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=====Stories Related to This=====
=====Stories Related to This=====
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=====Stories Related to this=====
=====Stories Related to this=====
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* [http://honoura.tumblr.com/post/168264132866/prompt-30-frost Frost]
=====End of Seventh Umbral Era to Liberation of Ala Mhigo=====
=====End of Seventh Umbral Era to Liberation of Ala Mhigo=====
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=====Stories Related to This=====
=====Stories Related to This=====
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=====Present Day=====
=====To Doma and Back Again=====
Presently on a diplomatic mission to Doma, Hon's expectations for the trip center on fairly mundane accomplishments. Trying new food! Learning more about another culture! Maybe play mahjong very badly. We'll see if any of that happens without some added drama and angst (spoiler alert: it won't).
With Ala Mhigo liberated and efforts to forge a new destiny in full swing, the 1-9 briefly returned to Limsa Lominsa to physically (and mentally) recover from a very bloody liberation. It's a time marked mostly by who Honoura strengthened her friendships with and who she pushed away. Some of those avoidances came from reasons outside the walls of Maelstrom Command. Arguably difficult when your squadron receives orders that dictate as part of strengthening relationships with Doma, there'd be a moons long mission to sail and dock there.  
Along with learning how to play mahjong (and winning at it), Honoura also made another shocking discovery. Aidan Hawke, alive and well in Kugane. Ironically, thrown in jail after getting entangled with shenanigans caused by members of the 1-9 pranking the Garlean consulate established there. To say the timing was bad was an understatement; Honoura suddenly found a lot of her past dug up and presented to her, most of it by her own commander. Initially, she denied it could even be him -- how does a boy who died in the Calamity show up a man in Kugane? Eventually, it was confirmed the truth, and arrangements made for Aidan's freedom and safe passage to Eorzea should he want it. A bargain he accepted without full knowledge his sister was even involved. Both of them are still wrestling with this.
As if that wasn't enough excitement, a small castrum tucked away in Yanxia also tried to strike a blow at the 1-9 with a raid on the Enclave to steal children for conscription. Thankfully, they were recovered, with even a few bonuses (like a magitek reaper stolen in the skirmish). Overall, it was a victory, but still an emotionally wrought one.  
=====Stories Related to This=====
=====Stories Related to This=====
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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Honoura Hawke
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age Mid-Late 20s
Alignment Neutral Good
Occupation Maelstrom
Height 5 fulm
Guardian Azeyma, The Warden
  • Teagan Hawke (mother)
  • Emma Hawke (sister)
  • Aidan Hawke (brother, presumed deceased)
  • Albin Hawke (father, definitely deceased)

Basic Information

Honoura [Hon-or-a] is not many things. Not wealthy, not anyone particularly important, not... terribly tall. A petite, run of the mill Midlander from Gridania, Honoura is prone to snark about her lot in life and doggedly loyal to the people in it. She may drag you for your dumb ideas, but she'll do it while she hauls your ass out of it. A long way from her humble origins in the Black Shroud, she's doing her best to navigate an ever-widening world. One that is getting bigger and weirder by the day.
Coffee with cream
The color red
Bees, Moths, Fireflies
Shade trees
Bad romance novels
Sand in her shoes
Giant toads
Roast dodo
Cruelty or malicious behavior
Summers on the Vylbrand
The Twelveswood
Being tiny on some days
Collecting bric-a-brac
Snarky commentary
Collecting orchestrion rolls
Climbing into, onto, or up anything she takes a mind or challenge to
Taking dares when challenged the right way
Taking the occasional Leve for extra cash
Tending to her parrot, Polly
Difficulty reaching things on tall shelves
Overly defensive
Inferiority Complex
Highly Self-Critical
Doesn't hesitate to tease or retort certain individuals
Little by way of formal education, training, or experience

Appearance and Personality


When lined up next to her immediate family, you'd almost think Honoura was adopted. The shortest among its living members, she heavily favors her father's side of the family, with dark hair and eyes, her father's nose. Several years of inadequate food has left her on the small side -- she has learned it's incredibly hard to seem intimidating when you likely resemble a 12 year old in a coat. What little muscle she has is toned thanks to a soldier's life. Practicality rules a lot of her fashion choices; hair's kept short, everything is comfortable to wear. When she does pay attention to clothing, she prefers warmer colors such as red, golds and browns. Fashion is not something she gives a lot of thought to -- anything really flashy or put together she had help. She's slowly branching out, mostly in her choices of earrings or shoes. A couple of friends introduced her to manicures and nail art. She's grown to appreciate the skill it takes to put a look together but is ultimately too lazy to do it herself.


