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| stat_4_value = [[Nophica, the Matron]]
| stat_4_value = [[Nophica, the Matron]]
| stat_5 = Marital Status
| stat_5 = Marital Status
| stat_5_value = Dating [[Leoden Garande]]
| stat_5_value = Single
| stat_6 =  
| stat_6 =  
| stat_6_value =  
| stat_6_value =  
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Every now and then she started hosting some small events to gather more potential customers. She’d often organize small dances or even more grand spectacles, and very often she’d be the entertainer for the evening. An accomplished dancer and acrobat, she developed a new hobby while dancing on stage and she still managed perfectly the balance between being a waitress and entertainer.
Every now and then she started hosting some small events to gather more potential customers. She’d often organize small dances or even more grand spectacles, and very often she’d be the entertainer for the evening. An accomplished dancer and acrobat, she developed a new hobby while dancing on stage and she still managed perfectly the balance between being a waitress and entertainer.
With such a good reputation, she was offered a job at Club Lustre, which was an exclusive club for the higher classes in Limsa Lominsa; meant to please the most demanding, with great food and entertainment as well as offer an amazing environment to socialize. She was the first waitress to join and quickly became a star employee, getting promoted instantly to head waitress and chatelaine of the establishment. The tasks were harder and much more demanding, but it seemed the harder they were, the more joy it brought her. She was tasked with overseeing the entire staff as well as organizing grand events on a weekly basis. She would still perform for the guests on rare occasions, but her main focus was to assist the other employees as well as the owner.
With such a good reputation, she was offered a job at Club Lustre, which was an exclusive club for the higher classes in Limsa Lominsa; meant to please the most demanding, with great food and entertainment as well as offer an amazing environment to socialize. She was the first waitress to join and quickly became a star employee, getting promoted instantly to head waitress and chatelaine of the establishment. The tasks were harder and much more demanding, but it seemed the harder they were, the more joy it brought her. She was tasked with overseeing the entire staff as well as organizing grand events on a weekly basis. She would still perform for the guests on rare occasions, but her main focus was to assist the other employees as well as the owner.
After multiple changes, she is currently debating where to end up professionally however, slowly her inclination is moving towards children and opening a daycare. Wanting and needing to earn money to support herself, waitressing would not bring her the needed support. Upon further consideration, she noticed that few people had even considered opening a kindergarten in the area and she saw it as a good opportunity. Adoring children she would slowly work towards that goal.
===<div style="font-family:garamond;font-size:larger;padding:5px 10px;background-color:#C00005">Combat</div>===
===<div style="font-family:garamond;font-size:larger;padding:5px 10px;background-color:#C00005">Combat</div>===
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'''Love Interests'''
'''Love Interests'''
:<font style="color:#F02311;" size="3">♥</font> [[Leoden Garande]] (22)
A man hailing from Ala Mhigo, who also joined the Astral Crusaders sometime before her. Going through a life or death situation, it made them bond closely; becoming best friends over the course of time; always there for each other. Despite initial plans to keep it as friendship, this has since escalated, partially due to the circumstances their relationships had placed them, yet it seems to have only served to intensify the bond between them. As Meriell's relationship began to crumble between her fingers, as did his own, the two got a chance at their romance and became a couple. Meriell is the happiest ever with this man at her side, sharing many tender moments and filling her life with joy every single day.
:<font style="color:#FA70BC;" size="3">♥</font> [[Thorir Ryder]] (25)
Meriell's ex-fiancee; a Doman nobleman she had met when she had joined the Astral Crusaders. They two felt instant attraction the moment they had laid eyes upon one another. Her fascination with Doman culture facilitated this as she would often visit him with queries about his homeland, and he gladly accepted her company. Holding two completely different personalities, and being from two completely different backgrounds and social statuses, it did cause some tensions to arise. Unfortunately, Meriell came to learn of some of his past dealings and unable to accept them, she left him, however, she cannot deny that she still loves him dearly.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">♥</font> [[Ririan Ruruan]] (19 / deceased)
A shy and timid Lalafell that Meriell met the moment she landed in Ul'dah and approached him by asking for directions. Although shy, he did help her out and the two quickly became good friends over the length of the day. After a few days, and some bonding, the Lalafell asked her out. Shocked but not disapproving, she accepted immediately and the two started dating despite the few days that they knew each other. Meriell adores him and almost sees it as her duty to protect him and to put a smile on his face every day, wanting to help him vanquish the shyness. She had never met anyone as kind as him and genuinely cares for the lad. However, he joined the Paladin program, and recent events caused his death, leaving the girl brokenhearted.
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:<font style="color:#FA70BC;" size="3">♥</font> [[Helga Mistwalker]] (30?)
:<font style="color:#FA70BC;" size="3">♥</font> [[Helga Mistwalker]] (30?)
[[Leoden Garande]]'s tutor, the Highlander woman met Mrriell indirectly through him as she assisted her with her issues regarding [[Thorir Ryder]], informing her of the man's past stories with other women including herself. Meriell truly appreciated her help and honest, and would often confide in her, seeing her as a second mother as the two grew close. Helga did indeed become a mother to her very quickly and the two were inseparable, often found in each other's company, helping each other out.
The Highlander woman met Meriell indirectly through a friend as she assisted her with her issues regarding [[Thorir Ryder]], informing her of the man's past stories with other women including herself. Meriell truly appreciated her help and honest, and would often confide in her, seeing her as a second mother as the two grew close. Helga did indeed become a mother to her very quickly and the two were inseparable, often found in each other's company, helping each other out.
:<font style="color:#4e9362;" size="3">●</font> [[Koji Ichihara]] (26)
:<font style="color:#4e9362;" size="3">●</font> [[Koji Ichihara]] (26)
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Returning Hrothgar to the Respite after a long trip to the East. He returned on the eve of the Maid Event and he saved Meriell from running the entire restaurant and bar area. She approached him the next day to properly introduce herself and she learned that he enjoyed sparing, so she took him up on the offer. Despite his intimidating looks, she warmed up very quickly to him. She tried twice to win against him and lost each time embarrassingly; and ever since she refused to spar again. But she truly enjoys the kind man's presence as he is the sweetest and most caring person to have around.
Returning Hrothgar to the Respite after a long trip to the East. He returned on the eve of the Maid Event and he saved Meriell from running the entire restaurant and bar area. She approached him the next day to properly introduce herself and she learned that he enjoyed sparing, so she took him up on the offer. Despite his intimidating looks, she warmed up very quickly to him. She tried twice to win against him and lost each time embarrassingly; and ever since she refused to spar again. But she truly enjoys the kind man's presence as he is the sweetest and most caring person to have around.
===<div style="font-family:garamond;font-size:larger;padding:5px 10px;background-color:#C00005">Background</div>===
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Sini'to Shadar]] (32)
Meeting him through [[Shin Nelhah]], she really got to bond closely with the man, at least from her point of view. They got to go on many missions together, usually him looking after her than her after him. From the very beginning she dubbed him 'Mr Grey' due to his monochrome colorization, a sign of how comfortable she felt around him.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Jochi Ejinn]] (??)
An Au Ra shaman from the Ejinn tribe who somehow came upon the Respite and would often grace the people there with his odd and peculiar presence. Meriell never got to approach him but one day she saw him in the water in the Goblet facing upwards so she jumped in to save him. It was then that she learned that he was from a tribe which had a natural affinity with water and that rescue wasn't needed. Despite the odd beginning to their friendship, she really likes his presence as he seems to be a good listener while she does talk a lot; and on more than one occasion he was actually very nice to her and helpful in his own way.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Borgaeir Seaborne]] (17)
A Highlander fellow whom she got to get to know much better during the Maid Event at the Respite. While few with words, he was very nice and incredibly helpful to her during the event and he wont her immediate trust. Behind the scenes she fooled around with him a bit and had some fun, trying to loosen him up and to get him to enjoy the entire event, and to some extent he seemed to like it.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Annarosie Madmantle]] (??)
Midlander just like Meriell, she met this lady as they were about to head to Camp Drybone to deal with the Amal'jaa matter. She seemed quite nice and she enjoyed talking with her even if her directness was met with blushes and great surprise. She found her rather endearing and looked forward to more interactions.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Crimson Dawn]] (??)
The leader of the Astral Crusaders. While the woman seems to be perhaps a bit brutal and casual, it is undeniable that she is dedicated and loyal, putting her life on the line for the company as well as it's members. They met only twice but Meriell found new admiration towards the woman as she showed amazing bravery and strenght on the battlefield, despite her savage approach at times.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Reinaldo Corryes]] (??)
'Fancy-pants" became this man's instant nickname as he came dressed outrageously for the Amal'jaa mission. Meriell didn't know what to think of the man and as the day kept going he proved to be extremely finicky to a fault. He had a high air about him which didn't work in his favour, Meriell found most unpleasant but she remained kind to the man.
:<font style="color:#8f8377;" size="3">●</font> [[Ren Kazumi]] (??)
The kindest of souls is in this gentle Miqo'te healer. Ren was most useful during their mission regarding the Amal'jaa, assisting them with her healer as well as taking down many enemies. Meriell truly enjoyed talking with her, treating her as a good friend even if they do not know each other that well.
:<font style="color:#C24640;" size="3">●</font> [[Ihrih Nhoyo]] (??)
A close friend of her fiancee it would seem, the Keeper woman is a peculiar one and Meriell got to meet her better as she visited her to request a katana, as she was a blacksmith. Being pregnant she informed her she'd make it after giving birth. The woman has a sharp-tongue but also isn't very decent as she'd make slight obscene comments which Meriell definitely did not appreciate and the conversation was cut short. While aware that the woman had no bad intentions, she still avoids her a bit.
===<div style="font-family:garamond;font-size:larger;padding:5px 10px;background-color:#C00005">History</div>===
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Her father quickly learned that she had left the Maelstrom and it was something he never brought himself to forgive. While her relations with the rest of the family are at their best, her father refuses to acknowledge her existence after feeling he was stabbed in the back by her actions. Her mother and siblings were always aware of where she was from her letters, but they never revealed the information to her father. Regardless, he wanted to hear none of it.
Her father quickly learned that she had left the Maelstrom and it was something he never brought himself to forgive. While her relations with the rest of the family are at their best, her father refuses to acknowledge her existence after feeling he was stabbed in the back by her actions. Her mother and siblings were always aware of where she was from her letters, but they never revealed the information to her father. Regardless, he wanted to hear none of it.
While she felt horrible towards her father, she finally felt free, and the feeling was the best thing she had ever felt. Inspired by her brother’s letters, and with a contact in Thanalan, she immediately headed to the Airship Landing, anxious to finally start living.
While she felt horrible towards her father, she finally felt free, and the feeling was the best thing she had ever felt. Inspired by her brother’s letters, and with a contact in Thanalan, she immediately headed to the Airship Landing, anxious to finally start living.
'''New Life at Club Lustre''' (18-19)
Meriell arrived in Ul’dah at the Airship Landing and all she had was a piece of paper with unclear instructions as to where to go. Her boss from the Bismarck had sent her to Thanalan to perfect her skills and try to serve a different crowd to help her build up character. She was to work at the The Coffer & Coffin but she had no idea how to reach the place, and so, she walked up to a Lalafell to ask for directions. The Lalafell’s name was [[Ririan Ruruan]]. He was a shy fellow of very few words but with a sweet disposition and he helped her out and led her to the place just outside of Blackbrush. Once there, she was baffled by the state of the tavern and refused to work there and he agreed that it did not seem like the best place at all. They did enter however to have a look around and they met a Miqo’te man and a Roegadyn woman who exchanged some words with them and offered Meriell more insight into the entiretyof the matter. All of their words were well noted and she decided to find some other place to work at. After exchanging some words with the Lalafell, he proposed her to go to Gridania and she took him up on the offer as he brought her there. Gridania itself was gorgeous to her but she wanted something even lower key, wanting to get a real feel of the area. The two parted ways and over the next few days, Meriell found employment in the Bobbing Cork located in the Alder Springs as a waitress and an occasional help in the kitchen.
In the days to come, she worked there hard and made herself already a good name with the community, immediately liked by all. When coming back with some groceries for the kitchen, she ran into [[Ririan Ruruan]]. He was shocked to see her but she was overjoyed and showered him with attention and invited him to eat at the new place where she worked at. The two met some odd people that day but Meriell quickly made many new friends during some meeting they ended up in but they quickly separated afterwards to have some alone time. After some heart to heart talks and a nice bonding moment, the Lalafell suddenly asked her out and said he wanted to date her. Shocked but not against it, she gladly agreed and the two became an official couple.
After a couple weeks of working in Alder Springs, [[Ririan Ruruan]] informed Meriell that he was going to take up the Paladin Program in Ul’dah yet again after getting rejected several times in the past. Knowing that it meant a lot to him, she decided to join him to Ul’dah to show her support, which she did at times in rather explosive ways which shocked him but it got the job done. Intimidated, the officials allowed him to take the exam, which he ended up passing. While [[Ririan Ruruan]] would be passing his exams and training to become a Paladin, she would visit him over the weekends in Ul’dah, spending her free time wandering the areas and getting to know the culture and people, which made her end up in the Quicksand rather often. There, she met many people that quickly became good friends of hers and she often indulged in their company while her boyfriend was busy.
During one of such visits to the Quicksand, she ran into [[Madam Vonne]]. The Highlander woman approached her and struck up a conversation, at the end immediately offering her a job. Turned out that she was the owner of Club Lustre, a club for the higher classes located in the Mists and she wanted Meriell there as a server as the establishment was about to open its doors soon. Rather thrilled to hear that it was in the Mists, which was her home area, she agreed to visit the establishment and after seeing it and meeting the other people that were already employed there, she decided to stay. The bar was set high, but Meriell quickly became a favourite and she loved every single minute spent there. [[Ririan Ruruan]] appeared happy for her despite his doubts about the place as it sounded a bit suspicious as a club for the higher ups, but he kept his doubts to himself.
Around the same period as she was leaving Ul’dah to go work in the Mists, she met a Doman man named [[Koji Ichihara]]. The two grew very close over time and Meriell saw in him a brotherly figure which substitute the position of her younger brother who was unable to be at her side. Being a foreigner, she wanted to know more about his culture and would bombard him with questions, as well as study on her own to learn as much as she could. Her fascinating was further cemented during that time, obsessed with anything from foreign lands. She quickly started calling him ‘Nii-san’ and he did not appear to mind, taking it as a compliment even. A kind man that always offered advice and a shoulder for support, she learned to depend on him very early on.
