K'washi Amada

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 K'washi Amada (Silent)
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Hipparion Tribe (South Shroud)
Citizenship Unknown
Server Balmung
Height 5 ft 3.5 in. (160.8 cm)
Weight Unknown
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Going by the name of Silent more often than not, this young one appears to be in his late teens at the most (judging by appearance and actions alone). There isn't much known about him simply due to his inability to speak. He doesn't appear to have much of a home, if any. He does not appear to be much of brute-strength kind of fighter, though the maintained knives hanging on his belt are a clear indication that he certainly knows how to fight. It's usually a coincidence if you find him inside a city.



Physique — He's slightly shorter than the average male, though that doesn't seem to stop him. It remains as both his greatest advantage and biggest disadvantage. Despite this, a close inspection (or a friendly spar) will reveal that he's by no means weak. Lean muscles on his arms are capable of delivering harsh blows, and strong legs are easily capable of delivering swift and strong kicks. Calloused hands hint towards a lot of training and climbing.
Scars and Marks — On his neck is a set of jagged scars, obviously once deep, and extending across his throat. On the left side of his neck are four puncture scars, marking the beginning of the slashes. On his upper back, from right shoulder to left hip, is a set of scars caused by what can only be claws. On both his arms, starting from his hands and extending up just past his elbows, are a set of tribal-like tattoos. Mixed in among the lines are several scars, particularly around his wrists. These scars are all quite old in age, faded into nothing more than dull lines. Lastly, there appears to be a puncture scar on his left leg, most likely to be from a thick spearhead.


At first glance he seems a little strange, but he’ll easily start up a conversation in any environment he feels comfortable in. He tries very hard to stay cheery and connected. It’s only recently that he started making new friends, since he doesn’t know where to start while he can’t talk. He also gets frustrated, easily. The number one factor being his inability to talk, or make any kind of sound, to the point where he’ll try for the sake of trying and end up curling up in a little hole for a few days. Finally, like any normal person, he has a terrible inability to not talk about his problems, something that really only got worse since he can’t talk. Lately, this issue has only seemed to have gotten worse, as he often opts to simply deflect or avoid an uncomfortable topic related to his own personal feelings.
Despite his cheery, excited demeanour, his confidence seems to be severely lacking in certain situations. It often takes him several minutes of skulking before he's approaching anyone, whether by himself or because he's been invited. However, if he thinks he's not making any kind of good or given no reason to doubt that he's in the way, he'll likely end up just slipping away from a group without any notice. He also seems to have an incredibly difficult time accepting the fact that there are people around him that enjoy his presence.
When not engaged in active conversation, K'washi can be found sitting off to the side staring rather blankly. It is during those moments where his thoughts wander the most, often in a negative way.
He currently has a difficult time remaining indoors for extended periods of time. He also has a slight aversion to touch at the moment.
Feral — When in Fight-or-Flight mode, K'washi reverts back to his base instincts. He cannot be reasoned and will attack if approached. While he would normally hold back his attacks to avoid seriously injuring someone, K'washi can and most likely will kill someone when he is feral. However, because he is following his base instincts, he loses most of his ability to calculate his next moves, and becomes somewhat more predictable.



Strengths: He’s pretty nimble, like an opo-opo. He can climb most anything, often using rope and his knives for assistance if he needs to, and he’s not afraid of heights. He appears to be quite skilled, using his small stature to get under his opponent’s guard. Finally, he’s something of an silent acrobat, able to keep his balance under most circumstances, and even using an opponent’s body against them. He's by no means a dignified fighter, and he certainly isn't afraid to get dirty.
Weapons: The only weapons he's been observed using, in combat, are his knives or fists.
Weaknesses: Because of his choice of fighting style, He doesn’t wear any metal armour. This leaves him vulnerable to a lot of serious damage. His shortness also makes it hard for him to reach things on the third shelf of most pantries.
Zero Confidence: K'washi acts like he's comfortable with himself, but it doesn't take much, if anything, to shatter his facade once the issue is noticed. He reads too much into peoples' hypothetical thoughts and body language, and sometimes even jumps to the wrong conclusions.
Low Aether: He has basically enough of his own personal aether to survive. As such, he really shouldn't use it for any sort of spells, yet he's looking into tapping into the power of conjury properly to at least be able to heal. The one healing spell he does know how to use will leave him incredibly weak.
Physically Mute: K'washi's not exactly talkative. Once upon a time, as a young boy, he was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time by Amalj'aa, who deemed it best to slash open his throat. Through sheer luck and skilled healing from his rescuers, he was able to survive, though not without losing his voice.
Unresolved Trauma: He was never able to talk about what had happened to him, and thus never learned to truly accept what had happened. While it seems like he's entirely okay with ignoring it, and even has the actual event blocked out, he will still very much react violently if threatened. He generally also avoids prolonged touches except from select people.



