Ronin'ra Jinehga

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"Aye, s'fuckin' d'this."

Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Ronin'ra Jinehga
Honest Drunkard
OOC Character Information
Main Job(s): Warrior
Main Tradeskill: All
Preferred Role: Tank
Server: Balmung
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Reputation: Criminal within Gridania. Former pirate under Carvallain and the Kraken's Arms.
Occupation: Pirate and contracted mercenary.
Education: Basic reading, writing and whatever else he learned over the years.
Marital Status: Mated
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Guardian: Menphina, the Lover
Free Company
Items Carried
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of the Moon
Age: 32 cycles.
Height: 6 fulms 1 ilm.
Weight: 189 ponze.
Eyes: Emerald green (two-toned).
Hair: Raven black.
Complexion: Tanned.
Physical Build: Toned, lean muscle. Broad shoulders and sturdy.
Notable Features: Thick scarring over left eye and entire torso. Criminally branded on left shoulder and bicep. Missing left ring finger.
   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

₪ General ₪

"S'easy t'fuck w'folk. S'even easier t'make 'em 'ate ye, eh?"

Ronin is (outwardly at least) a rough, crass and outspoken individual. Pretty much most opinions, or just basic thoughts of a situation, that swim to the surface are spewed outward in a guttural, boisterous tone. To many, that first meeting or appearance instantly strikes home as he being an unsavory individual. Unknownst to all but a select few, it's mostly a ploy. Mostly. A mask used to weed through those he wouldn't normally even bother to understand or care to learn of. Words are a thin tether to this Keeper.

While his natural habitat (the docks and various underworldly parts of Limsa and Ul'dah) accept him as such, to those with anymore than a modicum of common sense and dignity veer completely opposite. To him, he cares little what others think. He is who he is and that's as simple as that. Quick to anger, even quicker to escalate a situation to its end, Ronin can be set off at the drop of a pin. But, on the other side of that very rough, very dirty coin, he tries his damndest to stand up for and defend those he cares for. Granted, those he cares for can be counted on a single hand.

The Keeper is layered, outwardly and inwardly, having contracted various ways to deal with situations simply based on first appearances and collected knowledge. Many never witness more than the surface before turning their nose up in disgust at such behavior. He is, far down, a good person. Good being relative in this manner of person. If a situation calls for it, he acts on instinct and a moral compass that resides up there with those capable of making intelligent decisions. Though, he rarely sees or displays such in day-to-day mannerisms.

Ronin'ra Jinehga

₪ Appearance ₪

"Shit, girly, ain't likin' wha' y'see?"

To the right individual, this grimy, shaggy pirate might beckon a bit of roguish attraction. Of course, that's if he bathed on a daily basis and didn't stroll about coated in the scent of somnus and booze. Oddly tall for a Miqo'te, bordering just an ilm above six fulms, his frame held itself clad in lean muscle. Which (comparative to his intake of various alcoholic contents) shouldn't be much possible, he seems to make it happen. Broad shoulders with powerful, used hands (the left missing its ring finger), an onlooker would easily be able to identify a few paths that this Miqo'te has taken throughout his life. His torso and legs remain proportionate to eachother, the latter being longer but still taught with muscular prowess like most of his kin.

Upwards, his face sat quite angular. A masculine jaw lined with a few knicks here and there, that tapered down to a pointed chin. His mouth is usually always in some form of smirk or grin, revealing fairly-white enamel alongside his sharpened canines. A strong nose with a straight bridge nestled between two piercing, hawk-like eyes. The right a darker emerald, his left a shade lighter and accentuated by a horizontal scar that ran from brow to cheek. Deep and hardly missed when looked upon. Above were two thick caterpillars that tried to touch eachother but, luckily, didn't quite make it. Something that would definitely ruin his lean toward a roguish handsomeness. As per many of his kind, he held the birth markings of a Keeper with duo strikes tattooed on the right side of cheek. This was all topped off by a shoulder-length mane of raven-colored hair that never seemed to veer in a unified direction (or remain clean for more than a sun).