Soon after, the opening of Club Lustre was announced. Everyone rushed to prepare everything, Meriell being one of the main waitresses for the evening. She tended to every single guess on a personal level, chatting with them and making sure they were taken care of. She wanted to show how much she cared for each guest and she worked from opening hours until the very first rays of sunlight the next day. She shone like no other that evening and was promoted immediately after by [[Madam Vonne]] to chatelaine, making her in charge of organizing events and one of the most important members of Club Lustre, also taking care of the staff. She took up the mantle gladly and continued delivering her best during each event and opening for guests. During that period, she grew incredibly close with the owner [[Madam Vonne]], many suspecting them of having more than just mere friendship. The woman seemed to enjoy the girl’s company and often invited her to her private quarters where they would spend entire evenings talking about Club Lustre or even their future. The Highlander expressed great interest of keeping Meriell by her side should Club Lustre one day disappear, wanting to take her on her journeys across Eorzea. Always being a fan of travels and seeing new foreign lands, Meriell agreed without even thinking about it, their relationship growing even more suspicious to the public and other employees as Meriell appeared to become a favourite of the owner.
Not too long afterward, Meriell presented [[Ririan Ruruan]] to the other employees during a meeting they had to discuss internal affairs, and during that meeting she put him forward as a potential candidate for a guard position, to form part of the security. He was shocked but after a few quick words with her and the other people, he did decide to step up to the role and talked to the head of security. After exchanging a bit with the man, he was hired and made Meriell’s personal bodyguard due to her promotion and also being an easy target. Kind as she was and willing to please, it often got her into trouble, thus it was the person opportunity for him to take care of her.
Weeks passed and everything was going well. [[Ririan Ruruan]] followed her like a shadow, truly taking his job seriously and worried for her as many guests appeared to have a very particular liking for her. She seemed oblivious to it, her eyes solely focused on him anyway. One day she took him to her room for simple mingling but it was evident the Lalafell had something on his mind, and out of nowhere he proposed to her. She felt it was rather sudden but, getting along as they did, she did feel like he was the one, agreeing to his proposal.
'''Joining the Astral Crusaders''' (19)
Time went by, and a nice routine set in. Meriell was on cloud number nine, awaiting her day to be wed with [[Ririan Ruruan]]. She continued working diligently at Club Lustre, still under [[Madam Vonne]]’s wings, and despite being engaged, the Highlander didn’t seem to relent and would always try to coerce her, wanting her to join her on her journeys over and over. Meriell thought nothing of it and went along, somehow thinking that it would all work out. She saw a maternal figure in the Highland and thus, was easily manipulated and formed. However, all that came to a stop when one day she was informed of the death of [[Ririan Ruruan]]. He had been killed on a mission which he was sent to complete as part of his Paladin program. Meriell’s entire world shattered, reduced to a sorry state of her old self. The usually happy girl was but a shell, unable to even feel anything but pain. She stopped appearing at Club Lustre, unable to function and do her duties, which cost the Club its reputation and it soon fell apart, closing its doors.
[[Madam Vonne]], seeing her state, took her with her on her promised journeys, hoping it would also bring back her lost spirit. But it hadn’t. Meriell followed her without much of a thought, not even interacting of paying attention to her surroundings. Feeling pity for her, the Highlander decided that it was time to part, taking her back to the Bobbing Cork where her old friends were awaiting her. The two said their goodbyes and Meriell kept from her a spell book which she treasures until this day. At the Bobbing Cork, gradually, Meriell regained part of her personality, slowly re-adjusting to life and accepting that she was alone again.
Then, an old friend [[Shin Nelhah]] paid her a visit, proposing her a job. She was to accompany a group for adventurer's and assist in inspecting the Haukke Manor, and identifying the threat that lay dormant there. Ecstatic at the chance of a distraction as well as helping others, it was a much needed diversion, she went ahead with it. That was when she met for the first time the Miqo'te's partner [[Sini'to Shadar]] and another fellow Hyur, [[Leoden Garande]]. She immediately had a huge liking to the Hyur, who was not only close to her age, but she felt they had a lot in common. However, one road block was the fact that she wasn't part of the Astral Crusader's, who were the ones assisting in the quest, and to help them, she had to join their ranks. She visited them in the Goblet and had no issues at all joining their ranks as a fellow adventurer and also a waitress in their tavern section. It was something she had always enjoyed doing, no matter how simple. At the same time, the prospect of helping others while venturing out was another distraction, which helped her heal old wounds faster.
The day for the quest arrived. Together with [[Leoden Garande]], [[Sini’to Shadar]] and [[Ihrih Nhoyo]], they set out to the Central Shroud, towards Haukke Manor. Meriell’s teleportation spell went wrong and she ended up in Bentbranch, having to catch up to the party beside the manor’s main gates. There they could all spot two large Flying Eyes and they all prepped for battle, going in pairs against each. The Miqo’tes remained together and the Hyurs on the other enemy. Meriell struggled a bit, rusty after many years of not taking up her bow but it all came back to her as they engaged in combat, quick to defend her dear friends with her life if necessary. After they defeated the Floating Eyes an odd figure appeared before them, that of an elegant Elezen woman, although clearly voidsent or possessed. Meriell entered panic mode as she for some reason was lead to believe that the woman was [[Leoden Garande]]’s girlfriend, at least that was the assumption when she heard the Elezen speak, clearly trying to tempt the man. The entire party couldn’t believe her but they pushed on regardless. Being the only ranged person in the party, she had it easier and after some harsh words from [[Sini’to Shadar]], she ended up dealing the killing blow. Inspecting the body which remained, itturned out to have been a possessed Elezen by voidsent. The woman was alive, but just barely, and the group rushed her to the Conjurer's Guild back in Gridania to get assistance where Meriell failed to explain the situation correctly and the entire group almost faced arrest, saved last moment by [[Leoden Garande]] who was quick to explain and strike a deal. The next day Meriell had to suffer some intense questioning by the authorities about the entire incident but after a couple long hours, she was let off the hook.
Returning to the Goblet, the Astral Crusader's headquarters, she felt down and definitely did not feel like a hero as she had hoped for. There, at the tavern section, she ran into [[Thorir Ryder]] and the two struck up a conversation, Meriell feeling amazing chemistry with the man. He was also new and it offered her comfort to know that she wasn't the only one who had issues fitting in perfectly. As he left, she definitely felt butterflies in her stomach and was looking forward to further interactions with the mysterious gentleman, as well as meeting the other members.
The next day, finally off the hook, she decided to start organizing her room within the Astral Crusaders, for personal reasons as well as to get her mind off matters. While arranging her things, she ran into [[Leoden Garande]] in the hallways; immediately asking him if he was alright after the quest. He reassured her and set her worries at ease. Talking for quite a while, she offered to show him her new room which was semi-furnished and the two sat down by the fireplace, talking some more. Among other things, they talked more about his survival skills as well as his Viera partner who apparently is on a journey and cannot even be located. Fishy and suspicious, Meriell did express her concerns but the man appeared set on his beliefs and trusts, thus, she dropped the topic. Amidst the chatter, some more intimate and odd talks spurted and the two actually seemed to notice that they were attracted to each other, but Meriell refused to even initiate anything, fully aware the man was devoted to another. But, she gladly offered to be of help when it came to women, which he gladly accepted and it made a new wave of silly questions arise. The two later on agreed to go on a trip to a fishing spot the man had discovered some time ago. Time and date yet to be set.
Continuing to clear out her old living place and moving to the Goblet, she ended up collecting an entire box of old toys from her childhood, deciding to actually give them away instead of throwing out. She carried the thing downstairs to the restaurant area where she ran into [[Thorir Ryder]] again. After some small talk, he invited her on a walk around the Goblet as she wasn’t very well acquainted with the area. Overjoyed, she instantly took him up on the offer.
The walk took them to the center of the Goblet where multiple bodies of water could be found, something which brought her great joy as it was a great spot to cool down in the intense heat. A casual invitation turned into a mischievous play as she splashed him with water, and in revenge she got thrown into the entire pool fully dressed. He teased her mercilessly, leaving her rather speechless and barely able to even react other than blush and try to move away. Among all the fooling around, she accidentally knocked off his eye-patch, revealing his cut eye. Despite the shock of the sight, she wasn’t too fazed and told him she did not mind the look. He appeared to appreciate the words and once they got out of the water, he helped her dry up with his magic. In the midst of all that, they ended up embracing and shared a very brief kiss, which got quickly interrupted by a sneeze from her. With a cold starting, they quickly returned to headquarters where they both quickly changed into dry clothes and met up in Meriell’s semi-furnished room. [[Thorir Ryder]] instantly noticed the Doman-themed furniture and she admitted that she had a fascination with said culture, even going as far as wearing Doman clothing and at times even cooking some of their traditional foods. Bluntly, the man asked her if she wanted to add a Doman boyfriend to her collection. Shock and disbelief was written all over her face but, having moved on from her past loss, there was no reason for her to reject the man. He had been always very nice with her, and the bonus of him being Doman could not go ignored. She agreed.
The cold not relenting, Meriell decided to pay a visit to [[Shin Nelhah]] who gladly gave her some medicine, informing her that for the next few days the symptoms would worsen but at the same time the illness would end much quicker. It allowed her body to expel whatever which was the cause of her cold. Obediently, she took the doses as instructed and immediately felt the kick, spending the entire night in bed with a bucket at her side. The next day she tried to do something as she was unable to just sit all day, but whatever activities she tried, her cold would get in the way. Annoyed and depressed, she made her way to the restaurant area of the house again, searching for some herbal tea to perhaps cleanse her sinuses. There, glory and behold, she ran into [[Thorir Ryder]] once more. He appeared to have been practicing his swordsmanship on stage, attacking a dummy and finally burning it to a crisp with aether. Meriell was amazed and applauded loudly at the display, instantly forgetting her need for the tea, but she kept tissues at her side at all times.
He noted that she was wearing traditional Doman attire, consisting of a red and black kimono. She was most happy to please him with that fact but apparently she had failed at tying the obi, despite the time it took her to do it. He helped her out after some teasing and pulling at the sash, much to her alarm and embarrassment. Noticing that her cold wasn’t getting any better, he proposed a bath. She agreed without putting much thought into the matter. Meriell already encountered a roadblock when she was unable to undo the obi he had adjusted for her, convinced it was done on purpose by him. He assisted her which made her entire clothing drop to the floor in an instant, leaving her absolutely traumatized. She hid immediately, collecting her clothing before her and then using him as a shield, only tensing up the atmosphere. After some drag and dawdling, they finally managed to get into the tub, where more tom-foolery ensued. Among all the talk, he had asked her about her interests and one of them was dance. He expressed interest in seeing her dance and so she promised him she would one day. She returned to her room to suffer in silence with her cold, hoping it was going to be gone the next day.
Summer was on with the intense heat accompanying it, and together with that, came the MoonFire Faire. Overjoyed at the festivities going on all over Eorzea, Meriell invited [[Thorir Ryder]] to join her in the fun, wanting to go see the stalls together with him as well as the fireworks show. He agreed and the same evening they returned to the spot where he had thrown her into the water in the Goblet, but this time the place was an explosion of colours. Lanterns adorned the archways, multiple food stalls lined the streets and many people and children alike could be found enjoying themselves. It was the perfect event for Meriell and she was overjoyed at the opportunity to go there with her partner. He took her, or better said, carried her, to a more secluded spot to have a better look at the fireworks which were planned after sunset. While observing, it triggered another talk about his homeland as well as his family, informing Meriell that he would like to introduce her to his family so  they may stop presenting him with potential brides, all from noble backgrounds. She learned that he was actually from a noble house much like the potential bride candidates, which did cause the pressure and anxiety to rise but he seemed adamant on his choice of partner and it eased her worries for the time being, enjoying the rest of the evening with him. After the show, seeing as the night was still young, Meriell proposed that she was willing to offer him the dance she had promised him the other day. Intrigued, he agreed; and they returned to the house. Back in her room, she changed into her dance outfit which consisted of a red far eastern garb. Shy, but excited to get back into one of her hobbies, she presented him with an intricate fan dance she had been practicing since the day before, wanting to surprise him and make sure there was no room for mistakes. The dance lasted for a while, every now and then giggling bashfully as he watched her closely, but she was focused on showing him just what she could do, as well as keeping her promise from the other day. As she danced, he asked her what other dances she knew and she presented him with one more upon his request, quite happy to switch it up. Amidst all the dancing and growing yearning from both sides, the two ended up consummating their relationship.
The next day, planning to go out but a rainstorm cancelled all plans, the couple remained indoors at the house. Having not much to do, Meriell thought it would be a good idea to ask [[Thorir Ryder]] for sword-fighting lessons as she had been always lacking in that department, and since he was part of the establishments security and she had already the chance to see him in action. Seeing no harm in it, he agreed. He lent her a katana and the two went down to the stage area where he told her to repeat sword slashing at least fifty times over. Annoyed, she refused and did her own thing, which was sword-dancing. It triggered him and he told her off, wanting her to take it seriously. it also got her going and angered, she challenged him to a duel. Unmoved, he took up her challenge which ended rather quickly. While she kept her own, he suddenly dropped his sword in pain, and she decided to cancel the entire duel, immediately tending to him. She learned that his burned and scarred hands didn't have the strength anymore to use his katana as he did in the past. Feeling extremely guilty, she apologized, not wanting anymore to spar with him due to his condition; but she decided to take up sword-fighting on her own. it would only benefit her further when venturing out. As an apology, although it wasn't required, she made him a very big and rich supper, Doman-inspired to please him. In return he gifted her with Doman cooking books, which became her new treasure.
In the coming days the two grew even closer, even going to Costa del Sol. There, [[Thorir Ryder]] opened up much more about what his family expected of him as well as what he wanted in life. Over the talk, heartfelt words were exchanged, solidifying their strong feelings for each other. Returning to the company, they encountered [[Leoden Garande]] who appeared shocked to see them together, dating. Meriell learned that the two actually were very close, almost forming a brotherly bond. It made her quite happy and she understood immediately why the two of them got together; for the exact same reasons why she got along with both of them. The Ala Mhigan appeared completely taken aback at the knowledge of them forming a couple, but when he saw how happy it made his friend, his worries were settled. Soon after [[Sini'to Shadar]] joined in on the conversation, and they all agreed to go see the fireworks again. Thinking that [[Shin Nelhah]] would have some for them to fire into the sky, she ran to her lab to fetch her or the fireworks but instead got locked, forgetting that the doors were one sided. Grumbling and stuck, she did notice some snacks left for her together with a plush toy and a note, telling her to eat the snacks and just relax for a few hours until the Miqo'te's return. Having no choice, she settled herself in the lab for the rest of the day, awaiting her friend's return. Eating all the snacks and having nothing else to do apart from waiting for [[Shin Nelhah]] she got bored and decided to make her brilliant escape. She climbed out a tight window which was located behind a giant boiler, a fact few people knew. She made her way around the house to re-enter from the main entrance, only to find her friends standing there. [[Thorir Ryder]], [[Leoden Garange]] and an unidentified Viera woman. Approaching them she learned that the Viera was in fact the woman whom [[Leoden Garande]] had fallen head over heels for, which sparked a multitude of questions to the woman, who was named [[Lynn Shiri]]. While the two men walked off to talk, Meriell would bombard the lady with questions about her homeland, quickly identifying her as another foreigner.
