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Rukira Michaelis
The Living Dead

If a man dedicates his life to good deeds and the welfare of others, he will die unthanked and unremembered. If he exercises his genius bringing misery and death to billions, his name will echo down through the millennia for a hundred lifetimes. Infamy is always more preferable to ignominy.

Fabius Bile


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION: Rue-Keer-Uh Me-Kale-Us.

NICKNAMES: Rue, Kira, Freckles.

RACE & CLAN: Hyur - Highlander and Midlander mixed.

GENDER: Female.

AGE: 30.

NAMEDAY: 29th thSun, 5th Astral Moon.



Other Statistics


CITIZENSHIP: Ul'dahni, Gridanian, and Ala Mhigan.

FAMILY: Hellheart.

RESIDENCE: Estates in the Goblet and Mist, an apartment in the Beds.

OCCUPATION: Self Employed Mercenary

PATRON DEITY: God Complex.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5 fulms, 6 ilms. 140 ponze.

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil.

General Information
Kira is fascinated by life, seeing the darkest desires of man and their even deeper secrets. She is an observer, ever carefully working from behind a drawn curtain to move her pawns where they best fit her own needs. She is curious of this star with such morbid fascination to remain entertained, lest she grow dreadfully dull and bored. Ever seeking knowledge and understanding the will of others. In her work or even interactions with others, she works to draw them closer to shape and mold them into a vulnerable state. To learn all that she can, use them, then move on to the next person. Kira is like a narcissistic parasite, using those around her to fuel her own interests before they are long forgotten and hollow.
'"Death compels us because powerful or weak, loved or hated -- no one escapes death. That includes you. The dead will rise. And you are connected to them all."
Hair & Eyes
Two striking eyes of Lavender, Rukira always holds a judgmental look about her as if peering through a facade. Her blonde hair is thick just beyond her back, but is typically kept up in polite company and battle.
Physique & Markings
A rather young looking woman for her age, the Midlander blood within her is apparent with such a round face and short features. Rumors carry about how she has lost her eye at a young age, but her body suspiciously does not hold a single scar to it.
Hygiene & Attire
Rukira molds to her situation, though she prefers to wear light armor she is capable of throwing on an elegant appearance for the socialite scene. Tending to wear darker clothing, the woman merely observes it as more convenient. Hygiene is a matter of pride and she may obsessively wash her hands from time to time to always keep up that appearance of perfection. Weapons and armor are always well kept and polished.
Psychological Profile
INTJ. The Architect. INTJs are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about.
Prideful and strong, the woman speaks like nobility. However, when intoxicated her Mhigan accent tends to shine. Ideal voice choice:Maaya Sakamoto
Philosophy & Mannerisms
Life is replaceable and the only person that matters in the world is herself. She is not above doing what needs to be done, regardless of what others may think of it. Yet, she's a reserved woman who bides her time and waits for the perfect opportunity to strike. Polite to a fault, Rukira plays with a pleasant mask for society. She understands the game and to achieve what she desires may take a few fake smiles and deception.
● Stuffed Animals
● Alcohol
● Reading
● Intimidating Others
● Being left alone
● Rainy Days
● Conviction
● Intelligence
● Heights
● The Open Ocean
● One-Upping
● Naivety
● Being Blindly 'Good'
● Being Unreasonable
● Condescending Politeness
● Talkative/Obnoxious People
● Hand to Hand Combat
● Weaponry
● Reading Body Language
● Blending in
● Impeccable Memory
● Bilingual
● Intimidation

Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

Basic Statistics
Extreme: Constitution & Strength
High: Wisdom
Above Average: Intelligence
Average: Dexterity
Low: Charisma
Aetheric Abilities
Mastery: Aether Drains
Expert: Manipulation of Aether
Average: Binding
Novice: Teleportation

Weapon Training
Mastery: large Blades or Axes
Expert: Hand to Hand
Average: Blade and Shield, Lances
Novice: Marksmanship
Combat Relevant Skills
High: High Pain Tolerance
Above Average: Better to Be Feared Than Loved
Average: Aether Resistance
Low: Revels in Murder
Non-Combat Abilities
Indomitable: Through trials and tribulations very little disturbs or concerns Rukira. With a mask of apathy, the Highlander rarely shows kindness unless to those she's close to. This gives her a clear conscience on the field of battle with no moral hesitation.
Combat Abilities
Abyssal Desolation: A wide seal beneath Rukira will expand as massive spikes dig into the air lashing hungry for Aether. All targets within the range of AoE will lose energy which will be pulled back into the Knight herself. Allies and enemies alike will all be targeted with this move.
Tout Petit Moineau: Attuned to the darkness within, jagged spikes of ebony will emerge from the ground as life around it wilts. A targeted character will be bound for two whole rounds struggling to break free from its grasp as they are slowly dragged down into a portal of the abyss. If the struggling target does not break their binds, they take insurmountable damage. Others cannot help break said bind, if they attempt to touch or interact they will phase through the spikes.
OOC Note
I prefer the honor system when it's one on one, but rolls for the sake of time when it's a larger group!

There are various plot hooks that can be used from Rukira's history alone. Please see the OOC tab to view a few listed.
Disclaimer: Consider this section to be a constant Work In Progress.


