Kasi Nebuko

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Gridania-transparent.png Kasi Nebuko
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon (Exile)
Citizenship Gridania
Age 35
Physique 5 fulm / 105 ponze
Disabilities Wheat allergy, blind in left eye

Shroudwolf Clan
The Veil (Former)
Mischief's Coven (Former)
Twin Adders (Discharged)


Although fairly short and petite by Eorzean standards, this adult dark-skinned Miqo’te manages to look at least a little imposing thanks to her confident look and her impressively toned muscles. She has all the hallmarks of a bodybuilder when her skin is exposed, but even when it isn’t, it’s generally because she’s covered in heavy platemail armor. There is an underlying sense of discipline and trained focus to her gait that hints at a past in a military or mercenary organization as well, which further adds to the air of rocky stability and ruggedness that she projects. In spite of it all, there is still a fairly bright glimmer of feminine charm to her- though it may be prone to flicker with the situation.

Her deep black and red hair is a wild and chaotic mess at best. The lengthening locks are thrown back and coiled into a haphazard ponytail behind a pair of furry ears, the left of which is missing a chunk off the tip. While she obviously grooms her hair regularly, she does little in the way of style beyond merely keeping it functional for whatever a hard day might throw her way. The singular exception to the haphazard order of the ponytail is a lengthy tuft of hair that has been allowed to grow long enough to all but obscure the left side of her face. Despite the obstruction, it isn’t very difficult to get at least a glimpse at the ugly scar and the murky blind eye behind it. She carries no other obvious blemishes or scars, save for a streak of white face paint drawn across her cheeks and nose.


  • A fairly known traveler of all paths across the world, she has made a rough living as a sellsword, trader, and roadside cook with a specialization in smoked jerky. Inquiries into her obsession with meat has resulted in some travelers learning about her wheat allergy.
  • Rumors of the distant past seem to suggest that she has or once had prominent connections or involvement with an underground criminal organization. Some of the rarer rumors suggest she was even a mob boss at one point.
  • She is a long-time resident of the Shroudwolves, a Miqo’te clan in Gridania, and could historically be found there on occasion when she was between jobs or treks.
  • By consulting with Grand Company officials, her military service record could be easily found. She served five years in the Twin Adders before being honorably discharged. Her record includes mention of criminal charges levied against her, and her absolution of those charges through exemplary military service. Her commanding officer was a woman named Ally Southway.
  • In employment circles, she had a well-known reputation for always being true to her word. She was also particularly selective of the jobs she takes on, preferring ones that offer significant challenge. She refused to accept jobs that involve a Miqo’te target.
  • Among the tribes of the Twelveswood, she has most recently earned the derisive moniker, ‘Kinslayer.’ If the account of the incident is to be believed, she murdered an uninvolved tribal woman in cold blood during a battle with outlaws.


  • She currently has a bounty placed on her by the tribes of the Twelveswood. However, the bounty appears to have been registered by a third party instead of the tribe directly, and isn’t limited to simply the Gridania region only.
  • She has been spotted within Ishgard and Limsa most recently, attempting to charter a ship to take her to the Far East. Witness accounts indicate she was in a hurry- possibly on the run.
  • She is often seen in the company of a female Dotharl spearwoman.
  • She has taken a keen interest in reevaluating her future goals, affiliations, and ultimately, career. As a part of that, she is looking for new ways to apply herself and her skillset.


Name Relationship Kasi's Remarks
Rhela Nebuko Sister, younger "My dear sister. Although just recently united, I see a lot of myself reflected in her- silent tendencies aside. She just takes a little bit of time to open up. She's determined to get as strong as she can- just like I am. She even has her first girlfriend now."
Tori Nebuko Daughter, adopted "She lost her mom at an early age and her father sold her to the Coven before he also died. When I met her, she was spineless, but she had determination. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I ended up training her. Somehow, that turned into raising her- she's more Miqo'te now than she is Hyur. It seemed natural for me to adopt her, finally- I decided she should inherit my zweihander, Cleaver."
K'toree Tohm Niece, adopted "Met her when she was just a kit along the road. I took her under my wing and taught her much of what she knows today. She sort of idolizes me, actually- it's no coincidence she does her hair like mine. She's grown a whole lot since then, though- she's a young woman now- but I still look after her."



Profile artwork provided by http://lunie-junk.tumblr.com/ & Shady Individual (search poster).