Leah Carsen

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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 18
Marital Status Single
Occupation Mage, Aether Researcher, Healer
Height/Weight 5'5, 134lb
Orientation Heterosexual
  • K'washi Amada (Half Brother)
  • Deborah Carsen (Foster Mother)
  • Sako Mitsiguri (Father)
  • K'lmaya Ihzu (Mother)
  • K'ihzu (Grandfather)

Leah (Leyweaver) is a quiet, studious, and usually isolated young woman with an amazingly high interest and intellect regarding to aetherial manipulations and other various forms of magickial phenomenon. She was born and raised in Hyrstmill, a village settled within the northern area of the Black Shroud close to the capital city, Gridania. Leah shy nature was an outcome due to her sheltered upbringing. As a young girl her mother kept her within the house, fearing over many things that could possibly harm her daughter ever since the unfortunate passing of her first child, Leon. As such. Leah preferred the company of books over the other children, finding the world of magic far more welcoming that the realities of a child, as well as soon fearing others completely unknown to her.

She was trained at the Conjurers Guild at a young age at the behest of her mother, and became skilled in their healing arts at age 16. She then left Gridania and the Black Shroud, filled with wanderlust and yearned to see the World. She spent many moons within a Miqo'te mixed pride acting as a stay in healer and magical adviser, yet the constant tension and infighting frustrated and discomforted her which caused her to run from the drama. For weeks she had wandered without a home, work, or gil to her name.

With the aid of a very old friend that had bumped into her, with the kindness of fate, she had found herself both a new home and a new purpose, a new reason for her existence. She is now appointed as leader and magister to the magical healing, support and reasearch division of the hunting collective.

Basic Info


Quiet Areas
Magical and Arcana Mysteries
Romantic novels(Guilty Pleasure)
Rational Decisions
Helping others


Extreme or Unnecessary Cruelty
Destroying magical artifacts
Failing her friends (Or anyone)
Those whom cling blindly to hatred
Feeling useless


Alignment: Neutral Good
Vice(s): Magic. Romance Novels
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chipped cookie dough
Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea mixed with Honey and a touch of Lemon
Favorite Color: Blue, Green, and White
Favorite Type of Clothing: Slightly Loose clothing, little to no skin showing.
Favorite Activity: Alchemy, Dancing

Appearance & Personality

In appearance; Leah is a young, thin woman with snow-white skin. She has long, raven-black hair, though some hints of gray areas can be spotted due to stress, which she can usually be seen tied in a high pony-tail with a braided semicircular formation underneath. She bares the heterochomia gene, having two different colored eyes; A left blue eye and a right green eye.

With personaity; Leah is very shy and is usually seen in very modest clothing, anything that covers her entire body in public and shows very little skin aside her head or hands, usually a form of mage's robe or something would hint of a sorcerous nature. Only among those she consider friends would they see her in a bathing suit were they to swim, but that would be to that extent.

Leah is a very shy but sweet, caring girl. Her timid nature was most likely a product of her very sheltered upbringing. She has little to no experience dealing with others as a child. Quiet would be a good trait to describe her, for she rarely is seen among the public locales and very rarely stay are one crowded area for too long, lest comforted by the presence of friends. When she speaks, she would form unusual wording from the norm and were it be a first-encounter with a stranger, she would stutter greatly. If more than one stranger approaches her and she is not among friends, she more than likely will flee from the unknown group.

Alas, like all, she has her flaws. Being sheltered and raised to be an expected good girl caused her to bottle up her emotions whenever she feels wrong or thinks something or someone is off or wrong in order to make others happy. She successfully kept them in check, though there will be the rare occasion when she explodes, whether it be over something petty or when she could not take it. Unfortunately, this has happened on a few events where it did a lot more harm than good, something which she will regret always. Along with bottled up emotions that sometimes come and go, she can come across as neurotic; always overthinking things and reading into the littlest of details too much.

Recently, she has slowly processed a self-loathing mindset, believing she could be better than she was. Multiple mistakes of the past, her prolonged isolation, and the stress of the present invokes a state of depression in her being that has been happening every so often. This cause her to be extremely quiet ( more so than normal ) and would often disappear from her homestead without notice until appearing the next morning, acting as if all is well. Rarely will she admit or make others know of this, for she believe herself insignificant compared to the other and is ment to aid others, not for others to aid her.






