Odette Veaureaux

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Ishgard.jpg Odette Veaureaux
"I had all the riches a person could desire...but freedom was not a luxury I could afford"
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Ishgardian
Age 24
Nicknames Petal, Swan
Occupation Noblewoman
Guardian Deity Halone, the Fury
Marital Status Betrothed to Ferroux Quilmont
About The Player


Odette Aveline Geneviève Celestria de Veaureaux, commonly referred to simply as "Odette", is a highborn noblewoman hailing from The Hole See of Ishgard.

With family roots stemming back millennia to form a very devoted household to the Theocracy, as well as being very traditional in it's beliefs, she lead a very secluded and controlled lifestyle. She followed her family in their wishes, having truly no choice in anything in her life. Years of being groomed to carry on the noble title with dignity while being the embodiment of a lady, she remained silent, unaware of the lands outside nor what freedom they offered. As her hand was given in marriage to a complete stranger from another noble house, she would slowly start to notice the cracks in her supposedly perfect lifestyle. As the doubts grew, so did her yearning to break away from her restrained lifestyle and family. It was then that a group of adventurers from Ul'dah assisted her in her escape.

In Ul'dah, with nowhere to go and confused by the completely new lands, she joined Aurora Eorzea, where they took great care of her, as well as sheltering her from her family who, no doubt, was searching for her. Her cooperation did not last long as she met a fellow Ishgardian nobleman who immediately gave her a deeper purpose in his company, wanting her to assist in the infirmary as well as healing the wounded at Raven's Heart. It came with a sense of home to serve under another Highborn and she took his offer gladly but this was short-lived as a chance encounter with another Highborn named Ferroux Quilmont turned her entire world upside down, falling deeply in love with the man to the point of returning to Ishgard to move in with him while remaining still hidden from her family.


Genteel, calm and serene, Odette is the pillar of composure, grace and beauty. She always has something nice to say to everyone and will do it with utmost class, style and dignity, displaying her strict noble upbringing at all times as it is not something she can hide. Highly educated and always polite, she always refers to others on a formal basis, unless said person requests otherwise. Odette is extremely friendly to anyone and usually won't ever avoid people, unless given good reason to. She is unable to use slang words or curse words; a thing which simply doesn't click with her due to her childhood. She does not mind if others use slang or shorter versions of words, but heavy curse words will always ruffle up her feathers and she shuns such individuals. She is always very eloquent and elegant with her words as well as her mannerisms; an absolute lady in every aspect. She struggles to be more casual as well as to adapt to normal Eorzean life but she is willing to push herself to be able to mingle better with others.

She isn't one for violence and shall avoid it at all costs, always pushing for peace via diplomacy. Very articulate and soft-spoken, she is able to often calm down situations as long as they do not require brute force. If there is some uproar or ruckus in the vicinity, she is one to avoid it, preferring not to even be involved.

Despite all her advantages, she is very easy to be lied to, as she is very trusting of strangers due to a naive nature. She is not used to teasing, flirting or even jokes and they always send her for a spin, unknowing how to react to them. She often blushes in embarrassment and would try to diffuse the situation, but most often she would end up merely embarrassing herself even further. She has no experience at all with normal interactions with others and she struggles to understand at times the meanings behind peoples' actions. Fretted by the touch of a butterfly's wing, ready to faint at the sound of a beetle or the rattling of a window pane at night, she is a very skittish person, easily startled if approached out of nowhere.



Odette is a woman of absolute beauty and exemplar refinement, which is impossible to go unnoticed.

She has gorgeous golden blond locks, semi-tied into a braid reaching to her mid-back; only at times pinned up into a tight bun. A pair of stunning and brilliant big icy-blue eyes. At simple glance anyone can say that she is a noblewoman, her fingers untouched by manual labour and her skin unexposed to the sun, white almost like porcelain or the freshest milk.. She takes great care of her looks, often spending hours by the mirror, making sure that she is presentable for the day. As most her kind, she is fairly tall, however among her own people she would not be considered the tallest, standing at a good average height among Elezen. A slender and delicate build, she is the embodiment of feminine charm and elegance.

Being a noblewoman, she tends to wear long garbs or gowns, often decorated intricately with embroidery or gemstones which came to the floor. While most nolewomen wore colourful fabrics, her favourite dress is a simply pale blue Ishgardian gown, void of any elaborateness but padded from the inside with fur to keep her warm. Not one for jewelry, she only wears simple crystal earrings, not wanting any bracelets or necklaces as she feels they get too much in the way. With some attire, she also wears a pair of sheer-white gloves, most commonly used when meeting people and not doing anything which would entail dirtying her hands. For footwear, she always wears her favourite pair of white, thigh-high Ishgardian boots. Odette was not one to wear headpieces but when cold, she would wear a pale blue cap with a small veil at the back which she would often keep at the front to shield her face.