During the talk, they learned that something had been bothering [[Leoden Garande]] greatly, and [[Thorir Ryder]] seemed the one most knowledgeable about the reason, clearly trying to talk the man down. At first listening from afar and trying to make out what was going on, a second Viera woman named [[Rene Skathi]] joined in on the conversation, clearly evident that she was a close friend, or rival, of [[Leoden Garande]]. Among all the talking, she truly learned nothing at all apart from the spunky personality the Viera sported. Tired, and unable to keep up with the conversation, she excused herself, [[Thorir Ryder]] joining her for the night.
Time went by and a few days later Meriell ran into [[Leoden Garande]] at the headquarters, soaking wet after a storm. Remembering all too well her own sickness after getting wet outside, she stubbornly dragged him off to her room to dry him Once there, she had him sit on the couch while she gave him a couple towels to dry himself off, at the same time she sat herself on the floor, drying his feet for him on her lap. The two talked about many things, among others his interest in sewing and making garments as well as his leatherwork. Impressed, Meriell expressed great interest in the sewing, telling him that he could make her dresses. He appeared put under pressure with the fact that he could make things for his friends, but he didn't reject the idea.
The friendly banter took a big turn when Meriell accidentally mentioned his state from a few days prior but [[Leoden Garande]] explained the reasons behind his mood calmly to her. Seeing the full picture, she finally understood his reasons as well as his concerns. It was then that [[Thorir Ryder]] walked in on them. While [[Leoden Garande]] appeared worried, Meriell was her usual self, ecstatic to see her partner. [[Thorir Ryder]] did not seem to misunderstand anything and the three of them engaged in further conversation. She informed her partner that [[Leoden Garande]] was making clothings, so [[Thorir Ryder]] asked if he could make wedding dresses. It shocked Meriell completely, but luckily [[Leoden Garande]] immediately declined, not feeling up to par to fulfill such tall order. Meriell urged [[Leoden Garande]] to ask [[Lynn Shri]] on a date, but he was far too shy. That was when [[Thorir Ryder]] mentioned that he too had tried to go out with the Viera but he got rejected. The news hit Meriell hard for some reason. She never knew she could feel that way, a sensation she had never experienced before: jealousy. Unable to deal with the unknown emotion, she excused herself, leaving both men in her room as she went to get some much needed air outside.
She returned after a good few hours, finding [[Thorir Ryder]] awaiting for her in her room. They talked a bit, and she apologized for her immature behaviour, feeling like it was out of place and inappropriate at the time. Not bearing any ill will towards her, he saw no reason for her to apologize, and instead, he invited her out to show her a place. She gladly agreed and they changed wards in the Goblet and walked until they reached a small house. Once inside she learned from him that [[Ihrih Nhoyo]] had lent them the house during her absence, the only thing she wanted in return was to make sure no one robbed it. While the offer didn't seem very fair, [[Thorir Ryder]] reassured her that it was alright. having no choice but to accept she agreed on the condition that she could later thank the Miqo'te personally. They explored the house and came upon a tub at the upper floor where they both decided to take a bath. It was there that somehow the talk of marriage came up, and he teased her about the wedding dress talk from earlier, asking that if he had asked her back then, if she would have accepted a marriage proposal. Dumbfounded and shy, she at first denied it but after further teasing, she gave in, admitting that she would've said yes. During their intimacy, he asked her about contraception and she confirmed that she had received assistance from [[Shin Nelhah]] regarding that, not wanting to get pregnant so soon and also wanting him not to worry about it. However, a few minutes after, he asked her what she would think if he had asked her to stop taking contraception from the female Keeper. She had nothing against it but under the condition that he made her an honest woman. This sparked conversations whether to follow Doman traditions or Eorzean. The topic was dropped however for another day.
The talk came much sooner than expected, the very next day. Back at headquarters, they met in her room and the conversation came up instantly. [[Thorir Ryder]] asked her what her answer to yesterday's talk. Confused she asked if he was referring to the children or marriage, to which he replied that both. Although worried of getting rejected she said she would agree but only under the condition that they wed. The news hit the Doman hard and he collapsed in her arms. Sheer panic overcame her as she started to call for help while holding her unconscious partner in her arms on the ground, calling frantically for [[Leoden Garande]] and [[Shin Nelhah]]. Luckily, the man came to rather quickly and upon waking up, he asked her straight up if she'd marry him. Thrilled, she immediately agreed as he gave her a ring which was a family heirloom. That was when [[Leoden Garande]] walked in on them, having arrived after hearing her screams of help prior. The moment got awkward and odd as they just stared at each other, before Meriell exclaimed that [[Thorir Ryder]] had asked for her hand in marriage. It got even more awkward by the minute as the Ala Mhigan didn't seem to understand the scenario or what was going on, deciding to take his leave, noticing the air getting heavier in the room. Still quite stupefied, the couple recollected themselves, only then the reality hitting home. It was a moment of utter happiness for Meriell.
Days went by and Meriell would go about her daily duties, tending to the restaurant as well as taking care of her private matters, feeling like she was invincible and could take on the entire world. She visited [[Leoden Garande]] quite often the moment she found out he moved in to the room next door, absolutely thrilled at the news. The two, always getting along, didn’t change at all as they would talk for hours about [[Leoden Garande]]’s hobbies and interests. She was really into his new found hobby of sewing and he offered to make her something which brought her great joy.
Finally she got the opportunity to visit [[Ihrih Nhoyo]], wanting to thank her for lending the house. She had never spoken to the woman and at first was on very official terms with her, but as the conversation went on, she would relax and be her usual friendly self. Using the opportunity, she also asked if the Miqo’te could make her a katana as she was still using the one from [[Thorir Ryder]] and he had told her to visit the woman and ask her as she was an accomplished blacksmith. She agreed but only after giving birth as the woman was pregnant for at least four months. Meriell would never pressurize and agreed, not being in any particular hurry. The two sat to some tea and talked some more, but Meriell felt extremely uncomfortable as the woman would make some vulgar comments and then poke and prod at intimate details, including asking her if she had any plans with her husband to be; Meriell assuming the woman was referring to building a family. It wasn’t a topic Meriell ever wished mentioned or discussed so she took her leave as quickly as she could, while still being cordial.
Back in the main hallways of the estate, she sat herself by the bar area with a glass of water in hand, thinking, having doubts. Was her life truly headed the right way? Setting aside the inappropriate comments from the Miqo’te, she noticed the toll that pregnancy had over the woman. It wasn’t a simple matter and doubts started to arise in her mind, wondering if things were perhaps going too quickly. She was still young, and not too certain if she wanted to immediately start building a family with [[Thorir Ryder]]. Guilt came over her, wondering if she was maybe too fast with the entire relationship, although to her it felt right. Was she going to have children immediately after they were wed? Would she live up to the standards of his noble family life? Would his family even accept her? The bar was set high and she was starting to feel the heat badly. The cheerful girl getting rather depressed as she pondered her life. It was like looking back in time to when she had been engaged to [[Ririan Ruruan]] whom she still missed dearly. It then hit her, thinking if to her [[Thorir Ryder]] was perhaps nothing more but a substitute, a much needed distraction. She couldn't make out her thoughts at all, all she knew was that she felt extremely bad and she wanted the feeling the end; a sensation she wasn't accustomed to. That was when [[Leoden Garande]] spotted her and approached her, calling her name. Startled and snapping back from her state, she fell off her stool but he was quick to help her right back up, clearly worried for her well-being. She didn’t seem her usual self and would avoid his gaze, as well as talking about her problem. Her eyes would begin to water as she kept it all bottled up inside and he decided to take her back to his room to talk in privacy, locking the door behind them. In his room, she still didn’t manage to open up to him, not wanting to put her troubles on her dearest friend and also not wanting to discuss her private matters, she did however mention [[Ihrih Nhoyo]] which set the Hyur off instantly. She wasn’t aware that he had some history with the Miqo’te but it set in motions the following events at lighting speed. [[Thorir Ryder]] knocked on the door and the man let him in. Meriell avoided any talks, forcing her usual cheerful personality but then [[Leoden Garande]] called out [[Thorir Ryder]], calling him blind and oblivious to the facts around him. Meriell understood that the man was referring no doubt to the Miqo’te woman; and while she was the trigger for her state, she wasn’t the reason for it. The entire situation snowballed and exploded as the two man exchanged heated words, with Meriell right in the middle. She begged [[Leoden Garande]] to calm down and just let the topic die off but he did not back down, intent on resolving the matter right there and then. [[Thorir Ryder]], unable to take any more of it, left the room, leaving the two Hyurs. Meriell had never seen the gentle man ever get so heated and aggressive, shocking her to the core, but she adored him regardless. She approached him, wanting to calm him down; offering her thanks for him trying to take her side and defend her. Wanting to ease the tensions, she reminded him of a promise he had made to her, wanting to take her to one of his favourite fishing spots. He appeared to appreciate her words but he avoided any interaction, not wanting her to get in trouble for spending time with him and said it wasn’t a good idea. With a stern voice, she proclaimed that if her husband-to-be could not accept her friends, then she would rather have no husband. Leaving the room, she commented with a small tease that she never thought of him to be someone who would break promises, expecting him to come through.
Returning to her room next door, she just felt like breaking down, but she had no time as [[Thorir Ryder]] had been awaiting her arrival. Exhausted and drained, she sat herself on the floor beside him as he was on the couch, placing her head in his lap as she just closed her eye and relaxed. He questioned the explosion form [[Leoden Garande]] and Meriell was quick to try to soften the situation, not wanting the two friends bickering or her being the reason for it. She already felt enough guilt as it was, and she didn’t want more, intent on speaking to [[Leoden Garande]] the next day to clarify things. [[Thorir Ryder]] let her do as she pleased, not wanting to interfere in her decisions. The issue was set aside completely and he decided to invite her to an outing the next day, to which she agreed.
The trip was put on hold by her fiancee, so Meriell decided to pay a visit to [[Leoden Garande]] to check up on him after the fight from the day before as well as to clarify things, hopefully softening the situation. He greeted her gladly and the two talked some more about his garment making, him confessing to making her a bandana which was inspired by her antics from a couple days ago when she had assaulted his crate of materials and had draped them all over herself. While talking, she spotted that one of the pillars on his room was damaged and recently cleaned, asking him about it. He admitted that after the fight the other day, unable to contain his anger, he let it out by punching it. Definitely not thrilled, she felt the guilt rising again and apologized for even getting him involved. The conversation took a nose dive as she confessed to him part of her worries and concerns, all of them related to the future which she couldn't escape facing. He couldn't help much as he himself was new on the topic but he supported her wholeheartedly. As they sat together, they talked some more, Meriell touching base on his relationship with [[Lynn Shiri]]. She was truly thrilled for her friend to be happy but amidst the talking, they both confessed to having feelings for on another, feelings that were already apparent early on before she had even met [[Thorir Ryder]]. Both being in relationships and committed, they agreed that it would be folly to do something brash, and they agreed to remain as close friends as they were so far; while it pained her to know that they both bore feelings to one another, the guilt didn't help either. They moved off the topic, both not wanting to dig deeper into it as it was rather unpleasant and heart-wrecking; Meriell mentioning that [[Thorir Ryder]] was planning to take her to Kugane, and she asked him if he wanted anything from the far land. He seemed a bit worried about her being taken far away but he replied stating he wanted nothing but her safe return. The mention of her husband-to-be brought up an entirely new topic, which were [[Leoden Garande]]'s doubts towards the man which arose after having and discussion with him over [[Ihrih Nhoyo]]. Ideas and comments were thrown and discussed and it made Meriell question a few more things but she wasn't off-put by the Miqo'te woman, wanting to give her a chance despite the inappropriate questions which were addressed by her when she visited her.  To change topic, [[Leoden Garande]] quickly went back to his workstation and finished the bandana for her, gifting it to her with his name stitched on the inside to remember it was a gift from him. Ecstatic, she immediately started to wear it, stating she'd never take it off. Somewhere in the glee, she smashed her forehead against the table, quickly forced to take off the bandana and instead press a cloth with ice to her forehead. The visit finished on the most friendliest of terms, their close bond never seeming to break as Meriell would look forward to the trip to Kugane with [[Thorir Ryder]].
Sitting in the hallways, she ran into [[Thorir Ryder]] who took her on a small outing to Camp Bronzelake to show her the hot springs as well as wanting to spend some quality time with her. She was quite pleased as she had never been at hot springs and the two would proceed to talk about their future together. Still having doubts and worries, she mean to address her concerns to him but she found out it wasn't needed, as while talking, he set all her worries at ease. Overjoyed, she simply indulged in his company as they proceeded to plan their trip to the Far East. Apparently it was to last a good couple days, so Meriell visited [[Leoden Garande]] one last time to bid farewell. Before she left, he offered her a linkshell to keep in touch.
'''Discovering the Far East''' (19)
Meriell and [[Thorir Ryder]] arrived the next day via his teleportation at the port of Kugane. The girl was absolutely stunned at the beauty of the place, unable to focus on a single thing as she'd run around all over. Exhausted from teleportation, [[Thorir Ryder]] proposed they go eat and he took her to a nearby restaurant where she could try the regional specialties. The two engaged in conversation, talking about the place, as well as complimenting the food as they tried many things. Meriell stuffed herself to the brim and they resumed their walk afterwards, as he showed her from a tall bridge the gorgeous view of the entire city and port. She was stunned and adored every bit of it, taking in the sights at every step. She was able to observe the sunset from the bridge and it was a view she'd never forget as it disappeared over the horizon, where her beloved Eorzea was. Deciding to settle their bags, they went next to the inn in Kugane and left their bags at the establishment, also taking the chance to change as she felt she stood out far too much in the crowds and feared getting pick-pocketed. After changing and resting up a bit, they went over to the hot springs which the city offered and decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. That was when she learned more about his past and history; learning that he had indeed killed his own father in a duel to the death to become head of the family.
In the evening, they decided to hit the market area. Meriell was absolutely amazed at the amount of wares as well as how different they were to the ones back at home. She ran from stall to stall, engaging in conversation with all the merchants, wanting to know all the little details. They did purchase a couple things and decided to retreat for the night. As her fiancee fell asleep, she found herself much too excited to even feel tired and decided to take a walk around the city at night to see the sights herself again. Settling herself under a tree in a more secluded area, she played around with the linkpearl [[Leoden Garande]] had given her, and she actually activated, immediately catching him off guard as the two started to converse. He appeared distraught, admitting to her that [[Lynn Shiri]] had departed on another mission and he wasn't certain if she would come back, leaving him all alone. Meriell had no idea what to say, but she felt deeply for her friend and she would try to divert his attention with different topics. Among them however, she did touch the fact that [[Thorir Ryder]] was really intent on having an heir and it pulled at [[Leoden Garande]]'s heart to hear that, however, he let her do as she saw best, which didn't really help her with her feelings. She admitted that she missed his company already and that she was looking forward to seeing him again the moment she got back to Eorzea. After closing the call, she returned to the inn for the night, looking to the stars all the time as she walked, thinking.
