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Eorzean Timeline

*(YA) = Years Ago

First Umbral Era

Element: Wind
Unknown Time: The wandering tribes began to war with each other. The Twelve were angered and left the land of Eorzea to the tribes.

First Astral Era

Unknown Time: The Age of Man begins.

Second Umbral Era

Element: Lightning
Unknown Time: Nothing is known of this calamity.

Second Astral Era

Unknown Time: Nothing is known of this era.

Third Umbral Era

Element: Fire
Unknown Time: Nothing is known of this era. (Speculation: Possibly the rise of Bahamut?)

Third Astral Era

5000 (YA) - 3428

- Allagan Empire founded. Expands the entire continent of Aldenard and possibly Vylbrand.
- Allagan Empire constructs the Royal Allagan Sunway and Starway in present day Thanalan.
- Allagan Empire imprisons Bahamut. Possibly what brought about the end of the Third Umbral Era.

Fourth Umbral Era

Element: Earth
4000 (YA) - 2428

- Allagan Empire's destruction ushers in the Fourth Umbral Era. Possibly due to imprisonment of Bahamut.

Fourth Astral Era

Less than 4000 (YA) more than 1500(YA): Nothing is known of this era.

Fifth Umbral Era

Element: Ice
Less than 4000 (YA) more than 1500(YA)

- Ancestors of the Miqo'te tribes travel across the frozen seas following food.

Fifth Astral Era

1500 (YA)

- Grand Companies come together to prepare for the Sixth Umbral Era.
- Many White Mages abuse their power and the art begins to die out.

Sixth Umbral Era

Element: Water
1500 (YA)

- A Great Flood submerges and damages many parts of Eorzea. Possibly caused by the Archons.
- Shatotto, a very talented thaumaturge, casts Meteor to bring down a 'Star' and uses the fragments to create the first Stardust Rod.

Sixth Astral Era

Dates are current to Sixth Astral calendar years.
(~ denotes around the time of)


- Lewphon of Sharlayan writes "The Five Ages - An Eorzean Chronology."


- Hyur begin to migrate to Eorzea in three great migratory waves.
- Founding fathers of Ishgard encounter Nidhogg. Haldrath takes up his slain sire's lance and thrusts it into Nidhogg's eye, becoming the first Dragoon.


- Sultan Sworn founded, sworn to Sultan. Three swords were forged for the 3 Paladin's who founded the Sultan Sworn, Curtana and Oathkeeper was born.


- The Ixali settle in Twelveswood calling it "Tinolqa" or "Blessed Forest" in the common tongue. They build houses in the trees and can fly.

1022 to 1422

- Ixali are exiled from the Twelveswood by the Elementals. They travel to the canyons of Xelphatol. Their young begin to be born without the feathers on their wings that catch the winds and allow them to fly.


- Sil'dih civilization is destroyed in it's war with Ul'dah. Was then said to be buried by sandstorms. Possibly could still be around. Aqueducts extended to Nophica's Well and the Copperbell Mines.


- Ixali invent the 'dirigbles' to make up for their lack of flight.


- Ala Mhigo invades the Twelveswood beginning the Autumn War.


- Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, & Ishgard send reinforcements to Gridania. Ala Mhigo's offense is halted and eventually the Alliance wins and Ala Mhigo withdraws.


- The Goblin Pilgrimage begins.
- Ququruka creates Barbatos when his cults ritual goes wrong and is forced to seal it away along himself afterwards.


- Solus soz Galvus born. (Is said to be over 80 years old)


- The Garlean Empire founded under Solus zos Galvus.


- Toto-Rak sealed by Elder Seedseer.