She started to try and dress much more casual and common, pairing her own attire with some more everyday pieces of clothing. Trousers started to make way into her wardrobe as well as simpler blouses and shirts. But no matter what she wore, her noble upbringing was always evident at first glance, if not even just by how much care she took of herself. With recent developments, she began to dress even more casual with darker colours making an appearance as well as a pair of glasses over her nose, the look more alike to a tutor or teacher more than a noblewoman. Her fabulous blonds tied up in a braid going around her head and often hidden under a cap. Despite the immense change in attire, when one would look closer, they would spot that she was a beauty under all the rags regardless.



Being a noble and the youngest of the family, Odette had no job or occupation, other than studying. She is very highly educated, especially in all sorts of literature and teachings. Manners and etiquette were of prime importance, including how to curtsy and how to mix with the greatest nobles in Ishgard. Time would be spent learning how to dance and ride. Some housewifely duties such as preserving fruits, sewing, embroidery and household management were also taught, to prepare her for her duties as a married woman. Expecting her to run the household in the possibility of the absence of her husband to be, it was imperative that she be literate and have reasonable mathematical skills so that she might run these with efficiency and be able to check whether her household costings seemed reasonable. She was taught to read, write, tell stories, read romances and judge the merits of poetry. Her favourite were leisure romances and poems as well as holy scriptures. She often undertook singing lessons and was instructed in multiple musical instruments. Her spiritual education was critical being Ishgardian, and she would be extremely devout to Halone like most noble families.

Aside from her noble upbringing, she also learned the art of astromancy which came at a very early age, as her parents would send her daily to the Atheneum Arcaneum to study with the elders. They only saw fit that she learned to channel her Aether in a useful way, and being a trouble-maker as a child, it was a good activity to keep her mind busy from all her other studies which were dull to her. Odette enjoyed greatly reading the night sky and its constellations, and was an ace student. She mastered the skill of foresight and would learn to wield the magicks of the stars in her hands as she got to hold her very first star globe. She has never applied her skills in combat and has no experience outside of normal use as she specialized in healing magicks. At the behest of Corvinoix Heinsrich, she was put in charge of tending to the wounded during missions as well as afterwards in the infirmary. She made it her priority, making certain that they were stocked up on all medical supplies and she even took pride in her newly found job, wanting to assist people as best as she could.


Odette has absolutely no experience in battle, only having been exposed once to a mission and she did not enjoy it one bit.

Being a noblewoman, she has no endurance or stamina to show for, nor strength for that matter. While not a fighter, she does offer a supportive role as a healer and helper to her companions, putting their safety and needs above her own at times. She utilizes her natural Duskwight assets of a very acute sense of hearing as well as her eyesight in the dark.

She was offered to be taught the ways of the dragoon by Corvinoix Heinsrich but she rejected it, unable to bring herself to hurt another person no matter the circumstance. She prefers to offer succor to people, and not inflict pain. He respected her decision; however, she did turn towards firearms after buying one off Varriz Relanah. As a young lady back in Ishgard she was taught to use them, as the Skysteel Manufactory was renowned and the family deemed it a fitting weapon, elegant and not requiring physical confrontation.

However, when put under extreme pressure or when someone is in danger, she can surprise all those around her, even herself, by showing incredible bravery, most likely fueled through adrenaline. On one occasion needing to reach a device at the bottom of a crate filled with poison oozing-worms; she took off her shirt and wrapped her arm in it to reach inside and obtain the device to complete the mission. Her devotion is unquestionable and even if she does not enjoy being on the front-lines, she is definitely an asset to any team.



