Onuma Ahntifi

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Onuma Ahntifi
Onuma SB.jpg
"I would bear mountains, if it meant I could preserve one precious thing in this world."

Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 28
Occupation Smithy; Lieutenant
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Maelstrom Foreign Levy 81st Company


ONUMA AHNTIFI (Pronunciation: Onu-ma Ann-tee-fee), is a miqo'te that lived on the outskirts of Gridania prior to the dreaded Calamity. She was one of a family of three that chose to recreate their lives somewhere in the southern reaches of the Black Shroud. Since that time, she is the only surviving member. Thinking she lost everything, she moved to the harsh desert region of Thanalan to try and start her life anew. When she arrived at Ul'dah, she had little but the clothing on her back, two throwing knives and a few mint currencies of gil on her person.

Six wild cycles later, Onuma is now the lieutenant of one 81st Foreign Levy -- otherwise known as the free company with no name. What began as a group of stragglers and misfits has turned into something formidable and unbroken. There is not a moment where this weathered woman does not express pride over the people she oversees on a daily basis, and though it is evident that they are a diverse lot, with differing levels of morals, honor, and loyalty, it is this very nature which she strongly believes has brought them together. She has made it her duty to stand beside her captain and her comrades, and help manifest the change they want to see.


Built with more bulk than most of her ilk, Onuma has proven to be something of an oddity. Myriad scars, scrapes, and old wounds paint her in the image of a disheveled soldier coming away from the field of battle and what she lacks in imposing stature she more than makes up by possessing an intense if guarded stare. Her black hair is often pulled out of the way, usually braided with shocks of white coursing through it. Her ears and long, leonine tail have seen better days, tattered and worn as they are, and her skin is extremely pale. Although she adorns warpaint across her face, there is one disfigurement there that stands about above the rest: starting from her left jaw and branching further down is a peculiar scarring, otherwise known as "lightning flowers" to some. She wears around her tail a sapphire blue ribbon.


Blunt. Honest. Tenacious. Onuma is nothing if not steadfast and protective. To this end, Onuma looks upon outsiders with a measure of wariness, and many times can be regarded as ruthless to enemies of her and the people of her free company. Because of this, Onuma's relationship with someone tends to begin through their first impressions. She either likes you or she doesn't, and that is how the way of things are. Her perceptions can change, given time and effort. Her feelings about things are sometimes hard to read, but her emotions boil on the surface often. Her ears and tail often reveal the most about her, when they become animated.




Uncrowded areas

Pushing her limits





Picking on Fen'rin

Riel'a, her godchild






Doing things that lack a purpose

Having no plan

Being told she's being difficult

Lack of communication




Black Magi

The Coerthas Highlands

Being high up into the air


Her determination to weather even the worst situations

Her loyalty to her comrades

Her love for her friends and family

Though strong, her agility on the field more than makes up for not being as powerful as others

Her innovative streak when forging weapons and armor


Her stubborn nature often gets in the way of her health and well-being

Her lack of faith and trust in herself sometimes blinds her to optimism, leaving her vulnerable and doubtful

Her protective nature can at times be overbearing when in the face of dire circumstances

She is hot headed, and quick to anger at times

She has to use excessive amounts of aether to control what little magick she possesses


This is a list of the items that Onuma currently is keeping on her person. Feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in the course of RP, such as pickpocketing, a search, etc.

Last Updated: 11/18/2015.

  • Throwing Knives: Onuma keeps a set of five on her at nearly all times, out of habit.

  • Sizable Coin Pouch: Onuma has a hefty sum of money on her. As she is the 81st's resident smithy, she regularly takes the opportunity to assess shop wares across the city-states, when needed.

  • Rations: These are mostly dried meats, fish, or nuts & berries stashed away in one of her travel packs. Sometimes these rations end up being delectable, home-cooked meals...

  • Various Medical Supplies:Between gauze, poultices, and medicinal potions, Onuma is prepared for the times she or others with her are without a mender.

  • Weapon(s): She is most seen wielding a claymore with a gilded crossguard, but there have been times where she is witnessed using a lance. Very rarely she will have a pair of daggers with her.

  • Toolbox: Onuma sometimes carries around a large toolbox. Within it are several tools and materials - hammers, files, and rivets included.


Since coming to Eorzea, Onuma has had to learn how to defend herself from predators both from mankind and the wilderness alike. When things started to take a wrong turn during her living in the Black Shroud, Onuma took a rare opportunity and stole a pair of throwing daggers that were left behind at an unoccupied camp used by the Wood Wailers. It wasn't until she fled to Ul'dah following the Calamity that she learned how to wield something greater besides self-teaching herself how to throw knives effectively. Given her time as a student in the Gladiators' Guild, Onuma has since mastered the art of the sword. Yet, she has also learned decently at wielding the lance, and her ability to wield daggers is nothing to sneeze at. Surprisingly, she has become efficient in applying debilitating and devastating toxins -- a handy skill when infiltrating. Something she has rarely had to do.