The next day, after a big breakfast, [[Thorir Ryder]] took her to Shirogane which was the residential area of Kugane. It was different from anything she had ever seen and she took in all the sights, including fireworks as it seemed they also celebrated the Moonfire Faire there. They had t climb multiple sets of stairs to get from one area to another, and it actually tired her quickly, needing to take breaks every now and then, luckily he did not seem to mind and helped her. Rain came pouring down and they found shelter in a small shack built on the beach to rest in, where they talked about their upcoming wedding as well as their plans to settle. To her relief, he wanted to stay in Eorzea, meaning she did not have to say goodbye to anyone, but the mention of coming to Kugane more often came up, with the proposition of even going there for a few months a year, an idea which she wasn't opposed to. They started playing around the beach, chasing each other, but Meriell found herself unable to keep up, being out of breath quickly and it worried him but she blamed it on her large breakfast that day. Before leaving Shirogane, she requested they get some shaved ice, which they did; he one and she two. She ate them quickly, which prompted questions but they were tossed aside. Returning to Shirogane, they went to eat some dumplings and she devoured those too within a few minutes from each other. Now really concerned [[Thorir Ryder]] confronted her, asking and telling her that she had been eating quite a lot ever since they had arrived to Kugane and that while she appeared healthy, she was clearly struggling with more physical actions like climbing a set of stairs. She denied it, still blaming other things but he then told her that she might be with child. It froze her to the core, debating whether he was right or not. It took her a moment to snap back to reality and when she did she tried to brush it off with humour, however, he had a very valid point. He suggested having her tested but neither were ware of  method, so he suggested checking in with [[Shin Nelhah]] which terrified her. Meriell immediately rejected the idea, fearing the Miqo'te's retaliation at the knowledge of a possible pregnancy. Meriell decided to simply wait, as time would tell. Having no other choice, [[Thorir Ryder]] agreed. They continued their trip as he took her to a few more food stalls where she could enjoy the local specialties, her hunger clearly not sated. Walking more, the would get winded quickly when climbing stairs but it did not stop her as they managed to hit up a few more stalls but her stomachache didn’t relent and he requested that she visits a doctor the next day. To set his worries at ease, she agreed. They returned to Shirogane to spend the rest of the day at the beach, fooling around in the water and having fun over the sand. It was there that Meriell told him a bit more about her family, which was upon his request. However, she was adamant about not seeing her father, but the rest of the family would definitely be thrilled at the news of their engagement.
Later on that evening, she called [[Leoden Garande]] again to update him on her trip, as well as to hear about his own day. He seemed to be still down about the events from a few days ago and she would try to lift his spirits with her cheerful nature. While talking, she did mention her stomach aches and she added that [[Thorir Ryder]] suspected it was the beginning of her pregnancy, something which worried [[Leoden Garande]] greatly. She calmed him however saying that she had a doctor appointment for the next day and that most likely it was nothing at all. Reluctant but not wanting to move deeper into the topic, he dropped it and the two just chatted some more before turning in for the night.
Early morning, while [[Thorir Ryder]] was sleeping, she headed to the main square of Kugane to seek out a doctor and she easily found one, accepted immediately into their office. The doctor checked her and she did mention to him what she and her fiancée suspected but nothing was conclusive. Unable to pin point anything at the time, the doctor prescribed her some painkillers in the form of powder, which was water soluble, to take after every meal for a week. The news wasn’t great or bad, simply nothing was determined which left her a bit worried but she decided not to overthink it and just enjoy her holiday. She ate a bun at the town square for breakfast while also taking her medicine and that was when [[Thorir Ryder]] found her. He noticed the bag with the powder and asked her about her morning and she admitted to having visited a doctor and told him of the results. Most likely she simply overate and was anxious from the trip and prospect of pregnancy, which induced her pains. Seeing that she was doing better, he proposed to show her a part of Doma, however warned her that it wasn’t the friendliest of places and asked if she had her bow with her, as well as more comfortable clothes. Luckily, she always had her bow with her as it was one of her most prized possessions. She returned to their inn and quickly assembled her Maelstrom bow, as well as getting changed into more suitable clothing, later on meeting up with him by the Aetheryte plaza. [[Thorir Ryder]] then teleported them to Yanxia, in an underground bunker it seemed. She had never seen something of the sort and he explained that the tunnels were built during the occupation of the Garleans, to help with fending them off as well as protection. She looked around the caves for a moment but they soon exited to the outside, being greeted with a wilder part of the area as vast plains of greenery covered the horizon as well as tall mountains and cliff sides. The area was littered with tigers and other predators, putting her a bit on edge and she walked with her bow out almost at all times, ready to shoot to kill if needed. They reached the waterside and crossed it over the shallow waters, going towards a manor in the distance as they inspected it; also witnessing grand sculptures embedded into the side of a mountain which were carved by hand years ago. It was a completely different world and it fascinated her, at each turn something new to discover. He also showed her one of the Doman settlements, or at least what was left of it. She had never expected it to have been that bad and it left her with lingering feelings of sadness as she witnessed the devastation. Not a single building was left untouched, the streets damaged and the buildings crumbling to dust with monsters running amok. It was very sobering. Being fascinated with the culture, it dawned on her as to how close the Domans were to loosing said culture and identity, but she was glad that they did survive and managed so thrive eventually, [[Thorir Ryder]] being living proof of such cases. Should have the Garleans truly eradicated them, most likely he wouldn’t have been standing at her side, and it was eye-opening. Moving away from the settlement, he took her to a small pier where they were taken to the Doman Enclave, a place where Domans could rebuild their lives and culture after the desolation. The place was much closer to what she had imagined I her mind when reading about Doma, the houses, while still under construction, had a distinct appearance and the shops which littered the streets were very different from those back in Kugane, although some wares were similar, showing the connection between both places. They walked around the enclave, mingling and enjoying the little things before stopping at a pagoda to take a rest. It was there that [[Thorir Ryder]] confessed that he was contemplating about purchasing an apartment in Shirogane. She had not expected such news but she wasn’t going to oppose his wishes or tell him specifically what to do, as it was, after all, his money. He told her that they were to be wed and thus her opinion mattered but she insisted that she wasn’t going to meddle into his finances. They consulted a bit about the apartment, which also would serve as their official home, as well as a place for them to stay at whenever visiting Kugane instead of having to retire to inns each time, offering some stability. It was a sound idea and she was all for it. Intent on settling the matter, they returned to Shirogane and [[Thorir Ryder]] immediately went to take care of the apartment matter, letting her take care of procuring some food for them in the meantime. She found a couple food stalls at the port to Shirogane and purchased various traditional foods for them before meeting up again next to some hot springs they had discovered in the area. Relaxing there and while eating, they talked about the day as well as exchanging views on their trip to Yanxia and various other matters, including her stomach pains. She was adamant that it was nothing important, while he still had his doubts. Off topic, she asked him how much longer were they to stay in Kugane, and it was decided to stay longer to take care of the new apartment as well as to get used to the place. Afterwards, the two retired to the new apartment. Meriell was surprised at how it looked: expensive. It was something she still hadn’t fully adjusted to and it took some time to feel at ease at the place. He comforted her, stating that whatever he had what hers and that she was to feel there like at home, as it was their home together. She inspected the apartment, noting the kitchen, where she’d gladly spend a good part of her day, instructing him teasingly that it was her territory. They exchanged a few sweet words before turning in for a night of sleep at their new place.
In the middle of the night, she went outside to catch some much needed air, enjoying the salty breeze. She then called [[Leoden Garande]] via linkpearl as per usual. First of all she calmed his worries about a possible pregnancy before updating him on her adventures of the day. He seemed still rather skeptical about the entire thing but hearing her as cheerful as always, he let it slide. He touched base on the topic of her fiancee, worried if the man was truly well-suited for her, concerned that perhaps everything was happening too quickly, but she was adamant about her decisions. The further the conversation went, the seeds of doubt returned to haunt her. She questioned everything for a moment, wondering where her life was headed, fully aware that [[Leoden Garande]] also harbored feelings for her. The confusion drove her mad, unable to handle her feelings and thoughts before breaking down for a brief moment. She had never been exposed to such a situation and it was not a pleasant experience. He managed to calm her down, stating that if [[Thorir Ryder]] truly loved her, then she had nothing to fear; and she knew that he did, thus, calming her worries. Conflicted, she decided to return to bed and to her fiancee.
[[Thorir Ryder]] finished furnishing the entire apartment and they spent the day arranging everything, planning to visit the Ruby Sea the following day. The next day, the indeed visited the Ruby Sea, both armed with their weapons in case if they were needed as some areas were still hostile. They visited Sui-no-Sato first, followed my Tamamizu. Meriell was thrilled at the magic of the place, being able to breathe in a large bubble of air underwater, while being able to see all the fish swim over them. It was a surreal experience and she enjoyed every bit of it, collecting seashells at the bottom of the sea. The couple exchanged some sweet words and interactions before returning back to shore and finally to Shirogane, slowly getting ready for their departure. Meriell made sure to pack them up and clean the place so it would be ready for their next trip, but she was still excited to return home to the Goblet. On the day of their return, [[Thorir Ryder]] took some time off to meditate beforehand so he would have enough energy to teleport such a long distance. Once he was prepared, they finally left the Far East, to arrive back at the Goblet.
'''The Turning Tide''' (19)
Back at the Respite, Meriell finally unpacked her bags and prepped the gifts for all of her friends, however, the house seemed deserted. Together with [[Thorir Ryder]] they went downstairs to the restaurant area to grab a bite when two new faces appeared; a Lalafell named [[Lillily Lilly]] and an Au Ra [[Jochi Ejinn]]. They had never seen them before and thus Meriell decided to introduce herself to them. She took an immediate liking to the Lalafell but the Au Ra did not seem to be eager to talk, or better said, he was new to Eorzea and appeared to have language issues. Slowly but surely, more people joined on the meet and greet, and Meriell got to finally meet all the people from the establishment. [[Leoden Garande]] appeared too, and she wanted nothing more than to hug him but she restrained herself, not wanting to instigate some fight or conflict between him and her fiancee. During the conversation, she started feeling not very well and left the house to catch some air. When she returned, she spotted both of them talking in the hallways so she hid behind a potted plant to eavesdrop on the conversation. It was clear that their relationship was strained and it wasn't working out. Once [[Leoden Garande]] left, she revealed herself to [[Thorir Ryder]] who took her outside to talk. He was confused about the entire feud between his friend and himself and he wanted to fix it no matter what. Meriell proposed that they push it to another day as they had just returned from the East but he was adamant about tackling the issue immediately. Not too willing but not going to refuse him, she agreed and they both returned to the Respite to talk to [[Leoden Garande]]. They found him in his room, and they both joined him at the table. The conversation was relatively calm, but Meriell did not feel like being there. It felt almost like a punishment, having to sit between two of her favourite men, listening to them bickering. Luckily the conversation was short but they did come to an agreement and they shook hands to seal the deal. Relieve, she could finally relax, knowing that the friendship hasn't ended. It was then that [[Leoden Garande]] presented to her the garments the had been working on for her during her vacation.Absolutely thrilled, she immediately tried them on, treasuring them for life.
The next evening, a big event was planned at the respite: maid evening! Meriell immediately took up her mantle as a waitress and dressed up for the event, tending to the tables and guests downstairs. [[Thorir Ryder]] took care of security with [[Rumia Scarlet]], and as staff it was Meriell together with [[Borgaeir Seaborne]]. The night was chaotic as they found out there was no cook so Meriell quickly covered for the kitchen with [[Borgaeir Seaborne]]’s help. The two clicked well as they worked together and even got to have some fun that evening. She met some of the guests like [[Tiamos Loren]] and then she met a lady who was a fellow dancer. Once the night quieted down, the two took the center stage and danced together to entertain the guests. An old member of the Respite had joined them in catering, [[Kathir Ragewind]]. She had never met him before but he gladly assisted with the bar area, which was a load off Meriell’s shoulders. Exhausted after the tiring and demanding day, Meriell finally retreated to her room with [[Thorir Ryder]].
Days went by and a nice routine followed, days filled joy and glee as talks of her wedding would begin, planning the event and the entire ceremony with her fiancée [[Thorir Ryder]]. As things calmed down, she visited [[Leoden Garande]] to finally give him his gift which she had brought from the East. It was a small music box, as she wanted it to fill the room with music as he often just sat their quietly and all alone. He seemed to really enjoy it and it made her happy. During the visit, they talked about his relationship with [[Lynn Shiri]] as he seemed even more troubled as she had again departed somewhere and refused to accept any assistance from him, making him feel worse and useless. She comforted him as best as she could, asking him to voice his concerns to the Viera. Wanting to cheer him up, she reminded him of the trip he had promised her and they agreed to go to the fishing area the next day Plans changed however the next day. Meriell ran again into [[Kathir Ragewind]]. The intimidating Hrothgar immediately won her trust and friendship with his kind demeanor. She learned that many liked to spar with him and so she took him on too. It was evident that she was going to lose, and she did in the most embarrassing way. [[Thorir Ryder]] then appeared and decided to also get some practice in with the Hrothgar while Meriell tended to herself, pain all over her body as she got treated like a rag doll.  Her fiancée lost after again his arms started to shake, but she opted not to intrude and allowed his friend to assist him, although it always hurt her to see him in pain. It was then that [[Lynn Shiri]] came downstairs together with [[Leoden Garande]], proposing that they all go to Costa del Sol for some much needed relaxation. They all agreed and with the help of [[Kathir Ragewind]] teleported there. Once there, they all had fun and played on the beach as well as in the waters of La Noscea, all bonding and getting to know each other better. Everyone apart from [[Leoden Garande]] who seemed depressed and in his own world. While worried, she let [[Lynn Shiri]] take care of him.
