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:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;color:#444146;">■ ''Always hungry.''</div></div>
:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;color:#444146;">■ ''Always hungry.''</div></div>
:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;color:#444146;">■ ''Determined to do good.''</div></div>
:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;color:#444146;">■ ''Determined to do good.''</div></div>
:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;color:#444146;">■ ''NOTE.''</div></div>
:<div align=justify><div style="padding:5px 15px;font-family:Georgia;color:#444146;">■ ''Can read, write, and speak Garlean.''</div></div>

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Lobeaux is a young veteran of the Dragonsong War and a semi-retired Dragoon originally from Western Coerthas. He was entirely loyal to his homeland and the beliefs that he was raised with to the point of naïvety until he was kidnapped and experimented on by Garleans. Though he managed to escape and destroy the facility he was held in, he ran through the wilds of Coerthas while half feral, on the verge of giving in completely to the dragon within. He avoided people to prevent hurting them and was unable to be contained until a run in with one Esredes Rosemond. The run in with the former heretic leader has lead to Lobeaux questioning what he's known and becoming less naïve and trusting of his government.


Lobeaux's skin is best described as a pale white with a rosy pink undertone and the ability to tan after burning. His hair is kept short and in shaggy layers falling just barely to his chin and when not being kept back by a helmet or hat, his bangs will fall over his right eye. His eyes are set apart evenly and are average sized but seem narrowed from sleepiness. He has a long, angular, somewhat narrow face that shows off sharp cheekbones and a pointy nose with naturally pink lips, the bottom more full than the top. His ears are short, just slightly longer than a Hyur’s and he has been mistaken for a tall, lank Hyur because of this but they’re still pointed enough to be distinctly Elezen if one is paying attention. A slightly rounded chin finishes off his facial features.

His skin is fairly free of deep scars and flaws thanks to training, skill, and more recently, the Echo. However until he left Coerthas, his skin was somewhat dry thanks to the harsh climate. Having lived in the Shroud and now having the free time and money to spend on more expensive things like high quality soaps and lotions, he’s softening that roughness away. Hands strong enough to hold the shaft of a spear with ease are complemented by long, elegant fingers perfect for playing instruments. Bodywise, Lobeaux is thin and even considered skinny thanks to his own physical exertions and the toll placed upon him by Hydaelyn's Blessing. Before leaving Ishgard he was unhealthily boney. Afterwards he managed to gain not only weight but even more muscle. He's not a tall Elezen male. In fact he's shorter than many female Elezen. He stands at 6'4" and is the shortest and slightest among his peers.

Aspects That Stand Out:
Always hungry.
Determined to do good.
Can read, write, and speak Garlean.


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Food. Growing up on a farm with seven siblings meant food was always going to be at a premium. To supplement the food they grew for the lords they were bound to, they raised livestock and hunted. The fear of being hungry wasn't as much of an issue after he was taken in by Lord Gwenaël Bérenger as a squire but has never left him.
Sleeping. Always one to sleep late whenever possible, he also sleeps often. Warm naps in a nice patch of sunlight alone or with someone are also favored.


Nicknames. He doesn't like them at all.
Greed. Why do you need to take? Why do you need more than what’s necessary? Not that you can’t have resources set aside for emergencies, that’s just smart. But why do you need to take so much that others must suffer? Greed cannot and will not be suffered by this man.
The Echo. He doesn’t enjoy the glimpses into others’ lives that he gets. He wants no knowledge of things he wasn’t a part of. It’s an invasion of privacy he never asked for or wanted in the first place. It’s also the reason he’s always eating and sleeps so lightly and is so aware of his immediate surroundings.


Carpentry. He enjoys working with his hands and also enjoys being able to build or fix things for others. It’s a lucrative hobby when he isn’t working out of the goodness of his heart.
Hunting. Not so much a hobby but a skill he enjoys keeping sharp with the end result being additional food stores or meat for selling on the market.


Stamina. Once he gets going he doesn’t stop unless someone or something makes him stop. This has nothing to do with the Echo but entirely to do with military training and willpower.
Innocuous Looks. Lobeaux is well aware that he's a small, pretty, and entirely nonthreatening looking man. He uses that to his advantage whenever necessary.
The Echo. He’s constantly aware of his surroundings within a ten foot radius. This doesn’t mean he can always dodge a hit but he can try to mitigate the damage about to be done to him if possible.