As a smithy, Onuma is bound to possess many weapons in her arsenal to use at will. But in this armory, her weapon of choice has deviated from the sword and the shield to the two-handed sword to accommodate change within her. The one she has chosen to use right now is a specially crafted broadsword with a Dark Knight's soul crystal embedded in the edge itself. It was etched with a soft layer of Aurum Regis, and the usage of Adamantite in the forging process have given the weapon an unbending, durable, and weighty strength.

"Dragon's Claw"

This lance has gone through many changes as to what it once was. It belonged to Onuma's late beloved, Lotan'to. Since his passing, it has been sleeping dormant, locked away until a time Onuma knew what to do with it.

Now her project kept in secret, it has been reforged and reconstructed with a titanium core, covered by a layer of what she now identifies as dragon obsidian -- wicked sharp and strong. The base of the head bears gold filigree. Three crystals are encrusted in the weapon.

Darksteel Stilettos

These pair of needle-like blades are one of Onuma's first custom-built weapons, and because of it have a special place on her person. Though hardly used, they are sure to find their use when undertaking specific missions, and often wielded as a last resort if she cannot defend herself otherwise. They are sometimes coated with devastating toxins taken from venomous creatures.

Throwing Daggers

Though the first pair she ever owned were admittedly stolen and repurposed, Onuma has since then acquired two different sets, small and large. The larger pair have a heavier weight to them, and require a different approach in their throwing distance and capabilities.


Here is a list of recent and/or notable fights, roleplay scenes, etc. that Onuma has been a part of. This list is by no means all inclusive, and serves more as a general reference as to what she has been up to.

  • Rhesh'ir:Onuma has tutored Rhesh'ir in how to wield a sword and shield effectively long after his teachings from another had passed. His most recent lesson was meant to teach him how to aid his comrades, but their previous sessions were far more intense.
  • R'miah: Onuma has recently approached R'miah for help in relearning how to perform archery, and test her skills at bow and arrow. It has been a gradual process, but with R'miah's steadfast help and energetic ways of teaching, Onuma is slowly overcoming her adversity.
  • Tahla'ra: Tahla'ra has gone to Onuma for help with learning not only the ways of the smithy, but how to wield a sword and shield. The two have engaged in more than a few sparring matches already, and Onuma doesn't intend on going easy on him anytime soon!


Though many things have occurred in Onuma's short time on Eorzea, the past two years have been the most eventful. After her departure from the Gladiators' Guild, Onuma went on to be instructed underneath the Sultansworn, learning about the path of the free-paladin. She was gifted the Soul of the Paladin stone once her training was complete, many of her trials which sent her far and wide across Eorzea, yet also included aiding the Immortal Flames and the Brass Blades fend off the Amal'jaa from the trade routes leading into and out of Thanalan. But she had a long way to go to understand what it meant to be one, and what kind of path was carved out for her.

It was when at last she was free to do as she wished that she traveled many a place with her companion, soon to become her lover. Taking on the occasional odd job, making deliveries, and focusing building her own skills as a smithy -- all things that eventually landed her and Lotan'to in the middle of a group of people that, at first glance, had no relation to each other. And they truly didn't, not by flesh and blood alone. Yet one thing led to another and, looking back on it, where once they were a group of six now numbers easily sixty and more on the 81st's rosters.

Over the course of her time spent with her free company, Onuma's had her ups and downs, the mindset and the heart shaken, and through it all her willpower and strength tested. Haunted by a history that plagued her, Onuma sought out a path to right what the past made wrong. She gained much of her experience from the battles and trials she and the men and women of the 81st Foreign Levy have fought to overcome.

Victory is, though ever struggling to remain a clear and concise goal that Onuma can set her sights upon, with so much loss encountered in so little a time. Strife and change appear to have no qualms arriving hand-in-hand these passing suns, and Onuma has endured a significant one, within herself. Since then she has relinquished her Soul of the Paladin stone to the one she believes solely capable of carrying on in her name, the captain.

Onuma stood by Rhesh'ir in his decision to pursue an old foe, a dragon by the name of Tarvoth. Though the battle came with tremendous loss, they finally found the dragon's lair and proceeded to kill him as repayment for robbing them of their beloved friends. Their struggle was mighty, and the encounter one that will not be easily forgotten, but also one that brought many more questions and little in the way of answers. It was then Onuma collapsed and everything went blank.

