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-On very rare occasions, Nanama would think out loud and talk to herself, when confronted with a issue that warrants a amount of time dedicated to hard-thinking and problem solving. She is more prone to do it whenever alone, and not within the proximity of individuals whose presence she acknowledges.
-On very rare occasions, Nanama would think out loud and talk to herself, when confronted with a issue that warrants a amount of time dedicated to hard-thinking and problem solving. She is more prone to do it whenever alone, and not within the proximity of individuals whose presence she acknowledges.
-Despite her body looking to be very slim underneath her attire, Nanama's physique is toned and a little curvy. In reality, her breasts are rather big; a size of 97 cm(D). The black jacket and whisperfine coat she wears helps to avoid her receiving unwanted attention by making the chest appear more flat. She is vulnerable to being flustered, should one ask her about her real size...
-Despite her body looking to be very slim underneath her attire, Nanama's physique is toned and a little curvy. In reality, her breasts are rather big; a size cup if F. The black jacket and whisperfine coat she wears helps to avoid her receiving unwanted attention by making the chest appear more flat. She is vulnerable to being flustered, should one ask her about her real size...
-Nanama's horns and tail are sensitive to the touch. She'll get embarrassed if they're gently grabbed; more so, if caressed.
-Nanama's horns and tail are sensitive to the touch. She'll get embarrassed if they're gently grabbed; more so, if caressed.

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 Nanama Kha
Hingan Flag.jpg
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Hingashi
Age 19
Height 4' 5"
Occupation (Ex)Detective
Alignment Neutral/Chaotic Good
Nameday 14th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Class Machinist, Monk, Samurai, Arcanist, Gunbreaker


Nanama's original outfit and hairstyle

Similarly to other Au Ra women, Nanama's stature and body mass is disproportionate. As she is 4 feet, 5 inches (or 53 inches), she is much shorter compared to the height of most short female Au Ra, being 4 feet, 7 inches. Her long tail comes close to touching the ground by only a foot, and is capable of only wrapping itself around one of the waists. Thanks to the hat she would don, as well as her attire, her skin stays a regular flesh tone, despite having made some of her travels on foot and under the sun's rays. Her eyes, including her hair, are blue, which is often kept to be in a short and clean fashion. She sometimes lets her hair grow more, but prefers to have it tied in some fashion.

Nanama is often seen wearing a black jacket that is long enough to pass her pelvic region. The jacket appears to share the resemblance of the company tabard, which are regularly worn by the OIC personnel affiliated with each of Eorzea's main city-states--Ul'dah, Gridania, and Limsa Lominsa. She can be seen wearing pairs of both black slacks and gaiters also, along with it. The accessory most prominent on Nanama's person, is the void blue flat cap she always wears. No matter the type of situation she is involved in, Nanama is always wearing it on her head. Occasionally, she will remove it to fix the top of her hair, should she feel it become untidy, but rarely does the headwear not have a presence atop her head. Throughout her investigations, she tends to wear other articles of clothing that are more suitable for fieldwork and/or instances for potential combat, and some would be accompanied by the cap


Current Nanama, dressed professionally in modern office attire.

Nanama's appearance has significantly changed. Her blue hair now tends to be partially dyed a platinum blonde color at her bangs and at the end of her lexen-tail, which has grown past her shoulders and reaching the small of her back. She now chooses to keep her hair longer, due to being more confident she could maintain it well. Her physique is alot more built and toned from her past experiences and her own rigorous training.

Nanama's body now has scars, and they are varied. She has three scars from gun wounds -- two on her abdomen with one being self inflicted, and the other on her right leg's front. Her body has a few other scars from multiple spiked impalements. One time, she could have had another scar that was large, on her back from a fireball, but she was healed in a way that prevented any scar tissue from being present.