Underneath the various baggy, comfortable clothing that Ronin wears, lay a plethora of scars. His chest, shoulders, stomach, back and arms held the brunt of the rugged flesh. A road map of various lacerations, punctures, burns and bullet wounds that gave his upper half quite the dose of character. Or disgust, depending on the onlooker. While his musculature was still easily visible while movement was taking place, the surface flexed and heaved, changing the shape of thirty cycles of being just too slow to dodge. Also, of course, his inability to be healed much aetherically. To top everything off, his left shoulder, ribcage and bicep held itself a dark branding. A burn first, then later tattooed over by those whom marked him. It wove in and out across his taught flesh, almost vine-like in nature. It signifies the Keeper as being a criminal of the Twelveswood.

Ronin'ra Jinehga

₪ Behavior ₪

"Reckon s'time t'start poppin' fuckin' 'oles n'ye."

Ronin is eccentric. If eccentric meant crass, rude, obnoxious, boisterious, coy and overall just being an outward asshole. While they aren't odd traits, they sort of seem to all combine in an amalgamation of roughness that rub most the wrong way. He tells things how he sees it. If he finds something attractive on a woman, whether it be bust or eyes, he'll compliment. Most think it as rudeness or him simply trying to be kittenish when, nine times out of ten, he's simply just saying you look good. A vulgar sort of behavior that was tempered over years of growing up within the underworlds of Limsa and serving on various pirates ships and mercenary companies. You tend to pick up a few bad habits.

To those who bypass that barrier of attitude, Ronin can be a kind, caring individual. Of course, in his own way. He'll defend those necessary, even if he doesn't truly even like them. It's just a characteristic that falls naturally, despite his upbringing and those whom he spends time with. Opposite of this, he can be just as much of a womanizer as he can be a romantic. The difference is of emotional connection, it's that simple. You're either a hole for him to fill or something much more. Though, the latter falls on the shoulders of very few.

Ronin is honest. Even if the truth is something that could completely ruin what he is searching for, he'll say it how it is. There is little reason for him not to, for many experiences have taught this Keeper that lying only leads to exponentially more trouble. He's quick to drop into anger when something doesn't settle right with him but, he's also able to calm himself down if necessary. In most cases. Protective to a fault and respectful to those that have truly earned it, this Keeper is an odd sort.

Ronin'ra Jinehga

₪ Combat ₪

"S'fuckin' sharp, ain't it?"

Combat to Ronin is not a foreign thing. Having lived his life in all kinds of peril, he's grown to become fairly resourceful in a fight. No formal training other than his own collected knowledge, the Keeper can (and will) use pretty much anything at his disposal. Be that chairs, bottles, quills or another item that may be unorthodox and odd to those with learned prowess.

His favored method revolves around the usage of daggers, small firearms and his fists. He has found that the lightweight tools are just as much a projectile as they are organ-removers thus, he uses them accordingly. Flintlock pistols are what he's most comfortable carting about (mainly three within a vertical holster across his ribs), each containing a back stock of firesand and iron rounds. Crude and highly volatile, the weaponry are just as likely to blow your hand off as much as your opponents. That and the range is something to scoff at.

If all else fails and nothing seems to be within reach, Ronin falls easily into an odd, untrained style of unarmed combat. His strength and size work with him, along with the ability to speedily move when necessary. He strikes where he knows it hurts, not from where he was taught. After many cycles of having to take down various enemies, he's learned what breaks easily and what doesn't. You'll see him down in a pit rather than training with a rigid regiment such as those within the pugilists guilds.

Ronin'ra Jinehga

₪ Interests ₪

◢ Likes
All kinds of whisky.
Women and the parts that come with them.
The sea (all of them).
More whisky.
Comfortable clothes.
◢ Dislikes
Overly spicy or sweet foods.
Travelling on most forms of transport (gets motion sickness).
Prudish folk.
Extreme cold.
Entitled people.
Most forms of law enforcement.
Being confined.
Killing of innocents and/or torture.
◢ Hobbies
◢ Favorites
Favorite Food: Breakfast soup.
Favorite Color: Black.
Favorite Drink: Aged Lominsan whisky and mint lassi.
Favorite Location: The cliffs of lower La Noscea.