For more than a moon she lay comatose, and during that time, so many things had come and gone, events both good and bad unfolded. Time spent with her loved ones lost. When she had awoken, Onuma was determined to return to the field as soon as she possibly could. Her frustrations and feelings of inadequacy were at their pinnacle, and she was reluctant to let the kindness bestowed upon her to go unpaid. Thusly, she had set her sights on strengthening herself with more haste and aggression than should have been warranted, and that worked for a time up until a mission gone awry at the Issom-Har Excavation Site took a turn for the worst.

Though it was a slow decay, it was soon discovered that without Scarred Boar to stabilize her, Onuma's life was ebbing away. It was through the help of her comrades, as they struggled and fought their way through a hellish, mysterious place known as the "Palace of the Dead" to locate Scarred Boar's soul crystal, that they managed to reverse her condition. Since then, the Moonkeeper has made a miraculous recovery, and her strengths have steadily made a return to her.

Now more powerful than she ever has been before, the young lieutenant has since returned to her line of duty where she directs the bulk of the 81st's numbers, often spearheading the missions herself.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust Feelings


These are mostly backstory-related relationships.

Onu Ahntifi, mother ( - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "All this time she was alive, and I never knew. . ."

During an investigation that took Onuma and her comrades into the Gelmorran Ruins, she and the others were set upon by none other than her very own mother, who used some kind of necromantic magick to manipulate the dead. This revelation shocked Onuma to the core, and with their fated encounter all that she knew of her life growing up on an isle near-to Meracydia was unraveled, flooding her in the form of memories that were locked away in her mind. Before Onuma could learn more, however, her mother committed suicide, leaving her with nothing but confusion, heartache, and grief.

Ank'a Jawantal, father ( - )
Onuma's Thoughts: "He didn't deserve to die the way he did..."

He was a plantation farmer, and so placid that he could have been considered a pacifist. After the loss of their mother, Ank'a was forced to raise Onuma and Jhi on his own. Ank'a's cruel and unjust death was a high point of contention between Onuma and the Wood Wailers of Gridania early on in their life on Eorzea. She now bears resentment toward them and the poachers they hunted, firmly believing he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Recent events have caused Onuma to question who Ank'a truly was to her, but she still thinks fondly of him, and keeps his memory alive by tending to the crops and the home they built for themselves.

Jhi Ahntifi, sibling ( - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "The bastards took the light of my world from me. But vengeance will not bring her back. I am sorry I could not protect you when you needed me most..."

A young girl who at one point Onuma believed to be her younger sister, whom she had the responsibility of caring for when Onuma's mother was lost to them. Jhi had a very strong attachment to Onuma, and was afraid of letting her go anywhere without her being in her sights. It was this familial love that often made others question whether Onuma was her mother or her sister, yet in spite of this Onuma would proudly claim that she would take on both roles. Like their father, Jhi's death had a direct influence in how Onuma perceived many of the Gridanians and the poachers they vehemently despised. Jhi was an unfortunate victim caught in the crossfires. Recent events have caused Onuma to question her relations to Jhi, much like Ank'a, but the child still holds a special place in her heart.

Riel'a Zhwan, Little Man ( )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "He is my godson. He may be my only child, but he is mine. A ray of light in my life."

Born the only child of Y'lyfriel and Rhesh'ir, Onuma was given the honors of taking the role of Riel'a's godmother, should something ever happen to his parents. Onuma takes pride in this role, and though Riel'a has the whole free company to rely on as his family, it is this special intimacy that Onuma shares with the kit. Since Y'lyfriel's death, Onuma takes that role much more seriously, and does whatever she can to be around him, as though he were her own son.


Listed here are the non-family characters, both PC and NPC, that Onuma has interacted with enough or in such a way for her to form a real opinion about them. Please don't take personal offense if your character isn't listed here, or how the interaction or relationship is described. It isn't that I dislike your character or our RP. I just tend to only add these as necessary for those who make a real impact on Onuma, and descriptions are purely based upon in character experiences and opinions!

Last Update... 6/2/2017

* An asterisks denotes that Onuma doesn't know the individual's true name.

Rhesh'ir Zhwan, "Zee" ( - - 🔒 )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "He is my captain. My student. And one of my closest of friends, besides. I wish him happiness to be found with R'miah."

Onuma and Rhesh'ir have been extremely close with one another since the tragedies that befell them, and the losses they suffered secured their bonding ever more closely. In this way, Onuma vowed she would do everything to support Rhesh'ir as a duty-bound father and as captain both. Though it was at one point tested, Onuma has since displayed an unfaltering resolve to the man and the path he follows.

Keaira Twinning ( - - 🔒)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "I will never forgive them for what they did to you..."

Onuma did not meet Twinning until after the 81st's excursions through the Crystal Tower. Admittedly, there was a distinct lack of trust in the beginning, and Onuma was initially cautious around her, but that melted away the more they began to talk. They became fast friends and fast allies, moreso when Twinning was brought into the free company and eventually promoted as a lieutenant. Though she was a strong entity amid the free company and projected a powerful sense of comraderie, something changed in her when the Crimson Lanners crossed paths with the 81st, time and time again. A victim to assault and cruel methods of torture by the Lanners, Keaira never seemed to fully recover from her traumas, and instead grew more distant. She eventually departed from the free company, much to Onuma's sadness.

