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'''Hair Colour:''' Black.
'''Hair Colour:''' Jet black.

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"Never cruel, never cowardly. That's what mom and dad taught us."

 Riou Stormbreaker
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Half-midlander, half-highlander
Citizenship Kugane
Vocation Miko guardian and knight-errant in training
Guardian Halone
Nameday 25th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Seiyuu Yuki Kaji
Image Song Resolve [1]
Server Balmung

Basic Information

Name: Riou, of the Stormbreaker clan. Son of Schezar Skyblade and Mist Desiree.

Age: 17, in secondary storyline.

Birthplace: The Crystarium

Current Residence and Affiliations: A private family home in Shirogane, and his own condominium.


Height: 6 Fulms, 1 Ilm.

Weight: 192 Ponze.

Skin Colour: Light tan.

Eye Colour: Vivid crimson.

Hair Colour: Jet black.

Other Distinctive Features: Scar across his face from early errantry, and aetheric family tattoos after coming of age and passing his clan trials.

Description and Plot Hooks

Conscientious and considerate, Riou is dedicated to his sister, his parents, and his peers, especially his childhood friend, the shrine maiden Hinageshi.

While he tries to be patient and diplomatic, he also leaps at any opportunity to test his skills and prove himself, an eagerness inherited from his father.