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Young Adult

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Current Years

'"How weak the mind is when it wants to forget. Maybe you didn't forget. Maybe you're lying. Is it a lie you tell everyone around you, or perhaps a lie you tell yourself?"
Rukira The Undying of House Michaelis
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❄ L'ysion

Family Platonic Involved Romantic Passionate Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral ? Unsure Threat Enemy
Galien Hellheart, Father. ( )
Rukira's Thoughts: "My father never told me how to live, he showed me."
A man with nothing but the back on his shirt and his family at his side, they flee'd Ala Mhigo as it fell to ruin. Fortunate enough to get a job with the Wood Wailers, he managed to smooth talk his way with perhaps a bit of showmanship. A busy man that worked hard to provide for his family, he taught his two children how to defend themselves. Currently he is retired in the Lavender Beds, but manages to make it out and train the new recruits that roll in. A respected man in the community, but over all a forgettable one.
Kesta Hellheart, Mother. ( )
Rukira's Thoughts: "My mother was the epithet of 'grace'. Her smile would light up the room and cold men's hearts, there is not many good men in this world, but she was one of them."
As her husband Galien worked in the Shroud, Kesta had a stronger passion to do good in the world. Moving to Ul'dah, she would open a free clinic to help fellow refugees, the poor, and citizens alike. Her two children followed her and would help run it, occasionally visiting their beloved father in the off seasons. Only living off of what donations were given, it was a hard and stressful life, but knowing she could help others was all that she asked for. Kesta was a kind and strong woman, the one that instilled the love of art and music into her children where as her husband felt the need to teach them to fight.
Sirius Hellheart, Brother. ( )
Dovienya's Thoughts: "My other half, Sirius was my shining light and my brother. I loved him with every fiber of my being, and he was beyond words perfect."
Rukira's twin brother, the two were inseparable. While they followed their mother to Thanalan, Sirius had a keen understanding of healing magic much like his mother. Rukira, however, did not and was stuck mostly ordering supplies and seeing to patients. In their free time they'd run with a small gang of local kids run by a small Keeper by the name Gaerwn. His sister was overbearing, always wishing to protect him with a kind smile much like their mother. He hated it, and he hated her. H͓̱̭̻͉͂͒͟ē̱̬͒̓̓̉͋͞ ̇͏͙͚͉͕͕̳w̡̰̰̱̱͖̺ͮͨ̽͗ͅa̠͔̩͔̰̣͙̋͗̂ͧ͟s̗̤͢ ̒ͬͥ̆̃ͅa̷͕̗͇͊͒̿ͫ̋̽n̗̙̱͕͎ͫͭ͑̈͊͑͞ ̤͎̤͓̺ͧͯ̍͑̃̍̈a̙͚̥̱̱̮̐̎ͅb̼͔͈̘̬͗ͧ̆̋̑͞ū̱̲̗ͫ̀̉šͩ̐̚͝i̡͌v̮̱̈́͛ͣę̣̦̥̙̍̊̃̊ ̱̼̫͓͕̠̽̽m̽ͬo̟̞̹̙̙ͧ̆͆n͔ͅs̃ͪͮt̓ȩ͚̟͋ͥr̻̀͗ͮ̊͒̆.̼͒͑͒ͮ
Roland LaChance, God Father. ( )
Rukira's Thoughts: "I barely knew the man, but knew he was my father's best friend. He always had stories to tell and was full of life."
Working beneath Galien with the Wailers, Roland and he were a force to be reckoned with. In times of comfort and pain, they stuck through it all. Roland was thus appointed God father to Galien's children and likewise to his own. Unfortunately the man passed when Rukira was 24 leaving behind a magnificent legacy of being one of the most jovial people she had ever met. But, behind those carefree eyes lurked boiling spite.
Leon Michaelis, First Husband. ( )
Rukira's Thoughts: "I became a part of his life, forcing my way inside like an unmistakable draft of cold air. I sought revenge, but in the end...I was quite taken with him."
Lord Leon Michaelis was a simple man, once that wore a heart on his sleeve as he did a childish grin. He was easy to sway, looking upon the beauty of Rukira. Even as a poor and undeserving woman he took her under his wing and evolved her into a proper woman of etiquette. They soon married at her young age of seventeen and expected their life together to be full of love, children, and happiness. But, things never work out how you intend them to.
Hunter Michaelis, Father In-law. ( )
Head of the household, Lord Michaelis ran a business of Alchemists. Stealing from the poor with watered down potions and the like, he made a fortune off of the unfortunate. However, when a free healing clinic managed to open up, well.. that was certainly bad for business, wasn't it?