Fen'rin Taveck, "Green Bean"( - - 🔒)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "Wherever you are now, you'll always have a home to come back to with me."

Though Fen'rin had returned with his journey alongisde Lady Moshantu, his sightings among those of the free company were becoming few and far between, and even lesser after a traitor in their midst attacked the home and robbed the Roegadyn of his companion, Snount. It was some time after they buried the sanuwa that the man pulled her aside and announced his wishes to leave the 81st, and return to his wandering troupe family. Though Onuma wanted to protest, she accepted his decision and a bittersweet parting was had.

Ander Brookstone ( - 🔒)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "Ander? He is a tender and pure man, and I have always delighted in our conversations. Though we have become busy in our life of duties, I still try to keep up with him!"

Onuma first came across Ander when him and the soldiers he led were under attack by a pack of voidsent drawn to a corrupted idol in the Black Shroud. Since then, she had seen him on numerous occasions, though their talk was only brief, up until the day she fell comatose. When she awoke several moons later, she saw him again amidst all the chaos happening on the 81st's doorstep. Since then the two had grown to become close friends, through thick and thin, offering each other respite from their every day lives amid their obligations and duties. Since then Ander was moved to another division within the Twin Adders, and so their interactions have become less frequent, especially with Onuma often away on misions. She still tries to write to him when time permits.

Ralamano Nulumano, ( - - 🔒)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "Near-to every turn of the sun I am spent questioning where things went wrong with Ralamano. He says this is what we made of him, but ... is that true? Have I changed the man what shared his grief with me, all those years ago? Nay, you don't just change overnight..."

Onuma has known Ralamano since he was merely an assessor from the Mealvaan's Gate. They had become like as two sides of the same coin. The man had always given to her a protective streak when he was present, in spite of his need to examine every situation with the best possible outcome. Now, though, ever since he unveiled his methods for removing his blindness, Ralamano has become almost unrecognizable to Onuma. Confiding in Rhesh'ir has pushed her to make efforts to still maintain her trust in the man, but still then, Onuma is uncertain how to best approach him now. She refuses to believe he is without the love and compassion he had for the free company, though it is oft smothered by his extreme treatment of all else.

Tertersa Terin, "Crystal" ( - - 🔒)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "That girl can be a mystery, and very messy with my workshop. She's a sweetheart at the end of the day, though."

This young lalafell girl quickly attached herself to Onuma, notably after being referred to as her "hero". No amount of shaking off would put her free of that, and as their relationship has grown bigger, Onuma finds herself looking after Crystal like she would her own child. The brilliant smith continues to interest that craftsman side of her. She has performed in ways that even Onuma had not considered of her own accord. In short, she is a mystery to her. A happy little engima.

Dawson Colwell ( - - 🔒)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "Dawson is ever so busy now, not as a lieutenant on the field, but as Rhesh'ir's advisor. He also tends to Riel'a when I cannot be there. Though I do not see him these days, I am at the least content that he has returned to us, even if for a short while."

Onuma's recovery came with news about Dawson's return. Ever so excited to see her mentor and brother both, she did not think on what kind of condition she would find him in. When they met face-to-face, it was as if she were staring into the eyes of a wholly different man. Alien, foreign, and distant. Onuma did not know how to feel, in spite of her gratefulness of Dawson's return. But then one day he came back, eyes shining with a new light, as if some new source of confidence filled him, and the conjurer was again re-animated. Since then she does not see him between her duties to the 81st, but Onuma is always happy to see him when she is able to.

Mizuki Hagane, "Bubbly" ( - 🔒-)
Onuma’s Thoughts: "mizuki. Seven Hells, she went through so much damage. I only hope that she will recover without being afraid for herself, or returning to the life she once had. The evils done to her...I would revisit on those foul men tenfold."

Onuma met this lively young Au Ra through Lyfriel. Onuma didn't exactly understand where all of her jovial energy came from, but it softened Onuma's heart to Mizuki, and only drove her to have a protective streak around her. When Mizuki's lord brother arrived at the 81st's doorstep, and Onuma was so excited to reunite them, she was beside herself in shock to discover that the young Au Ra had gone missing. It was an arduous and heart-wrenching journey finding her again, and when they did they uncovered something monstrous in the process. Since then, Onuma has attempted to keep a watchful eye on her, and has expressed her hopes that Mizuki would stay with them, and foster her life among those that could be trusted.

Alicia Bennett, "Sassy Girl"( )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "She's headstrong, even if she remains unsure about her life as an adventurer, and where her true calling may lie."