The Echo. While his Echo does grant him a great boon in being hyper aware of his surroundings, it’s also a constant drain on his reserves when he uses it. He eats and sleeps much more than he used to before it activated in him. A lack of adequate food or sleep leaves him with a headache or much more dizzy than the average person because of the needs of his body thanks to the Echo’s demands.


Do-gooder. He wants to do go just to be good. It’s what’s right and it’s what should be done. Defend those that cannot defend themselves. Help those that cannot defend themselves. A knight lives to serve.

Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Boniface Lounent, Father.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Anaïs Lounent, Mother.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Marius Lounent, Oldest Brother.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Henri Lounent, Second Oldest Brother.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Maxim Lounent, Third Oldest Brother.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Esmée Lounent, Older Sister.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Noelle Lounent, Younger Sister.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Noémie Lounent, Second Youngest Sister.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Clément Lounent, Youngest Brother.
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Description of their relationship.
Gwenaël Bérenger - Foster Father
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "I'm not sure why Lord Bérenger took me in as a foster son when I have three older brothers. I mean, I understand why he didn't take Marius in. He's the oldest and was needed on the farm and is prone to bouts illness when it gets too cold thanks to his weak lungs. It doesn't explain why he didn't ask for Henri or even Maxim or even my older sister Esmée. He could've demanded that any of my younger siblings be his foster child instead when we found out that I got my letters mixed up. I'm grateful he didn't do that though. Turns out he's had to deal with it himself! He still gets things confused sometimes he says. I'm glad that he took a chance on me and got me tutored and helped me a lot by himself. It really shows what kind of man he is. His good word is why Amadoux, Évariste, and I were accepted as Temple Knights. I hope that my decisions to do good for the people of not just Ishgard but Eorzea as a whole make him proud."
Unknown to Lobeaux, Ser Gwenaël Bérenger is in fact his biological father. This is the entire reason Lobeaux was chosen to be fostered over any of his elder siblings, as tradition demanded. Had he failed in all of his studies and military career, Gwenaël would have gone against his family's demands to offer his son work on the Bérenger family estate.

He and Boniface have a cool attitude towards one another. Both of them understand fully why Anaïs bore Lobeaux and are civil with one another. This doesn't mean that they will ever be friends, Gwenaël did sleep with Boniface's wife after all, but they won't go after one another's throats nowadays. The same cannot always be said about Anaïs and Gwenaël, metaphorically speaking they still attempt to rip one another apart. They harbor a cold animosity towards one another. Marius, the oldest Lounent boy, was often ill during the winters as a child and if the bargaining chip of a lifetime hadn't been conceived then it's likely that he'd have died young. Lobeaux's birth insured that a chirurgeon would be sent to the farm whenever necessary.

In truth, Gwenaël cannot blame Anaïs for doing whatever it took to preserve her child's life but it doesn't mean that he appreciates the lies told to him to make that happen.

Gwenaël blames himself for Lobeaux's dyslexia as he has it. It runs in the Bérenger family line. It is why he made certain to impress upon the tutors how important it was to spend extra time going over letters and numbers with his son. He tried his best to make himself available as often as was possible to personally help Lobeaux as well.