Reina Dancer - (Closest & Oldest Friend; Like a Sister) — "I won't screw up. Not again."
Reina is yet another old friend from K'washi's days as a deckhand. Unlike Jarrion, however, he never truly interacted much with her beyond when the three of them would meet in port. Their history is longer in the present than their past, and through the ups and downs, these two have managed to form quite the fierce bond. There isn't a whole lot that K'washi won't do for Reina. Following that, however, he's ever-aware of how fragile their bond was and may still be.
Leah Carsen — (Sister; Close Friend) — "Leah is nice and kind and good to be around."
Having met Leah through Sae, the two ended up hitting it off almost immediately, bonding as the two came out together after Tahni had attacked them. They grew close over time, helping one another through their own demons and self-doubt. With Leah's help, K'washi was able to find his tribe again, and even get them relocated and revive the sleeping K'ihzu. After yet more revelations, he learned of their blood relation through K'lmaya, and of Leah's miqo'te blood.
K'ihzu Nunh — (Close; Respectful) — "I'm glad he's awake again."
Father of K'lmaya and Grandfather of K'washi, K'ihzu is the Shaman of his tribe. Their relationship used to be quite close, but time managed to cause them to drift apart. They have managed to fall into an easy routine again, though communication between the two is nonexistent.
K'lmaya Ihzu — (Respectful) — "I can't really say much to her."
Having run away from his tribe, in a sense, at such a young age, K'washi doesn't remember much, if anything, about his mother. What he does remember is how proud she would be whenever he was successful at his lessons, and he remembers their fight. He does not, however, remember what it was they even fought about in the first place. With her recent appearance into his life, K'washi found himself struggling to understand her new way of thinking as well as struggling to communicate with her.
K'mra Nunh — (Unknown)
Right from a young age, K'washi never knew much about his father, as he would simply be busy with the other females of the tribe.
Jarrion Vishar — (Adopted Brother; Indebted) — "Jarr is the best."
Jarrion is practically the one who raised K'washi, at least during the time they spent together on the boat. The pirate honed the miqo'te's skills with knives, teaching him how to wield them properly, while also giving him some much-needed company. He doesn't see Jarrion too often, but when he does, he's more than happy to spend some time with his adopted brother.
Sae Rhaazbir — (Adopted Brother; Distant) — "I... hope he's happier out there... "
Sae is, for all intents and purposes, a part of K'washi's family. While the entire concept is still incredibly foreign to him, he's ecstatic to know the Keeper sees him as a younger brother. Only recently has it seemed like K'washi has struggled to make sense of their bond. It hurts him when he's unable to help, and he's felt more and more like he's entirely useless. Sae's disappearance from Kou's life has dealt quite the blow to the young Seeker.


S'imba Tia — (Best Friend; Always Concerned) — "He gets himself into a lot of trouble. A LOT of trouble."
K'washi's first real interaction with S'imba was when the tanned Seeker had first gone mute. He had been concerned, at first, especially with how the male had seemed unable to communicate well. After a long conversation with him, and sharing some secrets, the two managed to bond in a sense. S'imba even managed to convince his tribe, with the help of one Leah Carsen, to move, as well as even learn their language and teach them sign language. With S'imba's help, K'washi was able to reawaken the tribe's Shaman, K'ihzu, without the cost of his own life.
Since then, he's had a few adventures of his own with S'imba, up to and including the acquisition of a griffin. He's also recently learned that S'imba and Reina have been exceptionally' close.
Bayhind Maleksis — (Friends) — "He calls us family. I don't know why."
K'washi still can't figure out how he feels about Bayhind. The man dated Reina, and was even married to her at some point. Bayhind helped K'washi mend his friendship with Reina, but once the two split, Bayhind vanished for quite some time. With the man's sudden reappearance, K'washi finds himself quite confused by his closeness.
Aeylis Bloodbinder - (Friendly; Motherly) — "Am I depending on her too much... ?"
The first time K'washi met Aeylis, he had just been given his very own bottle of rum (courtesy of a certain adopted brother). Since then, they've talked and exchanged more than a few words. They've gotten to know one another a little better, and Aeylis even offered him a job should one be available for him. The maternal air he senses about her tends to give him pause on how to act around her, but he certainly won't say no to hanging around her.