"Sirius", The Voice of Guilt. ( )
Rukira's Thoughts: "The voice that lurked within me for years. If only I was strong enough to not let him fill me with doubt."
After the untimely death of her brother, a voice cried in the back of her mind asking for vengeance. For her to right the wrongs in the world and find him peace. Calling himself 'Sirius' much like her own brother, Rukira was under the impression it was truly him from the dead. She would heed his call, attempting to find a new body for him as she'd act as his host. Over time, the Voidkin within her began to corrupt her form slowly killing her from the inside. G͍̳̞͚̏ͤͯ͒i̭̩̲̱͉̊v̘͚ͧ̓̚͟ĕ̡͔̻̦̠͑̎͋ ͙̩̲͋̈́ͤ͆̑̌ͦṃͧͩ͑̒͌̓ḙ̼̥̝̖̍̓ ̧ͫͤ̎b͒̐́͂͏̜̭͙̤̯̜͓l̬̩̺͎̥ͪo̢̝͔͔̝̭͔o͋̅͊̑̿ͫͦ͏̮͉̳̜͎d̶̞,̟̯͉̮͎̰̗͑ͣ̑͗ ̨̥̬̼̻̠̰ͭ̐̊͐̋̐g̪̗͊͒͊̀ͭ͐ͫ̀i̧͈̖̜͙͒̿̿ͧv̟̪̀̈́̈̆͞e̔͏ ̙͓ͧ͋̀͋̊m̖͕̰̰̲̉͋̄̊̽͆́͘ͅe̩̫̫͕̣͕̠ ̊͒̑ͦl͈͎i͍̣̎̇ͥf̚͞e̠͐ͬͤ͑̚.̻̬̯͔̋̈́ͫͤ̓ ̣̗̠̣̰́D͈͖̝̩̜̱̗ͦ̾r͎̠̦ͪͦ́̀͑͌͜a̖͉̰̎̎͊̒ͥ̿ͩḭ̜͈̫̺͍͍̏̒ͫn͍͓̙͚̟ͭ͂ͪ ̢̱̤̑̐̄̽t͉̺̝͇̜̟̖̆ͧͨ̈́̿h͖̮̰̍́e͕̳̜͕̲͉͓ͭͪ̋̋ͤ̽̎ ̢̫̺s͗̅̾̄ͭ҉̖̰͕͎̖o̫̾̓͝u̲̺̣̫̼̫ͩ͂ͯ̄̾l̸̗̰͙̼̤̉̇ͩs̪̺͓͂̊̃͢ ̺̰͚ͯ͗͂òͨ͞f̣͍͈̪̲̬̼̽̃̎̆̂ ̳o͉̳̖͒̍ͭ́t̟͉͚̹̪̭͔ͫh͍̥̙͓̠̱̃e̾̏̋̈r͖͂s̵͈̪̖̈̾̒̆̑̋ͮ ̟̗̹̤͎̪̞̿̈s͖̱̼͔̯̥o̻̺̹̲̿͑ ̗͎ͧ̊̏ͣ͠t̴͓̲̒ͪ͆͗͗͐ͪͅh͗ͣ̈́̀̐ͤ́a̴̺ͮ̏͒̂tͦ̆̍̉̂҉̬͓̳̝ ̧̺̯͕̤̩͍ͅw̳̦̻̩͈̗͙͝ē̴͔͚̝ͤ ̢̻̲͙̽͊͑̄͌ͮ̄m̠̥͕̘͔̼͈̀̎͑ͦ̏̃a̬͓̺̯̭y̸͙̙͕̯ͤͣ̏̚ ͈͇͖̤ͫ̍ͧ͆ͥ̚F͓̬͔ͧ̋͋ͪ͘ͅȨ̦͛ͮͧ͊̓͒A̸̽ͣS̷̜̘T̺̞̩͓̪͔̃̌ͪ̉ ͈̥̘̭̏̏Ụ̶ͩ̚Pͧ̆O̺̣̗̥͎͙̔͆̓̽N̹̘̰̓͗ͤ͛͒̚ ̵͚̭͍̱͓̳̉̌̃ͪ̊̌̀T̟̤͚͖̫͎͇̋͗̌̅H̹̞̣̦͓̽ͧ͢E̸̗̖ͧ̒͋͗ͅ ̻͚̩̯̰̻̟̄̀̏̿͗̌ͫF̢̹̥̘̾̀L̸̞̼ͭͪ̿E̾͠S̪̮̱̳̤̃̌ͧͫͭ̌̄Hͩͤ҉̖̫̜̺̣ͅ ̖̘̗̭̤̣͈̑O̰̎̅͌̑̓F̘ͫͨ͛͊̂ͬ̚ ̸̹̹̂T̶̼͆͊̈̂H̷̗̘̟͌̈́̿ͫÈ̛̐͋̒ ̸͔̅͒̋̂̊̍̚L͕̳̩̝͉͐͡I̥̬͎̥͚ͦ̍̑͊̌ͤ̅V̯̀Iͬ̀́N̛̙̣̟̣̜̠̟̉̄̍Ĝ̯̯̤̏̽̐ͅ.͈͙̱ͪͤ̚ ̴̥̘̈͑̓̒ͬ͌Y̠͈ͫ̍ͫ͒Ő̡̤ͅU͉ͫ̇̌̈́̋ͣ ͖̜͉̤̱͍̟͜A̮ͮ̆̒̋ͥ͘Ǹ̝̘̜̩͎̤̅ͤͤ͂̐̆ͅD̡̬̖ͨ̆̇̆ ͉̺͔ͣͫ͌͆ͭ̽͂͟İ̞̯͚͍̯̓̇ ̳̳͒̉̃͋ͧ͒̀R̡̦̦̙̭̟͒͆̿ͯ̈́͋̋U͕̙̘͑ͯE̜̒̿͗̄̈́̚͜,̦̯̤̭̄ͪ͆̋̚ ͖̮̺̥̼ͮ̿͊͊ͫ̔W̢̘͖̲̰ͪ̊̅̋͑̐E͢ ͙̱ͭ͜W̘̞̭̣̠̜ͭ̀̀̒É̲̖̦͚̒͐̎R̷̤̰̟ͯ̐̆̌̏Ȅ͑̽̉͛̃̏͝ ̶ͩͨ̄M̫̮̫̤̔ͪ̓ͩ͢Ĕ̠̳͎͙̜͖͉̄ͤ̆ͪAͩ̾̍҉͍̲͓̝͕N̤̟̼̹͋̈́̽̌͌̔̀̚T̲͓̳ͦͨ͒͒ͥ͋̀ͅ ̺̼̳̯̠̽̍̉͗̓̂T̞̝̠͉ͣ̓͋O̲̮̜̅ͨ̈́̀͋̄̚ ͉̣̼̜̾̒̎̋R̗͆̇U̷̲͌L̗̭̺̹͆Ȩ͈̝̒̚ ̵̲̦̎͒ͧ͛Ṯ͙̖͖̥̱ͣ̃̎͐͋̂͜H̝̯̰̜̹ͧͪ̒̉̌̍͛͡I̘̻̲͓̝̊̎̓ͥ̊̐͜S̵̩͙̼̺ͥ̽̇̓͑̚ ͖͉̩̞̬̗̊ͯ͜ͅW̗͖͓̝ͩ̌͌ͬO͈͖͉̒͌̃R͙͉̭͉̘ͪ̇ͪ̊ͬ́L̯͎̬ͨ͌̍̃ͨͥD̢̒̄̉̎̐̋ ̠̺͍̩̫̤̝ͮT͛̐̚O̦̣͎̹̔͛͌̽̅͟G̩͔̰̽ͣE͙͔̰͎̦̱ͯ̎ͮ̿ͩ̔͟T̴ͣ̓̓͆H̸̭E̞͓̘͍̬ͧ̎̎̃̊ͩ̉R̞͕͖͉ͯͨ͑ͯ̑̏ͭ͡.̸͖̩̼͈͍ͨ͌̉̾̍̚ ͓̬̺̩̼ͣ͊̅ͪ͢
Anagna Kenesa, The Shadow. ( ) - Selfish Child.
Rukira's Thoughts: "A disruptive and self adsorbed child, he cares not what he does nor says. Maybe one day it will catch up to him."
Rukira has spent far less time around Anagna than she has heard of him. A man with notoriety of being one within the shadows, in the past he worked as Dovienya's right hand man. She would hear much about him from Cemi, how infatuated the girl sounded as she talked incessantly about the man in question. He spent time within her house when the Court was still young, but he seemed to make it a priority to avoid her at all costs. Even his own wife, Tempest, would keep her distance.
Black Lily, The Mercenary. ( $ ) - Weak Hearted.
Rukira's Thoughts: "Unable to finish a simple job simply because it involved an unborn child, I had to spend further resources to clean up her mess. But, she is crafty in her work. Perhaps with some time and mentor ship.. she may be a fine asset indeed."
Finding the blade for hire at the Wench, she tasked Lily with a job to extract revenge upon an ex-employee that took her money and flee'd to the East. Pregnant and desperate, the girl only wanted to start a new life and in the end paid Lily to play oblivious and let her go with her lover. Later, Kira sent Viper to kill both lovers since the job was not finished. Lily has yet to reach out since.
Cemi Jinfeh, The Quandary. ( $ ) - Doll of Two Faces.
Rukira's Thoughts: "The woman binds me to this world, without her I cease to exist."
One day a fatally wounded Keeper was brought to her doorstep by her dear friend Talan, with the promise to see she was taken care of. Obliging only out of her word to Talan's desperation, she took the girl Cemi under her wing and cared for her. Teaching her to properly speak Common as well as learning the girl had a knack for Alchemy, it was partnership akin to that of a mother and child with reluctance on the Keeper's end of the deal. But, she was given food and a warm place to sleep at night. A far cry from living on the streets and doing anything to get by. She was given a new life, but at what cost? Cemi was ever the curious sort, and some things were best left untouched. It was only that destined day she would find several documents and journals and within them the knowledge that would make her indispensable to Kira and thus sealing her fate.
Dovienya Cuenn, The Rose. ( $ ) - Poisonous Embrace.
Rukira's Thoughts: "She has what I have been missing in my life. I know she aims to kill me when I become useless to her, it is a mutual agreement that is spoken through our eyes. I look forward to the ruin that we have promised one another and may the Hells accept us."
The persevering lady of the Obsidian Court came from many walks of life. Being nestled within a previous company did she divide and poison her way through the ranks eventually breaking away with a small group to form her own Company. Looking for any excuse for fresh air, Cemi would find herself caught up in the whirlwind of chaos and land directly beneath Dovienya's thumb. Meeting the eminent woman herself, Kira was instantly enraptured. The two would hold a similar philosophy above life, seemingly cut from the same cloth. In the days of the Court's infancy, she ever kept a curious gaze working to help where able. Even, for a time, did she offer her own home as headquarters as they began to look for their own estate. All for the prosperity of her fascination with Dovienya. The woman holds dark, interesting secrets and Kira wishes to devour them.
Dartanon Nobis, The Altruist. ( $ ) - Draco.
Rukira's Thoughts: "Draco was always a man trying to be the best that he could and had such a distaste for injustice. Through our time together we learned to grow close to one another as friends. I had hoped he too would offer me salvation and give me rest from this wicked world."
A man she met in her younger years while she still worked with Varus, the two were always at each other's necks. Dartanon wishing to right the evils in the world as Rukira simply did what she could to protect that which was hers. They would behave to one another if anything for the respect their held for each other's skill. But, near the end of her days, did she finally reach out to him to make her final decision. After months of suffering, she asked for death in the form of battle. If only she knew there was no rest for the wicked.
Elam Al'vain, The Immortal. ( $ ) - Affable Sniper.
Rukira's Thoughts: "A man of his word and great skill, I see the promise of a beautiful future ahead. I also quite like his hat."
The leader of the Immortal's ear is definitely worth having in your pocket. Initially meeting at an underground fighting ring, he had recognized her upon a battle field as she his name and title alone. From there, the two struck a familiar partnership. Be it a job they worked together, or simply passing the time talking and enjoying a nice evening. She has grown rather fond of Al'vain over the several moons of knowing him, keeping him at just the right arm's length. As much as the two work together, there is an unspoken courtesy neither dive too far into personal information. Perhaps it's best that way.
Gaerwn Lamperouge, The Mask. ( $ ) - Apathetic Bookkeeper.
Rukira's Thoughts: "A man of little words, his silence always gives me guidance. We have been friends since childhood, and though he has a habit of .. running away quite often.. he knows that I am always here when needed. He is like my rock in this torrent of chaos."