She no longer dons her treasured blue cap that was always worn, opting to keep it as a memento. Nanama doesn't think she needs it worn anymore. She now regulary wears more armor when out in public, from her ink blue Shire gear accompanied by her equally colored dreadwyrm champeau, to her snow white jacket with the Scion Traveler's gloves and boots. When she's out and about with not much to do, she wears the white Scion Adventurer's jacket, combined with the Manderville bottoms and black buckled shoes. She often carries around her mortar on her person when in this outfit, as it is small enough to easily conceal(and not ruin her fashion sense).


Early Life/Pre-Calamity

For the majority of her life in Othard, Nanama had lived her childhood within the port town Kugane, that is on the island chain of Hingashi-- a Far Eastern nation with a strict isolationist policy, under the Shogunate. Being a Xaela, it is apparent that she was originally from a tribe that is, or had, resided at the Azim Steppe, along with the other tribes. Rumor has it, that Nanama managed to wander away from her respective tribe, as a baby, and thus was picked up by a resident of Kugane and nurtured. A male Roegadyn brought the defenseless, lost Xaela over to the islands and away from the dangers of Doma's wilds, raising her like his very own daughter.

Artwork of Nanama, with the mameshiba 'Mame' and her surrogate father.


After the start of the Calamity in the West in Eorzea, Nanama was still in Hingashi, under the care and guidance of her adoptive Roegadyn father. By the time the catastrophic event made it's place in Eorzean history, she was on her way to turning fourteen(14). As she grew more, and slowly learned more about Hingan customs, she began to question herself. Over time, Nanama had the impression that she didn't exactly belong in Kugane. This was never vocally expressed by Nanama herself, but her surrogate father ensured her, home is what people make of it and she has a place in it, as much as anyone else.

It was after turning into a girl of sixteen(16) summers, Nanama finds herself nursing the man, who had fallen ill. The sickness being so severe, conventional medicines and treatments barely showed any effect to help ease his state. As time went on over the course of many months, Nanama needed to take the initiative. With the concern for money, she looked into many jobs that could be available for someone of her age, and only found a few willing to work with her. The tasks in most of them consisted of standing behind a counter, to provide service to the town's inhabitants or foreigners, or simply cleaning up the shop. Opening up to people for the sake of looking after her Roegadyn caregiver was a challenge, as she found him the only person she could fully open up to. She rarely, if ever, socialized with any other individuals at or close to her age, as she felt her Xaela heritage would be seen as alien and make it difficult in forming a companionship with one or more kids. Despite doing everything in her power to make it a certainty her father gets better, his health began to continuously wane. He would now spend the rest of his time in bed, and when he does use the energy to move, it's to exercise and build up his strength, but these prove to be fruitless in making him better. While in bed, he would be read books by Nanama, and in turn he would share stories with her about his life and family, and have deep, meaningful exchanges with her. There was one aspect of his stories that trigger a spark of interest in her; his own father was once a detective, and he had a strong admiration for the man, as well as his occupation.

During one of their talks after a long day, her father gives her the truth of her origins. He states that she did, in fact, originate from a Xaela tribe, known as the Kha. The Kha are the tribe of Xaela, who live on the fringes of the Xaela lands, actively seeking contact with people not of Auri culture. They introduce the many aspects of the other cultures they discover into their own, and are more open-minded about the outside world, unlike most of the others. The tales of a missing child of the Kha, had been passed around for sometime, thus giving her surrogate the inkling feeling she is from said tribe. Although he considers the possibility of Nanama being one of them, he couldn't bring himself to return her to her rightful parents, should they still be alive. For years, he had been overcome with severe loneliness. Unlike Nanama, he did manage to accumulate a variety of friends in his past, but soon the relations slowly drifted apart, leaving him to be on his own. It wasn't until Nanama came into his life, that he finally found someone who could stay by his side again, and who could give him a brand new purpose--being a father. Even though Nanama now has knowledge of her true origins, as well as some closure, her love for her father outshines and exceeds her want to meet her tribe. Where you come from doesn't define you, but what you make of yourself, your legacy, does.

