Rivette Moks

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Rivette Moks

Ul'dah-transparent.png Rivette Moks
Rivette by surealkatie-dbgi2zo (1).jpg
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Xaela
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Age 29
Occupation Hunter, sellsword
Height/Weight 6 Ft 0 In
Home Varies. Moves around alot.

Rivette really didn't ideally want to do much, but be lazy when she had the chance. But well. As her parents had left her and her sister when they were young. Rivette being the older sister of Nineveh. Had to well.. Figure something out, so she started learning how to hunt. And fight. To naturally take care of herself, and her sister. Which raised her up to be the towering Xaela that she is today. Scarred by battle. And ready to take on anything, or anyone. Her will un-wavering even in the face of countless foes.

Basic Info

A patient and well mannered lady. Learned it from all the other races around Eorzea in her time present.
Mostly decides to spend her time either.. Talking with other people openly, She is not so shy. Or out hunting, in which, sometimes she may even be spotted carrying around some fur from a previous hunt, that she could sell for a few extra gil. Her hunting skills are rather. Excelling due to her combat experience, although, her hunts do not always concern monsters. Sometimes just animals that give meat and fur, as she's a survivalist.
But with her hunting skills being well exercised, that would not quite be her only like of work. Rivette also works, as a part time sell-sword. But, one with standards to say the least, she would refuse to take on dirty jobs or anything that'd even slightly lower her honour, she although she herself, may not fight with complete honour and value traditional fighting. As she is self-taught so her fighting style is far from refined in its own glory, Rivette would fight fair, if the fight calls for it.
Having been raised rough around her edges, due to her sister Nineveh robbing people when they were younger, to survive naturally.. As it was just the two of them. She had to well. Fight to protect Nineveh in circumstances.
Rivette's journey to Eorzea was a rather strange one, because. She never actually came into contact with civilisation for the first few months of being present. Due her injuries sustained before leaving the Othard. Which left her incapable in doing such. She would of thrived on the land, hunting and making camps, from place to place.. Avoiding people in general.. One would not know why she would. But perhaps due to struggles on leaving Othard. Made her not want to be around people.
Her armour would represent her fearsome fighting style. It'd have spikes pointing out of her shoulders, and in various parts in the armor, it'd almost be representing that of a dragon-warrior. A fearsome look it'd give. Being hit by any part of the armor itself could deal some damage, let alone her axe also, which would not look the same as the armour.. But it'd look more royal, somewhat. But the bladed edge of it would not be a joke in how dangerous it could be. The weight of it too.

Appearance & Personality

Rivette is a tall Xaela, build mostly on muscle and brute force, but. That would not justify her in total. Her personality would be light and out-going. And she is rather well mannered. For a warrior like herself, it'd be odd to see such a combination, one would expect more serious attitude from herself. But she detests the thought. Having a sister to take care of made her always keep happy. And polite to people around her. She's rarely ever shy. If she wishes to talk to someone, then she will just walk up and do so. Not fearing how people may think of her, or how rude they might even be to her. Even if they are rude to her, she'd likely be just as rude back, perhaps even childish. As she's still young, she's not one yet to easily give it up and turn into a boring old Xaela.

Those who have already met her, have told them she is nice, and mannered. But also can be rather humorous. Given the conversation at hand, and she'd like to think the same herself. At least to some extent where she doesn't sit on top of her own ego. Which she rarely has. She keeps an eye out for her friends and family over herself. Her actions tend to show that she isn't one to think just for herself.

Alignment - Chaotic Good


Early Childhood

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Teenage Years

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Escape from Othard

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Layout is a slightly modified version taken from Lsael Elswer
Theme Song: [Demon hunter - Last one alive]

Commission of Rivette was done by SurrealKatie