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Louvel Valeroyant is nothing if not exhilarating. He's an on again, off again coliseum combatant with a mighty thirst for life and all the intoxicating risks it has to offer. (He's also been banned from the coliseum for many periods of time due to excessive rule-breaking.) When he's not fighting for gil and fame he delights in any kind of mercenary work - yes, any kind. It pays well and satisfies his hunger for a challenge. He's a smooth talker, adventure junkie, and experience enthusiast with a ton of stories under his belt - some true, some decidedly not - and he'll happily share them all over a drink or two.
((Balmung server//Eastern Time))


~ Introduction ~


~ Disposition ~

~ Strengths ~

~ Weaknesses ~

~ Mannerisms ~

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Nights and Weekends, Central Time Zone. (Discord times more flexible!)

Louvel Valeroyant
Pronounced ::
Race/Gender ::
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Deity ::
Orientation ::
Relationship :: Single.

Hair color ::
Eye color ::
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Weight ::

Residence :: Everywhere, nowhere, who cares?
Occupations ::
Hobbies :: D

Alignment ::

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