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 Mysto'Gan Voronin
Mystogan Voronin.jpg
The Singularity
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 32
Birthplace Unknown
Nameday 24th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Height 6'8"
Weight 192lbs
Occupation Illusionist Mage
☩ A P P E A R A N C E - B A C K G R O U N D - P E R S O N A L I T Y ☩
Tall and lengthy are just the first things one would use to describe the mysterious man nicknamed Crow, a literal translation of his native households name. However as by his peoples way, those traversing beyond the Netherlands of his homeland are wanderers, or Mysto's. Where as and man is a Gan, a woman would be known as a Lan.
With bold striking eyes of silver being his defining feature behind his often covered face, Crow stands a staggering 80 ilms tall at his upright most posture. With trimming tattoos gracing his eyes, he carries an often referred to cold stare at people. His hair is that of a silk black, with a healthy shine to it despite the fact he comes from an extremely dry and arid homeland. From beneath his covers of his face, he sports a finely trimmed beard that stops just short of his mouth and chin, a popular look of men from his home. His lips sport tattooing similar to his eyes, done up in a singular black tint.
Upon his body, beneath his clothes, he carries a sun-kissed tone of skin, born from years in his homelands arid climate. His body is athletic in tone, with some striking points of muscle piercing through his abdominal region, shoulders and arms. There is little fat upon his body, common among his kind as vegetation is scarce to feed many animals where he hails from. No scars lay across his body at this time, something rare for those traveling and adventuring.
Most people who meet Crow, find their interaction with him as cold, distant, with a hint of haughty nature to his posture. He carries with him a sense of duty born not of willful servitude, but more akin to that of destiny. This presentation can often cause him to be mistaken as a narcissist, but he is far from. Those to get to know him, find he is well knowledgeable, and kind, especially to small creatures such as pet animals. When it pertains to relationships, he is single, having never truly pursued one due to his occupied goals. That's not to say he is adverse, merely inexperienced and often distracted in nature. His methods of converse often are misunderstood, akin to archaic in nature, a cultural conflict at most, but in time one can learn to understand him, and even relate to analogies he may use.
☩ B I O ☩
Crow was born to a single mother by the name of Ishka'Lan outside a small village on the outskirts of his home. Growing up he had a mostly uneventful life, until the age of 12 where he was indoctrinated into the high sect of his nations Mage Guard. Having learned of his high affinity to aetheric energies, the order took him in under the royal decree. Many years passed while he attended the orders guard, where his aetheric skills only grew greater.
Upon his 19th nameday, the ritual of the Magi Royal Guards was performed on him, a right of passage of all Mages from his land. Where once he was born with blue eyes of the sky, the ritual forever changed his eyes, stealing their color to a silver metallic nature. The ending result of the ritual robbed him of nearly all his perception of color in the world, but at the loss of beauty, he gained aetheric intent eyesight, gifting him the ability to sense and even see sudden upsurge of aetheric energies without the use of an aetheric aetherscope. Where as scopes will show the aetheric flow of all things, the intent eyesight more so gifts him the visual sense of abnormality in the world. In a fine example, following the ritual, a grand master of the order channeled the origin of fire to unleash upon him, to which crow was able to perceive the animosity and change of the grand masters aether, before the fire manifested. This ritual serves as a protective measure by the order, to predict conflict and attack by would be assailants and assassins.
After many years of service to the order, an invasion of Garlean forces sent to subjugate his homeland ended in nearly total annihilation of his people. Having survived, and been captured by the Garleans with a few of his remaining people, he laid in wait for a few weeks. When chance came, he used the skills he learned from the order to escape, along with a handful of his countrymen and women, however during the escape, he and many others became separated, finding asylum in many different nations. He went into hiding for a time, waiting for a way to come about that could lead to his country becoming avenged.
On his 31st, nameday, a troubling discovery came to light. The sack of his homeland had seen plunder of its small, yet powerful treasures, ancient relics of his people and the order. This troubling turn of events stirred him to act. Leaving an outpost under disguise as a native, he traversed the land, seeking the relics, to keep them from Garlean hands, along the way he found a growing defiance among the people against the Garleans, particularly city-states far to the west and south of his once homeland. This inspired him to seek out the city-states, find stragglers of his people, and like minded individuals who would be willing to fight back the oppressive Garleans, and along the way, take back his culture and artifacts they robbed him and his people of.
⚒ C O M B A T & S K I L L S ⚒
Crow is a quick and nimble mage in combat, further enhanced by his Aetheric Manipulation skill, he is greatly gifted in, he often seems to zip around. Primarily, Crow attacks with his staff and Thaumaturge class magicks. He is gifted in the nature that his home nation has further delved into black magics, allowing him with dedicated effort to cast such spells often associated with Black Mages. However battle is more or less something Crow prefers to avoid, as such his greatest magic is illusion and trickery of his opponents. Where as a charging enemy may at first see a tall and lengthy elezen, with a battle of magic and will, one could say the elezen was never an elezen, but a large bear all along.
His greatest relied upon skill in combative magic is his ability to draw the veil of night, in the form of Night Wing. Yet he is capable of most black magic. Again this falls true of his character, a battle avoided is better then one fought. His defensive magic is moderate, casting a barrier upon his body and clothes to repel most forward attacks, however an attack not seen, or powerful enough is more then likely to strike true. Where defensive measures will gain him little to no benefit, Crow may deploy a glamour of striking appearance or dominance to persuade his enemy from attacking.
⚒ A T T R I B U T E S ⚒
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