The following rumors are just that - rumors. Some may not be true. Feel free to add your own!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Quiet one, she is. And when she's not she always stutters. Must not be used to talking to people." ~Mindful Milkmaid
"She's always in em' robes n' dresses. She be one o' em'...what, wizards? Wuzards? Ye' know, em' magickers." ~Crusty Commoner
"A sweetheart, pure and simple. She seems to get along with children and animals. Beautiful soul. That being said, I can tell something is a bit... off. But, that is none of my buisness." ~Understanding Ul'dian
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"I am not fully sure, but I believe I knew her when I was a lad growing up in the Shroud. I think something happened at her village that made the conjurers take her in... cannot. for the life of me, remember what it was though..." ~Nostalgic Nomad
"She smiles when she is sad. Momma doesn't believe me, but I can tell! Honest! She's sad all the time, but nothing I do makes her smile! Not even tag!" ~Caring Child
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I was on my way to a friend of my when I heard some girl crying. Found a hooded lass hiding in a corner, hunched over and sobbing all alone... I wonder if her friends know... mayhaps I should have done or said something." ~ Sharpeyed Stranger.
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Leah? She's ADORABLE, oh my gosh! A-ah.. she's also really sweet, she's teachin' me to read! Nyeheheheh!" -Rhela Awandih
"Leyweaver? That girl is a goddess at hide and seek. Took me moons to find her, even with scrying magicks! Uggh! Good game, girl!" - Anya Noire


Romantic Interest      Platonic Love      Enigmatic Love      Crush      Good Standing      Neutral Standing      Poor Standing
K'washi Amada - K'washi started out as a friend of a friend, but the two soon developed a close friendship over time as they adventure and protect each other. Leah soon developed a sisterly affection for the silly mute and always felt comfortable being her real self around him and goof around. Their adventures soon led them to discovered that their platonic affection was not just coincidence, for their grandfather, the K tribe shaman K'ihzu, admitted that they are half-siblings. First shocked, Leah burst into tears of joy, finding out she has a brother. A fun, friendly brother whom she loves dearly and will do anything to protect him.
S'imba Tia - S'imba and Leah met when she was initiated into the Lynxfang Pride. At the beginning their interactions were few, with only usual acknowledgements towards each other. It was not until much later when S'imba got beaten up for 'apparently' almost getting a young member severely wounded did their friendship take root. When they were researching odd void essences and battling dark mages, Leah began to develop an attraction towards the Seeker... which later blossomed into deep feelings for him. Much to her sadness, S'imba chosen to pursue a romance for another, leaving Leah nearly devastated to the point of almost shutting down. Were it not for the attentiveness and caring heart of her friend, Raik, she would have been inconsolable. Regardless of the outcome, she still cares for S'imba and looks out for him, if from a distance.
Tahni'sae Farreihm - One of Leah's first friends outside the Black Shroud and an kindred spirit as they both were shy souls, unused to the social norms. Their relationship was, to put it mildly, an extreme emotional roller-coaster. Leah had held feelings for him despite him being spoken for another and kept as quiet as she could about her feelings, not wishing to be a problem... She failed miserably. After much further negative drama, the two did eventually dated and became mates for a time... but the stress with his insane mother and being cooped up within a house for a long time had cause the two to poorly react to their problems and fought. They managed to end the relationship on good terms, but Leah always regretted not being a better person than she was. Tahni'sae has now moved away... Leah misses him dearly, despite discovering a heartbreaking secret. With his return she found herself surprisingly calm and welcomed the Keeper back into her life, much to his surprise. She wonders what future the two could still have and prays it would be of good.
Raik Samil - An acquaintance from the past whom became her saving grace when she was at her lowest. Raik was a distant friend of X'khai whom Leah rarely speaks to in the past. During the days of when Ishgard finally opened their gates, their relationship grew outstandingly. Raik ran into Leah as she was in a lost of what to do when the company she was in dissolved from chaos. Raik offered her and then gave her a new life within the Tonberry's Hunting Group, a gift she is forever thankful for. She does not approve of his poly-amorous lifestyle, but still values him highly.
Flynt Knoltros Her leader and a good friend. Leah was extremely nervous when she was introduced to the Huntsmaster so she could join their collective. Yet, as time passed, she found the dragoon a laid-back and kind man to those within his folds. She does not agree with all of his methods and will at times will voice her opinion that will no doubt cause the two to clash and butt heads. However, she cares for the man and trusts him completely.
Roger Holmes A high-ranking officer of the hunting collective she aligned herself with, Roger first welcomed her by pranking her, making her to spill her drink. Roger is a very friendly man whom made Leah felt completely relaxed instantly with his warm heart and goofy antics. Along with his gentle soul comes with a wise man, whom she found herself going to whenever dealing with a personal crisis. She values him highly and always feel calm and sure of herself whenever the silly seeker is near.
Ritsu Arlow Wife of Flynt. The two spoke to each other little by little, but it did not take long for the two to like each other. Leah looks out for Ritsu and openly states she will do all she could to ensure the Elezen's safety. She may not agree with her or her husband on all methods, but still thinks highly of Ritsu and believe her position is well deserved.
Ferai Caolann
Seda'li Tayuun She met the obsidian-skinned keeper a few times and believes him a decent man, if not... 'mildly' foul-mouthed. She does not converse with him as much as she thinks she should, partly certain most of that fault lies on her end. She hopes to converse more with him should the opportunity arises... she almost hopes at least fewer profanities could be met, but even she knows not to wish for the impossible.
Kari Quinn
Celestus Shinozaki
Ranirus Crithalos
Solid Sequoia
Reina Dancer
X'khai Tia