Lan Darklyn

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 Lan Darklyn
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age 33
Marital Status Dating
Occupation Problem Solver for the city-states
Height/Weight 5'11" / 195 lbs
Orientation Heterosexual

Peace is not my profession, it is yours. War is my profession. Should you fail at your job, I will not fail at mine.

Basic Info

Once the Martial Saint within the Harbingers of the Dawn free company and now just a normal member, Lan puts his past experience and many of his talents to use in carrying out the tasks set before him by those in command. Most see him as a serious man who seems to seek only to better himself in the art of war. But there is much more to this seeker than meets the eyes, it will simply take a lot of keen observation and maybe a bit of subtle digging to find out what really goes on behind that grumpy scowl.


Training for combat.
Reading about warfare
The desert


Most Nobles


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favorite Food: Spiced Lamb
Favorite Drink: Stout
Favorite Color: Red

Appearance & Personality

While a bit broader in the shoulders and taller than many people envision Miqo’te being, Lan is pretty much a typical specimen of his race. On occasion he has been called handsome despite the facial scars, a few women have even commented that it gives him a sort of ruggedly handsome look. He will refute such compliments though and state that he is nothing special. Lan tends to keep his hair on the shorter side so that it does not interfere with his vision in combat. His eyes are an icy blue and one of his old soldiers remarked that sometimes Lan's gaze could freeze Ifrit himself. Most of the time he has a frown or outright scowl on his face. Lan has a few facial scars, nothing that disfigures him really. He also has multiple scars on his torso and back as well as smaller scars on his arms and legs, the most noticeable marks are a long scar running along his left side, just above his lowermost ribs, a souvenier from a Garlean sword and a ragged ring around his neck from an attempted hanging. On his left hip he has an odd tattoo that looks like it is some sort of unknown script.
Lan is usually very businesslike while in public, and his mind is constantly working out strategies for both attack an defense to the point that one might consider him hyper vigilant. The saying, "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet”, is pretty accurate when it comes to Lan, not because he wants to keep himself safe, but because others rely upon him to keep them safe. There are rare times usually in private that Lan will open up to those that are close to him an share personal thoughts, but otherwise he is a pretty walled off individual keeping his professional face on.



Lan is a very adaptive combatant to say the least. Able to hold the line with a vanguard of troops, or lead guerrilla strikes behind enemy line, Lan practically eats, sleeps, and breaths tactics and strategy. His preferred form of fighting when it is just him is to utilize light armor and his race's natural agility for defense while he wears his enemy down with fast strikes and dirty tricks. In addition to any weapon he might have on his person, Lan almost always carries a few small pouches of a powder made from dried morborl saliva, which he uses to distract his enemies with teary eyes and fits of coughing. As far as actual weapons go the seeker would be considered an expert in the use of a sword and shield combination or in the use of spears. Several moons ago he started learning more advanced skills with daggers and long knives and he has even tried his hand at basic archery. Some people dress for the occasion, Lan tries to arm for the occasion. He often sports the weapon he feels is best suited for the environment he finds himself in.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
■"Lan Darklyn? Oh ya..that guy is some former soldier, I wonder what unit he is with."
■"Saw the bloke sittin out in the hills watching the sun set, he had some ratty bit 'o rags in his hand".
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
■"Saw that crazy cat man rip a bandit to shreds for trying to rob some lass...It was insane". "
■"I hear he is the lone survivor of some unit that fought at the Flatts, I think he is a jinx".

■"Seen him get drunk once..flipped a bunch of tables and yelled at people for forgetting the soldiers at Certeneau Flatts. I think he is a lunatic".

◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
■"Ya did not hear this from me, but I saw him come back to the inn really late one night, snuck in through the back he did...And there was blood all over his clothes, I don't think it was monster blood..."

◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
■"Lan...? Er, well, he's... He's very nice to me, but, um... Just between you and me... I heard a, uh... Noblewoman? complaining about him. But, well, I think... I think that he has a good heart and.. And that he really cares. I can see why him and Val work so well together..." - Jihl Wilzuun
■"Lan is a great guy. Terrible boss, though! Just kidding! He's sort of like my older brother, which is adorable." - Arrelaine Fashonti
■"Lan and I worked together a number of times before parting ways... One of the first and only people I will trust in..good soldier! *trails off for a moment* Anyone messing with him will see the side of my sword... " - Xaitsuta Tsurugi
■"Lan's a great guy who truly cares about our company. He's fiercely loyal and I know that I can come to him for anything. He's like a brother or a twin I never had." - J'maaira Tuhl
■"I do not blame you for asking; Thaliak knows I am very glad to be given a second chance to know him. He is just as his eyes decree: protective, focused, disciplined, honest... not that he is a storybook knight, that would belittle him to something transparent and fictional. No, no he is worth more, I trust him and would always help him even if he not ask outright." - Jancis Milburga
■"I by change met Lan when he was doing a defense class, I think I may have stood out a little more than intended because of my own fears and insecurities. Afterward he came to talk to me it felt really nice to be able to just talk, there is something oddly fatherly about him or maybe it is just me? Either way I am very glad I met him very strong willed and wonderful person. " - Lori'vaen Nasharia
■"Mr. Lan? You know him too? He's very smart, isn't he? He has a lot of good ideas about, ah, security and things. He installed a lock on one of the doors in the Host Club. Locks on doors! Isn't that a great idea...?" - D'ranmaia Shenn


Relationships & Affiliations

Love Interest Close Friend Crush

J'maaira Tuhl - Jay is Lan's second in command and is one of two people that he considers to be as close to a sibling as he can get. Jay is his right arm and he is honest when he says that he could not do his job without her. The woman is one of the few that he will open up to.

Arrelaine Fashonti - Arry is the other sisterly figure for Lan. The sometimes impish woman keeps him on his toes, and despite the fact that he is often the target for her teasing he still has no problem being around her. Due to a past incident Lan feels that he owes Arrelaine a deep debt that he can never fully repay.

Val Nunh - A fellow seeker that despite a difference in manners earned Lan's respect very quickly. Val is a close friend and Lan genuinely enjoys the times that they go out to just drink and chat. Val's attempts at pairing Lan up with women usually causes the older seeker public embarrassment, but Lan knows that it is Val's way of doing something nice...most of the time....

Faye Covington - Leader of the Harbingers of the Dawn and Lan's boss, Lady Covington is a woman that Lan has pledged his services too. Lan admires her willpower and the fact that Faye will stand against great adversity in order to see that hose under her are protected. Recent events have only strengthened Lan's admiration of the woman, but have also made him resolved to work harder on forging a bond of friendship with her.

Anstarra Silverain - A former Harbinger that quickly earned Lan's respect and friendship. The moment Lan saw Anstarra simply walking with her lance he knew that she would make a formidable opponent and steadfast ally. Since their initial meeting his respect has grown and he hopes to one day earn the chance to spar with her while she is armed with her spear. On more than one occasion Anstarra has taken the chance to flirt and tease Lan, leaving him flustered, but he usually can weather it with a smile...and a red face.

Xaitsuta Tsurugi - A secret mission behind enemy lines lead to Lan meeting this woman several cycles ago, a heavily rum flavored kiss drove them apart for a long time, and a mission to recover stolen artifacts brought them back together. Xaitsuta, or Xai is a raen woman that Lan knew back before most of Eorzea knew about the Au Ra race. Recently they were tasked with a job that easily showed the duo that they still could work as a team to tip the odds in their favor. Realizing that neither of them were getting any younger they agreed to start seeing more of each other, to see if those feelings from long long ago were still there. Lan has a deep respect for Xai and sees her spearmanship as something that complements his own fighting style perfectly. Now its time to see just what happens.

Acquaintance Disliked Enemy

Deceased Characters

Qih Lyehga - Lan's now deceased mate, Qih started out as just a partner in adventuring and through the trials they faced together the two grew to be very close before becoming mates. The beautiful keeper woman was a bright spot in Lan's life and her untimely departure from it still weighs heavily on his heart. Adding to the pain is the fact that it was Lan himself, in a horrible case of mistaken identity, that wielded the dagger that killed her. No matter what happens from now on, he will always hold a special place in his heart for Qih.


Artwork by Arrelaine Fashonti
Lan's tattoo marking him as the Avenging Star


Lan's voice was inspired by Zach McGowan's portrayal of Captain Charles Vane in the TV show Black Sails but with less accent. Lan was hanged and refused magical treatment afterward so his damaged vocal cords make his voice a bit more rough. [1]
Theme Song:Frontline - Pillar
Theme Song 2: Otherwise - Soldiers
Theme Song 3:Chris Cornell - You Know My Name
FIGHT!:Xenogears Boss Fight
ROUND 2!:Really Slow Motion - Wild Card