Zana'to/Xanadu(??) — (Extremely Unsure) — "Everything... Everything was a lie... "
He had always suspected that Zana'to had secrets, but certainly nothing like the secret he discovered. Rather than the tall, male Keeper he had grown to know and love, Zana'to turned out to be Xanadu, a female auri of the Xaela race with a personality he isn't familiar with. The shock of it all has so far led K'washi to distance himself from her until he can sort out his own feelings, though one thing is clear: He is not in love with Xanadu.
X'khai Tia — (Confused) — "I just can't follow him anymore."
After a long time with X'khai, K'washi found himself unable to follow the older Seeker's path and ended up stepping down from his position as the man's Second-in-Command. He isn't entirely unconvinced that there won't be repercussions, but he's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Amethyst — "... I kind of want to see her fight."
Amethyst is part of the Midnight Pearl. When they met, she was very much still recovering from a recent flu she had. Seeing her with an axe, however, is enough to make him curious.
Sanzoku — "He's huge. And a possibly part dragon. And a cheater."
Sanzoku is part of the Midnight Pearl, as well as an apparently-close friend of Reina's. He's not intimidated by the auri male, persay, but he isn't sure how he's going to judge him just yet.
Hoshichou Gisei — "I've never seen someone move faster than me!"
Hoshichou is part of the Midnight Pearl. Easily impressed by her, K'washi is looking forward to their future practice sessions.
Isranne — "She seems important."
Isranne is part of the Midnight Pearl. The first day he boarded the ship in search of Reina, he found Isranne and Sanzoku. While he's not sure what she's capable of, he does find himself curious.


Tahni Farreihm — (Hated)
Tahni was Sae's mother, of that much he knows. His first encounter with her resulted in his friends being severely wounded, and his second resulted in quite a shattering experience. With her successful psychological attacks taking a firm grip on his mind, he had made it one of his primary goals to bring her down — with or without the help of his friends. Gone though she may be, the effects of her relentless assaults still linger.
Naois Faller — (Hiss-worthy and Insane)
If he had to pick between jumping off a cliff or standing next to Naois, he'd most likely jump off the cliff. Due to their past, K'washi's instinct concerning Naois involves getting as far away from her as he possibly can in as little time as possible. He considers her a serious threat to his well-being, largely in part due to her almost-constant kidnappings in their earlier days in order to get Jarrion to do whatever it is the mad woman wanted at the time. He fails to understand why it is she insists on using him as a bargaining chip, and usually can't do anything about it since she's so much bigger than he is. While he's much older now, he still very much fears her and cringes in her presence. At the very least, he's become quite skilled in escaping rope bonds thanks to her.


Common Rumors

  • "That one? That's a strange one. Doesn't talk, and always wanderin' and starin'. Doesn't seem ta mean any harm, though." — Unknown (Ul'dah)
  • "He's always coming in here, sittin' at a table, and readin' out of that black book of his. Sometimes ' — Momodi (Ul'dah)
  • "Hmph. Must be nice, getting to be so distracted by everything in sight." — Brass Blade Soldier (Ul'dah)
  • "Never seen a Miqo'te enjoy water so much." — Unknown (Gridania)

Uncommon Rumors

  • "Ever see him fight? He never takes out his knives, always uses his fists. Guess he don't like to kill much." - Traveler (Thanalan)
  • "'And so doth the raven fly.' He's agile, nimble, and he puts the Opo-opo's to shame with his climbing ability. Odd, for a Seeker of the Sun, but quite a useful talent." — Wood Wailer (Gridania)

Rare Rumors

  • "Wasn't 'e on one of them... pirate ships? I swear I've seen 'im come off one." — Sailor (Limsa Lominsa)
  • "Pretty sure 'e used to be one o' my regulars. Or was 'e the kid o' one o' my regulars?" — Baderon (Limsa Lominsa)
  • "'e was such a cutie, that one. Used to 'ang 'round that otha fella. Made quite the pair, those two did." — Sailor (Limsa Lominsa)
  • "He was young when he was brought to us. Young and lucky to be alive. A voiceless throat's a small price, considering what else the Amalj'aa could have done to him." — Priest from the Church of Adama Landama (Thanalan)

Player Rumours

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  • "Huh? Oh, yeah I call him Silent. He's like a brother——but don't you let him out of your sight! Or he'll... dump you in some body of water... *grumbles*" — Tahni'sae Farreihm (Ul'dah)
  • "He likes to train. Nothing is more admirable than to see somebody bettering themselves. I thought to join, but I was on my way, on my way to the South. Being alone is a comfort, anyway." — Y'lani Kalihd (Ul'dah)


Age: 0 - 12

Born in the Hipparion Tribe, K'washi was taught to hunt at a young age as per tradition. Growing up he was small, and often times got into scuffles with those around him. Despite this, he was easily one of the sneakier hunters and performed well, receiving his name at the proper age and even the affection of his mother at the time. He never spent much time with either of his birth parents, and so often has trouble remembering what they look like.