₪ Character Relations ₪

💘 Romantic Interest    💗 Sexual Desire    💑 Relationship     
Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing    ! Recent Standing Change
[Mate] Sashana Star
[Daughter] Levia Lynxion
[Brother] Orien'to (Ronin'to) Jinehga [Deceased]
[Mother] Ronin Jinehga [Deceased]
[Father] Shalen'sae Jinehga [Deceased]
[Sister] Chemi Jinehga [Deceased]
Sashana Star 💑 💘 His current mate. To say these two have had a rocky road would be an extreme understatement. From the stupid decisions of Ronin, to the stupid decisions of Star, it would seem to be as if they were trying to sabotage their own relationship. But, despite their antics, a bond forged of pain, grief and strength keeps the two glued together. His trust for her is second to none and would willingly turn over his life for the woman. Many times.
N'khai Nunh A Nunh Ronin met nearly a cycle ago and has watched grow into a different person than the original Seeker who had a spider crawling out of his drink. Their relationship is, well, tepid at best. He respects Khai and his abilities, along with some of the things he's done. It didn't always start this way but has blossomed into the closest thing that Ronin can call a good friend. Though one would be hard-pressed to have him admit that. Recently things have all but crumbled between the two, leaving them at odds after interactions with one of his tribe members went south. Their relationship is neutral at best.
Raelyse Dan'thion 💘 💗 A woman he met a few moons back. Again, like most of those he encounters, the confrontation didn't begin well. Despite being doused with liquids, he has grown an attachment for the Seeker. Their pasts coincide in many similar ways and they're able to talk freely about it with each other. Recently, a couple actions have made their relationship extremely rocky - one of them including her loss of his child and a cliff.
Evaleigh Cevas The current leader of the company he was previously contracted to, The Reclaimers. He has a respect for the woman and her work but he also believes that much of her outward appearance is a façade. Ronin doesn't believe this seemingly strong woman to be quite as strong as many think she to be. She's treated him fairly, though, despite a few stern lectures.
Q'chacho Rana 💗 Yet another example of extreme dislike and, almost hatred, turning into something more. When her mate was killed by Khai, Ronin tried to help the poor Seeker by giving her somnus. Of course, she was addicted quickly and went through a spiraling phase because of it. Despite this, it was done with the best intentions and she has possibly come to realize that. During their time they've developed something more than sexual desire but it's yet to be fully tapped.
Niamh Quill [Deceased?] The first love of his life. Despite their horribly opposite views and overall demeanor, the duo melded quickly into a relationship. She changed him considerably, turning the rough-and-tough-shoot-anyone-anger-pirate into something a little less than that. Mellowed him out, taught him things that he still uses to this day. His life would have been much different had his brother not decapitated her to get to him. That pang of being unable to save such an innocent being has hurt him for nearly a cycle now.
Nailah Quill 💘 💗 Sister to Niamh Quill and one of the first leaders of a company he grew to like. She always stood up for him, despite his actions, and tried her best to have everyone see that there was some good. That led to a respectful friendship and, further down the line, something more. Ronin has feelings for the woman and he thinks she knows that. Their wayward, vagabond-like lifestyle is a common trait in eachother.
Alyxiana Nymphea 💗 A dark-skinned Seeker that Ronin fools around with time-to-time. One of the few that he doesn't have to hold back with. He has respect for the woman, and her abilities, and perhaps a tinge of something underneath.
Mizhki Nymphea 💗 These two didn't get off to the best start when Ronin began relations with her wife but, they've seem to have leveled out and the Keeper has come to realize she is just a meek little Miqo'te.
Zanin Briggs 'Brother' to Star and a highly-intelligent doctor. He respects the man greatly, especially after he has saved his life on more than one occasion. If he truly needs information or, even advice, Ronin knows exactly where to look.
Ihrie Briggs Now wife of Zanin Briggs, Ronin has come to respect Ihrie just as much as her partner. He's found out quickly that she's much more lax and easier to talk to than her counterpart. While the duo haven't spent much time together, they're courteous and he considers her a friend.
Niko'lai Lynxion Brother to his mate, Sashana, Ronin respects the man unlike few others. He still stands as one of the few Miqo'te males that Ronin has absolutely no problems with.
Hawu Jinjahl 💘 A woman Ronin met in Limsa when she questioned if he was gonna jump off the dock. From there, it blossomed into a decent friendship. She has aided him quite a few times with problems he's faced, along with a couple nights alone in specific abodes. Recently, their friendship has been rekindled and grown a bit further than previous meetings. He finds himself caring quite a bit for the little lilac woman.

