and toned muscles, sculpted from cycles of hunting and fighting.

Body: She is highly athletic, showing it over every stretch and bend of her lynx like form. Her shoulders are perhaps average in width, with her arm length. Her chest is dominated by a ample bosom, which sometiems makes her stomach appear flatter then it is. Her body is clearly sculpted with toned muscles, obvious in that she rarely ever wears loose clothing. Her back and sides have a few nicks and scratches but otherwise clear of blemishes or scars. Her hands are strong, bearing the callouses of working with her hands often. Her left hand has a clean diamond shaped scar where it was recently impaled by a knife, though the wound has since healed the scar provides a stark contrast to her unblemished skin.
Her lower body is as fit and attractive as the rest, having a firm butt and toned legs. Her feet and legs typically go uncovered at the knee or thigh down to allow her the freedom of movement she is accustomed to.

Complexion: Her skin for the most part is free of major blemishes or scars, excepting the one on her left hand. Her eyes are two slightly different shades of violet, with the right being slightly darker. She has ash colored streaks below each eye, the repeated dyeing having long ago become permanent.


Demeanor: Around strangers Haru generally holds herself in the manner of a business woman, having spent several years working in the grey of legitimate and illegitimate dealings in Uldah. She is slow to trust those that she dislikes, but those that forge a connection with her gain a level kinship. This is most notable in the case of M'wanthala Khryn with whom she has forged a tight bond of sister-ship after only a few moons. To her friends she is stalwart, if not practical, she always carry s a weapon on her, be it a handful of knives or her favored lance.
In a more social setting, she is prudent and quick to examine others. Though she observes a certain amount of etiquette, it is not a natural state to her, having been born and raised in a tribe. Therefore when angered she can be seen displaying the typical quirks of a feral, although diminished. She bears her teeth when angry, and when one has truly pushed her she flexes her claws in old hunting instinct.



Gladiatorial Fighting
The Shroud
Carbuncle chairs
fine rum or whiskey


Garleans (hatred)


Leather working
Weapon Experimentation

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