Morning came and Meriell immediately visited [[Leoden Garande]], intent on getting him out of the house and to talk with him in peace about his state from the day before. He took her to Eastern Thanalan where he finally showed her his fishing spot. While being a very good fisher herself, she let him indulge as she would only observe, and talk. They touched base on his doubts about his relationship and she offered whatever advice possible. It was evident that many things were eating at him and she was unable to help much, but she let him know that she’d always be there for him should he ever need help. Among the talk, Meriell confessed that due to her marriage looming closer and closer, she did not know how much time she'd still possess to give him, aware that most of her moments would be dedicated to another. It hit him hard and he refused to just let her go, upsetting him greatly. Sensing this fear, she wanted to comfort him, although aware that little could be done. It is then that she considered the unthinkable and she asked him gently if he wanted an affair. He was unable to reply and she was aware that her proposition was uncalled for and absolutely cruel to even consider and she backed down, telling him to forget about it, feeling ashamed for even considering such an option. As she turned away, mind returning to the fishing, she was brought back to the topic as he moved and immediately kissed her. Her mind and heart raced immensely at the flood of feelings being poured out through the kiss, their very first kiss and clear sign of their feelings for each other. She returned it eagerly, hands wrapping around this man whom she adored. However, neither of them uncertain as to what this would mean going forward, they both agreed that they had to take it slow and careful, knowing that this coming to light could do much to hurt those they were already connected to. As they talked, they had come to nearly forget about the fishing part, but when it came back around to discussing it, Leoden joked about getting "the best haul of his life", which alleviated the mood and got them both laughing merrily before they finally returned to the Respite. There, they ran into [[Ihrih Nhoyo]] together with [[Kathir Ragewind]]. The woman immediately left them as she got sick, most likely due to her pregnancy, leaving the Hrothgar with the duo. Intent to win, Meriell challenged him yet once more, and lost even worse than last time as she took his sheath to the head, knocking her out cold. Everyone worried for her but she was fine, if only dazed and annoyed at her loss. She ate a hearty meal with the group before decided to retreat for a much needed rest.
Come early morning, she received a letter from home, which caught her by surprise as it wasn’t from her brother but her mother. Opening it, she found out that her father had passed away. Absolutely baffled and unable to act, she immediately left the house to clear her head, unknowing as to what to do, she ended up passing by the center of the Goblet where she bought some food. While it wasn't required, she just felt she required to keep her mind occupied. That was when she spotted a body floating in the water. She threw everything aside and jumped in to save the man but then found out it was [[Jochi Ejinn]]. He almost drowned her in the chaos but they finally both left the water and he clarified in his basic and broken Eorzean that he wasn't drowning but meditating. That was when another Au Ra joined them named [[Olzii....]] who explained further as he was much more fluent. The two were clearly friends or related in some way or another. The man invited Meriell to have a drink with them and they easily found some seats by the water, both Au Ra having a good laugh at her for trying to save [[Jochi Ejinn]]. The paler commented on her cheery disposition, stating it was outright creepy which hit her hard and she remained silent for most of the exchange Among the talk, she remembered having lost all of her items which she had bought in the water. Silently, [[Jochi Ejinn]] went to retrieve her things, giving them back to her. It definitely made her day as she thanked him, selecting through the items what was salvageable and what was meant to be tossed aside. They continued talking when a third Au Ra joined them, a woman from the Malguld clan. The talk got heated but finally everyone settled down, while the two Raen talked, Meriell would observe [[Jochi Ejinn]] as he would do some mesmerizing things with the water in the basin. Finally Meriell left them as she decided to return to the Respite as the hour was late. Walking back alone with her items in a bag, it was then that the realization of losing her father hit her and she broke down. Settled in a corner of the streets of the Goblet, she wept, not wanting to show herself in such state to anyone so she let it all out before returning. She took out the wet letter from her mother from her pocket, carefully unfolding it to look at it again, sobbing. A funeral was to take place, and she was requested to attend.
She informed [[Thorir Ryder]] of the events the next day and he did everything in his might to comfort her and to get her distracted. They discussed details as to how to honour the death of her father as well as what was tradition in Lominsan burials. He suggested her to write a letter for her father and to have it buried together with him. While not traditional, she wasn’t opposed to it and agreed. He would ask her a bit about her past as well as about her relationship with her father. She explained that while she had good relations with him, it got strained the moment she left the Maelstrom and after that he had stopped acknowledging her. She still loved her father regardless of what he thought of her and she wanted to honour his death. Meriell decided to bring her old Maelstrom uniform, assuming it would’ve pleased her father to see her one last time in it and she tried it on to make sure she still fit. Luckily she did, although a bit tight in some spots. The couple decided to go out for a walk around the Goblet, which also served for her to test out the uniform further, and to her relief, it survived the test ride. They stopped by one of the cliff views of the Goblet where [[Thorir Ryder]] teased her some more as per usual, but it worked in her favour as it still kept her distracted and let her forget the entire family tragedy. After some horrible teasing and a touching intimate moment, the two relaxed on a bench as night-time fell upon them, observing the stars together. He commented on the amount of stars, asking how many she thought were up there, to which she replied that she believed there was a star for each person alive. The idea surprised him but even more so when she then said that soon, one more star would grace the sky. Uncertain if he understood what she meant, but kissed her cheek lovingly while she drifted off to sleep. Morning came and a new day with it. Meriell joined a group of people in the restaurant area as they conversed, among them [[Sinito Shadar]], [[Kathir Ragewind]] and  [[Rumia Scarlet]], and [[Thorir Ryder]] joining them shortly. The talk was casual but when it touched the topic of family and she left them to calm her nerves, with her fiancee following suite. Once she calmed down, she returned to the group, apologizing for leaving them. After conversing for a good few hours, she excused herself and asked [[Thorir Ryder]] to join her outside. It was then that she told him point-blank that she was pregnant and the news hit him hard, although he was clearly ecstatic and overjoyed. He had asked her since when she had known and she admitted that the doctor back in Kugane had confirmed it, she merely hid it. He bore no ill-will towards her and shared the happy moment with her.
The day after, Meriell visited [[Leoden Garande]] to inform him that she was departing for Limsa Lominsa for the funeral for her father. He was genuinely shocked but offered her a shoulder to cry on as the two talked. While talking, a few heartfelt words were exchanged and one thing led to another as they ended consummating their relationship in his room. She always saw in him a dear friend, one whom she could always depend on, as well as someone whom she loved with her entire being. While he was new to such intimacy, she took the lead, making sure to be gentle and to treasure the moment they shared, unaware of when they could ever again be this close as their lives were being pulled in opposite directions. Despite the lingering guilt of cheating on her fiancee, she couldn't help but admit that it all felt right, wanting to remain in [[Leoden Garande]]'s embrace. It was a different kind of love all-together. [[Thorir Ryder]] was the aggressive and possessive type, wanting to settle down immediately and start a family with her, while [[Leoden Garande]] was soft, tender and loving... She cried in his arms, not wanting the moment to end and to return to the grim reality, but both being promised to another, they remained silent about their intimacy and with a pained heart, Meriell left him to head to La Noscea, encountering [[Thorir Ryder]] in the hallways as he awaited her with their packed bags. The two journeyed to Aleport, Meriell's hometown. They decided to deposit their bags first and have a tour of the area, however he didn't feel too well so he went to rest early on. Having time on her hands, she called [[Leoden Garande]] via linkshell to inform him of her safe arrival but to her surprised, he sounded rather alarmed and in a certain panic. That triggered a new conversation as Meriell met indirectly [[Helga Mistwaker]] as the woman spoke to her via the device, informing her of the deeds of her husband to be towards her. The woman was blind and [[Thorir Ryder]] had forced himself upon the woman in the past not two months ago. The news hit Meriell hard and she refused to listen to any of it, and that was when [[Helga Mistwalker]] and [[Leoden Garande]] teleported to Aleport to comfort her as well as to tell her everything in person. The Highlander woman was kind to her and explained in detail the events of the day where [[Thorir Ryder]] jumped her to make out with her out of the blue; and it was something Meriell could never phantom to happen. She couldn't cope with it, unable to accept it, wanting to just get away from them and all the problems despite [[Leoden Garande]] 's attempts to calm her and his comforting embrace. She ran off towards the lighthouse, settling herself on the edge of the cliff as she looked on to the town as well as Limsa Lominsa in the distance, singing an old sea shanty she had been taught when young:
''♪ "Cruel and cold like winds on the sea... Will you ever return to me..." ♪''
''♪ "Hear my voice sing with the tide... My love will never die..." ♪''
''♪ "Over waves and deep in the blue... I will give up my heart for you..." ♪''
''♪ "Time goes on, I'll wait to go by... My love will never die..." ♪''
It was after a while that [[Leoden Garande]] found her, sitting there in tears and emotionless, unable to squeeze out even a single smile. It pained him greatly to see her in such state and he did everything in his power to comfort her, to reassure her. It was then that she admitted to him her pregnancy with [[Thorir Ryder]] and he didn't seem bothered in the least with it, accepting her fully. It touched her and offered some comfort but she requested to remain alone nonetheless to process her thoughts. He obliged, leaving her alone as he departed with [[Helga Mistwalker]]. Left alone, she wept on while still singing her song, memories coming to mind as night fell upon the horizon, but she couldn't bring herself to return to the inn where her fiancee awaited, frightened to confront him knowing what she knew. She was aware that she'd be unable to hide anything from him, and it soured the entire trip further, already as it as meant for a funeral.
At daybreak, she finally gathered enough strength and returned to the inn before her fiancee would wake and got herself ready for the day, exhausted after the entire sleepless night. Clad in pure black garments, she prepped for the funeral which was to take place. As she left the inn, she was quickly taken aback by a gathering of Au Ras by the docks. Curious, she approached the gathering and noticed that they were were all there for some ceremony, and she recognized the shaman among them as [[Jochi Ejinn]]. She observed him perform the ceremony as a woman's body was laid in a boat which was later pushed into the waters and swallowed by the deep waters. As the crowd scattered, she approached the shaman and the two exchanged a few words before they returned to the inn where she had been staying at with [[Thorir Ryder]] and he came by shortly after. At the same time [[Kathir Ragewind]] appeared out of nowhere too but she was intent on having a talk with her fiancee and asked him to come outside with her as they needed to talk. By the docks, she questioned him, demanding answers to his past behaviours and he clearly did not appreciate the interrogation and gave her almost no information at all, only attacking her back with questions. She knew she had no reasons to doubt [[Helga Mistwalker]] as the woman had nothing to gain at all by lying, but not the same could be said about [[Thorir Ryder]] and she was fully aware of it. She did not want to believe any of it, especially the fact that her fiancee was a violent and brash man. And yet it terrified her, the knowledge and possibility that just maybe he could be the same towards her. The talk didn't last long as it went nowhere. Meriell finally stated that she wanted to remain alone for the duration of the funeral, and that she wanted him to return to the Respite, informing that she was intent to continue the discussion with him there, in [[Helga Mistwalker]] 's presence. He merely bowed agreeing and departed, leaving her alone. The solitude was refreshing and yet painful as she sat herself by the docks, weeping anew; only then spotting [[Jochi Ejinn]] but inches away from her, conversing with a local fisherman. She talked with the Au Ra and he asked her as to what was going on, so she explained. The topic changed to exchange opinions on reasons for marriage and he put it so plainly for her, stating that either she loved the man and was willing to marry, or not. Once he left, she still sat there, thinking on his words and all the words of advice she had heard from her friends. As she observed the waters, she saw the engagement ring upon her finger and it brought even more tears forth. Pained, she slid the ring off her finger and tucked it into her pocket.
Later on that evening, the funeral took part. She was in no mental state for it and it only added to the dread. As her father would have requested, she dressed herself in her old Maelstrom uniform for the ceremony. Her mother was there, together with her sister Agnes with her husband and two children. Her brother Randal also came despite his travels. She was overjoyed to see him as she adored him, and yet, was unable to express any joy whatsoever that day. The ceremony was carried out on a ship of the coasts of Costa del Sol as her father was given a sea burial; the coffin slid overboard to be engulfed by the sea. In her hand, remained the letter that [[Thorir Ryder]] had told her to write to her father. She couldn't bring herself to lay it inside the coffin, being aware who's idea it was. As the ship returned to Aleport, when disembarking, she tore up the letter in the hands, letting the gales carry the pieces of it away from her. The family gathered for a dinner where they caught up on recent events, all trying to cheer themselves up. She remained silent for most of the evening, trying to cope with the loss of her father as well as the horrible turn her personal relationship took. Without the ring on her finger, none of them asked her of anything and the talks remained joyful.
The next day, she was meant to stay but she decided to take her leave, packing all her things and heading towards the Aetheryte Plaza as she teleported herself back to the Goblet. She immediately attempted to seek out [[Thorir Ryder]] but was unable to find him. She avoided all contact with everyone and retreated to her room, most of the day spent sobbing when suddenly she heard her linkshell ring and it was [[Leoden Garande]], wanting to know how she was doing. She did not want any interactions but then he mentioned that [[Helga Mistwalker]] was with him and that made her leave her room. She found them easily in the hallways and the first thing she did was thank the woman for all the help she had provided. [[Leoden Garande]] immediately asked how how she was doing and Meriell remained distant, definitely not feeling it and struggling to cope with the loss and heartache. She retreated to her room for the evening and soon after he followed her, finding her crying on the couch of her bedroom. She immediately curled up into a ball, not wanting anyone to see her in her current state while crying her heart out, but he sat beside her, comforting her as best as he could. As he talked, she saw his torso starting to light up and she panicked, starting to smash him with a pillow in fear that he was on fire. It took him a moment to realize what she was going on about until he understood that his power desire to protect her was what was fueling his powers, manifesting itself in a brilliant light. Meriell explained that she did not require any saving or protecting but he expressed his concerns over [[Thorir Ryder]] as well as his fear that she might hurt herself in her current state. Touched by his kind words, she cradled herself in his lap, allowing herself that one moment of vulnerability to get all her emotions out. Feeling lonely, she requested him to stay the night with her and he obliged as they both fell asleep in each others embrace.
Finally, the next day, she found [[Thorir Ryder]]. One side of her was happy to see him, while the other was dreading the discussion looming over them. She was distant, and avoiding him until he finally initiated the talk and she agreed to it. The conversation was amicable and without any raised voices until Meriell lost to her emotions and would start screaming in tears, lost and confused as to what was to happen. She adored the man more than anything, but she could not stand beside him with a clear conscience knowing what he had done in the past. That was when suddenly [[Leoden Garande]] came down the stairs, assisting [[Helga Mistwalker]] at the same time, as they had heard her screams and came to assist. Meriell couldn't even react to their presence as her entire mind was screaming, struggling to cope with the reality of the matter. That was when [[Helga Mistwalker]] confronted [[Thorir Ryder]], and the two had a lively exchange, and the problem was quickly explained, however, not in [[Thorir Ryder]] 's favour. Pained, he fell to the floor crying, begging Meriell not to leave him. While she wanted nothing more than to remain at his side, her values wouldn't have it. She approached him, kneeling before him as she embraced him in her lap, letting him cry as she wold comfort him tenderly; her heart breaking with each sob she heard. With great courage and hurt, she would have him look at her. Using [[Leoden Garande]] 's words, she told her fiancee that her heart no longer beat for him as it used to. [[Thorir Ryder]] broke down and she had no idea what to do or say, fearing that in the heat of the moment, she would just give in to his pleas and return to him. [[Leoden Garande]] then stepped in, telling her to go as he would tend to the broken man. Agreeing, she left the two of them, joining [[Helga Mistwalker]] upstairs and breaking down in her arms. The Highlander comforted the girl and the two exchanged a few tender words when suddenly [[Thorir Ryder]] emerged and took his leave, quickly substituted when [[Leoden Garande]] came over, asking the two woman if everything was in order. Meriell was still doing her best to cope with the entire matter and [[Helga Mistwalker]] would tend to her like a mother to a child. Having enough for the evening, Meriell returned to her room but was shortly joined by [[Leoden Garande]], wanting to make sure she was alright. He informed her that [[Thorir Ryder]] had no intentions of letting her go and that he would fight for her, something with saddened her as she had no desire for anyone to fight for her. All she ever wanted was to simply be happy with another person, not be some trophy.
