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Ishgard.jpg Odette Veaureaux
Placeholder person.gif
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunefolk
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 25
Nicknames N/A
Occupation Noble
Guardian Deity Hylone, the Trader
Marital Status Single
About The Player


Rorosa Rosa, mostly referred to as simply Rosa is a wannabe Paladin and currently personal bodyguard to her employer, Pishrero Junerero.

Born in Ul’dah to a very simple family, she was raised among the corruption of the city and was exposed to the harsh life there very early on in life. Witnessing the injustices and the hurt, she decided to fight this and her dream was to join the Paladin program in the city, hoping to gain some influence with the position as well as be able to make a difference. Alas, she failed the exam and got rejected. That was when Pishrero Junerero came into her life and gave her the job of a personal bodyguard.

A good-hearted but clumsy girl. She has a knack to get herself into trouble as a natural affinity to just always be unlucky. But she never lets it deter her and she keeps a positive outlook on life, wanting to leave the world in a better state.


Rorosa is known to have one of the most sweetest disposition a person could come across.

Kind, open-minded and adorable, she is very easy to get along with. Despite her young age, she is quite mature, however, her youthfulness shines through quite often; proof of it being her clumsiness as well as lack of knowledge about the vast world. Not daft, but simply misinformed. She years to best herself both physically and mentally, and is a harsh critic of herself, desperate to one to prove herself and her capabilities. Her ventures made her somewhat of a tomboy as she sees that gender is not an obstacle to anything, and she wants to be living proof of such a statement. She treats all her friends equally and doesn't pay attention to their race or gender.

She has a very clean definition of justice and righteousness, and will adamantly protect her beliefs as well as her loved ones. She will fight all wrongdoers without even questioning their motives or reasons behind their actions, as she does not support any forms of crime or evil. Striving to leave the world in a better state when the time would come, she never rejects anyone's plea for help and assist the people around her as well as the community with absolute devotion.

A curious type who likes to learn with her own two hands rather than listen, and adores exploring. A bit of a troublemaker, although not intentionally, as she often tends to get herself in trouble and has a knack to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Extremely clumsy, and definitely to be her downfall some day, she gets herself into the most ridiculous fights and brawls, always coming out roughed up but otherwise content. While some may find it endearing, to her it is a source of shame as she hates to be seen as a child or someone unprofessional; often remaining silent after a faux-pas until people just naturally forget the incident.

Favourite Expressions:

  • "I shall smite the unjust!"
  • "Sir, yes sir!"



Being a Dunefolk, she has big misty pink eyes without pupils, like two sparkling jewels; between them, a small gem nestled on her forehead representing her guardian deity, Nald'thal, the Trader. For comfort purposes, she wears her deep strawberry pink hair tied up in two pigtails. At times it may vary as she makes buns or ponytails, but it is always kept up. Hailing from Ul'dah, she has sun-kissed skin too.

Despite being a Lalafell, she is of a particularly short stature even when compared to her fellow folk. She is very young and it shows in her looks, usually wearing pastels consisting of pinks and yellows. When on duty, she wears a mythril silver armor, her feminine physique completely hidden under the hunk of metal, including her head as she sports a large helmet; the only things visible being her eyes and the gem upon her forehead. However, when being cozy she enjoys wearing simple trousers and a shirt, gladly showing off her more feminine side which is usually encased in the armor.

Posture Habits

  • Hands often linked behind her back
  • Bad habit of swinging side to side when sitting


Her biggest dream was to become a Paladin, and tied to the position obtain enough influence to be able to assist those in need. However, it was not meant to be as she failed the entrance exam and got rejected. While the rejection wasn’t due to her bad swordsmanship skills, as she is in fact very good, it was due to the small mistakes. Her clumsy nature would often make her drop her sword as well as commit a couple faux-pas.

With no other options left on the table, she took up the mantle as a personal bodyguard to Pishrero Junerero. At first it wasn’t her dream thing to be doing in life, but she very quickly warmed up to it and would take her job most seriously, treating her employer’s safety as a top priority on all missions and ventures. Her dedication is absolute, doing everything in her might to prove herself.

In her free time, she loves to play around with Magitek, often tinkering and tweaking small machines including her gunblade; or even adding the Magitek operating model to other items around the world. She does this as a hobby and does not treat it as a profession, however, many friends had mentioned that she should open a workshop in the future; an idea she is not opposed to.



Wanting to join the Paladin program, she had trained herself from a very young age. Often even eavesdropping on the training of the troops in Ul’dah and then doing the same training back at home. Years of dedication and genuine interest made her into a skillful swordswoman. Paired with her fascination for Magitek, it was almost a given she would take an immediate liking to Garlean gunblades. She is very good fighting with any bladed weapons, her first choice is always her trusted gunblade and second is a simple sword.

While not a prolific Aether user, she does utilize it to enforce her attacks as well as to protect her allies.

She can cast basic magic but she is definitely more of a physical person when it comes to combat.

Using her small size as an advantage, she can easily bypass unnoticed as well as move much more swiftly; not wanting to treat it as a hindrance and she making use of her natural assets very well. In close combat, while it is her preference, she is indeed more vulnerably due to her smaller frame as a Lalafell. She is quick and always does her best to avoid head-on attacks by larger races if it can be helped; if not, she would then either try to flank her enemies or user Aether.



  • Cookies
  • Spending time with loves ones
  • Eating all the time
  • Naps
  • Kind and reasonable people


  • All forms of injustice
  • Picking on the weak
  • Misery
  • Bad attitudes and unwillingness to assist others


  • Sword-fighting
  • Magitek as well as creating Magitek machines herself
  • Helping those in need, often participating in charity


  • A hobbyist Magitek engineer, but very talented and good at it
  • Despite being clumsy, she is an accomplished swords-woman
  • While not a positive trait, she appears to be a walking pillar of bad luck as it follows her all the time
◢ Common Rumours
"..Is it a woman or a man under that armo-- Ok, with that voice, definitely a girl"
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Love Interests



Pishrero Junerero (32)

Having met him right after failing the Paladin Program, it came as a huge alleviation to her when he took pity and offered her a position as a personal bodyguard to him. It helped her to get her back on her feet and she always expressed her gratitude to the man, as he was indeed her saviour in her darkest hour. As proof of their closeness, she started to call him 'Pishie' very early on; the line between employer and dear friend would begin to blur. She cannot deny that she does like the man a lot, and she can sense that he is doing passes at her. Wanting to keep impressions, but at the same time getting closer, she feels torn between duty and heart.

Tiny Blue (??)

The odd small ball of blue confused both her and her employer as they met the man in Kugane and he appeared thrilled to meet fellow Lalafells. Unbeknownst to them, he decided to join them back to Eorzea and almost stowed-away on their ship. While journeying together, she got to enjoy his weird personality very early on, treating him almost like a little brother that she never had although their age is most likely the same. Both having a knack for trouble,

Nonogiri Ninigiri (??)





Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Rorosa Rosa may share depending on her relationship with people; however there are still many secrets behind many decisions and those must be learned IC

Upbringing (0-18)

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