Were the Bérengers a more prominent family then Gwenaël would publicly claim Lobeaux as his. As the child was born to a married woman, Gwenaël cannot claim his son without putting more than just himself at risk for ridicule and shame. Being a secondborn son also plays a major part in this decision. Bérenger made due by keeping Lobeaux throughout the winters of Coerthas and dealing with the heartache of sending him back to the Lounent family farm during the summers.
Évariste Durand - Childhood Friend
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "I've known Éva since we were kids. He's always been quiet and reserved and disciplined. Once he sets his mind to something nothing can stop him from achieving his goals! His impassivity reminds me of stone and mountains and he's reliable without allowing himself to be pushed around. I really admire that about him."
Évariste Durand was a farmer's son, the same as Lobeaux. The difference is that he was the secondborn son, not the fourth-born, and that is why he was chosen to be fostered by House Bérenger. Évariste is under no illusions as to why he was chosen to live on the Bérenger Estate. He knows that he was meant to serve as a hostage to keep his family in line and that raising him was supposed to breed loyalty. It hasn't truly worked and while he has no desire to rebel against Ishgard, he is not unhappy about the changes that have come to his country.
Amadoux Paquet - Childhood Friend
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "I make a lot of really dumb, really reckless decisions but sometimes I think the only reason Amadoux's alive as an adult is because of Éva and I. There's times when he shows a surprisingly intelligent side to himself but it's not often outside of combat. I'm still confused as to how he became a Temple Knight sometimes but his skill with a sword and shield cannot be denied."
Description of their relationship or interaction.
Cheese - Fuzzybutt, Bubby
Cheese is a Red Panda that Lobeaux found in the woods one day. He ran right up to Lobeaux and scurried up onto his shoulder, hanging there like that's where he was meant to be. The creature was clearly domesticated and had escaped or been abandoned by his previous owners. From the moment the little beast's claws clutched tightly to his tunic, Lobeaux was done for. Cheese now controls all of Lobeaux's mental faculties whenever he's in sight and doing anything remotely adorable.
Geondrailth - Destroyer of Men
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "What can I say? The dragon was attempting to kill me. I managed to kill it first thanks to the Echo."
The fight with Geondrailth is the first time that Lobeaux used the Echo in combat. It had awoken in him just a few days before and despite the initial worry over the dizziness it caused him, he said nothing to anyone else of the fire in the sky only he could see. Lobeaux was lucky to have had it activate in him when it did. Without it he'd have almost certainly died to Geondrailth. This has made him question whether or not he's worthy of being a Dragoon since it wasn't entirely his skills that helped him slay the dragon.
Breandan Ducaille - Audthildr's Bane
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Lobeaux has a one-sided puppy crush on Breandan despite knowing that the man has no interest in him. He keeps this to himself as best as he can and as far as he knows, his friend has no idea, or at the very least Breandan is kind enough to ignore the hero-worship-crush.
Silvestre de Vigneaux - The Inviolate, The Oak in the Storm
Lobeaux's Thoughts: " ."
Silvestre's calm, unflappable demeanor are much appreciated by Lobeaux. His quietness and slow-to-speak nature give him a rock-steady vibe and this is an eye in the storm for someone whose mind is always flitting from one thought to another.
Darcelliox Lothaire - The Rapscalion
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "Darcie's young, even younger than me. He and his lady have fallen on tough times and I will help them however I can. If they allow it."
Currently, Lobeaux would say that Darcie is one of his best friends.
Yuki Mikami - The Flower Lady
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "She's pretty and a true lady. I don't know what she's doing looking at a farmer's son, even if I am a Dragoon."
Meeting in the Carline Canopy of Twelveswood isn't uncommon for adventurers and so this is how Yuki and Lobeaux found one another's company. Though they've only been speaking for a short time, Yuki's empathy seems to have sensed the discord within Lobeaux. The young woman became a fast friend to the beginner bard and has dragged him out to every event imaginable and even taken him clothes shopping! Their relationship seems to be accelerating quickly, perhaps more quickly than Lobeaux is used to with his Ishgardian upbringing. At the moment, they're dating and seeing where it leads them. He's extremely nervous about it.
Esredes Rosemond - Ser Red, Dragon Dad
Lobeaux's Thoughts: "Ser Red is nicer than he likes to pretend to be. I think he's afraid of letting others close to him. The Dragonsong took a lot from everyone. He's probably lost a lot of friends, same as me. I still wish he'd at least give me a name to call him. I can't keep calling him Ser Red, it sounds silly!"
Were it not for Esredes and Esredes alone, Lobeaux would have been lost to his inner dragon long before the harsh elements of Coerthas were able to drag him into the grave. Lobeaux feels indebted to the man but doesn't appreciate the manipulation that he attempted to pull when he first woke up back in the care of the Temple Knights Hospitaliers. He understands why, even if at first he thought it was ridiculous to hide their draconic sides from people. This hasn't stopped him from actively pursuing a friendship with the man. Gods help Esredes when the pink-loving Dragoon finds out that he's actually younger than his oldest brother.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Lobeaux is the fourth-born son of the Lounent line and yet he was chosen by Lord Gwenaël Bérenger to be his squire. Even after his dyslexia was discovered he was still kept on to be trained and even tutored with other children that lived on the lord’s grounds as fosters. Why?"
"Ever since his capture and torture by Garlean scientists Lobeaux has made a point of keeping his arms and sometimes his neck covered no matter where he is. When asked about this he shrugs and says that it's to hide scars. What a strange thing for a former soldier and dragon-slayer to worry about right? "
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec et leo lorem. Pellentesque tempus quam elit, quis molestie elit luctus non. Quisque ac massa et sem ornare tincidunt. Ut vitae rhoncus mauris. "
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec et leo lorem. Pellentesque tempus quam elit, quis molestie elit luctus non. Quisque ac massa et sem ornare tincidunt. Ut vitae rhoncus mauris. "