One of Rukira's first friends since childhood, the quiet boy ran a gang along the streets of Ul'dah. Her brother Sirius was interested and forced the both of them to eventual join as they'd run amuck the streets causing trouble and being little nuisances. Even as adults the two still occasionally hang out with one another, Gaerwn even buying residence up in the Goblet to be her neighbor. He is hard to interact with at times rarely speaking, but such silence gives her comfort. Reminding her of simpler days, the two hold a bond not many can claim of the woman.
Ingrid LaChance, The Black Wyrm. ( ) - Wildcard.
Rukira's Thoughts: "Still running about, is she? Bring me her head and I will give you enough gold to buy your own island. Good luck."
Seeking a bounty placed upon Kira's head, Ingrid first met the woman in the Steppe when she challenged her to a battle. Eventually ending upon a tie, Ingrid decided they should be friends instead. Causing chaos where ever she went in her own life, Ingrid would consider her a kindred soul. Over time the two had become distant, Kira's clear distaste of the other's company apparent. She thought her far too loud and obnoxious to even *pretend* to be nice to. However, life was a cruel mistress and the two would be brought together once more over one man both have interest in.
J'ato Tia, The Conniving. ( $ ) - Charming Snake.
Rukira's Thoughts: "The man certainly has a way with words, a talent that I have taken advantage of. He deals with a lot of the 'front end' of business, smoothing over clients and that like. Cemi seems very fond of him in a rather unhealthy way, I'm curious what hold he has over her."
As Rukira took Cemi into her house, the Seeker J'ato too would track her down looking for the Keeper woman. The two apparently worked as a pair for some time in Ul'dah, and she wouldn't turn down a fortuitous business opportunity. Employing the man to work along the streets, he'd sling Cemi's product and bring her a hefty profit.
Jeannot Fondebrodeur, The Needle of Fate. ( $ ? ) - Void Sociopath.
Rukira's Thoughts: "A curious man, not even death seems to sate the emptiness within him. Regardless, he pays well and is amusing company. May we be center stage to a tragedy of the ages."
First meeting the Lord of the Fondebroduer estate upon happenstance, it was only a time later he was interested in her skills with a blade. Hiring her to be his retainer, Kira obliged if only for a call to the younger days when she stood by Varus' side as his own retainer. Working for a time in Ishgard, her contract would be cut short as the Elezen would mysteriously end up on the front page of the newspaper claiming to be dead. Following several leads left her skeptical, but ultimately empty handed as she would put the matter to rest.
Khashim Sunderfist, The Hound. ( ) - Soul Bound Warrior.
Rukira's Thoughts: "What does one say when they look in the mirror and see themselves? Khashim is my equal in battle. Where I lift the blade, he the shaft, we are like one upon the field of blood and decay. What a marvelous sight for all to glance upon the visage. They say you wander the land lost, looking for your partner in war for that you may be whole. I have found him."
Khashim was not the sort of man to hide his face, let alone his gracious bounty. Back in the days when Kira eventually parted ways with her old job and working to open a company of hired blades, Khashim was her first target. Either she bring his head in for the coin, or he join her and fight by her side. Tracking him down out in the sands by the Forgotten Springs, the two eventually found mutual ground and ended up as lovers for a time. Agreeing to join her, he now resides in her Mist estate taking care of it in her absence and occasionally leaving the house when given a task. There are few she admires in battle, Khashim among them.
L'ra Rhel, The Initiate. ( ) - Red Fox.
Rukira's Thoughts: "I know not what to make of the girl. Will she be useful in the days to come, or another disappointment? Time will tell and in the mean time she is rather impressive with that axe of hers. I smell desperation and desire to grow stronger, let her make a deal with the devil."
L'ra is a spitfire, desperate to make a change and to only grow stronger, the two first met beyond her estate in the Mist out by the beach. Taking the small Seeker in as she saw a fire within her, Kira wished to kindle it and help her grow into something far more fearsome. L'ra has promise, and the two duel quite often to keep her axe sharp. Kira has a rather affectionate mindset for the younger girl, but it does help she has ties to the Yellow Jackets.
L'ysion Tia, The Magus. ( ) - Prodigy.
Rukira's Thoughts: "I would do anything for him, test my words and you will find yourself in a shallow grave."
L'ysion often spent his childhood days out on the street. It was Kesta, Kira's mother, that brought him inside to her clinic and gave him clothes and food. Often helping around the place, he would help tend to patients and hang with her two children. Kira became rather obsessed with the young kit, always trying to read what she could with him and learn about the world. He too would eventually join Gaerwn's gang, Kira ever keeping a sharp eye upon him as he'd incessantly be bullied by the others. Where as Gaerwn eventually left to grow up, Kira and L'ysion remained at each other's side through it all. Growing up together, he and her knew everything about one another- the two having absolute trust and devotion. Now, the two still work alongside one another even as their paths diverged. He joining the Ossuary and rising among their ranks as Kira broke off to form her own Company. They still console one another and often speak when given reprieve from their separate responsibilities. He is, perhaps, the one man she truly came to love.
Livia Crane, The Pup. ( ) - Unknown.
Rukira's Thoughts: "I am curious what she holds over Dovienya for the two to be married. A pretty body, sure, but I do hope she is house trained."
Often when Kira took the time to visit Dovienya, this young mysterious woman would stay by her side. Quiet, yet curious, her actions always confused Kira. Deciding it best to keep her distance and not ask questions, she perhaps only wonders why Dovienya choose her of all people. Was she not good enough?
Marcus Feral, The Captain. ( ) - Fabricated Identity
Rukira's Thoughts: "Someday the man will truly embrace his rotten core instead of dancing around patching holes in his words. I cannot deal with a man that lies to hide his true self, it is despicable."
Dovienya's ex-husband, Marcus use to run a branch of the Obsidian Court. Kira would deal with him on occasion, but most of what she heard would be second hand from Cemi.
Matina Kath'lani, The Scarlet Twin. ( $ ) - "...".
Rukira's Thoughts: "The girl shoves her nose in business it ought not to be. For now, I keep a wary eye on her. She must not find him. "
Picking up the mercenary for simple tasks, she found it peculiar Matina looked almost exactly like her husband. A man with a forgotten history and past, Kira found it best to leave it that way lest he too decide to leave her. Deciding it be better to keep an eye on Matina, she would hire the girl on occasion making sure to keep her plenty busy instead of working on finding her long lost twin. She admires the girl's talent, however, in the end the girl is a threat.
Priam Crowther, The Knight. ( ) - Fate Bender
Rukira's Thoughts: "The boy knows not whose garden he tramples. Perhaps a lesson is in order."
Their first meeting was Priam busting down her front door demanding where Cemi was. The girl had been wounded some suns before and Dovienya found it best Cemi get some rest at Kira's home. That wasn't good enough for Priam, the man assuming his friend was actually kidnapped. Kira eventually let him take Cemi away, but their relationship is a restrained one. He finds her incredibly creepy, and she sees him a muddling bird. Were he to say the right things to Cemi and give her enough confidence to leave her, well.. that too is a threat.