After many moons, and many heartfelt talks, and many loving goodnights, the man who brought her up ended up deceased the next morning. However, his death wasn't reported until the next day, as Nanama desired to be alone with his body and mourn as much as she wanted. Sooner or later, she was now on her own, and had her father's ashes kept. After turning seventeen(17), Nanama desired to honor her father, by donning his dad's detective cap and actively going out to become a investigator. Her very first case started within Kugane, and during it, she had trouble being taken seriously. Her childlike appearance did not help her to convince people of her serious intent, but soon she succeeded, rightfully earning her a reputation in her hometown. Later on, after Doma was liberated by the Resistance and the Warrior of Light, Nanama ventures away from home and travels overseas to the West, to see if she can use her inquisitiveness for the sole purpose of bringing justice in the name of her caretaker. Over time, she had solved other cases in Eorzea, and her reputation steadily grew.


Nanama and her group were able to track down Nikolas Quinn(AKA Provolone and father of Marolyn Quinn) in Coerthas' central highlands, after several months of dismantling his giant slave operation across the many regions of Eorzea. Once Nikolas was subdued and apprehended by the Ishgardians, most of the group went their seperate ways. For example, Lederic was in need of recovery, but mysteriously vanished, and Marolyn goes away to the steppe. Nanama spreads her adoptive father's ashes in Kugane. Due to complications with her friends, she plans to do some soul-searching and set out to both become emotionally stronger, and to find out what she truly wants in her life. However, there is currently business that needs to be done with before her departure.


As a individual in her own right, Nanama Kha is an determined, inquisitive, kind-hearted, and selfless young woman who tends to mostly become guarded with her emotions. Her passion to inquire came as a result of her adoptive Roegadyn father's shared history involving his own father, who in life was a detective in the Far East. After her caregiver's passing, Nanama took it upon herself to follow in the footsteps of his parent. This honorable action gives her a sense of purpose, a way to pay tribute, and the desire to aid others. When investigating, she tries putting on a serious demeanor. Due to instances in the past when her younger appearance didn't allow her to be taken seriously, she wears orderly attire and adopts a professional attitude to let others know she is devoted.

Even though Nanama is serious about her occupation as a private investigator/inspector, she is more than capable showing her warm side. She tends to go out of her own way to offer her generosity and kindness to individuals, be it handing them a sum of gil or a gift, or being a person willing to give wanted attention. Her good-natured behavior can be seen as an admiration to others, to her own embarrassment.

A personal problem she currently struggles with, is not having enough strength to properly control or convey her true feelings to people who she grows some form of connection with. Due to her solitary life in Kugane and growing up with little to no interactions with those of or near her age, she has trouble emotionally opening up. People she associates with use this as a way to playfully tease, or flirt with her, which subjects Nanama to a vulnerable, flustered and distracted state. This issue had became more prominent during her current investigation to sabotage a slave operation around Eorzea, as her closeness with some allies reveal this embarrassed side. These new experiences of emotional attachment to people can hinder her from making good calls of judgement and potentially put her or others in danger.

In a desperate attempt to build her own confidence, Nanama had made multiple journeys out into the cold mountains of the Cortheas highlands and scour their landscapes, alone, for long amounts of time. She believed that these harsh, giant, and dangerous environments deserve to be treaded by a confident mind, and hoped she can be more confident herself. After spending a significant amount of time exposed to the cold climates, travelled far and wide and eliminated many creatures, including a griffin, her plan somewhat worked. Even though Nanama still has to learn to express herself, there will come a time when she will be seen as a slightly different individual in the eyes of her friends.


After her experiences with her group in the Provolone case and taking down Nikolas Quinn once and for all, as well as many other events occurring on the side, Nanama has become a more outspoken, stubborn, and somewhat vulgar woman.


