Nako'li Chalahko

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Nako'li Chalahko
Nako'li Red Mage.jpg
For one to grow, one must learn, and to learn, one must experience.
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'Dahn
Age 36
Nameday 29th of the 2nd Astral moon
Guardian Thaliak, The Scholar
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Nako'li Chalahko

The Basics


Full Name: Nako'li Chalahko

Pronunciation: Nah-Koh-Lee Cha-Lah-Koh

Birthplace: A cave in Thanalan

Current Residence: The Yatagahn's barracks in the Goblet

Relationship Status: Engaged

Religion: Nako'li, like most Keepers, prays to Menphina, The Lover, but as a resident of Ul'dah, he also gives worship to Nald'thal, The Trader.

Laterality: Right-handed


  • Mother: Nako Chalahko (Deceased)
Guessing at the reason for Nina's death, His mother had forgiven him, and had kept Ruthaan's hatred for him in check, now with her passing however, Ruthaan is free to persecute him as she pleases.
  • Father: Kiris'to ulthar
  • Eldest Sister: Ruthaan Chalahko
The now current Matriarch of Nako's family group, Ruthaan blames Nako fully for the deaths of Nina and Nako'a, and as such, has banished him from returning home.
  • Eldest Brother: Nako'a Chalahko (Deceased)
Whilst on a hunting trip, Nako'li woke and angered a Peiste, Nako'a came to his aid, but died due to wounds caused by the beast.
  • Elder Sister: Melia Chalahko
  • Elder Sister Lissen Chalahko
  • Elder Brother: Nako'to Chalahko
A hunter and tracker, finds work where he can, trusting Nako'li with any pay.
  • Twin Sister: Nina Chalhko (Deceased)
Corrupted Mage, Nina was killing people through draining them of Aether, Nako'li was dispatched by the Specials to hunt her down and either bring her to justice, or kill her. Fully planning to bring her in he tracked her down, however, she attacked him, and he was forced to defend himself, killing her in the process. his family has never truly forgiven him for this, especially after him being the perceived cause of his eldest brothers death.
  • Youngest Sister: Movel Chalahko


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 143 ponze

Build: Tall and wiry, Although he is a mage, he has more muscle mass than one would normally find on one.

Skin Color: pink

Eye Color: His right eye is gold, but due to his affinity with the Aetheric, he left is purple.

Hair Color: White, with black tips.

Hair Style: Generally short, with two braids either side of his face.

General Clothing Style:He typically wears a vest over a long sleeved tunic, some reinforced trousers and knee high boots. When on operations, he tends to wear his Officers Overcoat, with a chainmail shirt beaneath it, and plated arm and leg harnesses.

He has a pair of goggles that rarely leave his head. They are a token from when he was living in the Garlean Empire.

Voice: Quiet, but firm. He chooses not to speak most of the time, preferring to listen and dwell upon all new information he acquires. When he does speak, he tries to make it important.


Nako is a very confident mage, the nature of his work, and the length of time that he has been doing it has cemented that within him. He knows he is not the strongest, but what he lacks in strength, he makes up with a large pool of mana, as well as the technical know how as to how to get the best results for the least strain.

His confidence can sometimes lead him to be at odds with others of similar personalities, though he tries to be understanding, he will often butt heads with them. Very protective of those he has taken responsibility over, this is due to an incident in the past with his sister, where he was forced to take her life.


A wide practical and applicable knowledge of many styles of magic, including but not limited to:

  • Thaumaturgy
  • Black Magic (Theoretical)
  • Conjury
  • White Magic/Succor (Theoretical)
  • Arcanima
  • Blood Magic
  • Magitek
  • Curses

Beyond magic, his tutor had taught him a lesson that stuck with him for most of his life:

A strong weapon needs a good arm to hold it, as a mage your mind is your weapon, and your body is that arm. 
- Jeryn Stern

Due to this he takes it upon himself to train in more mundane methods of fighting, as well as to be able to have a fallback should his magic fail him.

Unrelated to his magic is his mask, he created it whilst experimenting with crystals, and found a certain weave of magic that when the crystal was attached to a mask, would allow him to take on the form of anyone he chose, of roughly the same mass. It is for this reason, he was picked up by the Special Division, who would use this to their gain.



Post Calamity

Additional Info


  • Dweia Delacroix - Nako'li has known Dweia for a short while only, they first met whilst on a mission for the Yatagahns,which he supplimented on orders from the Hall. From there, he maintained a conection with the unit before he was officially seconded from the Special Division to them. Seeing Dweia's natural skill with Conjury,  and her potential beyond, he took her on as his student. However, due to an issue regarding her and another mage that training is currently on hold.after a short while, Nako'li and Dweia started an affair, that lasted for around 2 and a half months, nearing the end, Dweia's partner found out. After they believed the partner dead, after he threw himself off of Raubahns Salute, Nako'li proposed to Dweia, and they are set to get married.
  • Kale Aideron - Nako'li has known Kale for around the same length of time as he has known Dweia, meeting them at the same time. He was Dweia's long term romantic partner, and the leader of the Flame Yatagahns. Despite Kales distrust of mages, Nako'li managed to have an amiable working relationship with him, using his magic for the benefit of the unit where needed. After a while he left for Ishgard on a mission from the flames, during which time Nako'li and Dweia's affair began. After he returned, he seemed changed, more agitated and mistrustful of Nako'li. After throwing himself off of Raubahns salute, and somehow appearing in Vylbrand, Nako'li has tried to be amiable when he has to be in the same room, but he does not consider him amongst his friends.


  • Ul'dah
  • Limsa Lominsa
  • Gridania
  • The Immortal Flames
  • The Flame Yatagahs
  • The Thaumaturge's Guild
  • The Arcanist's Guild
  • The Conjurer's Guild

The Rumor Mill

Common rumors (easily overheard)
Did you hear? That Nako'li Chalahko fella's givin' another lesson over at the Conjurer's Guild, hear tell he gets paid a premium fer his time. - Wandering Minstrel

Chalahko? tall Miqo'te fella, mismatched gold and amethyst eyes? yeah i've seen him. Messin' around with crystals over at the Quicksand, makin' them chime or summit. - Ul'dahn trader

Player Character rumors
I only met him briefly in my time with the Vanguard. Not much to say. He seems kind enough, though there was...something. Oh, nevermind. - Lilithium Altair

"Nako knows his business and does a damned good job of it. Plus, he's hospitable and good looking to boot. What's not to like?" - Alothia Starkwood

"I heard he's quite the mage, though I've only ever seen him in casual wares." - Berrod Armstrong