Ren Kaida, The Indomitable. ( $ ) - Aspirant of Knowledge
Rukira's Thoughts: "She seeks the unknown, a dangerous game. But, the girl is as smart as she is cruel. The harbinger of ice, she has taken an interest in myself. Though I know not if it is of infatuation or morbid curiosity, I fear she may attempt to slice me open and peer within the secrets that I keep."
Ren and Kira share a common interest of their infatuation with the unknown. Often nights would be spent pouring over tomes and learning of dark magic, only to be used upon unsuspecting folk roaming the streets at night. She has a fondness for the Raen, but beyond their skills in magic and seeking knowledge, she knows very little about her. Ren holds a heart of ice, not letting too many close and this works for Kira just fine. She is fun to play with, but ultimately their relationship is shallow.
S'datih Nunh, The Wanderer. ( ) - Forsaken One.
Rukira's Thoughts: "S'datih wanders often searching for a purpose. One day he may find it, for now I offer him a warm home to take shelter from the cold. He's a good fighter and humble company."
S'datih used to work with Kira back in the days with Varus and once she parted to start her own company, he was one of the few men she offered a job. He accepted, only with the rule that he still be a free man choosing what jobs he would take. He still occasionally visits her house for a warm drink and freshly cooked fish, the two sharing their tales of their travels and laughing over a crackling fire. S'datih is a free spirit, ever roaming for that next bit of excitement and in him she finds a warrior and kindred broken soul. They definitely have gotten into trouble in the past, when S'datih is around it's a night of fun.
S'vokani Khei, The Huntress. ( $ ) - Elusive Coeurl.
Rukira's Thoughts: "Her and I worked for many years. She has a nasty habit of leaving for a time without a word, one day appearing within your house blood soaked and covered in corpses. This has happened three times now."
At first, the two had a rocky relationship. Varus asking S'vokani to be at his left with Kira at his right, it was only fair she grew to be jealous of the Seeker. Yet, in their times of fighting alongside one another they grew to work within a synchronized harmony. That which was left unspoken, the Huntress and the Knight grew to be an unstoppable force. Even as the two retired from Varus' side and went their separate ways, Kira treated S'vokani like the child she always wished she had. Doting on her in her own way and taking care of the wild spirit, her door is always open to S'vokani even if she always covers her carpets in blood.
Sabathius Kath'Lani, The Sinner. ( $ ) - Scarlet Blade.
Rukira's Thoughts: "My soul mate. The other half to an impossible puzzle that makes the gears capable of moving. Without him I was lost, but with him we are whole and complete. I have never understood love, felt it. But, with him? I question myself. "
Lost among the seas of Thanalan, he was a man with no name nor past. Living upon the land and killing the beastmen to quell the hunger within him, his clothes in tatters and burnt. When Kira first happened upon him, he was like a wild lost beast lashing out aggressively. She would tame him within time, this lost man, and eventually gave him a new life. Calling him 'Sinner' for the two kindred souls, with his Aether tamed as she drained him he was capable of speech. Taking him with her, she kept him close as he eventually lived on to work beside her and take on several masks. A weapons merchant, gunsmith, even hired blade. All separate identities played a part to help spread their influence, but his most formidable personality would be that of 'Estien'. Eventually she would marry him and give him further power to spread his chaos. Together, the two foreboding souls are to be the harbingers of the end days.
Serick Aster, The Jaded. ( $ ) - Melancholy Vagabond.
Rukira's Thoughts: "The old man has depth behind those eyes of his. He is someone I can always rely upon and we make quite the team if I can say so myself."
Serick and Kira worked quite fiercely together, the man having a knack for his blades and sowing dissent among men. Even beyond work, she enjoyed his company even if he ravaged all of her booze and fruit like a man with nothing to lose. The two would grow close to one another having comfort in two broken souls attempting to mend one another. He was skilled at playing the guitar and oft would the two spend their days deep in the Shroud far from their own worries just talking to one another. The last she saw him, he was sent on a dangerous mission to receive a journal she was seeking from a powerful mage. Days later his body would be spit upon her doorstep battered, bruised, and close to death. Bringing him inside, it is unknown if the man perished within her halls or something far more nefarious as he was never seen again.
Shezha Kohun, The Illusionist. ( ) - Naive Dreamer.
Rukira's Thoughts: "A girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She wishes to ease the burden of all and end their suffering. Optimistic, but foolish. A waste, she has such potential to be a magnificent mage."
Shezha is a young Keeper and Cemi's best friend. Wishing to help the world, she would always do her best to make other's happy and fight for her own families future. Always doting on Cemi the two girls were neigh inseparable, which meant she often lurked around Kira's home. Always wishing to help, she would offer herself to Kira when the woman grew hungry - because if not her then it would be some innocent bystander. Kira played Shezha's games, letting her feel important. But, ultimately as all within the Court, she grew distant and would become distanced by her own problems. Much to Cemi's dismay, she does not see Shezha often these days.
S'lharum Nunh, The Deceiver. ( ) - Kiss of Death.
Rukira's Thoughts: "He thinks small. Destroy the Zu tribe for revenge? There is a bigger painting with him as my paint and I the brush. We will cause ruin to these lands."
Varus sought power and such rumors would one day lead the small group to mysterious ruins. Within it, their darkest regrets and fears. Lurking among the runes would be a dastardly spirit of a renown mage, the man seeking his revenge upon his death- he just needed a body to enact his injustice. As S'lharum twisted and tormented the minds of those that step foot within his tomb, he grew fascinated by Rukira's resilient spirit and eventually took home within her own mind. Constantly a voice at the back of her head, promising power and the end of existence itself, she would embrace S'lharum if only for the fact he promised to help her with Sirius. Ever lovingly calling her his 'wife', the two became close not out of neediness, but self interest. She had a use for him and he her. Although, one day, there would be no voice at the back of her mind and for once in her life all she heard was silence.
Talan Dracht, The Rube. ( ) - Chocobo Knight.
Rukira's Thoughts: "My dearest friend. When I am with him, all my worries..doubt.. anger-It vanishes. He brings a side out of me that both makes me feel uncomfortable and young once more."
Talan is a carefree and gentle man, always lifting Kira's spirits when he visits with that goofy smile of his. Placing her remaining humanity within him, when Talan is around she feels far younger and lighter. Although she feels like she can't be her true self around him, it is still nice to act pleasant and smile. Truly smile. His travels take him around the world and he often comes back every moon or so with gifts and tales to give her, and she craves it so. His company is like an addiction, the constant barrage of dopamine reminding her of a simpler and sweeter time. Talan is the light within the darkness, and the weakness within her reaches for him desperately.