As her primary method of attacking and defense, Nanama has always used the decievingly small, yet strong, silver Makai Hand Mortar. Within the first year of her occupation as a inspector, and 3-4 months after arriving to Eorzea from Othard from the Far East, Nanama had picked up this weapon from a merchant in the Shroud during one of her past times in Gridania.

How a merchant managed to get a hold of this firearm, if it belonged to a previous owner, the owner's identity, and if they lost or intentionally got rid of it, are still a mystery up for debate. However, Nanama has used it with care throughtout her years, and hopes that maybe one day she could return the weapon to it's past owner, who was possibly a machinist.

Nanama doesn't make it a regular habit of ever using it, unless of course she feels that her or the safety of others are in danger. She never has truly used the Makai Hand Mortar to neutralize a living person, and one time during her current investigation, when she opted to take it out, she was unable to fire a shot--a idea that if she ever shot first and potentially killed the opponent, she, as a investigator, would be a murderer.

Besides the handgun, she also has a variety of autoturrets at her disposal, handed over to her by the Machinists Guild in Ishgard. Plus, she had taken the liberty of learning hand-to-hand combat and now has skills in the martial arts. Despite not having anyone as a teacher, and thus self taught herself through reading, experimentation, and rigorous training, she had eventually built up skills that are almost on equal level to that of the regular monk. These skills prove useful, should the Makai Hand Mortar become a unavailable option. To keep herself in shape and her martial arts up to par, she tries exercising and training on occasions.

Nanama soon focuses her attention on weilding a katana, learning about arcanima in the Arcanist's Guild, and taking lessons from Perceval on using a bow and arrow. These give her more room to grow and become versatile. While she has much to learn in order to develop her skills with the bow, blade, and the art of summoning, Nanama is determined to make herself adequate.


Mameshiba/Mame: The mameshiba is a newborn miniature Far Eastern canine that Nanama had came across, during her first few months as a budding detective in Eorzea. The pup had became a wanderer around the Shroud, but eventually took to following Nanama's every lead through most of her cases. The origin of "Mame" is still unknown to her, however, she had grown fond of the canine over the course of her time in Eorzea. She decided to keep it around as her companion.
Caroline Vesper: A seventeen year old midlander who was a experienced summoner, and whom Nanama met near the end of her second year in Eorzea. She was a young adventurer who had a inferiority complex, on top of being sarcastic and cynical towards others she was not close to.

Nanama met Caroline in Limsa Lominsa, when the detective used to occupy that city- state more frequently in the past. A grimoire of Caroline's was stolen by thieves, but then escalated into a run-in with the Kobold beast tribe. After aiding Caroline, both her and Nanama were on good terms, even though the summoner's cynical outlook on Eorzea as a whole confused Nanama.

They rarely saw one another, but they still kept contact with each other for small talk, until the young summoner met her demise at the hands of Garlean forces.

