Nako'li Chalahko

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Nako'li Chalahko
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Student of the Aetheric
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'Dahn
Age 20
Nameday 29th of the 2nd Astral moon
Guardian Thaliak, The Scholar
Occupation Scholar and Adventurer
Orientation Heterosexual
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Basic Info

Full Name: Nako'li Chalahko

Pronunciation: Nah-Ko-Lee Cha-Lah-Ko

Birthplace: A cave in Thanalan

Current Residence: The Quicksand

Relationship Status: Single

Religion: Nako'li, like most Keepers, prays to Menphina, The Lover, but as a resident of Ul'dah, he also gives worship to Nald'thal, The Trader.

Laterality: Right-handed


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 143 ponze

Build: Tall and wiry, though primarily a scholar, he knows that for the mind to be an effective weapon, his body must be trained also.

Skin Color: pink, though he has a purple droplet shaped birth mark on his forhead.

Eye Color: His right eye is gold, but due to his affinity with the Aetheric, he left is purple.

Hair Color: White, with black tips.

Hair Style: Generally short, with two braids either side of his face.

General Clothing Style: He usually dresses in a short robe and trousers in a matching Red, loose and light to keep in cool in the deserts heat. He will often be found wearing a wide brimmed hat, to try and soften the sunlight for his nocturnal eyes.

Voice: Quiet, but firm. He chooses not to speak most of the time, preferring to listen and dwell upon all new information he acquires. When he does speak, he tries to make it important.


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Skills and Abilities

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A cave in Thalanan

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Mother: Nako Chalahko

To be confirmed.


To be confirmed

Eldest Sister: ??? Chalahko

To be confirmed.

Eldest Brother: Nako'a Chalahko

To be confirmed.

Elder Sister: ??? Chalahko

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Elder Sister ??? Chalahko

To be confirmed.

Elder Brother: Nako'to Chalahko

a hunter and tracker, finds work where he can, trusting Nako'li with any pay.

Younger Sister: ??? Chalhko

To be confirmed.

Youngest Sister: ??? Chalahko

To be confirmed.


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Other Notes


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