From the outside looking in, Honoura looks like the quiet, thoughtful one. The cool big sister. This is a lie; while she can be a quiet, supportive pat on the shoulder or a hand to hold, she's equally likely to tease and indulge in bouts of immaturity. She is also never, ever cool. Serving with the Maelstrom has made her capable of talking to strangers and close friends alike without much of a problem, but one group will definitely get more jokes out of her (or more disapproving glares). But most importantly, she is an utter nerd.

Honoura often feels a need to look after anyone who sets off those big sister instincts. This can manifest in anything from strong advice to worried faces if not outright insistence on coming along to look after you. If you don't listen to her or go off on your own to engage in risky business, expect a few sharp words and disapproving expressions. There's an underlying fear that if she's not around to keep you out of trouble, you'll get hurt. However, this doesn't mean her patience for what she deems as tomfoolery is boundless. The more you push your luck, the more you can expect an "I told you so" out of her mouth when you suffer for your actions. It might come across as callous, but being the eldest to a very impish younger brother trains you to have an eye-roll as the first response. A punch to the shoulder is very likely the second.

That said, like any sibling, there is also a good portion of her personality that's fueled by spite. It's easier to provoke it to the surface than she'd like to admit. It will lead to a lot of snarky remarks and petty 'fuck yous'.


Grief isn't a stranger to this family. What's left of it at this point, anyway. The Hawke family was struck by loss early on; greenwrath claimed Albin when Honoura was around 12-13. She's not too keen on the exact date; what does one year of age matter over another. The Calamity took her brother too soon after. These days, a family of five is now a trio, and its connections are shaky at best.

Culturally, the Hawkes are a very old Shroud family. They claim (truthfully or not) to have been part of the Twelveswood since the Fall of Amdapor. It's a family with who is devoted to serving the Twelveswood and its Elementals. Most of its members serve the Wood Wailers, Stillglade Fane, the Botanists Guild. In short, it's mired with tradition, and it's absurdly strict about keeping to them. Honoura's father Albin choosing to marry a La Noscean woman broke with that. It was an infraction that was politely tolerated until his passing. The larger, extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents abruptly cut ties after her father's death -- she tries to keep her visits to the Shroud brief and off the beaten path. An awkward reunion with someone who hasn't claimed you as a relative in over a decade is something she'd prefer not to experience.

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Biography & Timeline

Honoura's childhood wasn't a remarkable one. When asked where she was born within the Twelveswood, her favorite answer is "South Central, or Central South Shroud". It's somewhere in there, but it was nowhere in proper civilization. Say Gridania, and she'll recall her father more than anyone. And she's old enough now to realize that like the city-state, she didn't know him terribly well at all.

Limsa Lominsa is a place she'll call home, more than anywhere. It's a shoe that isn't a perfect fit; she's grown to appreciate and be grateful for what La Noscea gave her. But there's also a feeling that it isn't a perfect home. Maybe that's the result of an upbringing like hers; not quite a Lominsan, not quite a Gridanian. Somewhere in the middle. Somewhere that didn't quite exist on its own.

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RP Hooks & Contact Info

  • Open to walk-ups if you send a /tell please.
  • I do have a discord and you're welcome to ask me for those deets as well.
  • I am open to RPing more mature or complex themes if I get to know you first so that I feel comfortable.
  • I'm also totally open for RPing a pre-existing relationship between two characters barring any kind of romantic pairing -- let's be comrades! Or something. Especially if you're Maelstrom too, it makes sense.
  • If you're a Gridanian or have ties to the Shroud and you want to have a conversation/argument about that you can also hmu.
  • Serve in the Gyr Abania campaign? She did too!
  • If you want to help this nerd be cool, we can set something up for that. Help her. She's a nerd. She's trying.