Age: 12 - 16

By age 12, it was quite obvious that he had no intention of becoming a Nunh, let alone remaining as a Tia. Yet his mother, considered one of the more promising of the remaining females, continued to apply pressure on him until he lashed out at her. Days went by where they merely argued, until K'washi had finally had enough. He ran away from the tribe without looking back, past the shelter of the trees and into the harsh terrain of Thanalan. Not even a few steps in, however, and he was promptly ambushed by an Amalj'aa hunting party. Tortured and left for dead, it was through sheer luck that a caravan had been traveling by and managed to assist him. He was taken to Camp Drybone, where he spent a full cycle recovering his strength.
Once properly healed, he traveled with a merchant back to Ul'dah. He had a tough time scraping by, like most, but easily fit in with the refugees pouring in due to the Calamity and loss of Ala Mhigo. It quickly became quickly apparent, to himself and his traveling companions, that he was no longer able to speak. Unable to recognize the characters of the Eorzean alphabet, he was left without a means to properly communicate, and thus had a harder time getting the supplies he needed. Using what little skills he'd gained from his tribe, he managed to hunt and sell enough of his kills to buy himself a ticket for an airship to Limsa Lominsa.
He stowed away on a boat in hopes of finding a new land, only to be discovered by one of the crew: Jarrion Vishar. After much gesturing and struggles in communicating, he was able to convince the crew and captain that he could be of use. He easily managed to figure out a way to use his small stature to their advantage, and in return was given plenty of food, water, and proper combat training.

Age: 17 - Present

Tired of life on the sea, K'washi returned to Ul'dah, where he's so far taken to simply relaxing and enjoying each day that goes by, and watching as the citizens move about. He's only recently started to interact more with others around him once again.
Through many trials and events, K'washi now finds himself as Quartermaster of the Lynxfang Pride. With X'khai Tia promoting him and firing everyone else, the two have begun to work together in order to build the Pride into a more successful organization. While K'washi doubts his position in the Pride, he has tried his best to keep up with paperwork and events, as well as keep its members together.
Leah Carsen and S'imba Tia both stumbled upon his tribe's old encampment, befriending the natives of the South Shroud and learning of their problems. After convincing them to move to the deserts of Thanalan, where more game could be found and more protection could be given, K'washi worked with his friends to find the problems of he tribe as well as help them adapt to the change in climate. They learned of the Shaman who could not awake, and of the dying numbers amongst them. K'lmaya shared with them the Shaman's fate, as well as the struggles to revive him. Despite the risk and possible cost of his life, K'washi found himself with his friends at his side. Through a complex ritual in S'imba's posession, K'washi was able to share an aether pool with his friend. With the combined strength, he was able to revive the Shaman, easing the last of the tribe's biggest worries.
Now, K'washi finds himself split from the Lynxfang and entering a new phase of his young life. Venturing over towards his friend, Reina Dancer, he's managed to find an interest in the people she hangs around with, and may returning to life at sea.


  • Quicksand (Ul'dah)
  • The Gold Court (Ul'dah)
  • Any source of water (Central Thanalan near Ul'dah's gates or New Gridania)
  • Urth's Gift (South Shroud)
  • Lower Paths (South Shroud)
  • Limsa Lominsa Docks



  • "Seeng." — in response to being asked "If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?"
  • "You can't run away from family."
  • "Mistakes happen. I think how to deal with them after is what makes people smart."


  • K'washi happens to be the world's best charades player (or, at the very least, is just good at getting his point across).
  • He is mute. Sometimes he still tries to 'say' words, though there is no record of him being able to make use of any voice.
  • He's bisexual
  • K'washi has only recently relearned of his tribe, and has since traveled back and forth between Ul'dah and his tribe.
  • He was given his last name by one of his former pirate friends.
  • He's rather fond of his new alias, Silent.
  • K'washi has no recollection of the time he was tortured. However, any hostile action to his throat, or even if he is pinned forcefully, will send him straight into Fight-or-Flight mode.
  • The sign language K'washi knows is a different dialect from the Eorzean Sign Language.


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