Time went on, and Meriell found herself in an emotional hole. She hadn't seen [[Thorir Ryder]] for days and it worried her greatly, searching for him but unable to locate him anywhere. During her search, she found [[Kathir Ragewind]] downstairs at the restaurant area playing on the harpsichord. Intrigued and curious, she approached him and he invited her over to sit beside him at the instrument. She immediately took him up on the offer and after analyzing his playing she joined in as her fingers would play the lower tones of the melody. The two talked about their hobbies and interests and Meriell suggested that they should go on a camping trip after learning that the Hrothgar was an outdoors lover. The two decided to go out as they both loved being outside, but were greeted with a violent rainfall. Adamant, they went on until they got lost in the Goblet, but managed to find a more secluded spot to observe the stars. Alas, with the storm brewing, the clouds blocked everything so they merely talked until [[Leoden Garande]] called Meriell over the linkshell, startling her and almost having her plummet down the great chasms in the Goblet were it not for [[Kathir Ragewind]] 's quick reflexes. The Highlander asked her about their whereabouts and quickly located them, joining on the conversation. Nearby, fireworks erupted into the skies as the storm dissipated and the entire group turned to observe them. Meriell would then have immediate flashbacks to her first dates with [[Thorir Ryder]], king her go silent, trying to cope with the painful yet beautiful memories. [[Leoden Garande]] was no fool and he immediately took notice of her distance and dodging words but after she explained that she required time to come to terms with the events, he understood and didn't pressurize her further. [[Kathir Ragewind]] then surprised the two of them as he stated that in the ashes of something dead, new beauty is reborn. With that said, Meriell took her leave, allowing his words of wisdom to set in.
Couple days later, Meriell met [[Leoden Garande]] outside of the Respite as she was practicing her dance routines. Flustered, she fell to the ground as she hadn't caught him looking add he was quick to apologize. They ran into [[Jochi Ejinn]] but he quickly left them after exchanging a few words, and Meriell took the Highlander back to her room. There, she gifted him with a dried red rose, one that she had often worn in her hairs; given to him as a memento for him to remember her should they part, as he had requested a few days prior. It would seem that he had forgotten but he was very happy to received it. The casual talk quickly turned sour as he then informed Meriell that he had spoken to [[Lynn Shiri]] about their entire affair, unable to hide it from her and admitting to her that his heart belonged to Meriell. Apparently the Viera took the news very well, not seeming to show much emotion and staying with both feet firmly on the ground as she fully understood [[Leoden Garande]] 's words and did not blame him for any of it. It did not sit well with him as he broke down crying, almost wanting to have had received a reaction from the woman, any reaction. Meriell comforted him as best she could, although the attempt wasn't the best as in the midst of it all she blamed herself first and foremost, aware that if she had aid nothing all those weeks ago, no one would have ended up hurt. The Highlander was quick to negate her words, refusing to have her take the blame, explaining that if she had not said anything, it all would have come to light eventually. Over time, she would give in, admitting that what was done was done, but she requested to speak to [[Lynn Shiri]] wanting to apologize to her and tell her she was sorry for all she had caused. He did not seem to mind and the two embraced. In said embrace, they both relaxed and took a moment to calm their nerves and emotions as Meriell then asked him if he would have her. He responded to her query with a kiss, stating that it was obvious and that he didn't think it needed to be said. She was overjoyed like never before, immediately jumping on him with a tight hug, kissing him back. She cried tears of happiness as he held her in his arms, knowing that she was finally where she belonged and where she wanted to be. Ecstatic and feeling unbeatable, her playful side kicked in as she decided to race him to the bedroom, where she attacked him with a pillow and the two fooled around for a bit before calling it a day. She went to sleep that night for the first time crying tears of joy.
'''Risen from the Ashes''' (19-Current)
Days passed and everything quieted down in the Respite. Meriell went about her daily routine as per usual, however, avoiding social interactions while she went through the motions from the days prior. She could still feel the guilt eating away at her but she was certain of her choices and refused to back down. However, she still would seek out [[Thorir Ryder]] as she did not wish to cut all ties with him and still wanted to remain as friends at the very least, but he was nowhere to be found. No one had ever seen him since...
Slowly giving up fully on the man, she turned her entire focus to [[Leoden Garande]] who made her feel as if she were walking on air each time she saw him. She got to spend a lot of quality time with him, even teaching him how to dance; which were somewhat fruitful, but she definitely enjoyed the little things with him. One day, as he was cooking them up a meal, they got talking about the entire developments occurring around them, including their own progress. During said talk, he confessed that he was considering having children someday with her and even marriage. It surprised her as she never suspected him to be the type or even be aware of the topic, but then she remembered that long ago she did educate them on the meaning of marriage and all that was tied to it. She admitted that she was in no hurry, and neither was he luckily. Among the conversation, [[Leoden Garande]] confessed that he was quite excited about the incoming child, which she conceived with [[Thorir Ryder]]. Her eyes showed shocked and she looked away before admitting that she got rid of the pregnancy. She refused to delve deep into the topic and he didn't press it. The rest of the evening passed in nice company and nice conversation until the two of them got a bit frisky but suddenly [[Kathir Ragewind]] passed by and Meriell just died out of embarrassment, quickly running back to her room. Soon after [[Kathir Ragewind]] would pop into her room and he was quick to apologize about getting her flustered, but she thought nothing of it and hugged him before he left and then [[Leoden Garande]] reappeared to turn in for the night with her.
Morning came and Meriell then ran into [[Helga Mistwalker]]. She was elated to see her and the two shared a most tender moment, including Meriell showing her room to her for the first time and the two continued talking, [[Helga Mistwalker]] admitting that she was very happy to have Meriell as a daughter figure. They talk got cut short as [[Leoden Garande]] walked in on them, stating that he had offered his assistance to the Flames as in the North they suspected Garlean activity. Worried sick for him, Meriell requested to join him on the venture, as did the Highlander. He didn't seem too content with that but noticing how adamant both women were, he agreed. Meriell then mentioned that she felt the same way he did whenever [[Lynn Shiri]] would leave him on her own ventures. The mention of her name made him cry, as he still had feelings for the Viera and Meriell was well aware of that, but she didn't hold it against him at all. Seeing how broken he was, she decided to let [[Helga Mistwalker]] assist him while she herself went to get them some water. She got sidetracked immediately as she ran into [[Kathir Ragewind]] and the two ended up talking.
Following day, she again ran into the Hrothgar again after escaping a storm which was brewing outside and the two had a very fun and lighthearted talk when suddenly [[Lynn Shiri]] walked in, soaked wet from said storm. Meriell immediately brought her a towel and snatching the moment, she was quick to apologize to the Viera, feeling incredibly guilty for technically taking away [[Leoden Garande]] from her. The guilt was eating away at her since the beginning and she had wanted to speak to the woman since it had all started. [[Lynn Shiri]] appeared confused and stated that she had no ill-will towards any of them, as if was simply the reality of the matter and that the only matter which pained her was the fact they were blaming themselves over it. It opened Meriell's eyes a lot hearing her words, and as a small token meant to be an apology, she gifted her a beautiful yellow-flower ornament for her hair which she had made. While it wasn't perhaps necessary, she still wanted to soften things up. [[Lynn Shiri]] was thrilled to receive the flower, thanking her and then retreated to her room to change out of her armor into more comfortable attire. Meriell then joined [[Kathir Ragewind]] downstairs and the two shared some hot chocolate while talking about its origins and then even Starlight Celebration. [[Lynn Shiri]] joined them shortly and she tried for the very first time hot chocolate and she fell in love with it, even stealing Meriell's share! The trio retired to one of the seating areas to talk among each other, and the Viera mentioned some trip planned to the Shroud with a new visitor they had at the Respite, named [[Zetoh'a Velshado]]. Meriell had never met the man but judging from the Viera's tone of voice, she appeared to like him which made her smile widely. As the Viera left the two of them, Meriell asked [[Kathir Ragewind]] if he would be willing to take up the role as her mentor when it came to sword-fighting as with the disappearance of [[Thorir Ryder]], she had no one to teach her. He was most happy to take up the task. As they talked, he mentioned that [[Leoden Garande]] had returned from his mission to the North for the time being and that he was talking to [[Sini'to Shadar]]. Meriell was over-ecstatic to hear that he was safe although it did sound odd that he was talking to the priest. While they weren't on bad terms, it just felt peculiar, but she didn't put much thought into it as speaking of the devil, [[Leoden Garande]] appeared before them. Overjoyed to see him safe and right there, she threw herself in his arms with glee and he returned the small affections. The three of them then started talking in general about combat and Meriell expressed interest in seeing them duel as she never had the chance, and as upon request, they gladly obliged. They both let her setup the rules for the duel and instead of a simple three-time touch or until yielding, she decided that the first to fall off the stage would be the loser. The two men found it interesting and agreed to it. They fought for a very long time and in the end, [[Leoden Garande]] ended up losing but only just; flying onto Meriell's table and then dropping to the floor. As she tried to catch him, she lost her balance and fell back to the floor herself. The group laughed it all off and eventually the Hrothgar left them to change as well as relax. Meriell then took her partner up to her room to tend to his bruises and while assisting him, she informed him of her meeting with [[Lynn Shiri]]. He was shocked and clearly worried but she quickly settled his concerns once she explained to him that the Viera had no hard feelings towards them, as it seemed she had even moved on and was doing quite well. It did seem to calm him down a bit although he confessed to her that he still doted on the woman, as he couldn't kill off his feelings so easily; but she wasn't angry at him. Meriell sat herself on the floor, laying her head in his lap as she reassured him that she wasn't angry at him for it and that she understood it perfectly, telling him to take his time. They talked some more but she then quickly drifted off to sleep and he took her to the bedroom. Snuggling up to him and telling him how much she loved him, they both fell asleep in each others' embrace.
News came from [[Kathir Ragewind]] that in Thanalan the Amal'jaa were gathering people and kidnapping them, and the company quickly took up arms and Meriell was no exception, immediately signing up to join in. [[Leoden Garande]] was at her side as was [[Sini'to Shadar]] and a few new faces. They gathered a good amount of people and they all headed towards Camp Drybone before venturing further East, until they found the Amal'jaa. They were immediately confronted by them and a fight started, Meriell unfortunately not having her day as she accidentally shot [[Sini'to Shadar]] in the head, luckily he wore a helmet and it simply bounced off. Further ahead, again she missed and again shot him in the head. He raged and it quickly came out that it was her doing. Ashamed, she decided to stay up front to avoid getting anyone killed. At one point they were ambushed by a rain of arrows and she did not notice in time to move away, saved by [[Leoden Garande]]'s quick thinking as he threw himself in front of her, taking an arrow to the shoulder. She panicked but did not let it show, doing her best to focus on the mission at hand and killing off every last of the Amal'jaa. The reached an embankment where they spotted the beasts leading the chained people away and they acted quickly to catch up. [[Ren Kazumi]] immediately attached the Amal'jaa from a distance with her magic, disintegrating them to dust and the slaves immediately ran towards them for safety and she escorted them out. While the group consulted on the next moves, [[Leoden Garande]] would quickly make his way to the other side of the embankment, intent on scouting forward. Seeing that, Meriell followed him in worry as well as wanting to be of assistance. Once she caught up, he quickly hid her in the bushes with him as he could see the enemy from afar and didn't want to alert him of their presence. In whispers, she apologized to him for being more of a nuisance as well as getting him hurt. he tenderly cheered her up as the rest of the party soon caught up. [[Sini'to Shadar]] was dazed for the entire time after getting two arrows to his helmet, the echo and impact making him look as if he were intoxicated. The group reached a higher platform in the area and were confronted by am Amal'jaa shaman mounted a top an immense black coeurl. They all prepped for battle, staying clear of the beast as it would often shoot out lightning at them. [[Leoden Garande]] tackled the shaman off the beasts back, splitting them apart. While most engaged with the shaman, the coeurl took interest in Meriell and charged at her but she managed to avoid it. [[Sini'to Shadar]], still dazed, wasn't of much use and [[Kathir Ragewind]] used his sword to slash open the coeurl's eyeball, sending it into a rage. With combined efforts, the shaman was taken down easily, attention then focused to the beast. Meriell used her arrows to blind the creature, destroying it's sight in it's only functioning eye. The creature enraged further, intent on killing the intruders and everyone took cover as best as they could. Terrified for her friends, she took a stand, using all of her arrows as she shot them into the sky and a torrent of arrows rained down from the sky to defeat the coeurl. They all rejoiced, tending to each other's wounds as they then swiftly freed the remaining people before returning to the Respite to heal and rest.
The following day, everyone still recovering but in high spirits from their success, she met [[Helga Mistwalker]] together with [[Leoden Garande]] and they all agreed to depart on their long planned camping trip in two days time. Thrilled, she immediately went to her room to start packing. [[Leoden Garande]] followed her and they would talk about the events of the day prior, wanting to make certain that he was alright and that his wound was healing. He was certainly fine and their talks moved to the bedroom as Meriell expressed her desire to redo things between then, that time properly. He seemed confused until she started to undress and the message became clear. They shared an intimate night in each others embrace, this time the right way without any barriers between them, without the feeling of guilt.
Not long after, Meriell ran into him and [[Helga Mistwalker]] in the hallways of the Respite and the two women learned that he had acquired and apartment from the Flames as thanks for his hard work. They immediately wanted to see the place and he took them there, which wasn't far at all as it was in the same ward. The apartment block appeared empty and only his apartment was there. Meriell inspected his flat with utmost interest, truly happy for him to get recognized for his achievements and dedication. Meanwhile, [[Helga Mistwalker]] seemed to get interested by a certain Roegadyn mannequin tucked into a corner of the room right at his bedside. Meriell thought nothing of it, seeing it as simply another one of his sewing endeavors while the Highlander questioned why it was even there beside his bed, not to mention it had a bikini on. He was absolutely flustered and had no words, blaming the Flames for placing it there as all the furnishing was from them. After the entire fiasco, he wanted to get rid of the thing as quickly as possible but then [[Helga Mistwalker]] expressed great interest in keeping it and he gave it to her most gladly.
Days came and went and the Respite was as dead as always. Wanting to get more life in, Meriell put together a cooking contest. A friend of hers came to judge together with her and also [[Borgaeir Seaborne]]. [[Kathir Ragewind]], [[Sini'to Shadar]] and [[Leoden Garande]] participated, each dressed just perfectly for the contest, even joking that perhaps it was a fashion show. Each one of them cooked marvelously and very different dishes indeed, showcasing their origins. [[Leoden Garande]] however had to leave as he suddenly got contacted by the Flames. While worried, she did let him leave. The judges gathered and deemed the Hrothgar's dish to take third place, the Highlander second while the priest took first.
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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Meriell Bell
"Can't escape the ticking of time... so live each day to its fullest!"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 19
Nicknames Mell, Merry Mell Bell
Occupation Waitress / Entertainer
Guardian Deity Nophica, the Matron
Marital Status Single
About The Player