Onuma met Alicia on the day she was to join them as an initiate, and discovered from her introductions that she worked as a recordskeep for the Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. Onuma found it to be coincidental as she worked as a miner for them, for a brief time. The two then did not speak much to each other for quite some time, until Alicia began making her presence known again. She finds in Alicia a friend, if unconventional and eccentric. It's that spontaneous and rebellious nature that has helped Onuma keep from losing her mind.

Auriana Wynter ( - 🔒 )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "Wynter is a woman of noble intent, even under the tumultuous storm she weathers. It is because of her that I may have a link to my true origins..."

Onuma and Auriana did not start getting to know each other more up until recently. It was the highlander's ever encouraging words that made Onuma want to reach out and converse with others again, and her display of trust touched Onuma deeply. Further deepening this relationship was the struggles Auriana went through to keep her fire burning, weathering even the worst of change with herself and H'lanah. Onuma never gave up on Auriana, and even now she will not. Since the passing of these events, Auriana grew into her own, and earned her status as a sergeant. In Auriana, Onuma saw a fierce flame, bold with passion and stirred by dreams--dreams of a time where her people and her homeland were free from imperial subjugation. So strong were these feelings that, when the worst of events befell the 81st, Onuma had felt that Auriana might have been lost to them. Much to her happiness, however, Auriana has decided to stay up until a time comes that an opportunity grants her leave to assist the people she felt she had to abandon long ago.

Onuma’s Thoughts: "Lanah is a great many things, but among them she can be a good friend, if troubled at times."

Onuma was once frustrated with H'lanah, for multiple reasons that appear as a distant memory now. Through her relationship with Auriana, did Onuma learn about Lanah and who she really was. There were moments in which Onuma and lanah expressed their disagreement with one another, especially where Auriana's life was on the line, but that eventually changed as time went on. Though she does not know how things have fared for her since her and Auriana's divorce, Onuma still sees Lanah as a friend and trusted comrade

R'miah Tosh ( -🔒 - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "R'miah and I, we have startling differences, but there's an air of similarity I feel. Much like Lyfriel and I. I wish to embrace that nature that draws us together."

R'miah Tosh was someone Onuma had little and less knowledge of until she saw her come into the infirmary, on the day she awoke from her coma. Onuma reacted poorly to her introduction with the Sunseeker, at first. Now, it is like night and day compared to where they first began. Onuma sees in R'miah a quiet strength and immense patience that few could ever hope to wield in the way she can, and that besides she is one of the most talented people that the Moonkeeper has ever had the pleasure of knowing. Though her worldly learnings are not as refined as others, R'miah has a wisdom to her brought through strife and much suffering. None would suspect it, however, with her infeciious smile!

Sprouting Cinder, "Sprout" ( - 🔒 )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "He is a good man, and though we have gone our separate ways, he will always have a special place in my heart. I will write to him often."

Onuma and Sprout encountered each other when the 81st was sent to investigate a fallen artifact above the cloud sea. The artifact drew the attention of powerful voidsent, and Onuma was unable to keep up with all of the chaos in her weakened state. The 81st were nearly overrun when Sprout and a band of sky pirates known as the Duskwings intervened, and together they put an end to the assault. From that day, Onuma and Sprout had a fast growing friendship that eventually evolved into a blooming relationship. It was rocky at first, and passions were high, but the two steadily worked on their differences. Unfortunately, due to their own mounting struggles, the weighted problems were becoming too much. As such the two amicably agreed to end the relationship, and went on to assume their respective roles and duties.

*Raving Raven, "Raven" ( )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "I had high hopes he would do something for himself. What a fool I was, thinking he could be saved. He proved to me that such efforts are folly. Never again will I attempt to reason with imperials, regardless of their status in their ranks. Not even turncoats can be trusted..."

Onuma met this strange, yet talkative Au Ra one evening when she went out in search of a particular variety of tomato to grow in her garden at home. The two exchanged colorful conversation and opinions on varied and wide topics, sparking interest in ways they did not expect.Since that time, however, Raven had revealed that he was once born into imperial life, inciting anger and heartache in many of the 81st. Onuma tried desperately to get him to see the freedom he could have -- if he but worked for it. Though he did attempt to do this at first, the Miqo'te truly began to see where her efforts fell flat when the man never made attempts to grow into his own person. When Raven finally departed from the free company, with few friends to ever cast their eyes his way, Onuma realized just how much of a fool she was to try and give this man a new way of life.

Onuma’s Thoughts: "I know not what happened to drive Catara away from us, but I will hope that she has come back stronger and for the better, this time."

