Jael'li Erisha'an

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Jael'li Erisha'an
The Immortal King
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dah



An aspiring martial artist aiming for grander things in life. Jael'li commits to the teachings passed onto him and demonstrates a certain tenacity for his field. Though he's a novice, he has been learning quickly and adapting to the lack of knowledge many books have to offer by watching fights play out. This youth will initially come off as an arrogant jackass who believes himself to be higher than the rest, and is happy to keep up the facade until someone finds one of the many chinks in his armor and breaks it down.



Standing at about five-feet and eight inches, this youth is positively aglow with vitality, as the casual observer could tell by his carefree and vibrant demeanor. Crimson hair runs down his crown, complementing his pale skin quite nicely. His mane is usually groomed, but remains somewhat messy due to his social status. The two feline ears that occupy his head are supplemented by small tufts of crimson that often waft during a small breeze. Golden hues sit atop his cheekbones, taking in all that they can with natural curiosity. There was a quiet humor to them, a cunning that belied the truth of his nature; He was a hunter. An absent smile can be seen across his full lips when not speaking, expressing contentment with his current situation; Whatever that may be! While not the most athletic, the fruits of his training have finally begun to show. Corded muscles wrap around his limbs and core, indicating some amount of time and discipline had been put into his frame. His movements, by and large, were a prowl--a predatory shift in weight from one leg to another, reminiscent of a stalking beast searching the area for its next meal. Jael'li's voice is calm and soothing, edged with intellect and pervasive insight despite being so young.


Upbeat is a good word to describe this young Miqo'te. He sees the world as vast and full of potential despite the struggle of mankind. Many see him as delusional due to his adopted philosophy, for he believes himself to be a king of his own life and will remind any and all of this! In his eyes everyone has the potential for greatness, especially once they see the obstacle keeping them from achieving greater heights. "Conquer the trophaeum looming over your life!" Is something he says quite often as a means to motivate someone. He keeps his speech eloquent and concise, demonstrating higher education to try and set him above the common rabble. However, this is only when met with those of another race. Truthfully he tries to keep himself far away from other Miqo'te, specifically females. When prompted to interact with them it's likely he will both keep his distance and refrain from physical contact.




Jael'li has spent his time in the squalid streets of Ul'dah collecting books detailing the ways of unarmed combat. Through this, he has built his own style from the ground up. Baiting and Counters are his focus, aether manipulation theory are a tertiary objective he's currently training in order to implement it into his fighting. This Miqo'te has inherently gone with the flow of things and tends to practice whatever is in front of his face. Be it palm strikes, shoulder checks, knee checks, or simple conditioning Jael'li strives to grow in whatever way he can.

Currently, he only has one chakra open. The root which has been focused on both the will to survive and simple awareness of his body. He's in the process of opening his Third Eye Chakra, however it's leading to constant migraines and blatant irritation towards comrades and enemies alike.



  • Fruit! Lots and lots of fruit!
  • Reading from his journal.
  • Literature.


  • Large bodies of water.
  • Slutty miqo'te.
  • The brass blades.


  • Martial arts.
  • Whistling.
  • Exploring.



What family he once had in the Shroud had disowned him after he'd left for Ul'dah to make his fortune, choosing his own path instead of complying with the wishes of his mother, Jael Erisha'an. Now his new family will be comprised of friends who dare walk with him in the heat of battle.


Kayllen Stormbringer: A man with a rather impassive mask, though Jael'li has seen hints of emotion through that glacial expression. The Miqo'te believes the man strong with a great sense of duty. He earned extra points with Jael'li upon acknowledging the noble philosophy he held dear.

Berrod Armstrong: Jael'li's former bandit leader who disappeared one day. While the Miqo'te used to blame the man for the death of his friend and father figure, Raging Ox, he now knows the truth and has set those supposed past sins behind him to start anew. The youth has grown attached to this Highlander, subtly looking for approval from the man.

D'arca Ovraen: The first Seeker of the sun Jael'li has ever really befriended. Caring and Kind, D'arca has never ceased to impress Jael'li with his knowledge and tenacity towards his fields of work. As testament to how he feels, Jael'li has taken on D'arca as something of an apprentice and is currently teaching him the way of unarmed combat.

Dhatura Inoxia: An Elezen with an atrophied wit but tosses just enough big words around to make it seem like he knows what he's doing. Jael'li is close to despising this man however his skills prove that he gets the job done, and his talk isn't only that. Only time will tell whether or not the man will prove to be a true ally or an enemy.