To'zi Dzoli: To'zi is a skittish, exhausted, and timid Xaela scholar, who Nanama met within the first few days of being in Ul'dah for the first time. They don't exactly see each other much, but the detective views her as a good friend.
Ganon Shosen: A pacifistic male Raen who traveled to Eorzea as an envoy of Othard, and a member of Kusakari Industries--a company he joined after assisting in the Doman Liberation. Nanama met him during her first time in Ul'dah, when she volunteered to look into a investigation involving a runaway Miqo'te, Marolyn Quinn. They both accepted the job, and thus became partners. Over time, as her investigation progressed, she found herself to be in potential danger, and sought Ganon for help. For a while, she used his company's abode as a safehouse, until she eventually got her own office. Nanama feels to be close to Ganon, and admires his generosity. On the surface, she calls him 'friend' or 'partner', but underneath, she looks at him as a big brother, or even a father figure.
Vanitas Law: Vanitas is a male Hyur who resides in Ishgard, as well as a dragoon who is a general. Both Nanama and Vanitas met in Ul'dah's Quicksand, while she was looking into her case with Ganon. Thanks to him being a lookout, Marolyn was found and Nanama's case had progressed, and eventually, he had taken over Ganon's place as her partner during his absences. Over time, Vanitas had developed feelings for her, and soon asked to become his girlfriend. Wanting to experience having a relationship and fulfill her curiosity, she accepted. While being in a relationship with him, Nanama had grown to care more for him, regarding his past and his naive nature. She tended to become timid and vulnerable whenever Vanitas would try and display affection in public, or otherwise. However, his willingness to protect her, regardless of her combat capabilities, made her feel as though he was overprotective. After multiple threats towards allies during plans to stop a slave operation in Eorzea, they eventually fell apart. Nanama is thankful to Vanitas for having her experience moments of love, affection, and devotion for the first time, but she felt as though she was not ready to commit to a relationship yet--a result of her passion for investigations. The two hadn't talked to one another for few months, but got around to it. The two still remain on good terms as friends.
Marolyn Quinn: Marolyn is a Miqo'te Keeper, who is the adoptive daughter of Nikolas Quinn(aka Mr. Provolone), the man who gave the offer of looking for her to Nanama and Ganon. She was able to meet Nanama, by Vanitas noting the inspector of her whereabouts in the streets of Ul'dah. After a misunderstanding about the case, Nanama and Marolyn become allies. While working with Marolyn to oppose her father's business, Nanama doesn't feel as close to her as she does with the others within their group. They work together, however shared words between them are few and far between. Her stance on Marolyn is between a friend, and a acquaintance.
Lynette Sakumi: A malicious Xaela who is the caretaker of Marolyn, and seeks to take down her father, with Nanama's assistance. Nanama met her right after having located Marolyn in Ul'dah. Her barbed personality had made the inspector keep her distance somewhat, but soon she eventually got used to it. As time went, Nanama considered Lyn as a friend, however complications during the case for Nikolas Quinn harmed their acquaintanceship.
Lederic Haragin: Lederic is a grim and straightforward Xaela of the Haragin tribe, who's a 'hunter for hire' working with Lynette, Marolyn, and the rest of their group to oppose Nikolas Quinn. Nanama meets him after finding Marolyn, thanks to Vanitas, and meeting Lynette. Their introductions were tense, with Lederic demanding knowledge of Nanama's allegiance, thinking she was sent by Nikolas Quinn to find Marolyn and exterminate Lynette. After the situation's given an explanation to Nanama, she then joins his group. Nanama's feelings on Lederic are conflicted. Despite Lederic's serious, no-nonsense attitude towards everyone he associates with, as well as his somewhat disregard for her integrity, mental health and desire for truth and justice, she sees him as a competent leader. To her, he is a flawed individual plagued by demons and in need of help. She tries assuring him that she, along with their allies, are his friends, but attempts of getting him to open up are met with dismissals. She hoped to help him more, once their current business is resolved, but has given up on the idea.
Mikha Namaliyo: Mikha is a calm Miqo'te Seeker, who Nanama met, after running into Lederic, Lynette, and Marolyn. During and after their first introductions, Nanama felt slightly untrusting of her, but eventually her views on her change. Currently, she's more open around the Miqo'te and admires her as a older sister.
Perceval Greystone: A Elezen with a silver tongue and mellifluous voice, who's associated with Lederic. Nanama first met Perceval in Ul'dah, along with Mikha. Her opinion on Perceval as a mere acquaintance, soon evolved into a budding companionship. After becoming single again, and doing her best to solve problems of his multiple times, she becomes emotionally close with him, and soon enamoured by and for him. In the past, he is original name was Precis Transvaal, but experiences during the Provolone case and history with his ex-lover led him to choose a different one, in a attempt to leave the past behind and become a new person.
Sindorel Felclar: Sindorel is a Hyur who centers himself in Ul'dah, and holds the profession of a academic researcher, as well as a mage. Nanama's first introduction to Sindorel happened, at the beginning of an investigation led by Lederic, that was connected to her current case. Nanama has'nt had many personal interactions with Sindorel, but the multiple occurrences when they work with each other in their group makes her see him as somewhat apathetic, but caring when he wants to be. To her, he's a friend and a invaluable ally.
M'leo Tia: M'leo is a Miqo'te Seeker, who years ago was a detective, but stopped around the time Nanama began her journey as a inspector in Othard, in the Far East. She met M'leo while attempting to uncover the location of a important clue in Central Thanalan, relating to her current investigation. Not knowing who he was, nor his relation to Mikha, she showed distrust for him as he questioned her about her intentions; believing her to be associated with a group of thieves. Later on in their second meeting, the misunderstanding is cleared and they began working together under Lederic's lead. After a botched attempted rescue, Nanama never saw him again, and unaware of his whereabouts. Part of her mind hinged on M'leo being deceased, but mostly has had hope he is still alive.