- Theodorac proclaims himself the divine ruler of Ala Mhigo, stating that his right to the throne was the divine rule of Nymeia herself. It was at this time that he also banned the worship or likeness of any other god and executed any who defied his uncontested rule.
- The monks of The Fist of Rhalgr begin to rebel against Theodorac, but Theodorac used the uprising of the monks as a reason to imprison them, torture them, and finally kill them. Around this time, or shortly after, Theodorac led a vast army to the main temple site of the Fist of Rhalgr. The army surrounded the temple and massacred all those within. It was on this day that the monkhood was nearly completely lost, save for a few survivors who might have escaped.
- Theodorac earns the title: The King of Ruin and labels any followers of The Fist of Rhalgr as heretics, starting a crusade to hunt them down.
- Theodorac succeeds in eliminating most followers of The Fist of Rhalgr and continues to rule unchallenged. The people of Ala Mhigo eventually got fed up with the daily public beheadings and the tyrannical rule of the king and revolted, storming the palace grounds.


- After inciting unrest within the masses of Ala Mhigo, the Garleans are able to capture the city and proceed to occupy it.
- Theodorac commits suicide rather than being dethroned by the Garleans. Many of the citizens of Ala Mhigo saw the Garlean force as liberators at first. Couple this with the fact that the city was thrown into chaos, leaderless, and desperate for a new rule, the annexation and occupation of the city was relatively easy and happened near over night.
- Nidhogg destroys the town of Ferndale.
- The Dragoon Ser Alberic meets Nidhogg in combat, Ser Alberic suffers injuries that make him lose his Dragoon powers.
- Nidhogg begins it's slumber after suffering wounds.


- The Garlean flagship Agrias invades Mor Dhona and does battle with the dragons. The Guardian of the Lake Midgarsormr appears and destroys the Agrias and the Garlean fleet. The battle is called Battle of Silvertear Skies
- Primals are released with the Ceruleum explosion caused by the impact of the Agrias and Midgarsormr colliding with the Silvertear Lake.
- Echo awakens in mass.
- Mor Dhona's landscape begins to change in the resulting explosion and aetherial disturbances.
- The City-state Main Scenarios Echo begin as we enter the world of Eorzea with our characters. (1.0)
- Beastmen are exiled from Ul'dah out of fear of being targeted by Garleans and economic competition.
- The Bozja Citadel is destroyed in an experiment to bring down the lesser moon Dalamud.
- The incident causes Cid and other engineers to leave for the City States.
- The First Primal in Eorzea was supposedly summoned. Causing the Garleans to cease their advance into Eorzea.


- The Amalj'aa summon Ifrit at Mythril Pit T-3.


- The Sahagin become more aggressive and begin to attack.
- Possibly the year that The Company of Heroes defeat Titan and Leviathan.


- The Empire resumes their advance into Eorzea under Nael van Darnus and the VIIth Legion.


- VIIth Legion begins marching in to Eorzea.
- Grand Companies reform and sign new allegiances. Ishgard refuses to assist.
- Gaius van Baelsar and Nael van Darnus conflict over the terms of conquering Eorzea.
- Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, the leader of the Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa, proposes the Galadion Accord, a treaty between the government and the various pirate crews of Limsa Lominsa. Due to Garlean intrusion, this document is never officially signed, but the pirates of Limsa Lominsa abide by it's terms and work with the Admiral.

Seventh Umbral Era


- Urangier and Wandering Minstrel give hopes of a New Era.
- Nael van Darnus defeated at Rivenroad.
- Lesser moon Dalamud begins falling towards Eorzea. - The Lambs of Dalamud, a doomsday cult, claims Dalamud will fall upon Eorzea. It is said they believed the descent required human sacrafices, and considered anyone outside the cult to be heathens. They are known to have at least one priest and many warrior followers, and often try to lure people from the grand cities by pretending to be concerned relativs in search of kidnapped daughters. Once isolated, they attempt to sacrifice their victims.
- A large battle between Eorzea's Grand Companies and The VIIth Legion breaks out on Certeneau Flatts as Dalamud reaches it's final moments of descent.
- Dalamud breaks open to reveal Bahamut who had been slumbering inside. Now free, it begins to wreak havoc upon several sections of Eorzea (mainly The Black Shroud) - In the final moments of The Battle of Carteneau, Louisoix uses the power of Althyk, the Keeper to send the remaining heroes on the battlefield into a "rift" out of time to keep them away from harm until it was safe for them to return.


- A Realm Reborn begins.