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Gridania-transparent.png Larry Bearry
"Two eggs a day will keep the doctor at bay."
Getting a chicken is one thing, but getting two chickens is two things!
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Nameday 21st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Sexuality Uncertain
Relationship Single
Occupation Adventurer. Chocobo breeder, caretaker, and lover. Carpenter and Botanist in off time.
Deity Agnostic


Current Server: Mateus/Crystal
Current Location: Traveling
Name Pronunciation: Lah-ree Beh-ah-ree in Lalafellin, Lair-ee "Berry" in Common tongue
Birthplace: Old Gridania near the Botanists' guild
Residence: A Lavender Beds home with his mentor
Languages: Common, Lalafellin (first language)
Vices: Gluttony, Pride
Virtues: Kindness, Diligence
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Height: 3 fulm 4 ilms (40 ilms)
Weight: 60 ponze
Skin Tone: Chocolate
Hair: Egyptian blue upstyle with a periwinkle section going from top to back
Eye Color: Canary yellow
Build: Toned with bulk in the arms
Grooming: Meticulous
Distinguishing Marks: Deep sear scars all over his fingers and hands that have a rough texture. White mottle (vitiligo) decorates his cheeks, nose, and hands
Common Accessories: Wears three earrings in each ear and sometimes several finger rings


Strength 7/10
Defense 8/10
Stamina 7/10
Intelligence 4/10
Dexterity 7/10
Magic 5/10
Fellowship 8/10
Luck 3/10


On the deeper end of the vocal range with a consistent warm tone and disarming tenderness, the pitch seems smooth as though it can't be easily shifted by emotions. Sings with a higher range than his talking voice. Has a lilt in that he enunciates syllables and has difficulty saying some words, so it 'sounds' like Common isn't his first language. All laughter and chuckles come from his belly. Rarely sounds sad or angry even when feeling as such.


Half Plainsfolk and half Dunesfolk. Grew up primarily with Plainsfolk heritage.
He's a vegetarian! Eats eggs on the regular, but no other meat besides.
His guiltiest of guilty pleasures is singing.
Prefers to be called "Berry" over his given name and will normally introduce himself by it alone.
Tends to smell of oranges, lemons, citrus in general.
Is fiery about the top of his head being messed with or otherwise touched. On that note, touching the side of his head by an ear is more welcome.
Considered tall for his race, which means he sees above most Lalafell in the southern islands.
Perks ears a little if feeling great interest or lowers them in shame/embarrassment.
Brushes fingers once through the ends of his upcut when tense or preparing himself mentally.
Purposely refers to his kin with only their given name or surname, never their full name... for reasons.
Babycakes, his Chocobo, tends to show irritation with his affection; sometimes to the point of pecking him or other inconveniences. Bearry adores her regardless and isn't afraid of showing it.
RP info:


Bearry is generally relaxed and often proves it's easy to make him smile-- but whether that's from genuine happiness or nerves can change depending on the situation. He seems jolly enough, usually 'scratching' his urge to be mischievous even at the expense of somefolk's comfort; sparing that no harm comes to them from his doing. Despite his puckish tendencies he wouldn't intentionally put an innocent being in any real danger much less stand idly by if a threat to their safety made itself known. Being an ignorant go-getter ready for adventure and new experiences, he's easy to get along with, and even easier to catch off-guard. The personality he shows when dealing with circumstances he feels out of control in can be surprising and awkward compared to his typical confident nature. Experiencing a restricted lifestyle and culture during his youth has shaped Bearry with a simple mind that's not expanded enough for his age, however he's slowly working on fixing that. "One sun at a time," as he sometimes states.