Despite being aware of M'leo's history with Mikha, not much is known to her about him. She currently wishes to form a closer bond with him, whenever they see eachother.

Lady Beralda: Lady Beralda, or Beralda of the Valkyries, is a fiery winged warrior closely associated with Precis. She deems to have saved the Elezen in a previous life, and despite having no recollection of his past, believes it. Nanama met Beralda in the Quicksand when she tried defusing a intense argument between her and another patron.

Nanama is fond of Beralda, but still currently feels guilt over accidentally taking Precis' affection away from the warrior woman. They don't often see one ais nother, however, Nanama remains on good terms with her.

Ardent Tempest: Ardent is a giant, heavily armored Roegadyn who is usually affiliated with Precis as his 'brother'. Nanama met Ardent when she was in trouble after a attempted rescue of Mikha, which ultimately failed and a misunderstanding. She trusts Precis on Ardent's good intentions and welcomes him as a ally. Due to the man's lumbering frame and her small figure, she can't help but feel like a child in his presence, including being reminded of her late adoptive father, who ironically was a Roegadyn too.
The Gorgon Family: A family that is renowned within the Garlean Empire in Garlemald. Although they are quite large, Nanama has consistently interacted with Drayconivous Malory Gorgon, a pure-bred Garlean, and his two daughters, Serenity and Mangle. Nanama's association with the Gorgon family began when she was socializing with another member of the Kha tribe, Jakha, during one of her earlier patrols around Ul'dah. It was Serenity who was introduced to the detective by Jakha, and thus started their chemistry. Nanama's opinion of the Garlean family is, in of itself, a mixed bag. While she does openly associate herself with them, as well as care about some of them, there have been events which make her question their intentions as well as their morality.

Nanama primarily affiliates herself with Serenity Gorgon--the half-bred Xaela daughter of Drayconivous, and their relationship is the backbone and pillar that could potentially make or break Nanama's standing with the Gorgons. She looks to Serenity for seeming to be the most reasonable and morally sound, as opposed to her half-sister Mangle. While there are moments where Serenity makes situations more difficult for Nanama and place wedges in her relationships with other characters due to her naive and rude nature, she continues to take her as a friend and attempts to rationalize her behavior. There's also the detail of Serenity having harbored romantic feelings for Nanama since they met. Something people slowly began to find out, the more they were around one another. While Nanama herself is aware of the feelings, and to some extent feel the same way, she tried to neither reject her them to not hurt her emotionally, or reciprocate them bevause of her relationship with Perceval. Eventually, she does tell her that her love for Perceval outweighs her love for her and that they should remain as friends. Serenity attempts to abide by Nanama's wishes, despite teasing and flirting for the sake of a reaction. Since her and her family's name is somewhat reviled to the public, Nanama has indeed felt pity and chose to be one of the few that the family could turn to for support, at her own expense.