Varus Adelric Rosenthal, The Alchemist. ( $ ) - Seeker of Truths.
Rukira's Thoughts: "He had promised to give it all back. To fix everything. In the end I had lost him and was left alone in this cruel world without his kind heart."
Varus was a man that promised to deliver any wish, at a high price. Kira agreed to work beside him and help him obtain his own immorality, her wish being that he would find a body for her brother. The two worked together for several moons, each life she took slowly hardening her heart for the next task. As first he was oblivious to her, simply using the woman as a means for his own ambitions and if she were to die- he could simply find another. Yet, over time, the two grew close to one another and became lovers. Where Kira began fighting for her brother's freedom, it would then be turned toward giving Varus the world. With only a shield and blade upon her back, she would do anything within her power to see his goals succeed. His other wish for her was to give him a proper heir and become his wife. However, during the Calamity there would be a rift dividing the two emotionally and Varus would eventually be a man in name only. His mysterious disappearance would have all the nobles talking, Kira having inherited not only his estate but all of his men as well.
Viper LaChance, The Butcher. ( ? ) - Eager for Bloodlust.
Rukira's Thoughts: "Once my shadow, such darkness has split with other intentions in mind. I have no time to play family with the man, and he must make a choice. Me, or his new life he wishes to form for himself. I had given him the world, but in the end he has disappointed me and in turn I have grown bored of his antics."
Viper would be Kira's first right hand man. With absolute devotion and obedience, the two would work with one another. Be there a job she could not trust with others, she would task it to Viper to clean it up. She even went to far to implant him within the Obsidian Court to keep an eye not only on Cemi, but Dovienya. Once she negotiated with the illustrious Bengara from the East, so too would she send Viper to her own organization to make sure the alliance would work swimmingly. His skills were unmatched much like his cousin Ingrid, however Kira grew rather fond of Viper. Even as she kept him at a distance, she still yearned to be close to him. For him to not treat her as an object, but a person. Helping him through his own troubles did she give him freedom not only physically, but mentally, and each time slowly breaking away his chains so that he was a free man. She gave him a second chance at life, and even imparted a piece of herself to ensure he continued to live and be by her side. However, with such freedom Viper turned to another to love and marry. With a child on the way and a fresh litter of pups, Kira felt distanced by Viper not relaying on her anymore for happiness. She wanted her to be the center of his world, everything to revolve around her be it fascination or obsession. Seeing he has moved on only made her grew in spite and jealousy, thus did she push him away and disown him. Currently the two have a restrained relationship that Viper wishes to mend, but Kira wants nothing to do with him. She, in her own narcissistic way, feels betrayed and such a heart does not heal so easily.