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor." — Rumormonger.



Player Note
What’s up I’m Ken, I’m 30+ and I work a full-time job. My energy levels depend on the day I’ve had so sometimes, I’m just gonna be chilling out and a complete vegetable in game. If you’re under the age of 20 then please don’t try to RP with/follow me. It’s a personal comfort thing and I would appreciate you more for respecting that.
I want to be able to talk about whatever I want without worrying about someone's mother or father losing their cool because I dropped the F bomb or labeled anatomy by the correct name - which is something I've had happen before. It was deeply unpleasant for me and I have no desire to repeat that again. RP with people in your own peer group kiddos!
■ Don't godmode or be a dick, I’m not obligated to you at all
■ Don’t be under 18 and looking for smut, I’ll block and report you
■ Don’t reuse my headcanons/drabbles to further your own story without asking first
■ Don't draw/commission art of my OC without consulting me first
Personal RP Limits
I will play I'm okay with a lot of things. Just ask. Trust me I will let you know if I'm uncomfortable with something. However if it goes against TOS then we're moving it to Discord. I'm not getting my account banned for anyone.
I won't play I won't consider any PC to be the actual Warrior of Light. If your character's canon is that they're the actual Warrior of Light instead of it being an AU then our RP will be considered to be an AU.
Exceptions to the rule Certain restricted job classes like WHM, which we know that no one other than the WoL and Padjal have access to, won't be considered anything but AU unless there's a compelling story reason to ignore the restrictions.
■ Disliking my character ICly is totally fine! I ask only that you do not interact with me if I'm having an off day and can't handle it or your intent is to be malicious towards me or my ideas. I'm here to have fun!
■ I don’t do novella type responses. I just don’t have the energy for it. Four to six sentences or anything that gets the story moving is okay in my book. If my response to you doesn’t work, tell me how I can alter that to make it work. We’ll figure it out. Together. As friends. I expect the same courtesy from you.
■ That said I’ve never played any FF game in my life before FFXIV so if I’m screwing things up, let me know! Seriously before 2019 I knew the victory jingle and thought that Chocobos were weird horsebirds that were all golden colored.
■ I will RP in game. Find me in Crystal on Malboro! WU/T are welcomed. I’m working my way through the game in general so please no spoilers!


Potential Plot Hooks
His Hand aka Obligatory Marriage Plot Lobeaux is of age to marry and with the Dragonsong War brought to a close, it's very much expected of him to do so. Whether he'll acquiese to these social demands is something else entirely.
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Character Lore Adherence
AUs are great and I'll play around in those 'verses happily! I'll play along with the lore and follow it as much as I can without destroying my own ability to have fun. An example of this would be me ignoring the idea that there are only ten Dragoons left in the world. I'm sorry but that just does not seem at all feasible nor wise from a military standpoint.

Lobeaux Square Colorful.png
Name - Lobeaux Lounent
Pronunciation - Low bow Low no
Race - Elezen Wildwood
Age - 25
Name Day - 25, 20th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Deity - Halone

Alias: The Pink Dragoon
Citizenship: Coerthas
Occupation: Dragoon (semi-retired), Adventurer
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Piercings: Ears
Marks or tattoos: A dark beauty mark just under his right eye on his cheekbone
Scars: Surprisingly few from battle as having too many would indicate a lack of skill or carelessness
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Key Items: Lance, bow, daggers, harp
Favorite Food: Cheese, warm bread, soups, breadbowls
Favorite Drink: Cider, mead
Favorite Color: Pink
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