Next, Nanama's relationship with Mangle Gorgon--Drayconivous' half-bred Miqo'te daughter--tends to be antagonistic and tense. While Nanama does acknowledge Mangle as Serenity's sister, her occupation as a detective keeps her from not letting the heinous acts she commit go unnoticed. To Nanama: Mangle displays sociopathic tendencies with a slight lack of remorse, is unpredictable, and a potential danger to herself, Serenity, and everyone around her. Her view on Mangle had came as a result of instances that either alarmed her, or had placed her and others in mortal danger. Examples include; making light of random individual' s deaths over trivial things, nearly killing Nanama with gunshots to prevent being apprehended by her for theft, and detonating a autoturret in Kugane, which almost killed her again, however, Perceval's presence and shielding of Nanama ensured her safety. Despite these incidents, Nanama still insist on giving Mangle chances to change her ways, but her patience for the Miqo'te wanes.

Moritoto Tanbolo: A Lalafell who is a veteran of the Sultansworn—the personal guard of the sultan, Nanamo Ul Namo—in Ul'dah. Nanama had met Moritoto in the Quicksand after she had finsished one of her many patrols in the city for trouble. Their relationship is more of allies cooperating to help bring justice, as well as friends. She admires Moritoto for his calm and relaxed attitude and his dedication to his occupation. Nanama tends to be vulnerable to the man's compliments and flirting, such as being referred to as 'doll', and does her best to not show embarrassment. She also sees the Lalafell as someone capable of helping relieve her mind of the stress and hardships faced as a detective, by handing occasional advice and support, to which she deeply appreciates.
Hiroro Palafell: Hiroro is a proud lalafellin member of the Brass Blades in Ul'dah. Cool-headed, loyal, and fair personality is a admiration to some. Nanama met Hiroro in Ul'dah, while he was accompanying a citizen who was a newcomer to the city-state. He found her profession as a private eye to be beneficial and they both engaged in a small partnership.
L'aera Tia: An young and androgynous Miqo'te who is tough and hardened, despite his appearance. He tends to stick around M'leo, who sees him as family and the boy regularly occupies Ul'dah. Even though she doesn't see him much, Nanama is comfortable around him personally and takes him seriously. She first met L'aera in the Quicksand, at the end of one of her past patrols.
Jay Jojowai: A male Miqo'te Keeper that is on top of fashion and has served with the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah. Like Nanama, he too has a foster parent, and it gives them some form of companionship. The detective may not exactly know yet that Jay is quite infatuated with her, since her view of him is of a friend and she primarily sees Perceval instead. She does tend to be concerned for him, because of the feeling he doesn't have many people to turn to in his life. Nanama met Jay in Ul'dah, during the beginning of one of her patrols.
Tae Shinjaka: Tae is a Raen samurai who hails from the Far East, and grew up in the port town Kugane just like Nanama. A high class of merchants was the family she was born into, but misfortunes led to her training and leaving for Eorzea. To Nanama, Tae is a dear friend whom she had wished had met as kids, to help fix her introverted and secluded lifestyle and have at least one person other than her foster parent to turn to. She's warm towards Tae, and acknowledges the Raen's deeper feelings for her, but failed to keep them on good terms.
Sami Adeos: Sami is a Miqo'te who is currently married and is branded a wanted fugitive by the Twin Adders in Gridania. She spends her time in Ul'dah, where her and Nanama originally met. After not seeing each other for a long time, they eventually get back in touch and Nanama, along with several others, attempted to aide Sami with her business.


Nikolas Quinn: Nikolas (also going by 'Mr. Provolone') is a entrepreneur and cheese connoisseur who is centered in Ul'dah, along with his right-hand Perrito. He is the adoptive father of Marolyn Quinn. Nanama met the old man during her first week in Ul'dah, when she overheard him informing Ganon Shosen about his missing daughter. She offered her help to search for Marolyn and apprehend her caretaker Lynette, but eventually found out after meeting Lederic that Nikolas is in charge of a large slave operation spanning all across Eorzea, and the tale of Marolyn being violently taken away by Lyn was a lie.