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Lady Michaelis? She donates often to charities for the Conjurer's Guild, such a kind soul." — Cleric
"I see the woman often at socialite events, she always looks so distant and cold. Ahhh so beautiful!" — Nobleman
"Mistress Kira is the soul survivor of the Michaelis estate. Poor thing, to be widowed so young. A miracle she retained no scars from that huge fire- I remember seeing it from the Wench in Limsa." — Bar Maiden
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Rogue Mage hunter, that one is. Best play nice or the Knight will be breathin' down yer neck." — Thaumaturge Disciple.
"Woman like her should be hung from the gallows, if you ask me. Bet the Blade's pockets are right and heavy with coin.." — Resident around Goblet.
"Aye, the Michaelis lass? You hear many ridiculous rumors 'bout the gal. 'Course folk would make shite up 'bout the unexplained. My favorite has to be that she came back from the dead. Heh, wankers." — Random Brass Blade.
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"She use to work with the mage Varus, no? One day he goes missing and not a peep from her, some bodyguard she is. Now she hangs around this creepy man in a mask. Ugh, weird tastes." — Bar Patron
"Kira is the name you go lookin' for when you got a problem no one else is willin' to deal with. Just be prepared to pay a hefty fee, or so they say." Mercenary
"T-they say the woman sucks the blood of innocents. See her walkin' 'round with that blade on 'er? Not a Gods damned SCRATCH- the woman best be a Demon if I ever saw one.." — Nervous Merchant
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"I have seen what that woman was wrought, the things she has done. I fear no man, but she is something else, something that no one could possibly fully understand." — Viper LaChance.
"She's a fuckin' psycho is what she is. Don't know what happened to mess her up so bad, and I don't care. I do know she's the toughest girl I've ever met, and someone I actually enjoy drinking with." — Serick Aster.
"Everyone 's scared o' 'er cause she can be sort o' mean an' scary, but... she's jus' like any ol' other person. Kind, carin', got 'er soft spots. Jus' takes a lil bit o' time an' patience ta get ta 'em." He leans in closer. "I also think she's actually some sort o' killer-assassin but ah can' prove it." — Talan Dracht
"She makes my skin crawl and I hate when she looks at me, but don't let that fool you. Between you and me, she has a collection of cute plushies in her room. The old woman has a soft spot after all.." — Cemi Jinfeh
"She's quite eye-catching, but perhaps not for the reasons you might think. Yes, she's beautiful--- that's the surface. It's the feeling of anxiousness that I get when she stares at me. There's something dangerous beneath the surface--- far too dangerous. That's why I chose her as my retainer: because ultimately that deadliness will come in handy." — Jeannot Fondebrodeur
"Kira? You're inquiring about Rukira Michaelis? Be it a business inquiry, or a bounty on your head? We can sit and speak if it the former. But if it the latter, my advice friend would be to get away from here as far as possible. Find the biggest rock to hide under, the steepest hill you can climb, or the sturdiest walls you can hide behind. For when that woman has her sights set on you, there is no stopping until the job is done. Entertain me and be the first to prove me wrong." He paused with a smile. "T'would be a shame for the crows to pick off the reapers scraps." — L'ysion Tia

