Rai Vaara

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 Rai Vaara
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Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Place of Birth
Guardian Nophica, the Matron
Nameday 4th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon (Age: 24 )
Marital Status
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Basic Info

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Rai is usually quiet and calm; a rational person who likes to think before doing. She is also very loyal to the Garden and to its members, and would easily sacrifice herself for any of them. She doesn't dislike conflict, but would sometimes rather deal with it in other ways. She doesn't seem to have any interest in men or women. Rai is always neat and organized, as she is attracted to the military discipline. She always dresses properly and speaks with a stern voice. Contrary to how she may speak, however, she doesn't like to lead others. This is the primary reason she was not appointed an instructor. She also rarely speaks of her past to anyone.


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Living Relatives: Unknown. Never met.


Ventus Zeruel, formal Headmaster of Ul'dah Garden.




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At a very young age, Rai was found wondering the Black Shroud by the Wood Wailers. She was alone in the labyrinth of trees and waterways, but to the Wailers' surprise, she was not scared. If fact, she seemed happy, with a smile on her face and freshly picked flowers in her hand. She didn't say anything when the Wailers approached her and asked for a name, she only smiled. Unsure of what to do, the Wailers took her back to Gridinia to ask the wise Seedseerers what they should do with the outsider. The decision was made that the child was to be raised as any child of the Forest. She was brought to the orphanage, and it was there that she was given her name, and her birthday was estimated. As Rai grew older, so did her curiosity. She always wanted to explore the world, and thought that learning how to fight would help her achieve that. She eventually joined the Wood Wailers and was taught how to fight. Not too long after becoming a regular member of the Wailers, she met a man that spoke about a different kind of school. This is when she befriended Ventus Zeruel, several years before the Calamity. Since then, she has served him and the Garden faithfully as an administrator, dealing with the paper work Ventus pushed aside. Rai took a leave of absence from her duties at the Garden to train. She eventually joined the Twin Adders and participated in the war as a lowly foot soldier. She doesn't share many details about this part of her past, and promptly refuses any request to disclose it. She returned to the Garden 2 years after the events of the Calamity, and regained her position.

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