Not all rumours are necessarily true.

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"Might take her 10 tries to get something, but she keeps at it." [Maelstrom Officer]
"Somehow her and Bisnoire seem to get along swimmingly." [Melvaan's Gate employee]
"Ohhhh her, the little shorty with the brogue, about ate herself sick of egg sandwiches I think." [Bismarck employee]
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Grew up in the Shroud, they all got that dour look about them." [Limsan Citizen]
"I've seen her drink a lot of swill out of spite." [Drowning Wench Patron]
"Who the bloody hells made her such a godsdamned card shark?" [Maelstrom Private]
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Pity about her brother. Probably why she left home, honestly." [Gridanian Traveler]
"Looks she gets sometimes, you'd think she spied a ghost." [Former Neighbor]
"Nothin' personal, but if her father hadn't wanted 'em to end up in such a sorry state, shouldn't have done what he did now, hm?" [Opinionated Gridanian Elezen]
"Hawke? I think that's the name of the lad Teagan Ashton ran off with." [Limsan Dyemonger]
"She cut her hair off after some altercation with another private. And shaved 'is beard whilst he was sleepin'." [Maelstrom Officer]

Family/Close Relationship    Friends    We've Met    Dislike  
Avali Nahsra: They both know each other's pasts better than anyone else does. Namely because they spent it together. Growing up together in the Shroud, the miqo'te was essentially, another baby sibling to look after. After a number of years out of contact, they're back in each other's lives; in some ways it's still weird how much has changed.
Proxima Bisenoire: Hon first met Proxima when the poor Ishgardian had the misfortune of being one of Annie's coworkers. They both discovered, to their delight, that they were neighbors in the Topmast. Since then, they've slowly become friends; Honoura doesn't always understand Proxima's sense of etiquette. But she does appreciate her kindness. And her taste in dining options. And her diligence at teaching wayward pets better manners.
Kaito Nagano: Captain Kaito Nagano is a delinquent, cheeky Doman who does nothing but pester and bother the Maelstrom corporal and yet they both keep hanging out and apparently enjoying each other's company. It's needlessly complicated; she'd be lying if she said she didn't like having him around. She also spends a lot of that time scolding him like he wasn't her superior officer. Is it a friendship, is it just workplace banter, is it two people from broken families falling into something like a platonic siblingship? Who knows. The last time he asked her if she dug him, her response was 'I'd dig you a grave if you like'. It was in public.
Jophoix Suinuet: The tallest of little brothers. Joph is a soft-hearted lanky-limbed dork whose entire demeanor to Hon screams 'YOU HAVE TO LOOK AFTER HIM, HE IS TOO GOOD'. Which makes it very ironic how often she has hurt his feelings and made him upset. Which usually makes her upset and begin to apologize profusely. Anyway, she adores him, if you so much as threaten to take his lunch money she's going to end you.
Sounsyy Mirke: Sounsyy has gone from 'somewhat gruff and intimidating Maelstrom captain' to 'a lieutenant who almost shot me once, but now we have Tuesday Night Wine Time and play cards'. They have both seen each other when they aren't at their best. Now they just enable each other for better or worse. Maybe both.
Ojene Suinuet: Legalman Suinuet is a force to be reckoned with. The corporal's feelings tend to sway between wanting to make her proud or just wanting to avoid her attention entirely. Outside influences however, have guaranteed she'll never be completely off her radar.
Tiergan Vashir: A big little brother. An oversized housecat of a person. The good of the friendship outweighs the bad of how it came about.
Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn: Commander Ostulmsyn. She thinks he's fine. He's you know. Her boss. He's fine. It's fine.
Ringo Shiro: Surely anyone who hangs out with Nagano is more responsible than... oh no.
Vell R'ius: He's young, he's nervous, he's shy, he clearly needs to be looked after by an elder sister type.

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