RP Info

Location & Probability
Places where the character is very likely to be seen
The Shroud: Medium
Gridania: Low
Thanalan: High
Ishgard: Medium
Ul'dah: High
Coerthas: Low
Dravania: Low
Limsa Lominsa: Low
La Noscea: Low
Ala Mhigo: Medium
Gyr Abania: Low
Doma: Low
Most of these aren’t public, and would have to be asked after!
City-State, Region or Organization: Affiliation reason/purpose.
Ul'dahni Syndicate: House Michaelis is a prestigious family of merchants spanning generations past in the Alchemist trade. Selling cures to the sick and poor, their rich estate is built upon the back of those less fortunate. Because coin buys an ear in Ul'dah, the Syndicate is one string Rukira uses lightly. Mostly to garner information if need be, or let them turn a blind eye to the less.. favorable habits of hers. As long as the gold flows, they care not.
House Fondebrodeur: The sole survivor of his name, Jeannot Fondebroduer has hired Rukira to be his personal body guard. Meeting her some time ago they became mutual friends from a charity model event. Her gaze never quite left the man and now the two have a rather profitable partnership.
Obsidian Court: The Obsidian Court is full of many resources, if not for their well kept secrets to their talented mercenaries, Rukira relies upon them from time to time to take up work. A close relationship of their leader Dovienya was bonded early on, and out of respect she stays neutral where the Court is concerned as tempting as it may be.
House Rosenthal: As a younger woman first getting on her feet after the untimely death of her late husband, Varus Rosenthal approached her with the most wonderful opportunity. Work for him and be the eyes on his back, and he will grant her any wish imaginable. The two worked closely for a time, wandering eyes may even catch glimpses of affection for one another. They were inseparable and Varus changed many things about her life. One day, he had mysteriously vanished leaving his estate and fortune in his lover's name.
The Immortals: A mysterious group of gunmen and their leader only known by the name 'Al'vain', Rukira had met the man in the flesh. Curious to see if the rumors were true, she tasked him with a special job to prove his merit- something that erased all doubt from her mind. In what little time she's known Al'vain, she finds him efficient, quick, and does not ask questions. A valuable ally.

IC Inventory
The following items are things that this individual carries on their person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets, and those watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, though feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell.
Coinpurse: A simple coin purse made of soft leather, containing several thousand gil.
Linkpearls: A dark purple Linkshell, she also has a small pool of miscellaneous linkpearls, those of various colors.
Concealed Blade: There is one concealed within her shoe and most commonly within her belt loop.
Wedding Ring: A ring of gold silver, the crescent jewel upon it is a raging inferno trapped within a beautiful crimson.
Leather Eye Patch: If she is not actively wearing it, she is carrying it.
Soul Crystal: A jagged black stone with the insignia of a Dark Knight.
Small Sealed Box: A gift from L'ysion, it's nearly impossible to pry open.
RP Limits
I like to consider myself a flexible player who is willing to commit to a number of different types of scenes and role-play scenarios, but I have limits. If something is on the play list, assume it means yes, as long as it's within the context of the current play or ongoing plot. No's are typically a hard no but given appropriate context we can discuss it.
I will play just about anything mature within reason.
Ask about injuries, drugs, and relationship advancements.
I won't play I generally will accept most RP as long as it is relevant to the situation. I reserve the right to back out of a RP if I do not like the direction it is headed.
RP Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP. Longer plots that are meant to run for more than a few quick RP's, please feel free to send me a tell so we can work out a good reason for our characters to get to know one another. I'm always looking for RP, so please consider the following as for reasons you may know of Rukira:
Underworld Contact: If your character is well versed in Eorzea's seedy underbelly, then you may have heard of 'Kira'. A well known mercenary that only works on interesting jobs, she takes something valuable for her work.
Business Contact: If your character is a merchant or alchemist, they may be familiar with House Michaelis and their infamous wares.
High Society: If your character involved in high nobility, you may be familiar of lady Michaelis. She attends events often to make an appearance and occasionally donates her coin.
Drug Contact: If your character is one who deals in illicit goods, you may have heard of the enigma named 'Sinner'. A weapons trader and seller of narcotics, he is Rukira's husband.
Wood Wailer: If your character is within the ranks of the Wood Wailers, they will be familiar with Rukira's father Galien. A retired man that trains recruits occasionally, Rukira is seen occasionally with him as well.
Thanalan Syndicate: If your character is involved in the Syndicate, you may be familiar with house Michaelis and be looking to do some business, either legitimate or not.

OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Note
Apologies for the probably permanent construction of this Wiki! Although this is indeed my main character, I don't use Rukira often unless to help push the plot of other LS/FC's. She is through and through a villain character and with that comes a level of god-modey-ness to keep things interesting. If you are interested in some RP, please by all means drop me a /tell! Even if you want to stretch out some details or offer an idea I'm always up for suggestions. <3 That said, I tend to lean more toward mature Role Play. It will be graphic, and it will be dark. Ruki is an edge lord, forgive me. :>
Character Lore Adherence
Everything concerning this character that has not been confirmed by in-game lore should be taken with a grain of salt. Anything that has had to be changed because of lore shifting will be noted below.
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Miscellaneous Information
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Character Tidbits
Links Out
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Tropes & Explanations
A trope is a convention or device that is often found in creative works. In this case, the tropes below describe my character either in part, or as a whole. Their background, personality, appearance, etc, most of them can be described in the tropes below.
Magnificent Bastard For a woman that kills for a living, she certainly has a small harem of followers. Charisma, unshakable power, and intelligence is what people swarm to. Beneath her, they feel safe.
Yandere A very possessive individual, she goes to extremes when she feels someone she cares for is threatened.
Woobie Destroyer of Worlds Tired of the game and people that revolve around it, she wishes to see the world burn.
War Goddess Upon the battlefield many shiver at her presence, rumors of the slaughter and blood she revels in.
Bad Powers, Bad People Rukira has embraced the path of a Dark Knight. Though initially used to protect the weak, the Darkside within is quite an alluring vice. She manipulates the Abyss and dark magics for her own gain.
Enemy Within A persuasive voice within, it whispers into her ear encouraging to spill blood once more. A retainer that carries on the dreams and souls of past conquests, Kira often battles with the whispers that tame her mind.


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