GOOD-NATURED: Tends to be respectful towards others save for his pranks. He is unwilling to do anything he considers evil, instead choosing to help others if it's within his ability to. Unfriendliness frustrates him but he's polite about rarely showing it.
PASSIONATE: This part of his character makes him ambitious and idealistic, but thoughtful. He is prone to making friends easily because of it, having had plenty of amicable relationships back home. Likely to give gifts to those he feels close to even if it's clumsy like the bitter food he cooks. On the lowkey side his passion causes him to be unintentionally romantic and caring. Not that he'd ever admit he enjoys it!
BRAVE: Proficient at putting his fears in the back of his mind long enough to act more often than not, including intense settings. Nevertheless he struggles with plenty of anxious moments that he tries not to let stand in the way of doing what he feels he needs to. This helps him speak his mind and show fortitude regardless of stress.
GREEN THUMB: Plants like him a lot, therefore his penchant for gardening produces encouraging results. He loves everything horticulture. This directly relates to his Plainsfolk upbringing.
OPEN-MINDED: He's not the brightest color in the palette but that says nothing for how far this Lalafell's curiosity will go. The accepting attitude towards new information speeds along learning, especially if he's interested in the subject or the person teaching.


SELF-SERVING: A little different from being selfish in that Bearry won't turn his nose up to those in need, although he serves himself above all else. If he has the option of doing something he wants, most of the time he will go for it while first considering he won't harm someone. This doesn't include being annoying however.
AUDITORY PROCESSING: Has variable difficulty handling loud or disruptive noise. Easily distracted by sounds others may not acknowledge. Doesn't quickly process spoken words. Ex : "Hey Bearry, could you pass me that green cup on the table?" "Pardon?" "The green cup, can y-" "Oh yes sure!"
NOT WISE: He has wit for familiar subjects, but he wouldn't hold a candle to the knowledge of the wider world he's adjusting to. Common sense is not so common for him- easily fooled. Aldenard traditions, history, and other cultures are unfamiliar.
RECKLESS: Frequently doesn't think before acting or speaking so he is liable to accidentally creating unfortunate situations for himself and others around him. Has endured personal injuries a few times due to this behavior but still appears slow to learn from it.
SCARED STIFF: During uncommon circumstances where his bravery fails him, he can become frozen with fear and will have a difficult time recovering his survival instinct on his own when it happens.


His mother not having a good life
Being poisoned
Being broke


Cheeky. Sincere. Whimsical. Curious. Spirited. Mild-mannered. Courageous. Simpleminded. Hopeless Romantic.



Gardening flowers and crops alike
Experimenting with Chocobo diets
Enthusiastically cooking terrible food
Making decent life sketches
Exercising, trying to get stronger
Working on wood projects such as birdhouses


Colors: Yellow and blue
Foods: Heavensegg Soup, Twilight Pretzels
Drinks: Sweetened Matcha, Coffee, Hot Chocolate
Scents: Chamomile, vanilla, freshly cut wood, and toffee
Places: His homeland and Gridania/Twelveswood


Dozing off in warm places
Chickens, birds
Chocobo, especially "Babycakes"
His own reflection
Citrus fruits
Modest living
Tall Ladies


His hair being messy
Being touched ontop of the head
Infrequent haircuts
Jellied foods
Frogs or anything resembling them
Rhymes and alliteration (yes you read that correctly)
Seeming weak
💕 Romantic Relationship
- ( Nobody here but us chickens ) -

Romantic Interest
- Gisla Westknight - ???, Highlander -

Platonic Love
- Koriri Kori - Old Flame, Plainsfolk -

- Cocoah Coah - Mother, Dunesfolk -

Good Standing
- K'yalwann Yhen - Mentor, Seeker -
- Nanapo Napo - Friend, Plainsfolk -

Poor Standing
- ( Nooo, not the chickens! D: )

- Merry Verry - Father, Plainsfolk


Over 18 years old, so suggestive topics = okay.
Experienced roleplayer and character writer. (14 years)
Brand new to roleplaying with MMO characters although I've played MMORPGs for roughly 11 years.
Open to OOC chatting-- specifically about characters and roleplay-related topics.
Mun is painfully shy and trying to get away from avoidant behaviors. Please have patience.
Might be open to Discord RP however I need to trust any interested roleplay partners beforehand.
Don't pressure me or my character into any relationships. I won't tolerate it.
Not willing to put permanent injuries on my character as of right now, but feel free to make temporary injury suggestions if the need arises during RP.


(Created by Rihxo Matoi with the help of Nanagi Nagi and has pieces from the templates of Unnamed Mercenary, Roen Deneith, Cyrus Wolfe, and Coatleque Crofte.)