Meriell Bell, usually going simply as Mell, is a Lominsan barmaid, ex-Maelstrom, mostly known for her larger than life personality.

After leaving the Maelstrom, she started her career as a barmaid at the Bismarck back in Limsa Lominsa; which later got her to work in Thanalan and later on even in the Mists; her loving and outgoing personality being selling point for such a profession. Very likable and having a gift to interact with customers, she got employed at Club Lustre as the head waitress and chatelaine, in charge or organizing events and social gatherings. Due to some unfortunate events, she left the Club and after some time alone, she joined the Astral Crusaders as a waitress, and as an adventurer; seeing it as an opportunity to brush-up on her fighting skills as well as get back to her beloved customers.

Cheery and kind to everyone, she is the life of any party or gathering, genuinely wanting to make sure that everyone has a good time and that no one gets ignored or bored. Due to her hyperactivity, it’s not uncommon to see her switching topics at random, or even getting herself lost and confused by her own speed. Her mouth is definitely faster than her brain which often got her in trouble, despite the good intentions behind her words.

A simple lass, who takes pleasure in the small things in life. She is very easy to befriend and she would never turn anyone down or a good conversation.


The first thing anyone can notice immediately, and say to best describe Meriell, is her personality.

Limitless energy, hyper-active and always on the go; accompanied by a winning smile and a very cheerful demeanor, it is not possible to hate the girl. By default she is a very happy person and an optimist, which she easily infects her friends with.