  Color Key
In A Relationship: Crow is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Crow is romantically interested in this character.
Platonic: Crow considers this person a close friend, like family.
Friend: Crow considers this person a friend, one he would confide with.
Friendly Acquaintance: Crow considers this person in positive standing, someone not just a customer.
Good Standing: Crow has no feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Crow has no feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Crow has no feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.
Dislike: This person isn't a friend to Crow, but he will talk with them if needed.
Hate: This person annoys Crow, and he will try to avoid them. Conflict may happen.
Fear: Crow would rather avoid this person then talk with them.
Rivalry: Crow considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time he gets to meet them.
Family Member: This character is related by blood to Crow.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Crow isn't fully aware of it yet.


  Template ( )


  Template ( )

Observant, Quietly Forceful, Motivated, Intelligent, Loyal


  • Aetheric Studies
  • Long distance travel
  • Flying
  • Researching new things
  • Thunderstorms
  • Small Animals


  • Greedy People
  • Politics
  • Taverns and Bars
  • Being cold
  • Animal abusers
  • Garlean sympathizers


  • Starvation and Dehydration
  • Dying of hypothermia
  • Small animals getting hurt
  • Large Yarzon
  • Someone finding a household vessel


  • Favorite food: Beef Jerky
  • Favorite drink: Thanalan tea
  • Favorite colour: Black
  • Vices: Flirtaious Women
  • Alignment: Neutral Good

Weaponry & Armor
Kokuko Rod
A long staff, woven from wood of Crows homeland and adorned by feathers and gems at its head. The black sheen of the base was woven from a special dye that involved trimmings of Crows Hair in the process to better attune the user with it.

Thaliak's Chestwrap of Casting
Crow's standard armor. Made in style of the aldenard battle frontline companies, the cloth of this style is actually re-purposed cloth from the original cloak Crow wore during his travels from his homeland to current Eorzea.

Black Mage Soul Stone
There are many like it throughout time, each unique to the user and legacy. This stone however is Crows, given to him from the order that trained him. It has been passed down, making him the 8th generation since its unearthing.

Portable inventory
A mage's essential. Stashed away within the many layers of cloth, Crow carries multiple for times of need.
Jerked Beef
Essential survival in harsh times calls for dependable rations on the go. Thankfully, properly salted and cured, this beef can last a few moons before turning. Crow always has a stash on hand for when hunger strikes.

Personal Vehicle
Magicked Carpet
A Household vessel, the first of the many that litter the land that Crow has been able to obtain. Legend has it, it once laid the base of the royal court, of which the children of the king often played upon until slumber came. Blessed by the spirits of wind, this rug gifts a user travel upon its many worn threads. Crow lays the carpet flat, before striking it with his staff and calling its name to bring forth its mystical aid of movement and flight. Due to the affinity nature of the vessels origin, it is unlikely anyone other then the caller of the vessel can ride atop its surface.

Crow: "Niemat Alriyh!" *Staff taps the carpet*

Personal Room
Crow has recently taken over a small service room deep inside the Lavender bed's apartments, though the chamber is smaller then most apartments, it was free, it is enough for him at this time.
T H E - I M B U E D - K I N
Crow's main focus while in Eorzea is to find missing artifacts taken from his homeland, known as Vessels. These imbued artifacts hold a unique aetheric signature that he is able to discern when in close proximity. Often mistaken for simple trinkets, these artifacts are actually heavily soul-bonded items of ancestors of his people, that when used and worn, heighten and bestow boons and knowledge upon the user. Rumor has it that their are particularly powerful artifacts that can manifest elemental spirits who are bound by servitude.
☩ C O M M O N - R U M O R S ☩
  • "A strange man, coming from a strange land. I once asked him where he hails. Just shook his head that he did, turning to walk away." - Random Merchant in Limsa
  • "I used to think he was some rich snob, but now I just know he merely avoids people, saw him feeding a kitten more then once." - Hawker's Alley Shopper

☩ M O D E R A T E - R U M O R S ☩

☩ R A R E - R U M O R S ☩

☩ P C - R U M O R S ☩

((If your character has something to say about Crow, share it here but keep it brief!))

Potential aspects of Crow to start RP with about:

  • Naturally skilled Aetheric Manipulator
  • Voidsent matters
  • Gemstones and treasure
  • Garlean oppression and occupation

Crow might seem interesting to you if:

  • You enjoy Aetheric studies
  • You enjoy exploring and treasure hunting
  • You enjoy philosophical debates
  • You enjoy studying the Void