Currently, Nanama's case is closed and Nikolas Quinn was apprehended. But, he ultimately died in prison.

Perrito Carrito: A dark-skinned Lalafell as Nikolas Quinn's assistant and a trafficker of the slaves in Thanalan. He was the second to last obstacle to ending Nikolas' slave trade, and met his demise at the hands of Lynette Sakumi.
Javier Bergeron: Javier was a Duskwight Elezen who managed slaves within the Shroud, and was one of several accomplices to Nikolas Quinn. As he dealt with his part in the slave operation that takes place across Eorzea, he was both sociopathic and masochistic. Javier was captured by Nanama's group in the Central Shroud, where he was taken in to be interrogated for information on the location of the encampments holding slaves.

Javier Bergeron met his demise at the hands of Lederic by getting his neck forcefully snapped, to Nanama's disgust, after questioning him was deemed a success. Instead of taking the law into their own hands, Nanama had wished Javier was put in jail and punished for his inhumane acts.

Ebon Syndicate: A company of pirates that Mikha Namaliyo is a member of. Nanama's first association with the group was when she was introduced to one of the higher-ups, Valacor, by Mikha. However, her standing with the pirates soured due to a misunderstanding that could have ultimately resulted in her death, as well as M'leo's. M'leo, a retired detective, intended to infiltrate the pirate's base for information relating to Mikha, whom he had ties with in the past. Despite the danger, Nanama went with him and they were both outnumbered, caught and interrogated. She deemed her bad judgement call and emotional attachment to Mikha akin to a sister, were partially to blame. Nanama's standing with the Syndicate got worse when her association with Precis was known, whom the pirates loathe, for problems that arised before he left them.

Currently, the group is no more.

Other Notes

Nanama's 1st Main Theme

Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Still With Me

Nanama's 2nd Main Theme

NieR Automata - Weight of the World

Character Arc End

Anadel - Remember Me

Nanama's Death (Sacrifice in the Name of Truth) Zero Time Dilemma OST - Morphogenetic Sorrow

Nanama Broken (Detective Blues) Zero Time Dilemma OST - CQD: BAD END

Machinist Theme Armored Core 4 - Rain

Monk Theme Dead or Alive 2 - Vigaku

Samurai Theme Danganronpa OST - Extra Lessons for the Mysterious

Gunbreaker Theme Phrozenflame - Pure

Artwork & Screenshots

Given Nicknames

Nana, tiny lizard, seeker of truth, brioche à la cannelle (or cinnamon roll), blue lady, dick[another term for a detective], doll and Blue.


-On very rare occasions, Nanama would think out loud and talk to herself, when confronted with a issue that warrants a amount of time dedicated to hard-thinking and problem solving. She is more prone to do it whenever alone, and not within the proximity of individuals whose presence she acknowledges.

-Despite her body looking to be very slim underneath her attire, Nanama's physique is toned and a little curvy. In reality, her breasts are rather big; a size cup if F. The black jacket and whisperfine coat she wears helps to avoid her receiving unwanted attention by making the chest appear more flat. She is vulnerable to being flustered, should one ask her about her real size...

-Nanama's horns and tail are sensitive to the touch. She'll get embarrassed if they're gently grabbed; more so, if caressed.

-Despite Nanama being mainly heterosexual, she finds the thought of two partners of the opposing orientation intimate with one another to be cute. Especially, if they are both men. It is vague whether or not she may be into other women.

-When meeting a friendly Lalafell, she sometimes has the thought of cuddling them.

-Even though Nanama primarily wears the color blue on many occasions, her favorite color is pink. She uses blue clothing to go with her treasured hat.


-The way Nanama originally dressed was a clear inspiration of Naoto Shirogane, who's one of the main characters from the JRPG series of video games, Persona; most specifically Persona 4 & Persona 4: Golden.