Though Catara initially shied away from Onuma's assertive presence, Onuma broke the ice between the two of them and together they became steadfast friends. Catara incites a protective nature from Onuma, and she firmly believes the Doman woman yet needs to find her own path amid the 81st. They have had their disagreements and they have had their tender moments, but through thick and thin, Onuma always had a watchful eye on her. For some time, Catara had all but disappeared, leaving Onuma wondering where she had gone and why she had abandoned the 81st without word. As fate would have it, the woman somehow made her return a moon after the fated attack on the 81st's home. Onuma is unsure how to feel about Catara as of now, and is near-to guarded with her sore feelings on the matter.

Tahla'ra Molkot ( - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "So many things have I learned about Tahla'ra, and how how important he is to me. Where aught else is a whirlwind of uncertainty, I wish to look to him and know what grounds me..."

Though it has been closing on a full cycle that Onuma met Tahla'ra, the man found his way into the knight's heart, and the two of them found common ground with their love of smithing. Onuma had always felt he was a bit of an odd ball, comprised of an odd mix of gentlemanly uprising with strong and outspoken beliefs, and Onuma even resonated with the tenderness that Tahla'ra had rarely shared with her. Recent events have unraveled the two's close history with one another, and their origins, complicating matters of the heart where Onuma was concerned. Though he had asked her hand in courtship, Onuma was uncertain about doing this, and so decided to refrain from entering one--at least right now. This broke Tahla'ra's heart, and Onuma feels immense guilt about this.

Siobhan Milner, The Diplomatic Assassin( - 🔒 - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "She is among the strongest people I have ever known to walk these treacherous paths, full of betrayal and bloodshed and loss. It is for this reason that I believe us equals. That, and she is a fanciful sight to behold on the battlefield."

Siobhan was long known as the quartermaster of the free company after she had been given the position by Rhesh'ir, noted by her incredible knowledge on wealth, network of people, and ability to play at the markets. Onuma sees that knowledge as irreplaceable, just as the person who possesses it, and Siobhan was no exception. With an expert hand, this Uldahn could have a man's throat slit in a matter of seconds, and all without causing a show. She has also saved the 81st on numerous financial accounts, as well. Every day Onuma learns something new about this woman several years her senior, and it is like watching a flower that has already bloomed, continue to bloom.

Avery Cross, The Inspector ( 🔃 - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "I was truly angry with him after his master attacked us, and could not fathom why Rhesh'ir would want him in our home. But the more we talk...the more I realize that, perhaps somewhere, forgiveness can be given, and trust can be rebuilt. "

Onuma has not known the inspector for but a couple moons now, but when he first arrived on their doorstep, she was incredibly displeased to know that their free company was on the line, due in part to a thinly veiled seed of mistrust between themselves and the grand company that they were supposed to represent. Like everyone else, Onuma was made to bear with it with the captain's reluctant approval. When he saved many of their lives during a fight against an invading party of imperials, Onuma had a change of heart about him, but that was quickly ruined when Drobuvain, Cross's Sharlayan master, decided to attack the 81st, decrying them as ill-learned savages not soon after they were attacked in their very own home by a months' long spy infiltrating their ranks. This infuriated an already upset Onuma, who looked at Cross as a traitor for some time. It took Rhesh'ir and her having a heated discussion to get her to begrudgingly accept the man back into their home, to allow him to repent.

Since that time, Onuma and Cross have spoken more often. This has allowed her to see more genuine pieces of Cross beneath a rigid exterior and for that reason has decided to take a risk and extend her hand to the man, who reciprocated the earnest request. Since this time, the two have agreed to mentor each other in their respective arts, of which excites Onuma.

Scarred Boar (NPC) ( 🔃 - - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "He was infuriating and overbearing to me. But now he is gone, and...I do not know what to feel, still, even after all these passing moons. I miss his presence."

Scarred Boar, the name of a man that once was alive and also could not pass into the Lifestream. He was, for lack of a better term Onuma's life support. Though Onuma was initially terrified of him and of the reality that he was living within her, this lost soul graced her with such wisdom that she would never think to possess, and always when the world began to grow too heavy on her shoulders, Scarred Boar was there to reason with her and keep her head on straight. He passed on when he intervened a dreadfully powerful voidsent's efforts to use Onuma as a new host, and took the demon with him.

Y'lyfriel Sikah, "Sister" ( - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "I still expect her smiling face to come bursting in through the doors of our estate, to share with me what new fanciful idea caught her attention."

Lyfriel was one of the very first people Onuma met amongst the original free company's members, long before it became such. She thought her foolhardy then, but it was that overeagerness and the hospitality that Lyfriel possessed that drew Onuma to her. Onuma will ever see her as a young woman stumbling her way through life, with a fighter's spirit and a mother's warring claim when her son was born into the world. The two were nigh inseperable, and having Lyfriel torn from her devastated Onuma, like the world was repeating events over and over again. She still reels from it.