  • Afternoon tea time
  • Sugary confections
  • Kind and honest people
  • Warm weather with sunny skies
  • Beautiful and artsy objects/decor


  • Profanity and vulgarism
  • Being treated differently due to social standing
  • Stuck-up and arrogant people
  • Extremely direct and inappropriate conversations
  • Alcohol / Drunkenness
  • Swimming, since she cannot swim at all


  • Observing the night sky
  • Studying different cultures
  • Discovering the world
  • Stitching and embroidery
  • Playing music
  • Indulging in poetry and leisure romance novels


  • Very skilled piano and harp player
  • Fervent poetry writer
◢ Common Rumours
"She is a beauty both inside and out. A lady through and through"
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"Despite all her beauty, she looks to be an airhead and an idiot like all other nobles"
◢ Rare Rumours
"Don't let her serenity fool you... She can be quite the rebel when needed"
◢ PC Rumours


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    


Asoix Veaureaux (57)

The head of the family and father of Odette and Clauvort. A powerful man of high standing, not taking 'no' for an answer under no circumstances. He was never close to anyone in his family as he was more of a leader than a father or husband; distant and unattainable to anyone. Odette never saw him as more than the leader of their family and never had any relationship with the man.

Jucette Veaureaux (53)

Jucette is Odette's mother; a kind and genteel woman, much like her. Everyone would say that Odette was the exact copy of her mother, only younger. Odette was always a mother's girl and she adored spending time with her, until slowly noble life would catch up and duties called as well as her studies and the two drifted apart fairly quickly. Her mother wanted to see nothing more but to have Odette grow into a beautiful and distinguished woman, at the same time, ignoring the girl's happiness.

Clauvort Veaureaux (29)

Odette's older brother and future head of the Veaureaux family. He is head-strong and has all the characteristics to be a marvelous leader, however, he lacks open-mindedness and treats things as they are seen, which she sees as a great fault. He is confident, at times even arrogant about his position, but he was always protective of his baby sister and the two grew up together to bond very closely despite their different ideals. After the disappearance of Odette, he was the most worried and would search for her frantically no matter what.

Zeauraut Traideux (29)

Her fiancee and betrothed whom she never had even met or seen. She had no desire to meet the man and instead she left Ishgard as their first meeting was to be at the altar during their marriage ceremony. Even if he might have been a good man, she did not want to take the risk. She did meet the man indirectly after she let Ishgard but getting to know his nature, she knew she made the right decision to leave. Prideful, arrogant and stuck-up, all qualities she despised.

Love Interests

Ferroux Quilmont (26)

A chance meeting at the Quicksand and this young but endearing fellow Ishgardian made a lasting impression on her. Workaholic and neglectful of himself, she did try to somehow ease it up on him but he seemed to be overworking himself to cover up his loneliness. When she expressed the desire to help him, he said that all he wanted was friends. It made her quite happy and she immediately offered her friendship to the man. While the two would have many odd and awkward moments, it was clear they got along perfectly. Despite only ever meeting twice, on the second encounter, he asked her out. Ever since, the two became inseparable to the point of him asking for her to move in with him back in Ishgard, and shortly after for her hand in marriage, to which she agreed.

Valentin Vulaire (35)

Needing to return to Ishgard for private matters, she met the man at the Forgotten Knight together with some other familiar faces. The two separated from the group to talk in private and agreed to return to Thanalan the following day together. Odette quickly learned that she had to remain on her toes as the man was clearly trying to get on her nerves every chance he got. However when not being an arrogant pig, he was quite tender and kind to her, and this quality did warm her heart to him. While she may be feeling infatuation towards him, she is aware that he is not the right person for her. She tries to keep their interactions innocent, not wanting to convince herself that more can be of such a relation.

Varriz Relanah (??)

Visiting Ul'dah for some down-time, she ran into this Moonkeeper at the restaurant area at the airship landing. A chance meeting but the two seemed to get along quite well despite his teasing and constant compliments which would get her rather embarrassed. He expressed great interest in showing her around Thanalan once he learned that she was a foreigner and she gladly took him up on the offer. His silver tongue and outgoing personality definitely piqued her interest. He would often try to flirt his way into her heart and it would often leave her flustered although flattered, however, unable to respond and reciprocate despite liking the man.


Corvinoix Heinsrich (44)

Fellow Highborn Ishgardian she met while attending a meet-up at The Sharlayan Institutional Team of Gridania. After a most pleasant talk, she soon got to join his company as a nurse and healer to the wounded at his behest; unable to turn down a fellow Ishgardian. While finding the man absolutely dashing and the walking epitome of a Highborn gentleman, it also worked against her feelings for the man as she refused to get herself involved with another noble. She remained at his side through thick and thin, truly grateful for his help and seeing him almost as an older brother figure which she missed.

Tiamos Loren (28)

A most peculiar man that she ran into at the Aurora Eorzea bar. The two continued to run into each other and even took part in combat together, always supporting one another. Despite finding the man odd and very secretive, she does value his support and friendship as well as his help. He assisted her in her times of need and would even watch over her when she was not aware of it like a guardian angel. During her trip to Ishgard, he did express his genuine interest in her while still being respectful and giving her all the time she needed to adjust. While not against it, Odette definitely is taking her time.