L'nessa Kasah 💗
Calico Tess 💗
Maeonia Ambrosia 💗
Yune Tabrisviel
Lyveen Kryshnyv
Rinh Amariyo
Lena Ulionov
Xao Ganajai
Yehn'za Bajhiri
A'maya Bajhiri
Zahra Jarahn
Mikh'a Elakha
Lulula Lulu
Nhyme Syvian
Mitsuko Rhowa
D'shala Zin
Atticus Buffalobane
Meyla Sarka
Deli D'sara
Nesune Al'saria
Gen Quickpaw
Tikka Swift
Kale Aideron
Redera Rykker
Nheu'a Polaali
Austurmax Laforet
Wuotwint Eifaeidinsyn
Naoh'a Mujuuk
Zithen Zadiel
Peneli Zuneli
A'lanhi Aqi
Nananomi Nomi
Lhasya Briyua
Lucky Mewrilah
K'yhia Zhu
Nihka Mioni
Ghalleon Helseth
Nene Izuhara
Xehn'a Hmyr
D'ranmaia Shenn
Razad Seiyami
Elani Tsagaan
Y'lhieze Belhi

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"You mean that swivin' shite that pissed off the bartender cause he ain't wanna pay for his drink?"
"Ronin, hm? Ah, yes, the crass one. Let's not speak of him, shall we?"
"Aye, 'eard th'Keeper's been collectin' a crew t'sail 'em fuckin' seas. Vander 'as 'im under priv'teerin' flags."
"Ohoho, mhm, mate of the crazy blue-haired one. Saw him a few times, wouldn't fuck with a kitten that big."
"He's no shy sort to Pearl Lane. You didn't hear that from me, understand?"
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"I hear he's got a kid now. Who'd mate with that bloody shitter?"
"Folk've been sayin' his left eye ain't even 'is own."
"Was in love with a woman once, Niamh Quill I believe. A shame, I hear his brother decapitated her."
"You mean that lovely fellow that treated me like a real woman? Aye, I remember him. Hmmm..."
"Didn't hear it from I, but he carries a trio of pistols against his ribs. Aren't they outlawed?"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"Avoid him, plain and simple. I mean unless you like the type that can toss your ass off a cliff or bash your head off the ground if you poke him the wrong way, or do nothing at all in the latter's case. If that is your situation then you could probably use some help...or you got a weird set of fetishes. Could be a coin toss really...What were we talking about again?" - N'khai Nunh
"That one...? Why would you think to ask me about that fellow? Mm, he is brash, violent, foul mouthed and horribly smelly. There is good in him, he saved my life once and we were friends of an awkward sort for a time, I'd like to think. After having a spat, I thought he would return to kill me due to his tumultuous nature, though I overshot myself there. not know anything more than that. Get out of my face." - Hawu Jinjahl
"Ronin.. He might as well take a namechange to trouble. I've had people turn their back on me, because I wouldn't turn my back on him. I see good in him, and I see how it flickers. There one moment, gone the next. Take that as you will." - Nailah Quill

₪ Annotations ₪

Voice actor: With an accent, of course.
Face: Just the overall shape of the head, the brows and nose work well too. Just use your imagination for the scars, ears, markings, etc.
Theme Song: Character Theme.
After Niamh's death.
Battle Theme.
TV Tropes:
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