X'linwh Tia ( - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "We did it. Tarvoth, he is slain. Mayhaps now you may forgive me for failing you, and you can be at ease. Rest easy -- you fought hard, and you earned a warrior's keep."

Lin, like Lyfriel, was among the first people Onuma had the honor of meeting. Though not the brightest boy, he had an appetite, and he was eager to learn and show off his heroics like the heroism found in the childrens' stories. He and Onuma did not always get along, and she will ever question herself over the past, but there isn't a day where his spirit is kept far from the back of her mind. It is to honor his memory that she would hunt the beast that took his life and vanquish it.

Lotan'to Jiub ( - )
Onuma’s Thoughts: "You were there for me, even when I pushed you away. I only wish that I was able to stop her."

Lotan'to was a product of what happens when imperials establish a domain and force their captives to assimilate. Brainwashed and broken, only to be made to believe he was made to spy for them, this miqo'te did unspeakable things, and was the result of numerous kidnappings. In short, he had a lot of blood on his hands. It wasn't until he made a friend in captivity that he slowly awoke from his stupor and the raw truth was revealed, about him, his family, and his own life. Onuma protected him when later learning of this revelation, even when it brought a great source of tension between her and Rhesh'ir. It was a sad state of affairs when then he attempted to fight for his freedom, and was gunned down by the very person he befriended. One that Onuma feared would come.


These are rumors, both from NPCs and PCs, that one might overhear in regards to Onuma. Feel free to utilize these in your RP hooks, or add your own!

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
  • "Tha' one's a lieutenant o' th' one free company. You know! Th' one that go huntin' primals an' shit! An' actually survive!" -- Lominsan Civilian.

  • "Oohoo! Tha' one. Saucshyy little...Saucy ... shite. Lemur? Yeah. Lemur. Didn't know she liked the feel of another gal's lipsh. " -- Drunkard in the Drowning Wench.

  • "Eh? She once was part of the Bloodsands? Wonder how much it'd take to get her back into it...? Heh." -- Ul'dahn nobleman.

  • "'eard she can kill things wit' 'er eyes. No, not by looks you imbecile, wit' beams an' fire!" -- Aleport Pub patron.

◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
  • "She looks ... different. Off. Can't put my finger on what. " -- Gladiators' Guild trainee.

  • "She makes quality items, but I've heard that if you get her talking specifics, she'll open her wares to custom-build goods. I mean, it's outlandish stuff." --Wandering Merchant.

  • "How in the name of the Fury did she make good with the High Houses?! Infuriating, to think that this adventurer and her ilk could..." --Disgruntled, ranting Ishgardian.

◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
  • "Heard she and her free company were caught up in some nasty business with the imperials. Full glad am I that the case was founded false and untrue. I look up to her." --Flames Private.

  • "I don't see her with that Keeper anymore. She and him always came around to make deliveries. It feels a little less warm without them." --Gridanian Botanist.

  • "See that one talkin' to herself sometimes, like someone else be there with her. It's queer, and I can't say I like it for more than enough reasons..."--Adventurers across various locations.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Feel free to add rumors of your own!
  • "Aye, I'll remind her she's beautiful until I'm not around anymore. Or, until she stops denying it. She has a strong soul...if that makes an onze of sense, and is tough enough to outlast the eras. There's a sweetness to her, too, and I wonder if some of that isn't from carrying those she's lost. I enjoy her nuance, her laugh, and I'd put my gil on her any turn of the sun." -- Keaira Twinning

  • "She tries to hide behind scars and experience, but there's a softness to her. Sure, she might deny it--hells, it's even adorable when she does--but it's there. And it needs protecting. I gave my word that I would save her, and so I will." -- Rhesh'ir Zhwan

  • "Onuma is family to me in the sense that I always know I will have her support when I need it. She has helped me through some of the hardest moments in my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful." -- Dawson Colwell

  • "When she ain't smilin', she looks fierce as seven 'ells, but she 'as a kind 'eart. Ain't another in whole world ah'd tell me deepest secrets t' an' know she'd keep 'em safe." --Ferai Caolann

  • "Kitten? What about her? Quit asking me questions....you mess with her, be ready to deal with me." -- Vyncent Tanner

  • "Miss Onuma is so beautiful, inside and outside! I hope one day she will tell me stories! Think of all the love she has seen in all of her experience..." -- Mizuki Hagane

  • "You're asking me about Onuma? She's great! I love her to bits, she's quite literally my family. Sometimes she can be a bit bossy, but it's nothing sitting on her won't solve. Uh... you, probably shouldn't though, she may stab you." -- Fen'rin Taveck

  • "Staunch, stalwart, and sweet. A shield for ours in more ways than one. Without her we--I would be unsteady." -- Ralamano Nulumano

  • "Strong, dedicated, determined. Beautiful, even if she won't admit it to herself. And yet, deep down, I can't help but be a little afraid of her as well." -- Tahla'ra Molkot

  • "One of the finest women I've ever served with in my career, and like a sister to me. Something you'd never imagine? You can make the woman do almost anything for a cake..." -- Siobhan Milner

  • (Insert rumor here.) -- Rumor Author / Location

  • (If you add a player rumor, please first copy and paste the above line of code to leave behind for the next person! Thanks!)