Cheery and out-going, she has an easy time befriending anyone that crosses her path, unless they simply refuse to be friends with her. To her, everyone is a friend and an ally, and she’d never turned anyone down. Very quick to trust however, she often gets into trouble for placing her faith in certain individuals but it never put her off or made her learn her lesson; she still continues talking to strangers despite getting burnt in the past.

She is a very energetic girl who appears to never run out of fuel and will be all over the place at the same time. She enjoys talking and meeting new people, and her open personality allows her that easily. Learning about the different races, or even culture is one of her biggest hobbies so she feels naturally drawn to foreigners or even peculiar looking individuals; and she has no shame to approach them on the street with her questions. A big fan of fun and games, she can be often seen playing in the company’s front yard, or doing other outdoor activities.

Due to her age, she is perhaps seen as naïve, but there is more than meets the eye. She is definitely not thoughtless and can understand if she is being used or manipulated. The benefit of being such a friendly person, means that she is capable of extracting information from people easily without them even noticing. They often don’t see her as a threat or anyone of great matter that can cause harm. Her smile and cheery nature seem to easily fool many.



One of Meriell's biggest traits which is immediately noticeable at first glance, is her award winning smile.

Meriell is quite tall for her kind, standing at a full 170cm. She is of a slender build and a lean figure with a strong physique. Despite her very feminine and girly looks, she is very sturdy and physically capable; all coming from her upbringing as well as her years in the Maelstrom, as well as her love for all sorts of outdoor activities. Being a very active person, it made her extremely agile and limber, despite her love for sweeties. Meriell always walks with a light air about her, a cheerful smile always on her face and appearing to be accepting of everyone around her as well as inviting with her warm demeanor

She has thick, light brown, shoulder-length hair in a convenient small bob, which wraps at her cheeks, giving her a slightly more juvenile look. Soft and bright big blue sapphire eyes, always with a glint of excitement and wonder in them. She has a very gently sun-kissed complexion thanks to working outdoors for extended periods of time. On her chin, she sports a small beauty mark. However, she isn’t one for makeup and wears absolutely none of it unless it is required due to work as a waitress or while on stage.

For clothing, she enjoys bright and warm colours, going from sunny oranges to deep reds and even vibrant pinks. Not shy to show skin but still rather modest with her attire, she'd often wears skirts or even dresses when the weather allowed it. However, for personal convenience and considering how hyperactive she is, she prefers trousers. She does enjoy jewelry and other accessories and often wears earrings or some pendants just to adorn her plain clothes and add more flare to them. In her hair, she quite often wears big bows or even flowers. An enthusiast of foreign cultures, it is not uncommon to see her wearings garments from the Far East.


Many years ago, she formed part of the Maelstrom but it was for a very brief moment of her life, despite being groomed for it since birth. Her tasks were mainly assisting with stopping petty crimes and also taking care of refugees. Her soft spot were for the suffering children, and despite helping them, she wasn’t able to handle the pain well. Behind her family's back, Meriell worked part-time at the Bismarck back in Limsa Lominsa for a few years as a waitress and wannabe cook, very often observing the cooks in the kitchen and offering help whenever they were short on staff. She was very helpful and always available to come in whenever help was needed. It was a job that brought her happiness and satisfaction, unlike the Maelstrom. Thus, she decided to leave the Maelstrom and lead a very simple life, continuing her career as a waitress at the Bismarck.

Truly liked by other employees and customers, she was the apple in the eye for many and even became the reason for many returning customers. Despite her popularity, she was moved to Thanalan to the Coffer & Coffin tavern by her employer, saying that it was for her to gain more experience in a more unfriendly environment; the entire goal to harden her a bit. Things did not go too smoothly and with some help from new friends, she traveled to the Shroud where she found work at The Bobbing Cork. She settled there for a long period, her reputation always surpassing her.

Every now and then she started hosting some small events to gather more potential customers. She’d often organize small dances or even more grand spectacles, and very often she’d be the entertainer for the evening. An accomplished dancer and acrobat, she developed a new hobby while dancing on stage and she still managed perfectly the balance between being a waitress and entertainer. With such a good reputation, she was offered a job at Club Lustre, which was an exclusive club for the higher classes in Limsa Lominsa; meant to please the most demanding, with great food and entertainment as well as offer an amazing environment to socialize. She was the first waitress to join and quickly became a star employee, getting promoted instantly to head waitress and chatelaine of the establishment. The tasks were harder and much more demanding, but it seemed the harder they were, the more joy it brought her. She was tasked with overseeing the entire staff as well as organizing grand events on a weekly basis. She would still perform for the guests on rare occasions, but her main focus was to assist the other employees as well as the owner.



The Hyur, at first sight, might not appear to be a fighter, but having a good look at her, she definitely appears to be able to handle her own in a fight. Powerful legs and strong arms, she could definitely pack up a punch and she wouldn’t hesitate to get aggressive if required, especially if it meant helping her loved ones. Being born in a family fully dedicated to the Maelstrom, she was groomed from birth to join their ranks, as her older sister and father already had. Day in and day out she'd be training sword-fighting, bowman skills as well as her condition and physique.

Finally, having serve in the Maelstrom for little over a year, she became a really skilled bow-woman and also very good at hand-to-hand combat. A good eye and stable arms, she is able to take down enemies standing far away with a single arrow if taken the time to prepare. She can wield a sword but she finds it barbaric and an easy way to get hurt. Another reason for it, is she does not want to have any eye contact with the enemies while in combat as it always fills her with guilt. Thus, the bow will always triumph over all other weapons, which is her most treasured possession to this day. If she cannot attack from a long distance and needs to be involved heads on, she will resort to using her own fists and kicks to fend off enemies. She is a very good acrobat, able to climb walls, trees, crawl through tight ducts with ease, or even cliff-sides. She does not mind getting her hands dirty and will gladly to the manual labour in any missions if necessary. She is more of a physical person than magic-oriented, and it is still unclear and unknown if she can use magic in big extents.

Due to her ex, Thorir Ryder, she had taken up sword-fighting, and just like him, choosing a katana as the blade. At his behest, she started training every single day to get better, wanting to impress him as well as to get better herself. Always being one for long-ranged combat, she saw it as a benefit to learn close combat, wanting to be more useful to the company as well as to her loved ones, able to protect them when the day would come. However, with him leaving the Respite, she turned her attention towards Kathir Ragewind, knowing that he would gladly continue her teachings.



  • Vibrant colours
  • Girly accessories
  • Mother nature
  • Spicy and fragrant foods that can stink up a room
  • Anything of foreign origin


  • Filthy places or establishments
  • Big, crowded cities
  • Stiff and rude people


  • All outdoor activities
  • Dancing the evening away
  • Loves cooking meals for family and friends
  • Puzzles. She adores the challenge of arranging the small pieces and it keeps her busy for hours
  • Everything and anything Doman


  • A good singer and dancer; an accomplished entertainer all around. She'd often provide entertainment for others
  • Easily makes friends with her bubbly nature
  • Well developed athletically with amazing endurance and stamina
◢ Common Rumours
"She is well adored by many, and it is easy to see why! She is so lovely!"
"She is obsessed with Doman culture to the point of even sometimes dressing like one of them"
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"I heard she was a waitress at Club Lustre... is that truly the only thing she did there?"
◢ Rare Rumours
"Her cheery nature is almost eerie... Is it even real?"
◢ PC Rumours
"We only just met... I didn't want to become attached, but I just couldn't help it around her. Her positive attitude is so contagious!" - Ririan Ruruan
"A naive girl, but she is good at heart, and I feel like it is my duty to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid" - Shin Nelhah


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    


Wilfram Bell (45 / deceased)

Meriell's father, a head-strong man with a powerful authority but loving heart, however driven by career. A very loving father and he was dedicated to his family above all else, but at some point once his children grew up, he deviated and wanted them to bring honour to the family above all else. Meriell always admired her father and he was a good friend to her, and she'd often find comfort in his words and look up to him, wanting to be just like him. But ever since she left the Maelstrom, there has been no contact, as he was let down by her departure.

Hilda Bell (43)

The mother to the children, a very caring woman who was a house-wife. Meriell was very close with her but she always was a daddy's girl above all else. Her mother would try to make Meriell more of a woman by forcing her into dresses and high-heeled shoes but it never worked for the little spunky lass who just lived out her tomboy life-style.

Agnes Bell (27)

The eldest of all three siblings, Agnes always had to hold her head high as the eldest. Meriell and Agnes got along just fine. They fought a lot like all siblings but they were always very close and there to help each other out. Agnes was the more feminine between the two of them, while Meriell was the one to get her constantly into trouble. Despite the years, the two remain close and write to each other often.

Randal Bell (18)

Youngest of all three, Randal was the odd ball that never fit in. Artistic soul, he'd often stay at home painting and making sculptures instead of being out with his older sisters. Meriell, however, adored his art and was the only one to compliment him, which in the end was his fuel to keep going and finally leave the nest in search of his own passions.

Love Interests



Madam Vonne (51)

The owner of Club Lustre. A Highlander woman with a high air that Meriell ran into by chance in the Quicksand and got offered a job at Club Lustre where she was the owner. The woman inspired Meriell greatly with her noble-like air, and she immediately agreed to the offer and joined the staff to become a trusted employee of hers. Meriell respects Madam Vonne immensely and sees her as an icon, as her idol, and will do anything to please her. The woman almost became a motherly figure to the Midlander and she follows whatever guidance and advice she is given. The two really grew close during Meriell's employment and after some time, Madam Vonne would open up more and more to her, even to the point of confessing that she wanted to keep her around for much longer than only the duration of the Club Lustre, and Meriell agreed.

Helga Mistwalker (30?)

The Highlander woman met Meriell indirectly through a friend as she assisted her with her issues regarding Thorir Ryder, informing her of the man's past stories with other women including herself. Meriell truly appreciated her help and honest, and would often confide in her, seeing her as a second mother as the two grew close. Helga did indeed become a mother to her very quickly and the two were inseparable, often found in each other's company, helping each other out.

Koji Ichihara (26)

Midlander just like Meriell, but hailing from Doma. The two met in Ul'dah under quite normal circumstances however, it was him opening up to her about his worries and his past that brought them closely together; her being the one to cheer him up with her merry mood and kind words. He appeared to appreciate her and over time, she quickly got to call him 'nii-san' as he taught her a bit about his culture, and she always wanted to know more about it, genuinely interested. Their relationships is like brother and sister, both supporting each other in times of need. He was the one who got her interested in Doman culture almost to an obsession.

Shin Nelhah (28)

A chance encounter at the Bobbing Cork in the North Shroud, and despite very different personalities, the two ladies actually got talking as Meriell was the waitress at the establishment. Seeing the Miqo'te there almost on a daily basis, got her wanting to get to know her whether the guest liked it or not. A bit of a forced friendship, Shin got to enjoy the girl's company, but would never admit that fact. The relationship over time became almost like that of a mother and daughter, with the Miqo'te looking after her.

Kathir Ragewind (200?)

Returning Hrothgar to the Respite after a long trip to the East. He returned on the eve of the Maid Event and he saved Meriell from running the entire restaurant and bar area. She approached him the next day to properly introduce herself and she learned that he enjoyed sparing, so she took him up on the offer. Despite his intimidating looks, she warmed up very quickly to him. She tried twice to win against him and lost each time embarrassingly; and ever since she refused to spar again. But she truly enjoys the kind man's presence as he is the sweetest and most caring person to have around.


Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Meriell may share depending on her relationship with people; however there are still many secrets behind many decisions and those must be learned IC

Upbringing (0-16)

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The Maelstrom (16-17)

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