K'alayah Xiaan (??)

The main leader of Aurora Eorzea. K'alayah was always very caring and giving towards the Elezen, including making sure she was safe from her past during her stay at the residence. Odette was always confused by the Sunkeeper woman, as this one always expressed great interest in her, which ventured beyond mere friendship. Perplexed with the natures of flirting and even intimacy, Odette always struggled to keep up with her pace. The two women bonded very closely regardless. Over time however, the advances started to sour the entire atmosphere and Odette left, although still treasuring her friendship with the woman.

Vildola Fyth (??)

A Viera woman who also became a new member of Aurora Eorzea a few days after Odette joined. The two would converse together by the fire and they immediately noticed they had a lot in common, mostly the fact that both were foreigners in a completely new land. They joined forces, intent to learn as much as possible together and to adapt quickly to their new surroundings while at the same time becoming the closest of friends. As Odette decided to leave Aurora Eorzea, Vildola joined her and the two remained together no matter what was thrown at them.

Malrinn Nures (24)

Odette met this Au Ra at the Sharlayan Institute in the Lavender Beds and the two ladies did get along but it wasn't until two days later where they really got to bond at another outing. Despite their differences, they found lots of common ground and their friendship cemented even further as Malrinn discovered that Odette had never drank in her life and the night took a horrible turn, needing to escort the Elezen back home. While the night ended on a bad note, the chemistry was clear and Odette is very happy to call the woman her friend.


Taluh'to Lanbatal (??)

Friendly Moonkeeper fellow who works as a hunter and chef at the Aurora Eorzea. She met him upon her first visit to the establishment and while they haven't spoken much, he always seemed to be very polite and understanding. Eager to learn about all the different races, she would at times ask him about Miqo'te's and he was always glad to offer assistance and explanations. The two grew closer as he even told her of his past and she did appreciate it.

Taahir Al-Nazar (??)

A merchant hailing from the Thanalan desert as well as the Captain of the navy belonging to Aurora Eorzea. He appeared to quite enjoy her presence and the two bonded some more over further talks, including him asking her on a dinner date. Never having been on one, she agreed, however, she had no intentions of getting romantically involved with anyone at the time. Despite the nice talks, and he even suggested that she offered her services in the infirmary, she still remained kind and close to the man.

Reyza Blackwater (??)

Meeting her at a small outing to the Mists at a restaurant, Odette was truly impressed by this Miqo'te, especially her eloquent and beautiful speech pattern. It quickly became apparent that the feeling was mutual and the two women got to talk quite a lot that night, genuinely enjoying each other's company as they both clearly stuck out from the crowds.

Kaida Higashikaze (??)

Foreigner much like herself but from the East, most likely a samurai. While he was very distant and quiet at first, he quickly warmed up to her presence ant the two enjoyed a very lively talk which at some point became a bit too personal for Odette and the man quickly apologized to her. Despite this, she still enjoys his company and is looking forward to meeting more often.

Arthain Garon (33)

Upon joining Raven's Heart, the Au Ra was the very first person she met there and the two of them discovered that they had more in common than they had thought despite their historical differences. They were both healers and they looked forward to working alongside each other in the coming days; as well as reading books as that was a love they shared.

Pishrero Junerero (32)

Shrewd businessman originating from Ul'dah whom she met at the Quicksand. Direct but spot-on, the man could make out anyone within a matter of seconds, able to identify their needs and goals as well as educate them if necessary. She was truly amazed and admired this quality in the man although at the same time she found it rather intimidating. It was clear that he was into forming business relationships, thus, he saw no particular benefit in befriending her and she understood it.

Cesar Boulon (??)

A rude Ishgardian researcher and Aether professor whom she ran into at the Atheneum Arcaneum. Definitely not kind or even caring, his demeanor cold and calculating but he did assist her and her family by trying to find a cure for her sick father. Odette appreciated his help even if his methods were cold. Despite being polar opposites, she did find herself respecting the man and would even help him with his research when needed.




Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Odette may share depending on her relationship with people; however there are still many secrets behind many decisions and those must be learned IC

The Hole See of Ishgard (0-22)

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Cost of Freedom (22-24)

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A Place to Call Home (24)

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Facing the Past (24)

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Matters of the Heart (24)

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Feeling of Belonging (24-Current)

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