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Onuma has led a life of adventuring - and in craftsmanship - that's brought her to many places stretched across Eorzea. Though not all of those roads have brought her to good discoveries, she wouldn't be where she is today had she not walked them. Because of this, there are several ways someone would know about her.

  • Bloodsands Participant: Though she had disguised herself at the time, Onuma for a brief time had partaken of these sometimes deadly skirmishes. An incident later had her pulled out, cutting off her time there early.
  • Gladiators' Guild Trainee:After events unfolded after the Bloodsands, Onuma was taken out and led to train under the First Sword and her most trusted. This was their way of saving her sorry hide, and she is ever thankful for it.
  • The Immortal Flames: Onuma was bestowed as an honorary title for working alongside the Immortal Flames on a consistent basis. Those enlisted would likely have seen her around at some point in the past handful of years.
  • Paladins/Sultansworn:Once released from the Gladiators' Guild, it was a few years of stretching her presence and doing work for the smallfolk in the city-states that garnered their attention. She took up the opportunity to learn from one, and she will ever see them in positive light.
  • Smithy:Onuma has a love for forging weapons and armor. Though it has taken her years to hone her skills, her own creations are her very pride, and she would love every single one, even if they weren't her best results.
  • The Maelstrom: Onuma is a lieutenant of the 81st Foreign Levy, which has been working under the Maelstrom for some time. Anyone affiliated with the Maelstrom or is enlisted under it would likely know about her and her free company.
  • The Black Shroud:Onuma lived in the south reaches of the Black Shroud for nearly ten years, prior to the Calamity. She and her small family of three had reoccurring run-ins with a particularly racist band of elezen and hyur that served under the Wood Wailers. Though she and her family tried to make peace with them, blood ran bad with them.


Hello there! My name is Robyn. I'm 26 years old, and during those years I've played a handful of MMOs. By extension, I've had time to practice RP. RP helps me in aspiring to be a writer, as I enjoy it greatly, especially with people I can connect with! Like everyone else, though, I am also here to enjoy the wonderful game offered to us. You'll likely see me around a lot! Feel free to say hello! :)


I am somewhat of a chatty person.If you strike up conversation with me, you'll find that I tend to talk plenty right off the bat! That said, I am easy going, and tend to not be bothered about most subjects. I will ramble on about almost anything, including about RP chars and their RP experiences!
I can get invested in the game itself. While I have a love for roleplay, I am definitely going to partake in almost everything FFXIV has to offer, especially where it concerns PvE. Don't take it personally if I'm not available for RP at times! I will do what I can to help create a time and place for us to roleplay.
My character is not me! While plenty of inspirations and corresponding similarities can be made about my character, over time I believe I have made a distinction between myself and her. Her actions, her thoughts, and her words, are her own. Whatever she says and does is not a reflection of my views.


I'm a fairly laid back person, and generally feel that any established guidelines are capable of being bent in exceptional circumstances. Still, for the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page here, let me make a few mentions in particular:


Break the lore or assume it for your roleplay. The world of Eorzea and FFXIV's setting in general is vast, and with it comes a tempting mystery in parts of the rich world-building that the game developers have not filled in. I get that. I really do. But I have always firmly believed that you can work within its guidelines and still have a creative use of the lore. That said, you are free to do as you wish, but tampering with what has been established will make it really difficult for me to partake in your RP.
Engage in overly explicit content. While I know life in Eorzea can be grisly and dark, I will not willfully participate in something if it is done for the sake of getting a reaction out of someone. There is a time, place, and limit to everything, and lines can be crossed! Please be mindful of your fellow roleplayer.


Abide by your headcanon, if it abides by lore. So long as it stays reasonably within the parameters of the world's lore, I am all for getting creative and making something believable! I do this for my own characters too, so do poke me if you feel something doesn't make sense. I am always willing to back up my actions, thoughts, and plans.
Explore the lore with you. Assuming we don't start reaching outlandish territory, there is plenty of the game that is left open-ended, and I will go far and wide to find any pieces of the puzzle to fill in the mystery. It can make for great roleplay, even if there's no direct answer for something yet!
Partake in Fight/Sparring RP. As a lieutenant, Onuma is a busy woman, and she will often disregard many an attempt to engage in something like a fight unless it is for training exercises. That being said, exceptions have been made, and I would be willing to participate within means. I would just appreciate it if you spoke with me in private messages first so that I understand what to expect and any rules I have to go by. Thank you!
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